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The Plextor M8Se NVMe SSD Series Launched

Plextor just announced the debut of the Plextor M8Se series solid state drives (SSDs) that built around the ultra-high-speed NVMe interfaces. The drives also use the industry’s flagship TLC NAND and control chip components, and specialized heat sinks with streamlined aesthetic design.


The Plextor M8Se NVMe SSD Series

The Plextor M8Se series also caters to a variety of user requirements for SSD upgrades or system assembly, with both PCIe and M.2 2280 specifications. The PCIe version adopts lines drawn from fluid mechanics and a professional blue and black high-performance heat sink design. This presents dynamic ultra-fast speed aesthetics, along with more efficient thermal conductivity that can quickly eliminate the heat generated by M8Se’s high speed transmission and help the computer system maintain optimal operating efficiency.

The M8Se series has the most trustworthy service life and stability of any SSD. The Marvell control chip and Toshiba Super-High-Performance TLC NAND flash memory also allow the M8Se series to have outstanding performance, read/write service life, capacity, and stability, even better than the usual TLC SSD.

The M8Se series is powered by the latest generation NVMe PCIe Gen 3x 4 super high-speed transmission interface that delivers high bandwidth and low latency that allows sequential read/write access speeds of up to 2,450/1,000 MB/s and random read/write speeds of up to 210,000/175,000 IOPS. Whether it’s for work, fun, or multimedia applications, the M8Se is the perfect solution to speed up your system and provide the ultimate user experience.

Equipped with Plextor firmware technology and advanced LDCP debugging capability, the M8Se series has greatly enhanced read/write reliability. Its exclusive PlexNitro write cache technology can ensure the most reliable read/write performance, and its extended SSD service life guarantees peace of mind to long-term users.


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The Plextor M8Se Series Availability

The Plextor M8Se series is anticipated to officially reach the market in June 2017. In addition to providing the PCle expansion card and M.2 2280 specifications, capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB are also available to satisfy players’ diverse needs for system construction and expansion.

The M8Se series products have passed Plextor’s stringent quality tests, with a 1.5 million hour MTBF (mean time between failures) guarantee in addition to a 3-year warranty period.


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Plextor S1 Series MLC SSD Launched

The trend of SSD nowadays is shifting from MLC to a more cost efficient TLC flash memory and Plextor too with no exception, will be fully adopting the TLC memory on its upcoming products. As there are users who still prefer MLC SSD, Plextor today announced its last model in the MLC SSD product line, the Plextor S1 Series SSD for these users.


Plextor S1 Series

Plextor S1 Series are designed with the best price-performance ratio in mind to meet the need of the South east Asian Market and will only be available for the Southeast Asia region because of the limit edquantity of the MLC SSD. This means,you will have to come to the South east Asia region for the last chance to buy the MLC flash memory based SSD.

The strength of S1’s core components comes from the Toshiba’s high-quality Toggle Mode MLC NAND flash memory, as well as the SMI’s well-reputed SM 2246 controller. By extending Plextor’s exclusive firmware technology, and employing industry-preferred components, the S1 series provides users with performance up to 510/440MB/s in sequential read/write and 74K/79K IOPS in random read/write, respectively.

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The excellent performance data exhibited by the S1 series bring application advantages to users which exceed those of entry-level solutions.

The S1 series is suitable as an entry-level SSD for all types of users to drastically improve the load time of all applications, increase productivity, improve power efficiency, and enhance total system responsiveness. The S1 may not be the fastest drive on the market, but was carefully designed to provide the best value possible and still perform at amazing SSD speeds that won’t break the bank.

Plextor’s S1 series has successfully passed various stringent factory tests and with no doubt, meet the needs of SSD storage and upgrade requirements by desktop and laptop users. The S1 series SSD will be available in two interface specifications: 2.5-inch(S1C) and M.22280(S1G), two different storage capacity of 128GB and 256GB, and is covered by a 3-year warranty.


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PLEXTOR M8Pe SSD Series Announced

Taipei, 10 August 2016PLEXTOR, one of the world’s leading brands in high-performance digital storage devices, is launching the M8Pe series, the latest high efficiency solid-state drive (SSD) built exclusively for gamers.

The first PLEXTOR SSD to adopt the revolutionary NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, the PLEXTOR M8Pe series offers outstanding continuous and random read/write speeds. First-rate components, profession heat sink design, coupled with LDPC correction technology, the M8Pe is capable of providing the most stable long-term performance. By satisfying the most stringent professional gaming requirements, the M8Pe offers unparalleled performance in terms of access speeds, creating the smoothest experience for gamers.



The PLEXTOR M8Pe series recreates the highest standard for professional gaming grade SSDs. With NVMe, the M8Pe significantly reduces access latency to provide faster data transmission speeds. Combined with the new generation of PCIe Gen3 x4 high speed interface, the M8Pe can provide breakthrough performances with continuous sequential read/write speeds of 2500/1400 MB/s, and random read/write speeds of 280,000/240,000 IOPS. This allows players to easily satisfy complicated data access requirements of the latest games.

In order to provide the most reliable data read/write accuracy, the PLEXTOR M8Pe is incorporated with the latest LDPC correction technology that uses more advanced error correction capabilities. M8Pe’s system stability is also another important point of emphasis during product design. Equipped with the latest professional gaming grade high efficiency heat sinks, the M8PE is able to use air flow within its own chassis for rapid heat dissipation, preventing its components from overheating thereby extending the SSD’s optimum operation effectiveness and service life.

PLEXTOR SSDs always use top quality components made by renowned manufacturers in the industry. The PLEXTOR M8Pe is equipped with Marvell’s latest controller chip, Toshiba’s 15 nm MLC NAND Flash memory and PLEXTOR exclusive firmware technologies to satisfy user demands for read/write speeds, performance, stability, and long-term service life.

PLEXTOR’s Senior Director Shu-Qing Li states, “Gamers have always had the strictest requirements on system specifications, not to mention that the latest games are pursuing extreme video and audio effects which pose a great challenge on the processing capabilities of computers. As a result, PLEXTOR has designed a series of SSD products aimed exclusively for gaming use. All of them are equipped with the most advanced high speed interface specifications while also supporting the industry’s latest standards/protocols. The new M8Pe NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 interface enables the SSD to help optimize the system, allowing maximum computation power. For enthusiasts and advanced gamers alike, through M8Pe’s professional gaming capabilities, everyone will be able to enjoy games like never before.”

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PLEXTOR M8Pe Availability

The PLEXTOR M8Pe series solid state drives will be available in mid-August. To satisfy various system configurations and expansion requirements of today’s gamers, PLEXTOR will offer two different connection standards including the PCIe and M.2 2280 in various capacities – 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1TB.

All series of products have passed PLEXTOR’s stringent quality tests, with a 2.4 million hour MTBF (mean time between failures) guarantee in addition to a 5-year warranty period.


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Plextor M7V Series SSD Released

March 30, 2016, Taipei – Plextor announced the longest lifetime Plextor M7V series solid-state drive.

The M7V series is Plextor’s first TLC SSD product, combining top-class components and exclusive firmware, allowing the Plextor M7V to surpass the current TLC SSD’s key technical limits, reaching a P/E cycle of up to 2,000 times. The best P/E lifetime, speed, capacity and stability will stand to satisfy the consumer’s demands for the best cost performance, providing users with a new generation TLC SSD product to choose from.

The key to dramatically increasing Plextor M7V’s lifetime as a TLC SDD is through coupling the highest grade components from the industry with advanced firmware. The M7V series applies the new generation Marvell control chip, designed exclusively for TLC products, along with Toshiba’s latest 15 nm process TLC NAND flash memory.

It also applies multiple technologies developed exclusively by Plextor, including the tailor-made write acceleration technology PlexNitro, the Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) troubleshooting technology with three times the average rate, and PlexTurbo, a software that applies system memory to decrease the amount of reading and writing.

The result brings about the astonishing 2,000 times P/E cycle lifetime of the M7V series, 2 to 4 times as durable as a normal TLC SSD, providing the largest TBW (Total Bytes Written) for its users. Using the 512GB capacity version as an example, it has a TBW of 320TB. The M7V has set up a new milestone for TLC SSD products, marking a new page with its outstanding lifetime, P/E durability and stability, bringing forth an unforeseen top notch quality application.

Plextor’s superb firmware and software technology has always been the key to surpassing and receiving recognition above products of the same level. Looking at the firmware technology applied, the M7V series uses the exclusive PlexNitro technology that differs from other TLC SSD products, allowing the M7V to not require reserving hard drive space, increasing its writing capability while keeping the most complete SSD storage capacity for its users, giving the user’s the best return for their choice. Using the lowest capacity products of 128GB for example, when other TLC brands can only provide a true 120GB of storage space, Plextor can support a complete 128GB TLC SSD capacity.

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The widely recognized PlexTurbo software can apply the system’s DRAM to accelerate the SSD’s read and write efficiency, allowing the M7V that has a designed sequential read/write speed of 560/530 MB/s, random read/write speed of 98K/84K IOPS to increase its speed by 6 to 10 times. PlexTurbo can also reduce the frequency of data writing, greatly increasing the lifetime of the SSD, bringing advanced efficiency for the TLC SSD.

Apart from PlexTurbo, the M7V series can also use two other additional softwares, the PlexCompressor & PlexVault – PlexCompressor can compress files that have a low usage rate while not affecting the SSD’s efficiency, providing more available space for its user; PlexVault can set up an exclusive space for sensitive information by tapping on a few hot keys, providing utmost privacy and security to the data conveniently.

Operation Director of Plextor, Eva Lee, expressed, “Facing the market trend of TLC SSDs with high cost performance ratios, consumers have higher expectations for the product’s lifetime, efficiency and reliability. In response to this, Plextor has applied various advanced technologies and components, building the much more reliable M7V product series, providing the best data stability and security with various fast access-enhancing and troubleshooting technology while greatly increasing the SSD’s lifetime, guaranteeing users the highest cost-effectiveness and protection for their SSD. As we deliver the M7V series, we will also make the PlexTurbo, PlexCompressor and PlexVault available to all M6 series users, and we promise to continue to provide premium services for the users of Plextor.”


Plextor M7V Availability

The Plextor M7V Series Solid-State Drives will be delivered in April of 2016, providing two different standard specs – the 2.5 inch (PX-M7VC) and the M.2 2280 (PX-M7VG), with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities to choose from, satisfying SSD system requirements from desktop computers to ultra-slim notebooks.


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