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Catch ‘Em All Faster With The PokeMobile!

Update @ 2016-08-07 : Pokémon GO was officially launched in Malaysia yesterday, so the PokeMobiles will be roaming the streets of the Klang Valley, ferrying Pokémon GO players to nearby PokeStops. Go book one right now!


Catch ‘Em All Faster With The PokeMobile!

Malaysians have heard that the Pokémon GO launch is imminent. Everyone’s raring to go out and catch ’em all! In their eagerness, some will probably get hurt… especially if they are thinking of driving out to hunt for Pokémons.

To help Malaysians hunt Pokémons safely, Grab and Hotlink just launched the limited-edition PokeMobile! Let’s see what the fuss is all about!


Grab & Hotlink Launches The PokeMobile

In this video, Maybel Chan (Maxis’ Head of Content & Engagement), and Jaygan Fu (Grab Malaysia’s Country Manager), officially launch the PokeMobile promotion.

Followed by a Q&A session…

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The PokeMobile Revealed!

These are special Grab cars that have been decked out in Pokémon livery. Each PokeMobile also comes with refreshments, Grab goodie bags, Hotlink PokeChargers and even a PokeMonitor, with Hotlink 4G connectivity.

A total of four PokeMobiles will ply the Klang Valley, shuttling Pokémon GO players to nearby PokeStops, over the first two days. Best of all – IT’S ALL FREE!

To book a PokeMobile for a free ride to the nearest PokeStop, Pokémon GO players have to do is :
  • Install / upgrade the Grab app (available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Select the PokeMobile button in the Grab app, and wait for your pickup!

If that’s not enough, PokeMobile riders who are also Hotlink customers will receive US$100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. This is equivalent to 14,500 PokeCoins! Of course, you can also use those PokeCoins to purchase 145 Pokémon lures, 145 Pokéballs or 96 egg incubators.

In addition, Hotlink customers will get 10% off their PokeCoins purchased through Hotlink Cash Online. They will also get 10% off in-app purchases on other games and apps like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Smule, Loong Craft, Crisis Action, Candy Crush Saga, etc. on Google Play Store. [adrotate banner=”5″]


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