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The 2017 ASUS ROG GT51 Gaming Desktop Revealed!

The Iron Man-inspired ASUS ROG GT51 gaming desktop was first revealed last year, winning the 2016 CES Innovation Award, as well as the iF Design Award. Now ASUS reveals the newly-updated 2017 ROG GT51 gaming desktop! Check out what’s new!


The 2017 ASUS ROG GT51 Gaming Desktop Revealed!

Let’s start with a presentation on the 2017 ROG GT51 by Louis Lu (ASUS Product Manager).

And here is a quick look at the 2017 ASUS ROG GT51 gaming desktop up close. The exterior looks exactly the same as the 2016 model – it’s the internals that have been changed.

Full Core CPU Overclocking

The 2017 ROG GT51 is powered by a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor that ASUS has aged for 40 hours, and overclocked by 14%. With their Turbo Gear feature, you can enable full-core overclocking without having to reboot the system. The ASUS Hydro Overclocking System ensures rock-solid stability during overclocking.

Awesome Graphics

The 2017 ROG GT51 supports up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X graphics cards in SLI to deliver smooth, stutter-free 4K UHD gaming at over 60 fps!

Fast Memory & Storage

The 2017 ROG GT51 comes with the fast DDR4 memory, the latest NVMe PCI Express SSD, and the new USB 3.1 ports.

Advanced Cooling System

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The 2017 ROG GT51 boasts a multi-zone thermal solution that decreases system temperature by up to 31%, even under the heaviest of loads. The CPU is liquid-cooled, while the GPU has a dedicated air channel. The power supply unit, found in the bottom corner of the chassis, features its own isolated airflow design.

Customisable 8-Million Colour LED Lighting

Dynamic light effects illuminate the case, including the iconic ROG logo and twin side-light strips. You can even customize the RGB LEDs on the air intake with any of the 8 million colors! And when you overclock ROG GT51, the dramatic OC lighting mode is activated.

ROG Band

The wearable ROG BAND lets you access Shadow Drive — a hidden storage space for keeping your personal and confidential data safe. You can also use ROG BAND to activate the overclocking mode.


Price & Availability

The 2017 ASUS ROG GT51 (GT51CH) gaming desktop is now available with the following specifications for a launch price of RM 11,999 / ~US$ 2,859, inclusive of the 6% GST.

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Iron Man-Inspired ROG GT51 Gaming Desktop Revealed!

During the launch of the ROG GX700 liquid-cooled gaming laptop, Republic of Gamers also unveiled the ROG GT51 gaming desktop. This Iron Man-inspired system is a winner of the 2016 CES Innovation Award, as well as the iF Design Award. But it’s not all beauty without brawn. Under the steely facade is an awesome gaming machine. Let’s take a look!


ROG GT51 – Inspired By Iron Man

Inspired by Iron Man, the ROG GT51 has an sharp-angled polygonal design with an Arc Reactor motive in the front. The “Arc Reactor” is actually a fully-functional turbine fan with pulse-width modulation (PWM) control that draws in fresh air. There is even a 4-zone LED lighting feature that supports up to 8 million colours, and a preset OC lighting mode that is activated when the system is overclocked.


Overclocked For Maximum Performance

The ROG GT51 gaming desktop is powered by a 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, that is cooled by the ROG-patented liquid-cooled Hydro Overclocking System. That allows you to overclock all cores to 4.6 GHz using the Turbo Gear one-click feature. Even its DDR4 memory is overclocked from 2133 MHz to 2800 MHz.

For UHD gaming at over 60 frames per second, the ROG GT51 supports up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards. And to ensure that everything loads at maximum speed, it features up to two 512 GB NVMe PCIe SSDs. When paired in a RAID 0 array, the SSDs deliver transfer rates of up to 400 MB/s – 6X faster than SATA SSDs.

To ensure that nothing overheats, even during marathon gaming sessions, the ROG GT51 boasts a multi-zone cooling design that lowers its internal temperature by up to 31%. In addition to the Hydro Overclocking System, there are dedicated air channels to draw cool air to cool the graphics cards. Even its power supply unit is isolated with its own dedicated airflow.

Raw performance isn’t its only goal. The ROG GT51 also boasts an ESS Sabre headphone DAC and amplifier that powers the front audio jacks. This gives the gamer audiophile-grade sound with high dynamic range, low noise and low distortion.

The ROG GT51 will come with the ROG Band. This is a NFC-enabled band that can be used to authenticate the user for quick access to Shadow Drive. Shadow Drive is a hidden and encrypted partition that provides safe storage of confidential data. The ROG Band can also be used to quickly activate the overclocking mode.


ROG GT51 Price & Availability

The ROG GT51 will be available in June 2016. As such, the local price has yet to be determined.


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