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Tech ARP Exclusive : NVIDIA Pascal Mobile GPU Specifications & Details!

The new NVIDIA Pascal architecture is very impressive. Optimised for performance per watt, Pascal is 3X more power-efficient than the earlier Maxwell architecture. On top of that, it boasts new features like Simultaneous Multi-Projection, and VR optimisations like Lens Matched Shading and Single Pass Stereo.

That’s why gamers who want to play on-the-go are eagerly waiting for NVIDIA to introduce the next-generation GeForce mobile GPUs based on the Pascal architecture. They will not only be faster, but also offer reduced power consumption. All that translates into a better and longer gaming experience.

Well, we have good news! We can now confirm the following details on the forthcoming NVIDIA Pascal mobile GPUs…

Originally posted @ 2016-06-07

Updated @ 2016-08-03 : Added a section about an upcoming media briefing.

Updated @ 2016-08-11 : Added several new sections with verified details of the NVIDIA Pascal mobile GPUs.

Updated @ 2016-08-16 : Added new verified details and specifications of the NVIDIA Pascal mobile GPUs.



There Is No Mobile Pascal!

Believe it or not, NVIDIA will NOT be releasing any mobile Pascal GPU. Yes, you read that correctly. There will be NO MOBILE GPU based on the new NVIDIA Pascal microarchitecture.

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Instead, NVIDIA will start using the DESKTOP GPUs based on the NVIDIA Pascal microarchitecture in laptops! Yes, they will have lower clock speeds, but they will be the same GPUs used in desktop graphics cards.

This is possible because the new Pascal GPUs are 3X more power-efficient than the previous-generation Maxwell GPUs. So it makes perfect sense to just use the desktop-grade GPUs. It is not only good for marketing purposes, it also allows NVIDIA to leverage more on the economies of scale.

But for brevity, we will continue to use the term “Pascal mobile GPU” to refer to Pascal GPUs used in mobile devices.


Series Name Updated!

The M moniker is dead. The new Pascal mobile GPUs will NOT be called the GeForce GTX 1080M or GeForce GTX 1070M.

Today, NVIDIA will announce three Pascal mobile GPUs – the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. Yes, exactly the same names as their desktop counterparts.


Specifications New!

Here is a specification comparison of the new Pascal mobile GPU models :

SpecificationsGeForce GTX 1080 (Mobile)GeForce GTX 1070 (Mobile)GeForce GTX 1060 (Mobile)
GPU CoreGP104GP104GP106
Fabrication Technology16 nm FinFET16 nm FinFET16 nm FinFET
Transistors7.2 Billion7.2 Billion4.4 Billion
CUDA Cores256020481280
Texture Units16012880
Clock Speeds1556 MHz
1733 MHz (boost)
1442 MHz
1645 MHz (boost)
1405 MHz
1670 MHz (boost)
Texture Fill Rate249.0 GT/s
277.3 GT/s (boost)
184.6 GT/s
210.6 GT/s (boost)
112.4 GT/s
133.7 GT/s (boost)
Pixel Fill Rate99.6 GP/s
110.9 GP/s (boost)
92.3 GP/s
105.3 GP/s (boost)
67.4 GP/s
80.2 GP/s (boost)
Graphics Memory8 GB GDDR5X8 GB GDDR56 GB GDDR5
Memory Clock Speed1250 MHz2000 MHz2000 MHz
Memory Bus Width256-bit256-bit192-bit
Memory Bandwidth320 GB/s256 GB/s192 GB/s
TDP150 W120 W80 W
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NVIDIA Pascal Mobile GPU Launch Date Updated!

As of the end of May, NVIDIA Pascal mobile GPUs have already been tested and certified for deployment in a number of gaming laptops. However, they will not be revealed for quite some time yet, because NVIDIA will only launch their Pascal-based mobile GPUs on…

August 16, 2016

Yes, NVIDIA apparently brought up the launch date 3 days earlier to August 16, 2016. Today, MSI and other brands like GIGABYTE, ASUS, etc. will reveal gaming laptops powered by the NVIDIA Pascal mobile GPUs.

So, all of you can stop hounding the notebook brand reps or your favourite NVIDIA rep about when the Pascal mobile GPUs are coming. 😀


Price Performance Advantage

Although our sources, who shall remain unnamed, refused to divulge exact benchmark results, we were told that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is about 50% faster than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, and about 30% faster than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 used in certain gaming laptops.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is said to add about US$50 to the cost of the laptop paid by the customer. That is cheap if the huge performance advantage pans out.


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