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25,700 Malaysians Hospitalised For Vaccine Side Effects?

Malaysians are panicking over a report by The Coverage that 25,700 Malaysians were hospitalised for COVID-19 vaccine side effects!

Find out what the FACTS really are!


The Coverage : 25,700 Malaysians Hospitalised For Vaccine Side Effects!

Infamous clickbait + plagiarism website – The Coverage (formerly The Coverage Bureau) is at it again.

Malaysians are panicking over a report they posted with the alarming title – Breaking News : 25,700 Malaysians Report Side Effects After Taking Vaccines – Admitted To Hospital For Further Monitoring

But what exactly are the facts? Let’s take a look…


No, 25,700 Malaysians Were NOT Hospitalised For Vaccine Side Effects!

We investigated this stunning report by The Coverage, and here was what we found…

Fact #1 : That’s A False, Clickbait Headline

Most Malaysians only read headlines, and The Coverage is well aware of that.

That’s why they wrote that clickbait headline, using alarming terms like “Breaking News” and “Admitted To Hospital”.

The truth is they plagiarised this article 3 days after the original website posted it (more on this below), and they were not all hospitalised as The Coverage headline alleged.

Fact #2 : Only 4.4% Reported Side Effects After Vaccination

It is true that the Malaysia Health Ministry received 25,770 reports of side effects as of 31 March 2021.

However, that is just 4.4% of the 580,765 people who were vaccinated.

Fact #3 : Reported Vaccine Side Effects Were NOT Verified

We should point out that the reported side effects have NOT been verified by the Malaysia Ministry of Health.

This is similar to the UK Yellow Card reporting system that have been intentionally misreported as genuine adverse effects (example #1, example #2, example #3)

Anyone who received a vaccination in Malaysia, can freely report any side effects they may or may not have experienced in MySejahtera.

Hence, these reported side effects may not be related to the vaccine, and have NOT been verified by the Ministry of Health.

Fact #4 : Only Those With Serious Side Effects Were Hospitalised

The Coverage article title proclaimed that 25,700 Malaysians reported side effects and were admitted to hospital for further monitoring after getting vaccinated.

The truth is their report itself clearly stated that only “those who suffered serious side effects were admitted to hospital for further monitoring“.

We can only conclude that they intentionally used that misleading headline to trick people into sharing, so that their article would go viral.

Fact #5 : The Coverage Plagiarised The Article

The Coverage is notorious for copying news articles from other websites and merely changing their titles to make them more controversial, so you are more likely to share them.

We analysed their article, and discovered that they copied it entirely from a 3-day old FreeMalaysiaToday article.

They only deleted the first paragraph, and changed the title to make it more SHOCKING! This is the very definition of plagiarism.

The Coverage has been doing this for years, making money off other people’s work, and using gullible people to share out their plagiarised articles with clickbait titles.

STOP being their useful idiots. STOP sharing their articles! STOP reading their plagiarised articles!


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Tech Journalists Should NEVER Do What Ming Hua News Just Did Rev. 7

A local blog (明华网 Ming Hua News) just pissed off the Malaysian tech media fraternity, and MSI, one of the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturers. What Ming Hua News did is a great lesson in what you should NEVER do, if you’re starting up a tech website and actually want it to survive.

In this article, we will detail the numerous “mistakes” he made, and why you should never make the same mistakes. In the past 20 years, we have seen our fair share of jealousy- or arrogance-fueled rage binges. So let us share some advice with those who want to break into the online tech scene.

Please note that we intentionally blurred the face of the Ming Hua News blogger in all our pictures, and will not name him, because the purpose of this article is to educate him (or other people with similar ideas). Even though he created a lot of havoc, he too deserves a chance to repent and improve himself. Just as we all do. We also understand that he is only 17 years old – a minor.

For easier digestion, we broke the article into six parts :

What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 1)
  • He Gatecrashed A Pizza Hut Event
  • He Insulted People For No Reason
  • He Plagiarised Two Websites
  • He Tried To Gatecrash An MSI Event
  • He Harassed MSI Staff For Freebies
What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 2)
  • He Cheated At The MSI Public Games
  • He Harassed The Female Influencers & Models
  • He Picked A Fight With MSI…


What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 3)
  • He Stole Photos From Another Website!
  • And Then Picked Another Fight…
  • Before Plagiarising Another Site
What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 4)
  • His Friend Released A Video Implicating Three Of Them
  • He Posted An Insincere Apology Letter (with our comments)
What Did Ming Huaw News Do? (Part 5)
  • He Kept Asking To Attend A Non-Existent MSI Event…
  • He Doubled Down…
  • And Criticised A Female Influencer Online
  • We’re Signing Off
What Should Ming Hua News Have Done?
  • Everyone Starts At The Bottom
  • Demonstrate Your Competence
  • Build Your Reputation & Readership
  • Be Nice To Everyone
  • Do NOT Plagiarise!!!
  • Second Chances

Updated @ 2017-10-27 : Added a new page [13] on his latest brawl with MSI, and attack on the female influencer HXA. We also added a comment by his friend [14], and the identity of the gamer he insulted [15]. This will also be our last update on this trainwreck.

Updated @ 2017-10-21 : Added a new page [11] detailing an incriminating video his friend posted, as well as his insincere (and inaccurate) letter of apology. Also added confirmation that MSI never received a letter or email from him demanding for an apology [12].

Updated @ 2017-10-20 : Added notes on why we blurred the face of the Ming Hua News blogger [9], and one of the female influencer he harassed [10].

Updated @ 2017-10-19 : Added more details about the harassment of the female influencers [7], and clarified how he cheated at the MSI public games [8].

Updated @ 2017-10-18 : Added a new page with new / updated sections on cheating at games [3], the harassment of MSI staff [1] and female influencers [2]. Also added new evidence of plagiarism [4][5].

Updated @ 2017-10-18 : Added a new section on the harassment of MSI staff [1] and female influencers [2], with three additional Pro Tips.

Originally posted @ 2017-10-17


What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 1/5)

1. He Gatecrashed A Pizza Hut Event

On 10 October 2017, Pizza Hut launched their first digital concept store, and invited the Malaysian tech media to the launch event. The Ming Hua News blogger was not invited but gatecrashed the event anyway. It was not his first time either. He gatecrashed a Meizu event earlier as well.

Pro Tip #1 : Don’t gatecrash. Enquire politely with the company hosting the event, or their PR representatives, if you may also attend. Generally, they want more coverage (not less!), and will be glad to host you if they have enough space.

2. He Insulted People For No Reason

For no apparent reason, he complained to random people at the Pizza Hut event that various members of the media were “fat” and “eating like beggars“. Word got around quickly that this new kid on the block not only gatecrashed the event, but was being exceedingly and unnecessarily rude.

Pro Tip #2 : It’s suicide socially and professionally to call your peers “fat” and “eating like beggars”, even if they are truly fat slobs eating like beggars. Instead, slap them on the back with a hearty laugh and say, “Hey, reserve some of the pizza for me, bro!

[adrotate group=”1″]

3. He Plagiarised Two Websites

After attending the event, he committed the greatest faux pas of them all – plagiarising from not one, but two, tech websites. He literally copied (word for word) the Chinese article from MDROID, and the English article from TechNave.

This is beyond comprehension because he could have copied off the official press release. Instead, he chose to copy from other websites, ad verbatim. That naturally turned the Malaysian tech media against him.

Pro Tip #3 : If you are too lazy to write an original copy for an event, most companies provide a nice press release that you can copy and paste to your heart’s content. If you must commit a grievous sin, let it be worthy of a Nobel Prize.

4. He Tried To Gatecrash An MSI Event

Less than a week later, he tried to gatecrash the launch of the world’s largest MSI Concept Store.

MSI organised a morning session for the press, and an afternoon session for the public. Because he was not invited to the media event, he did not know that it started at 10 AM. By the time he arrived, it was over. Yet he insisted on signing in as a member of the media, probably for the goodie bag.

He was informed that the media event was over, and he was not even on the invited list. In fact, no one on the MSI team knew him.  But he refused to leave and hung around the counter instead.

Please note that we intentionally blurred the face of the Ming Hua News blogger in all our pictures, and will not name him, because the purpose of this article is to educate him (or other people with similar ideas). Even though he created a lot of havoc, he too deserves a chance to repent and improve himself. Just as we all do. We also understand that he is only 17 years old – a minor.

Pro Tip #4 : See Pro Tip #1. Forget about the goodie bag. Your reputation is worth FAR MORE than a goodie bag. If they refuse to let you in, or tell you that the event is over, don’t insist on gaining entry or a goodie bag.

Pro Tip #5 : Instead, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know the brand’s team, or their PR representatives.

5. He Harassed MSI Staff For Freebies

After being denied the exquisite pleasure of signing in as a member of the Malaysian media fraternity, he hung around the counter harassing the MSI staff members. He hounded them for free gifts, food and drinks, while complaining that they were “indifferent” to him.

[adrotate group=”2″]

Things got so bad, they almost called security to escort him out. In the end, they gave him some water and cupcakes, as well as some freebies, including an MSI backpack, just to get him to stop harassing them.

Pro Tip #6 : NEVER harass the folks managing a major event. They’re often too busy to deal with “special requests”. If they do not provide you food and drinks, PLEASE DON’T BEG. Your reputation is worth FAR MORE than some sandwiches and coffee!

Pro Tip #7 : See Pro Tip #4. If you absolutely must have that cute MSI dragon figurine, wait until things quiet down and then ask… POLITELY… if you may have one because you just LOOOOOOVE the MSI dragon. DO NOT COMPLAIN if they decline. It’s not the end of the world!

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What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 2/5)

6. He Cheated At The MSI Public Games

He even cheated at the games that MSI organised for the public. Everyone received a card to be stamped when they completed a game at the MSI Concept Store. On completing four games (and getting all four different stamps – 2 red, 1 blue and 1 black), they would receive a reward.

He came with two friends, so they received three cards. He managed to get two of the cards “stamped” using ink transferred from the hands of an MSI staff member. They knew he was cheating, but gave him the two rewards to avoid trouble. However, he couldn’t do it for the third card.

Instead of playing all four games to complete the third card, he played one game and folded his card to “stamp” the wet ink from that one stamp into three duplicates. Genius! When they pointed out that he cheated (because he had four black stamps), he threw a tantrum and stormed off.

Later, they discovered that he somehow managed to snatch a stamp to properly stamp his card himself. In the end, he received 3 rewards after completing only one game.

Pro Tip #8 : Follow the fucking rules. Why cheat when you are guaranteed the reward after completing all four games? Cheating for a freebie is idiotic. You’re trading what little reputation you have for a trinket.

7. He Harassed The Female Influencers & Models

Multiple sources confirmed that harassed the female influencers and models that MSI invited. He was overheard asking one girl in particular, “Did you buy your followers?” and “Why are you so ugly?” in an “interview”. He also allegedly told her, “Your phone number is not worth my time“.

This picture of one of the targeted female influencers was blurred to protect her privacy

He also called the other female influencers and models ugly, even while he kept sneaking into their selfies and taking close-up photos without permission. He even encouraged other people at the event to hug the girls for his photos. Here are some paraphrased quotes :

[adrotate group=”2″]

MW : He called me ugly and kept harassing me.

GS : Yeah, when you walked away, he kept asking other people to take pictures with me, and asked them to hug me. I said no with a fake smile. I don’t know what he did with the pictures he took.

GS : He also called HXA ugly when she refused to give him the free gift.

MW : He kept squeezing in when I took my photos, and when I went to take photos with HXA, he kept snapping random close up photos of us. He even told us “How can you come here when you’re so ugly?”

GS : I felt bad for pushing his head away to take my photos, but I don’t feel bad about that now. I don’t know who he was, yet he kept putting his face into my shots.

In an email from one of his friends who was there :

he say the female influencer is an aunty

Pro Tip #9 : DON’T BE RUDE! It does not help you, and no one is going to answer such ridiculous questions!

Pro Tip #10 : DON’T intrude into other people’s personal spaces without permission! If they say no, it means NO. NOT TRY HARDER!!!

8. He Picked A Fight With MSI…

After the event, he wrote an article criticising MSI Marketing Manager Pia for discriminating against “small media“, and hurting his feelings. He also claimed he contacted MSI for a written letter of apology. Well, he certainly did not receive a response to his demand for an apology.


The next day, the activity is a network media complaint received no invitation was also the MSI Marketing Manager PIA insulting way “live is the leading media owner, you’re just a little media, we do not invite” was deeply wounded by the reporters, feel they’ve been discriminated against.


The media has attempted to contact MSI to give a written letter of apology, but before the deadline had not been related to the activities of response.

Despite his claim he wrote to MSI for an apology, we confirmed that MSI never received any letter or email asking for an apology. In fact, their staff members refused to give the Ming Hua News blogger their name cards.

A day later, he posted on Facebook an apology for offending any members of the media and his fans with this article, but insisted that MSI should publicly apologise.

[adrotate group=”2″]

Press Release (Public Announcement)

We are deeply sorry if we offended other members of the media, and our fans and readers. We hope this incident will now end.

But we will not delete the article because it is true.

MSI Gaming 市场部应该出面道歉澄清。
MSI Gaming Marketing Department should publicly apologise.

Even worse, he continued his attacks on Pia by falsely claiming that she was fired over the incident. He also mocked those who supported her against his (false) claims. In an article posted on 18 October, he said :

I heard that MSI Marketing Manager Pia was fired because she discriminated against small media.
But Ming Hua News checked and confirmed she’s still working in the company.
Pia is known as the PR that the technology media support, and the media bosses love.
It’s amazing to see the media bosses protect Pia in this controversy

Pro Tip #11 : See Pro Tip #4. Don’t let your pride get the better of you. If they refuse to invite you to their events, think of it as their loss – their events will not get covered in your awesome website or blog! 🙂

Pro Tip #12 : And NEVER attack a brand or their PR representatives on the Internet, whether it’s on your website or social media. That’s just suicide socially and professionally.

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What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 3/5)

9. He Stole Photos From Another Website!

Ming Hua News’ streak of ill-advised moves did not end with his demand for an apology from MSI. In that same article, he stole two of the photos from Hitech Century. This was after he was caught plagiarising less than a week earlier. #facepalm

Pro Tip #13 : If you need to borrow someone’s photos for an article, ask them for permission. At least credit them for the photos.

Pro Tip #14 : Most companies will also provide official photos that you can edit and use without attribution. Use them!

10. And Then Picked Another Fight…

If that’s not enough, the Ming Hua News blogger picked another fight, this time with Pokde, an established Malaysian tech website. He targeted Mubashar Aftab of Pokde, calling him “fat” and advising him to “go on a diet“.

Let me tell you this, I’m not afraid.

It’s just a joke, but you overreacted.

I cannot image that the Pokde.net boss has so many supporters.

I really underestimated you.

It’s okay to be fat, as long as you have the desire to go on a diet.

I believe my site has many media friends as well.

You guys can gang up on us small media.

But even if the authorities come down on me,

[adrotate group=”2″]

As long as I’m a member of the media,

I won’t give up.

Thank you to all who encourage me, support me,

Even the ones who try to take me down.

I love you all.

Thank you for the attention.

I won’t stop firing. Sue me. I will continue to complain.

Pro Tip #15 : NEVER pick a fight with other members of the media. It’s one thing to confront a bully or stand up for your rights, it’s quite another thing to START a public fight with derogatory comments for no good reason.

11. Before Plagiarising Another Site

After we shared this article with him, and he promised to read and learn from it, he plagiarised another Malaysian tech website. This time, he copied Vtechgraphy‘s post on the Huawei Mate 10… literally word for word!

Pro Tip #16 : The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. STOP PLAGIARISING after you have been caught plagiarising!!!

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What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 4/5)

12. His Friend Released A Video Implicating Three Of Them Updated!

As if the blowback over the past few days did not happen, his friend posted a video that showed the Ming Hua News blogger and two of his friends insulting and harassing not just the female influencers and models, but also one of the gamers MSI invited to the event for the tournament, as well as an MSI staff member.

Please note that we intentionally blurred the faces of the Ming Hua News blogger’s friends, because the purpose of this article is to educate them (or other people with similar ideas). In addition, the boy recording the video is only 16 years old – a minor.

Let’s start with the MSI staff member. Earlier in the video, he appears to be very friendly with them. But in a later segment, his demeanour has changed. We don’t know what happened in between, but this was how the conversation went :

[adrotate group=”2″]

[They pushed the camera close to his face]

MSI Staff Member : What?

MHN : Can I record my video here? Only over here?

[MHN’s friend, the videographer nods]

MHN : Let me put my head in(to the frame)

MSI Staff Member : I will not look into the camera.

MHN : You don’t want face (respect)?

MSI Staff Member (sarcastically) : Correct! I don’t want any face (respect).

Then they went to harass one of the gamers (SongSen) MSI invited to the event.

[They pushed the camera close to his face, which startled and annoyed him]

SongSen : Yes?

MHN : I want to interview you.

[SongSen starts to walk away]

MHN : How old are you? 

MHN’s Friend : Interview? The guy is already walking away.

SongSen : 17 years old [as he walks away]

MHN Or His Friend : Liar!

MHN Or His Friend : You can drive when you’re just 17 years old?

MHN Or His Friend : I don’t believe.

The camera then panned to the female influencers and models, and they started insulting them.

MHN : You see. It’s different if you’re beautiful. The ugly ones end up standing here [referring to the female models].

Female Influencer (obviously annoyed at the insult, replied sarcastically) : What can we do? We are only worthy of standing here because we are tall.

[adrotate group=”2″]

MHN’s Friend : She’s not very tall.

MHN : You’re correct. She’s actually very short. She’s just wearing high heels to make herself look tall.

They shove the camera into her face. She turned away and shrugged before turning back…

Female Influencer : Why are you so rude?

MHN : I learned it from you, big sister. You’re my sifu.

Pro Tip #17 : NEVER POST a video that incriminates you… and your friends!

13. He Posted An Insincere Apology Letter

We have been telling him for days now to STFU, if he doesn’t want to apologise for being so rude and childish. Instead of taking our advice, he posted a public letter of apology that was neither sincere nor accurate. Here is the English translation (with our comments in red) :

A Public Apology

I’m sorry, everyone!

Ming Hua News would like to apologize to all media friends, boss, as well as MSI, MSI staffs, MSI guests, Gummy, HXA, supporters and other people.

I would like to clarify that my apology doesn’t mean that MSI Marketing Manager Pia Huang didn’t insult MHN. I admit I shouldn’t reveal the brand and media names, but file a complaint through the right way.

Get this straight – a refusal to acknowledge you as a member of the media is not an insult. It is a statement of fact. Just because you have a blog does not make you a journalist.

The event you were not invited to had already ended when you arrived. Even if you were invited, they would have been right to turn you away because news flash -> THE EVENT WAS OVER.

Here is another piece of advice for you. Real journalists go to events to cover them, not collect goodie bags and free gifts.

Pia does not owe you an apology. You owe her an apology.

As for those articles that I was caught with plagiarism, I have deleted all the posts. I would like to apologize to TechNave, Mdroid, Vtech, Zing and other media. I hope that you guys could give me a chance to be better, I promise this kind of thing not to happen again.

From what we understand, there are other plagiarised articles that have not been removed. Please do NOT wait until they are publicly exposed before taking action. You should know which articles you plagiarised. You should remove them ASAP, even if their authors are unaware of your plagiarism.

As for the Pizza Hut article, we were told by the PR to publish the article. It wasn’t plagiarism or taking the photos from other sites without permission, those are false statements. Those photos were taken by me the day after I went to the shop myself, you can ask the store manager for proof.

The PR agency confirmed earlier that they did not ask you to cover the event, much less plagiarise the coverage of the event from two websites. They did not even know who you were, although they gave you a printed press release as part of their goodie bag, that you could have copied if you were not able to write an actual article.

The photos were also taken from Technave and MDROID, some with watermarks still visible. You may have taken photos at the event, but the pictures in the two Pizza Hut articles you posted were not yours. We have the screenshots to prove this.

As for me accidentally calling the editor of Pokde.net fat during the event, I apologize for that, but I didn’t say they eat like a beggar and other insults. I didn’t do it purposely, I thought it was a joke but didn’t know that you would feel offended. I apologize for that and I will make sure to be more cautious with my words next time.

One does not “accidentally” call people fat or ugly, just like a rapist does not accidentally fall and rape a girl. Multiple witnesses have confirmed that you told them that people at the event were “eating like beggars”.

As for the female guest harassment, I’m here to confirm that this isn’t true. I will report to MCMC and police if it’s necessary, as well as taking law action to those people who created this false statement.

Your friend posted a video that showed the three of you harassing and insulting not just the girls, but also a gamer and MSI staff member. If you feel so strongly that your own friend edited the video to make it look like you insulted them, please make an official complaint with the MCMC and police.

If you have any question or dissatisfaction, please email to minghuacs@gmail.com. There is no point for commenting the post to attack, as well as posting my personal info.

We agree. While we strongly dislike what you have done, we do not believe you should be doxxed. We also hope you will listen to our advice… and STOP.

I hope the public can give me a chance to be better, for a brighter Malaysia media’s future. Thanks to the advice from a media friend, I decided to apologize and hope this incident could end. Thank you!

As we mentioned in this article, people will give you a second chance, but only if you repent and improve yourself. That starts with you being honest about what you did, and apologise to those you insulted and harassed. Especially Pia from MSI.

Pro Tip #18 : Be sincere when you apologise, and DON’T LIE in your apology letter. With so many eyes on you, did you not think that people would check your points?

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What Did Ming Hua News Do? (Part 5/5)

14. He Kept Asking To Attend A Non-Existent MSI Event…

Despite his displeasure with MSI, he seems to be obsessed with them. He actually wrote to them several times, asking to be invited to a non-existent MSI event.

MSI Malaysia sponsored the Red Bull Coliseum Season 2 tournament finals at Sunway Pyramid from 27 to 29 October. This is a public event that is open to everyone free of charge.

Even though he can easily sign up for the event and attend it as a member of the public, he wrote several times to MSI, asking to be invited to the media event for the Red Bull Coliseum finals. THERE IS NO MEDIA EVENT. But apparently, he did not believe it and kept emailing them.

His persistent “requests” likely led to this response by Sean from MSI :

Dear Minghua editor team,

Greetings, We are sorry that [you] will not be invited as our guest / media due to the incident happened at MSI Store Opening Ceremony, there were news stated that your team has published which contains MSI local staff personal information and the information shared was considered false. Thus MSI Global Headquarter Legal team is taking some needed action.

Before the official  information and letter release, as MSI Malaysia we will like to inform Minghua News editor team, that MSI Malaysia has right to refuse any kind of interview, contact, announcement. And please be noted that MSI Malaysia local staff has the right to remain anonymous.

Thank you & wish you have a nice day.

Pro Tip #19 : If your request to join an event is rejected, take the high road and accept it. It’s not the end of the world. You can always cover another event, or another company.

Pro Tip #20 : Irrespective of how famous or important you think you are, companies have the right to refuse you access to their events. They’re not obliged to grant a member of the media access their events, just like you are not obliged to let them enter your home!


15. He Doubled Down…

On receiving the email, the Ming Hua News blogger shot back with a new post :

MSI Refused To Accept Apology! Denies Any Wrong & Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Ming Hua!

明华网原以为 MSI 已接受道歉,愿意化解误会。明华网一度发电邮至 MSI 市场部要求出席 MSI 在 SUNWAY PYRAMID 的活动,殊不知 MSI 回复电邮表示不会邀请明华网为邀请媒体,更不会邀请为来宾,意指不欢迎明华网出席该活动。
Ming Hua initially believed that MSI has accepted an (our) apology, and willing to resolve the misunderstanding. Ming Hua once sent an email to MSI Marketing Department to attend MSI event in SUNWAY PYRAMID, not knowing MSI would reply email stating that they will not invite Ming Hua as media nor guest, meaning MSI do not welcome Ming Hua to attend the event.

MSI 进一步解释说道原因是不满意明华网之前发布的新闻,并指控该新闻造假,不应该公开 MSI 员工的私人资料。邮件内容还提到该公司总部的法律团队将会采取行动对付!
MSI further explained that the reason is they are not satisfied with the news released on Ming Hua and accused it to be a fraud. Ming Hua also should not disclose the personal information of MSI employees. The message also mentions that the legal team at the company’s headquarters will take action against it!

明华网及 MSI 暂时都没有发布任何文稿交代事件,令人好奇 MSI 下一步的行动。
Ming Hua and MSI have not released any further comment for the time being. We wonder what would be MSI’s next action.

明华网发言人表示不会理睬 MSI 的任何声明,对于 MSI 的虚假指控则会静待观察,如有必要也会采取法律行动对付 MSI 和 PIA HUANG 马来西亚 MSI 市场部经理。
A spokesman for Ming Hua said he would not pay any attention to MSI’s statement, and MSI’s false allegations against Ming Hua. We will continue to observe MSI’s action and, if necessary, take legal action against MSI and PIA HUANG MSI Marketing Manager of Malaysia.

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Pro Tip #21 : When the other party mentions that legal action is being considered, you should not compound the problem further by then writing an inaccurate public post. We understand, for example, that the Ming Hua blogger sent MSI several emails, not once (as was stated in his public post). That’s just more fodder for the lawyers on the other end.

Pro Tip #22 : When the other party threatens legal action over your disclosure of personal information, please don’t aggravate the situation by sharing even more personal information!

Pro Tip #23 : See Pro TIp #20. You cannot sue a company or their employee for refusing to grant you access to their private event.


16. And Criticised A Female Influencer Online

Then on the morning of 27 October 2017, he criticised the female influencer HXA in a Facebook post.

You may recall that he called her called her “ugly” and an “aunty” at the MSI Concept Store launch. Even though he was seen insulting her on video, she did not appear to insult him in return. In fact, she hasn’t spoken out about this issue at all. Yet, the Ming Hua News blogger posted a picture he took with her, and criticise her for badmouthing him (which she didn’t do publicly, to our knowledge).

Here is a better translation :

After meeting you, I only realise you’re the kind of person who has a poisonous tongue.
Thanks for the lesson. It’s a rare opportunity to meet you in person.

Although this is said to be a more accurate translation :

Just realized you’re really blunt after meeting you in person. Thank you for your advice. It’s was a great opportunity to meet you..


We Are Signing Off

Based on our interactions with him, we believe he will never change. Despite claims that he will take our advice to heart, his actions say otherwise. So, we are going to stop updating this article, and trying to advise him.

We believe MSI will no longer communicate with him, or respond to his messages or emails. This may be due to the legal action they may be taking against him, or just a refusal to deal with him. Either way, that’s their right.

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What Should Ming Hua News Have Done?

We all know what it’s like to be young and ambitious. We all understand the desire to be part of the tech scene, to be invited to exclusive events and be amongst the first to try something new. We can all empathise with his burning desire to be accepted by tech companies, associated PR agencies and the tech media fraternity. However, Ming Hua News just did everything that no person aspiring to be a tech journalist should ever do.

Now, what should he have done? What should every aspiring tech journalist do to break into the highly-competitive tech scene?

1. Everyone Starts At The Bottom

Understand this – everyone starts at the bottom. Even famous tech journalists like Anand Lal Shimpi of Anandtech and Dr. Thomas Pabst of Tom’s Hardware started at the ground floor, and worked their way up. No one gets a free pass to the top, so stop fantasising that you will be the exception.

Don’t torpedo your fledging career by demanding access to events and products, without first proving your competence and burnishing your reputation. If you start at the bottom of the ladder, the only way is up. But if you insist on starting at the top, you can only go down…

2. Demonstrate Your Competence

In the tech media industry, competence cannot be faked. You either know your stuff, or you don’t. Tech companies, and to a lesser extent, their PR representatives, can quickly tell if you know the difference between RAM and ROM, or between the CPU and the GPU.

You demonstrate this competence not by talking, but actually writing articles. A SHITLOAD of articles. Start writing, and keep writing. If you don’t have review samples, write a guide. If you can’t write a guide, write a commentary on the latest hardware or software, or mobile device. Keep going at it.

3. Build Your Reputation & Readership

The tech industry evolves very quickly, so you must always be on top of the game. As you build your portfolio of articles and reviews, you will also build your reputation and readership. Both are VERY IMPORTANT because they are the “currency” of the tech industry.

Tech companies and their PR representatives will always look at a tech website’s stats to decide if they are worth the effort and expense to invite to an event, or provide review samples or other considerations. Put yourselves in their shoes. Which of these two websites would YOU invite to your tech event?

Now, let us remember Lesson #1 – we ALL start at the bottom. Like Ming Hua News, we were once at the bottom. But over the years, we built up our reputation and readership with sweat, tears and sleepless nights. If we can do it, so can you!

4. Be Nice To Everyone

It pays to be nice to everyone in the tech industry, whether they are from a tech company, a PR agency, or even a fellow member of the tech media fraternity. Establishing good industry contacts will help you go a long way to being invited to exclusive events and getting access to the latest products.

People also move around a lot, sometimes jumping from one side to another – I will leave you to decide which is the Dark Side, and so on… LOL! But the point is – when they move, they bring with them their opinion of you and your website. They also tend to leave behind some institutional memory. It’s not like the slate is wiped clean with a tech brand when someone leaves their team.

Okay, there will always be some folks who won’t play nice, or don’t respond to your friendly gestures. That’s okay. You can’t win over everyone, so don’t get upset if some people don’t like you anyway. That’s life. Just don’t try and be that asshole that everyone loves to hate.

5. Do NOT Plagiarise!!!

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This is the golden rule of journalism – DO NOT PLAGIARISE other people’s work! Just because it is easy to copy and paste does NOT make it okay to do it, even if you think it just took us 15 minutes to whip up.

Since we started in the tech industry back in 1997, we have seen our hard work plagiarised on many occasions. You may think it’s an easy way to quickly build your portfolio of articles and reviews, but nothing gets you blacklisted faster than plagiarising someone else’s work.

Just as it is now so easy for you to copy and paste, it is now also easy for people to detect your plagiarism and spread the news. So NEVER, EVER plagiarise. If you find it hard to write about tech, you are in the wrong industry. Stop, and do something else.


Second Chances

The world is not unkind. The tech industry is not unforgiving. Everyone makes mistakes, after all. Even the most aggrieved person will find it in his / her heart to forgive.

So there are definitely second chances in this industry. The only question is – will YOU acknowledge your mistakes, apologise for them and learn from your mistakes?

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