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Did Embalmers Find Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots?!

Did embalmers find vaccine-induced blood clots in bodies of dead vaccinated people?!

Take a look at this pivotal claim in the Died Suddenly “documentary”, and find out what the facts really are!


Died Suddenly : Embalmers Find Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots?!

Anti-vaccination activist and conspiracy theorist Stew Peters just launched Died Suddenly – his “documentary” on sudden deaths that he blames on the COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the key premise of his “documentary” is that these sudden deaths are caused by mysterious white fibres or blood clots found by embalmers like Richard Hirschman.

Hirschman has been making these claims for a long time now, but it now takes centerstage in Stew Peter’s fake documentary – Died Suddenly.

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Truth : Embalmers Did Not Find Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots!

This is nothing more than another example of FAKE NEWS created by anti-vaccination activists, who have no shame and no qualms LYING to you, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Embalmers Do Not Conduct Autopsies

Let me start by pointing out that embalmers are not qualified to conduct autopsies. Richard Hirschman spoke as if he is qualified to conduct autopsies, which is simply not the case.

Autopsies are conducted by a medical examiner, who is a certified doctor licensed in forensic pathology. An embalmer is simply someone who is trained to embalm and prepare a dead body for funeral services.

Ben Schmidt, a funeral director and embalmer with a bachelor’s degree in natural science, explained in his article:

Despite what they might think, the vast majority of embalmers are not medical professionals. While there are embalmers who came from nursing, EMT, and other medical backgrounds, it is rare for an embalmer to be a qualified pathologist or hematologist or to make such a medical diagnosis.

Furthermore, embalmers are in no position to claim that someone who has died of natural causes “was in normal health.” Sorry, people, if you have big clots lurking in your body, you are not in normal health.

Fact #2 : Embalmers Do Not Know Vaccination Status

Richard Hirschman made it a point to state that he started tracking in November 2021 how many times he found strange clots in the bodies he embalmed, and their vaccination status.

He even coloured coded his data, using green for people who were verified to be vaccinated. In this screenshot, you can see that he even remarked that one of them was vaccinated 4 times.

How did Hirschman know they were vaccinated? The death certificate does not list the deceased’s vaccination status. An embalmer also wouldn’t have access to the deceased’s medical records.

He would have to personally ask the family members of the deceased about his/her vaccination status, which he never alluded to. As Ben Schmidt explained :

It would also be extremely unusual for an embalmer to know someone’s medical history unless they were closely related to the deceased person. It has been my experience that embalming often takes place before a specific cause of death is communicated to the embalmer let alone their vaccination records.

It is also interesting to note that he somehow knew that one of the dead persons he worked on never had COVID-19. Did he run a COVID-19 serology test on the body?

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Fact #3 : Most Of His Own Data Not Linked To Vaccination

Even if you take his word for it that he somehow knew the vaccination status of the dead bodies, his own data showed that they accounted for only 16 out of about 118 dead bodies.

So why did he include the other 102 bodies whose COVID-19 vaccination status he did not know?

Fact #4 : Blood Clots Are Common In Refrigerated Bodies

Despite Richard Hirschman’s claim that such blood clots are uncommon, that is actually not true as Monica Forrest, a licensed embalmer with NXT Generation Mortuary Support explained:

The blood clots are from refrigeration. It happens to many bodies. It’s just that there were so many bodies to process, many of them sat in refrigeration for long durations so they got blood clots. It’s not a big deal and these people are trying to make it a thing.

Fact #5 : Formaldehyde + Water Coagulate Blood

Funeral director Ben Schmidt also explained how formaldehyde and water using in the embalming process coagulates the blood:

Formaldehyde coagulates proteins during the embalming process, and blood is made of protein. Further, tap water contains calcium which drives the blood clotting reaction, even after death.

We add specific chemicals called water conditioners that remove calcium in order to prevent the blood clotting reaction.

Fact #6 : Blood Clots Vary A Lot

Richard Hirschman initially called what he found “blood clots”, but in the Died Suddenly video, he started calling them “white fibrous clots” or “white fibrous structures”.

The composition and appearance of blood clots depends greatly on where they form, and when they are found.

Blood clots that form in the arteries contain few red blood cells, and are formed primarily by fibrin and platelets. On the other hand, venous clots have a higher red blood cell content, although even these clots tend to accumulate fibrin over time.

Blood clots also change with time. Fresh blood clots appear red and are friable, but over time, become gelatinous and rubbery with a yellowish “chicken fat” surface.

Here is a comparison between antemortem and postmortem blood clots, courtesy of Dr. Judy Melinek M.D.

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Difference between antemortem and postmortem clots. Courtesy : Dr. Judy Melinek M.D.

Fact #7 : COVID-19 Infections Cause Blood Clots

What Died Suddenly does not tell you is that the COVID-19 infection kills many people through abnormal blood clotting, caused by a massive inflammatory response to the virus that increases clotting factors in the blood.

As a result, these patients develop blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), legs (deep vein thrombosis), arteries to the brain (causing stroke) and kidneys (causing kidney failure), as well as peripheral blood vessels.

Yazan Abou-Ismail, a haematologist at the University of Utah Health explained:

The association between COVID-19 and blood clots was recognized early in the pandemic among hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

These patients experienced blood clots both in deep veins and arteries, which sometimes led to strokes and heart attacks. Although these conditions have mostly been seen in patients with severe COVID-19 illness, people with moderate illness have also developed blood clots.

The incidence of blood clots ranged from 20% to 40% among patients with severe COVID-19 illness, and 3% to 9% among those with mild to moderate COVID-19 illness.

Fact #8 : Abnormal Blood Clots Seen In COVID-19 Deaths

As Monica Torres also explained, abnormal clots were found in people who died from COVID-19 infections “long before vaccinations were available“.

The US National Funeral Directors Association also said that its embalmers noticed similar abnormal blood clots in COVID-19 deaths, in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

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Fact #9 : Blood Clot Risk Not Seen With mRNA Vaccines

I must point out that the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines do present a very small risk of developing serious blood clots that can be life-threatening.

Called Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), or Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), this condition is very unique in its combination of blood clots in large veins of the brains, abdomen and lungs, together with low platelet counts leading to bleeding tendencies.

It can be treated when diagnose on time, and is not caused by mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna – the vast majority of COVID-19 vaccines used in the United States.

Therefore, it is more likely that not that these blood clots have nothing to do with blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

Fact #10 : Swirling Blood In A Tube Is Not Evidence

Instead of an actual pathological evidence of how COVID-19 vaccines can possibly cause these white fibrous clots, Richard Hirschman just swirls some blood in what is probably embalming fluid, and remarks “you can almost see they are stringy looking”.

That’s the kind of “incredible evidence” this embalmer has come up with, and this is drivel that Died Suddenly is based on.

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Fact #11 : Embalmers Are Not Medical Examiners

I will end with this – embalmers are not pathologists. With all due respect to these professionals, they are not trained to conduct autopsies, take samples or conduct tests, never mind come to any conclusion about the cause of death.

That’s why the Died Suddenly video only features embalmers (and only a handful!) and not pathologists or forensic pathologists.

The medical examiners who did the actual autopsies would have seen these blood clots and tested them, before handing the bodies over to the embalmers.

The very fact that no medical examiner was featured in the “documentary” is because none of them found anything out of the ordinary.

Based on their experience with COVID-19 deaths, they would have noted the blood clots as common in such deaths, and not scream, “It must be the vaccine!“.

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