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Pakistan Suspends PUBG Due To Children Suicide Risks!

Pakistan just suspended PUBG due to suicide risks to children, with a hearing scheduled next week! Find out what’s going on!


PUBG : PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

PUBG is short for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground – an online multiplayer game in which up to 100 players parachute onto an island to battle it out.

Players have to scavenge for weapons and equipment, while trying to avoid getting killed and killing the other players, until the last person / team standing wins the round.


Pakistan Suspends PUBG Due To Children Suicide Risks!

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) just announced the immediate suspension of PUBG, citing physical and psychological risks to children, which have lead to suicides.

On the direction of the Lahore High Court, the PTA is soliciting the views of the public on PUBG, and will hold a hearing next week, on 9 July 2020, on the matter.

Usman Abdul Jabbar shared with us that PUBG Mobile as well as PUBG Lite and PUBG for consoles and PC have been suspended.

Here is the official statement released by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority :

In view of complaints received from different segments of society, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to temporarily suspend the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game.

PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses serious negative impact on physical and psychological health of the children.

ccording to recent media reports, cases of suicide attributed to PUBG game have also been reported. Honorable Lahore High court has also directed PTA to look into the issue and decide the matter after hearing the complainants. In this regard, a hearing is being conducted on 9th of July 2020.

The Authority also decided to solicit views of the public with reference to the said online game. In this regard public is encouraged to provide feedback through consultation-pubg@pta.gov.pk by July 10, 2020

We should note that this follows the suicide of a 16 year-old boy – Mohammad ZakaryaMohammad Zakarya – after he failed to complete his mission in PUBG Mobile. He was said to be addicted to the game, playing many hours every day.


Pakistan Suspends PUBG : Not Geopolitics

While some people have pointed out that this occurred right after India banned 59 Chinese apps for cybersecurity risks, they are unrelated.

The desktop PUBG game was made by Bluehole, a South Korean company. Only the mobile version – PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent Games.

Pakistan is also close to China, and is thus unlikely to be targeting Chinese companies in support of India, its geopolitical foe.

While it is always good to highlight the importance of responsible gaming, this is likely nothing more than an attempt to find a scapegoat for addiction and mental health issues facing Pakistanis.


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Here Are The PMNC 2019 Tournament Details!

The PUBG MOBILE National Championship PMNC 2019 is here, and it boasts a doubled prize pool! Yoodo returns as the official telco, with a PUBG MOBILE data promotion! Here are the full details!


PMNC 2019 Tournament Details

PMNC 2019 officially starts with 6 qualifiers across Malaysia :

  • Selangor on 27th April
  • Sabah on 25th May
  • Kuala Lumpur on 1st June
  • Penang on 15th June
  • Johor on 22nd June
  • Sarawak on 29th June

This year’s prize pool is RM 114,000 (~US$ 27,400 / ~£21,000), which is double the 2018 prize pool!


Free 20GB Yoodo PUBG MOBILE Game Data!

To celebrate its its role as the official digital telco for PMNC 2019, Yoodo is extending the FREE 20GB PUBG MOBILE data add-on promotion until the end of July 2019!

PUBG MOBILE fans can now enjoy the game at zero data charges and stand a chance to win attractive and exclusive Yoodo PUBG MOBILE in-game items.


Introducing Yoodo Gank!

Yoodo is the first Malaysian telco to introduce an e-sports team, the Yoodo Gank. Yoodo reports that the team has been doing well in the National Finals for PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) – the official global tournament organised by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games.

Yoodo Gank will officially represent Malaysia at the next round of PMCO in Shanghai where the prize pool is a whopping USD 2 million!


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The Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On Details Revealed!

Yoodo just launched an exclusive Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Add-On which will give mobile gamers FREE DATA! Here are the full details of the Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On!


The Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On Details

The Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On is Malaysia’s first dedicated gaming add-on. It is designed to give mobile gamers greater freedom to play on-the-go without worrying about running out of data.

Best of all – the Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On is currently FREE for all Yoodo users!

Commenting on the announcement, Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo said, “Earlier last month, Yoodo announced its intention to increase focus towards gamers. Just a month later, we have delivered on the next phase of this plan with the launch of this exclusive PUBG MOBILE Add-on. Through the Add-on we are empowering gamers by giving them greater choice and control of how they purchase and consume data.”

Tuck Mun continued to add that to show that Yoodo is serious about supporting gamers, the Add-on is absolutely free right now. “This means that Yoodo users will get their chance to feast on chicken dinners everyday no matter where they are! They can leverage on our widest 4G coverage and best of all they won’t have to worry about spending a cent on data to play the game,” he added.


How To Access The FREE Yoodo PUBG Mobile Add-On

Here are the steps to enjoy the exclusive Yoodo PUBG MOBILE Add-on :

  • navigate to the add-on tab within the Yoodo app
  • select the PUBG MOBILE Add-on from the add-on list.

Just like that, you will be able to enjoy free 20GB of PUBG MOBILE specific data for the month!


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Why PUBG Mobile Is Best Played On The Honor Play!

PUBG Mobile is the hottest mobile games of 2018, and the Honor Play smartphone is specifically designed to bring out the best in PUBG Mobile. Find out why PUBG Mobile is best played on the Honor Play!


Why PUBG Mobile Is Best Played On The Honor Play

Large 6.3-inch FullView Display

The Honor Play (Price Check) smartphone has a large 6.3-inch FullView display with a Full HD+ resolution with an ultra-wide 19.5:9 aspect ratio. It also boasts very thin bezels, with an incredible 89% screen-to-body ratio.

The larger and wider FullView display is designed to give you a more immersive and enjoyable mobile gaming experience. Pity those who still have to struggle with tiny displays!

CRAZY FAST Kirin 970 With AI NPU

The Honor Play is CRAZY FAST. It is powered by the Kirin 970, which is a top-of-the-line processor used in flagship smartphones. It easily handles even the most graphics-intensive games, but that’s not all.

It comes with a dedicated AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that further boosts its performance, while conserving power for longer gaming sessions. This is why the Honor Play is perfect for playing PUBG Mobile!

Better Gaming On PUBG Mobile With GPU Turbo

One major reason why the Honor Play is such a great gaming smartphone is GPU Turbo. It is a proprietary hardware and software combination that delivers 60% better GPU performance efficiency, with 30% lower power consumption!

Working together with Tencent Games, Honor made sure that GPU Turbo would work perfectly with PUBG Mobile right out of the box! If you love playing PUBG Mobile, the Honor Play is perfect because it guarantees the ultimate gaming experience with longer play times on PUBG Mobile!

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4D AI Gaming Experience

For an even more immersive mobile gaming experience, Honor Play (Price Check) delivers a 4D AI Gaming Experience with Smart Shock and Histen 3D Gaming Audio

Smart Shock is an exclusive Honor Play feature. The Kirin 970‘s AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU) automatically recognises images and sounds of your game in real-time, and vibrates the Honor Play to give you directional cues and a more realistic gaming experience.

It is so advanced, it recognises 30 different scenarios, and 10 different weapons. Now, you get to feel the kickback of your gun, and get alerted to gunfire and approaching enemies. Boost your situational awareness with Smart Shock!

Histen 3D Gaming Audio, on the other hand, envelopes you in an ultra-wide 3D sound space, with three modes – near, front and wide. – to deliver a more cinematic and immersive gaming experience.

Supporting both wired and wireless earphones, Histen 3D Gaming Audio also helps you accurately determine the azimuth of everything you hear – footsteps, shots, explosions. Now you will have an edge over your PUBG Mobile opponents on less capable smartphones!


PUBG Mobile will run on every flagship smartphone without a sweat. But why pay more, when you can play more and pay less?

Despite packing flagship-level performance and advanced gaming features, the Honor Play (Price Check) only costs ⅓ as much as any flagship smartphone! Can you beat such incredible value?

Be smart – #PlayMorePayLess with Honor Play!


Where To Buy The Honor Play

The Honor Play is available for purchase at these incredibly low prices :

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This article was sponsored by Honor Malaysia.


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