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The Signify LiFi Technology Explained with Demo!

Earlier this month, Ed Huibers, Head of Business Development for Signify LiFi Systems flew into town to brief us on their LiFi technology. Let’s take a look at his LiFi tech briefing and demo, as well as a close-up look at the Signify LiFi kit.


Who Is Signify?

Signify is the new name of Philips Lighting. The name change, announced in March 2018, represents their transformation from an analogue lighting company into a digital lighting and IoT company.


What Is LiFi?

LiFi is short for Light Fidelity. It is a wireless technology that works like WiFi but uses light waves instead of radio waves. It is therefore a line-of-sight technology, unlike WiFi.

On the other hand, LiFi can be used in places where radio interference is undesirable (e.g. in hospitals), or where WiFi signals is weak (e.g. underground). Its line-of-sight limitation is actually an advantage in high-security applications – it prevents interception of the data from outside the room.


The Signify LiFi Technology Explained

Signify is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled lights from their existing office lighting solutions. In this video, Ed Huibers briefs us on what LiFi technology is all about, as well as its pros and cons.

The Signify LiFi technology modulates the light from the LED luminaire at a very high frequency to transmit data. The light is detected by a LiFi USB dongle plugged not a laptop or tablet. The LiFi dongle transmits data back using an infra-red transmitter.

The Signify LiFi technology currently supports up to 50 users per luminaire, with transfer rates of 30 MB/s, over a range of about 3.5 meters or 10 feet.


The Signify LiFi Kit Up Close!

Here is a close-up look at the Signify LiFi kit, which converts their existing office luminaires into LiFi hotspots.


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The Philips Hue Introduction + Experiential Tour

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) today gave us an introduction and experiential tour of Philips Hue. Join us for our coverage of the Philips Hue Experience!


An Introduction To Philips Hue

Philips Hue was introduced in 2012, and first entered the Malaysian market in 2017. It is a personal wireless lighting system that allows you to remotely control your home lighting. As an IoT platform, Hue is upgradable and future-proof, with more features being added over time.

As these are IoT devices, you have the ability to remotely control them from outside of your home. In fact, you can conveniently manage your lighting – everything from brightness to colour – from your mobile device or computer. You also have the ability to save your personal light settings and recreate them at a touch of a button.


The Philips Hue Experiential Tour

The tour showcased the many features of the Philips Hue lighting system – Ambience, Feel Secure, Daily Activities, Wake Up and Go To Sleep Naturally, and Entertainment.

The Hue system comes with what they call “Light Recipes” – pre-programmed lighting settings based on Signify’s research on the biological effects of lighting on the body. They dynamically adjust the bulbs to the optimum shade and brightness of light to help you relax, read, concentrate or energise.


Philips Hue Sync

They also announced the availability of Philips Hue Sync, which increases spatial immersion of your entertainment – be it gaming on a PC, watching a movie on your TV, or listening to music on your radio.  Signify wants us to think of it as surround sound for our eyes.

It is a free app (Windows 10 or macOS) that allows you to synchronise the Hue smart bulbs with games, videos and music that are being played on your computer.


Philips Hue Price + Availability

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Signify offers a Starter Kit (RM 849 / US$ 212) that comes with three white and colour ambience light bulbs, and a bridge controller that plugs into your WiFi router.

Here are some direct purchase links for the Philips Hue Starter Kit, and other components:

You can also purchase the starter kit, extra bulbs and components from Philips authorised retailers, Apple resellers and major IT and electronics stores.

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Philips Izzy BM5 Wireless Multiroom Speakers Launched

20 September 2016 – Listening to the same music throughout your home was never easier than with the Philips izzy BM5 wireless multiroom speakers.

While other systems require consumers to install apps and struggle with their routers, izzy lets you connect via Bluetooth and share your music throughout your home and garden with the tap of just one button. Using ‘izzylink’ wireless technology, you create a wireless network instantly. Simply play music on one izzy speaker and press the ‘Group’ button to play the same music on other in-range izzy speakers.


Enjoy music from any source

Offering an extended range of playback possibilities, it doesn’t matter if you love your FM radio or still prefer your beloved CD collection. Izzy can stream all sorts of audio to your speaker system.

And if you do not want to share your coveted music, don’t worry. Just as easy as you’ve set up the network, you can disconnect from it. Simply press the ‘Group’ button again and you will leave the network. Philips izzy speakers work with all music apps, so users can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.


Wide range of speakers

Izzy speaker offerings include models spanning different form factors, sound solutions and features, to allow enjoyment throughout the home and even outdoor.

“These new additions to the Philips izzy range are a real breakthrough for people who want an easy-to-use multiroom music system in their home”, said Mr. Andrew Tan, Business Leader, Gibson Innovations Malaysia.

“This is the first range to offer a multi-room plug-and-play solution with many different forms of playback without the need for a wireless router or app,” added Mr. Tan.


Philips izzy BM5 Specifications

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Philips izzy BM5 is a compact multiroom speaker with a minimalist appearance and simple interface. It connects easily to any Bluetooth equipped device including tablets and smartphones. Equipped with two 2.5” drivers and a bass port for a deeper low end, it delivers room-filling sound wherever it’s placed.


Pricing and Availability

Available in sand and white colors, the retail price of Philips izzy BM5 is RM 599 / ~US$ 149. Philips izzy BM5 is now available at nationwide retails.


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Gibson Innovations Promote Philips A5-Pro With DJ Eva T

April 25, 2016Gibson Innovations, a Gibson Brands company and a brand licensee of Royal Philips has teamed up with top Malaysians DJs to conquer local electronic dance music (EDM) scene by taking the Armin Van Buuren designed Philips A5-Pro to an even wider audience.

Among the top acts collaborating with Gibson Innovations on the Philips A5-Pro is  DJ Eva T. Dubbed “The Diva of South”, Eva T has successfully broke the male-dominated EDM music scene with her mesh R&B, hip hop, electro and progressive house. With a rocking fashion sense and crazy hair colour, her talent has led her to both local and international fame with invites to perform in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

Specifically designed by International DJ legend, Armin van Buuren to meet his needs as a globetrotting DJ, the Philips A5-Pro headphone is an essential tool for every DJ professional as well as music aficionados.

Powered by 50mm neodymium drivers, Philips A5-PRO provides 3500mW power handling with clear, dynamic and distortion-free delivery event a high volumes or with high audio input power.

Philips A5-Pro is built on anodized-finish and sturdy yet lightweight aluminium structure to withstand any active DJ environment. Moreover, the earpieces on these headphones can be rotated 90° for convenient one-ear listening while track mixing.

Eva T has been in the electronic dance music industry for six years. Her brilliant fusion of the finest mashup electronic dance tracks with the upbeats and contemporary sounds of electro house music also captivated the crowds at international music events such as Future Music Festival Asia.

“I love music. I love how music could make such enjoyment and hype for the crowd whenever I perform onstage. This only could make possible with Philips A5-PRO as it produces clear sound quality. Philips A5-PRO keeps the bass punchy without overwhelming the rest of the mixes,” said Eva T.

Labeled as one of the ‘Electronic Dance Music Queens’, Eva T is also captivated by A5-PRO’s elongated leather ear cups and extra padding beneath the headphone that increases the overall comfort level while performing even for hours.

Philips A5-Pro is my personal arsenal. I don’t have to worry about it breaking as it is foldable in a gear bag, and that also means it can be easily handled while I’m travelling. The core of the headband is made of aluminum and alloy steel with a little extra width to smooth out any irritating pain points,” said Eva T.

The Philips A5-Pro headphones’ 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers offer high quality low-frequency sounds and are engineered for 3500mW high power handling. Source reproduction and sound clarity is second to none, enabling expert listeners to really listen and feel the sound.


[adrotate banner=”4″]Philips A5-PRO Key Features

  • 3500mW max high power handling
  • Acoustic close back architecture
  • Dual sided locking cable inputs
  • 90 degree swivel ear-shell
  • Ultra compact folding design
  • Genuine leather headband, with soft inner cushion
  • Detachable coil cable
  • Detailed tech and acoustic specs



The A5-PRO headphone retails for RM 2,112.15 with GST (~US$ 529) and is available at all major retail outlets in Malaysia.


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