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Fact Check : PDRM Alert On 2021 New Year Celebrations

Fact Check : PDRM Alert On 2021 New Year Eve Celebrations!

Is the PDRM alert about a major operation to target the 2021 New Year Eve celebrations genuine?

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts are!


Claim : PDRM Alert On 2021 New Year Eve Celebrations

This warning went out on social media today, warning about a major PDRM operation to target the 2021 New Year Eve celebrations.

Here is the original warning in Bahasa Malaysia, followed by our English translation below :


*Operasi Besar-besaran Sempena Sambutan Ambang Tahun Baru 2021
Seluruh Negara

Tarikh: 31.12.2020
Masa: Jam 10 malam hingga jam 2 pagi
Lokasi: Seluruh Negara

Operasi ini melibatkan semua unit Ibu Pejabat Polis Negeri dan Daerah termasuk Balai-Balai Luar, antaranya seperti berikut:-
▪Semua Unit Kereta Peronda (MPV)
▪Semua Pegawai dan Anggota Trafik
▪Unit Rondaan Bermotosikal (URB)
▪Team serbuan dan tangkapan Cawangan Jenayah
▪Team serbuan dan Tangkapan Cawangan Narkotik
▪Risikan Maklumat Cawangan Khas (SB)
▪Team Pemantauan dan Kompoun COVID 19

▪Tidak dibenarkan sebarang Sambutan dan konvoi kenderaan.
▪Tidak dibenarkan sebarang perhimpunan dan pembakaran bunga api.
▪KECUALI yang mendapat kebenaran bertulis dari pihak PDRM setelah tapisan syarat yang ketat dikeluarkan.
▪Akta 342 Kawalan Penyakit-berjangkit masih berkuatkuasa.
▪Tumpuan dan tindakan utama operasi mencegah aktiviti Bermotosikal dan lumba haram.
▪Tangkapan dan pendakwaan akan dikenakan terhadap semua pelanggaran undang-undang seperti di atas.



* Massive Operation in Conjunction with the New Year Eve Celebration 2021 Across The Country

Date: 31.12.2020
Time: 10 PM to 2 AM
Location: Nationwide

This operation involves all units at the State and District Police Headquarters including External Stations, including : –
▪All Patrol Car Units (MPV)
▪All Traffic Officers and Members
▪Motorcycle Patrol Unit (URB)
▪Raiding and arrest teams of the Criminal Branch
▪Raiding and arrest teams of the Narcotics Branch
▪Special Branch (SB) Intelligence
▪COVID-19 Monitoring and Compound Team

▪No any Celebrations and convoys of vehicles are allowed.
▪No fireworks assembly and burning are not allowed, EXCEPT with written permission from the PDRM after a strict condition screening is issued.
▪Act 342 Control of Infectious Disease is still in force.
▪The main focus and action of operations is to prevent motorcycle and illegal racing activities.
▪ Arrests and prosecutions will be imposed on all violations of the law as above.


PDRM Alert On 2021 New Year Eve Celebrations : Possibly True

We attempted to verify the warning with PDRM, but they have not replied as of 9 PM.

Therefore, we are unable to confirm if there is actually a massive operation planned. However, we believe it is “possibly true” to some extent, because…

Fact #1 : PDRM Warned About Increase Inspection + Monitoring

On 28 December 2020, PDRM issued a statement regarding the year-end holidays and the 2021 New Year celebrations.

It acknowledge that people will be travelling and visiting each other, and this would likely lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases.

They reminded everyone to follow the SOP strictly, and warned that PDRM will increase their inspection and monitoring to ensure that the SOP is followed.

Fact #2 : New Year Eve Celebrations Are NOT Allowed

On 28 December 2020, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that the Malaysian government will NOT allow mass gatherings for the 2021 New Year Eve celebrations.

As a result, firework displays at the top New Year celebration spots like The Curve  and IPC Shopping Centre in Mutiara Damansara, Dataran Merdeka in downtown KL, and Resort World Genting in Genting Highlands, have been cancelled.

Fact #3 : PDRM Declined To Issue Any Permit For 2021 New Year Eve Celebrations

According to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, PDRM received requests for firework displays for the 2021 New Year Eve celebrations.

However, he said that PDRM decline to issue any permit for any 2021 New Year Eve celebration, including firework displays.

He also pointed out that this is in line with the 28 December 2020 announcement (Fact #2) that no mass gathering is permitted.


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