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The 2018 Dell Precision 3000 Series Workstations Revealed!

Dell Precision has been the world’s preferred workstation for years, delivering reliable high-performance computing for every industry from manufacturing and engineering to healthcare and content creation. Now Dell is introducing the 2018 Dell Precision 3000 Series workstations. Let’s check them out!


2018 Dell Precision 3930 Rack

World’s Most Powerful 1U Workstation

The new 2018 Dell Precision 3930 Rack is the world’s most powerful 1U rack workstation. Featuring the new Intel Xeon E and 8th Gen Intel Core processors, each Dell Precision 3930 Rack supports up to 64 GB of DDR4-2666 memory.

This rack workstation also offers up to 3 PCIe graphics cards (250 watts max), with storage capacities of up to 24 TB. Dell offers a range of NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro graphics card options, including the NVIDIA Quadro P6000 with 24 GB of GDDR5X memory.


2018 Dell Precision 3630 Tower

Smaller And Yet More Powerful!

The 2018 Dell Precision 3630 Tower is 23% smaller than the 2017 model, but yet more powerful and offers more expandability!

It now features the 8th Generation Intel Core processors, as well as the new Intel Xeon E processors, and up to 64 GB of faster DDR4-2666 memory. It can also support up to 225 W of graphics cards, and up to 14 TB of SATA and PCIe NVMe SSDs with RAID support.


2018 Dell Precision 3430 SFF Tower

SFF Workstation FTW!

The 2018 Dell Precision 3430 Small Form Factor Tower offers many features of the larger Dell Precision 3530 Tower, but in a smaller form factor. It supports up to 55 watts of graphics support, and up to 6TB of SATA or PCIe NVMe SSD storage with RAID support.


2018 Dell Precision 3530 Mobile Workstation

Mobile Workstation Of Choice For The Professional On-The-Go!

If your work takes you on the road, the new 2018 Dell Precision 3530 is just what you need. This is a 15-inch high-performance mobile workstation featuring the latest 6-core 8th Generation Intel Core or Intel Xeon E processors, and NVIDIA Quadro P600 professional graphics with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory.

The Precision 3530 Mobile Workstation can be equipped with up to 32 GB of DDR4-2666 memory, and up to 4 TB of SATA HDD storage and/or 512 GB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage. If you wish, you can even give it a major boost in graphics capability with an NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro eGPU box.


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The NVIDIA Quadro Pascal GPUs Launched

6 February 2017NVIDIA today introduced a range of NVIDIA Quadro products, all based on its Pascal architecture, that transform desktop workstations into supercomputers with breakthrough capabilities for professional workflows across many industries.

Workflows in design, engineering and other areas are evolving rapidly to meet the exponential growth in data size and complexity that comes with photorealism, virtual reality and deep learning technologies. To tap into these opportunities, the new NVIDIA Quadro Pascal-based lineup provides an enterprise-grade visual computing platform that streamlines design and simulation workflows with up to twice the performance of the previous generation, and ultra-fast memory.

“Professional workflows are now infused with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and photorealism, creating new challenges for our most demanding users,” said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualisation at NVIDIA. “Our new Quadro lineup provides the graphics and compute performance required to address these challenges. And, by unifying compute and design, the Quadro GP100 transforms the average desktop workstation with the power of a supercomputer.”

Benefits of Quadro Pascal Visual Computing Platform

The new generation of Quadro Pascal-based GPUs –the GP100, P4000, P2000, P1000, P600 and P400 –enables millions of engineers, designers, researchers and artists to:

  • Unify simulation, HPC, rendering and design – The GP100 combines unprecedented double precision performance with 16GB of high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) so users can conduct simulations during the design process and gather realistic multiphysics simulations faster than ever before. Customers can combine two GP100 GPUs with NVLink technology and scale to 32GB of HBM2 to create a massive visual computing solution on a single workstation.
  • Explore deep learning – The GP100 provides more than 20 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point precision computing–making it an ideal development platform to enable deep learning in Windows and Linux environments.
  • Incorporate VR into design and simulation workflows – The “VR Ready” Quadro GP100 and P4000 have the power to create detailed, lifelike, immersive environments. Larger, more complex designs can be experienced at scale.
  • Reap the benefits of photorealistic design – Pascal-based Quadro GPUs can render photorealistic images more than 18 times faster than a CPU.
  • Create expansive visual workspaces – Visualise data in high resolution and HDR color on up to four 5K displays.
  • Build massive digital signage configurations cost effectively – Up to 32 4K displays can be configured through a single chassis by combining up to eight P4000 GPUs and two Quadro Sync II cards.5

The new cards complete the entire NVIDIA Quadro Pascal lineup including the previously announced P6000, P5000 and mobile GPUs. The entire NVIDIA Quadro Pascal lineup supports the latest NVIDIA CUDA 8compute platform providing developers access to powerful new Pascal features in developer tools, performance enhancements and new libraries including nvGraph.


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The entire NVIDIA Quadro family of desktop GPUs will be on display at SOLIDWORKS World, starting today at the Los Angeles Convention Center, NVIDIA booth 628. NVIDIA Quadro will be powering the most demanding CAD workflows from physically based rendering to virtual reality. Visit our partners’ booths to try the latest mobile workstations powered by our new QuadromobileGPUs.

NVIDIA Quadro Pascal Supercomputers Availability

The new NVIDIA Quadro products will be available starting in March from leading workstation OEMs, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu, and authorized distribution partners, including PNY Technologies in North America and Europe, ELSA/Ryoyo in Japan and Leadtek in Asia Pacific.

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