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Rainbow Six Siege : NVIDIA Reflex Patch Cuts Latency!

Rainbow Six Siege now has a new NVIDIA Reflex patch which reduces system latency for GeForce gamers!

Find out what NVIDIA Reflex is all about, and how it reduces system latency on Rainbow Six Siege!


NVIDIA Reflex : How Can It Help In Rainbow Six Siege?

Like NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency (NULL) mode, Reflex prevents the CPU from processing faster than the GPU, eliminating extra frames from being queued up for rendering, which would normally increase render latency.

The difference really is this – by integrating Reflex into Rainbow Six Siege, the GeForce graphics driver can control the amount of back pressure the CPU receives from the render queue and other later stages of the pipeline.

Once Rainbow Six Siege has been patched, the Reflex Low Latency Mode adjusts the game engine work to complete “just in time” for rendering. This eliminates the GPU render queue, and reduces CPU back pressure.

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NVIDIA Reflex In Rainbow Six Siege : How Much Improvement?

According to NVIDIA, the Reflex patch can reduce system latency for GeForce gamers by as much as 30% in the Vulkan version of Rainbow Six Siege.

This slow-motion video from NVIDIA demonstrates the low latency benefits of playing Rainbow Six Siege with NVIDIA Reflex enabled.

It also shows that while it works on regular 60 Hz displays, the effect is most pronounced with higher refresh rates.

Obviously, most people will not be gaming on 360 Hz displays, as this video demonstrates, but you should see significant reductions in input lag with 120 Hz or 144 Hz refresh rates.


How To Get NVIDIA Reflex On Rainbow Six Siege?

  1. Update Rainbow Six Siege with the latest patch.
  2. Install GeForce Game Ready Driver 465.89 (or newer), which also adds Resizable BAR support.
  3. Load Rainbow Six Siege on Vulkan.
  4. Go to Display Options.
  5. Turn on NVIDIA Reflex.


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Did TM Block Games On Unifi? No, And Here’s Why…

The official Unifi support account on Twitter shocked Malaysians when it claimed that TM will block games with inappropriate content.

We confirmed that it actually happened, but that it was all a misunderstanding, and Unifi did not block access to the Rainbow Six Siege game servers.

Here is what happened, and how TM Unifi’s response kicked off the whole controversy…


TM Unifi Will Block Games With Inappropriate Content?

The whole issue started when Ahmad Asyraf asked the official Unifi support account on Twitter (@helpmeunifi) to check why he was unable to connect to the Rainbow Six Siege game servers on Unifi.

Shockingly, he was told that “TM will block if the games involve inappropriate content such as violent, gaming, scam, etc.

While some netizens started saying that @helpmeunifi is a fake account, that’s not true. It is a genuine Unifi support account on Twitter.

We got in touch with a Unifi Chat staff to clarify this, and she confirmed that the @helpmeunifi statement was correct.

It would have been easy to stop there, and start lambasting Unifi for such a policy. After all, the Malaysian government is promoting esports involving FPS games like Rainbow Six Siege!

But for us, their statements appear to be boilerplate replies by frontline staff members who have no idea if this is actually a technical issue, or a policy decision.


No, TM Unifi Did Not Block Access To Game Servers

So we wrote to TM by email, asking them to clarify why Unifi users are unable to access Rainbow Six Siege game servers.

If it was a technical issue, what was the problem, and when will Unifi be able to restore access?

And if it was a policy issue, we wanted to know how TM came to that decision to block access to the Rainbow Six Siege game servers on Unifi, and if that was a directive by the MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission).

This was their replies to us in two separate emails (edited for clarity) :

We are not restricting access to Ubisoft game servers. We are currently working on the issue with Ubisoft.

Our 2nd Level team is already aware of this issue, and are in the midst of investigating the cause. We cannot give you a restoration time frame, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

So, there you have it, everyone. Confirmation that TM did not actually block access to the Rainbow Six Siege game servers, or any game server for the matter.

As we suspected, the TM Unifi frontline support staff merely recited their boilerplate policy that they have the right to block access to content with inappropriate content.

However, that is not the case with this sudden loss of connectivity to Ubisoft servers. And even more unfortunately, they cannot give anyone an idea of when they can restore connectivity…


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