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Was Joe Biden Caught Groping Girl On Viral Video?!

Was President Joe Biden caught groping a girl in a viral video clip?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : President Joe Biden Got Caught Groping A Girl On Video!

A short video clip of President Joe Biden has gone viral, with people claiming that he has finally been caught on camera molesting a young girl!

DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 : This man just groped a woman on camera.

#StopTheWEFnow : Uncle Biden strikes again!!! 💥

This sex-crazed old man just can’t keep his hands off pretty girls.

When do people say enough is enough? When do the news networks stop protecting him and report this for what it is?

If Trump did that… #StopTheWEFnow

Moron, wet brains are screaming and kicking their feet about @Santos4Congress lying while running for political office but doing nothing about this bullshit.

WHAT IS THIS? It’s from a live broadcast – so not somehow deb-faked, or photoshopped images. Who is this (under-age) girl that Biden is touching her chest and kissing her????

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Truth : President Joe Biden Was Not Groping The Girl!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by right wing activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Video Was Taken On October 29, 2022

While many people appear to believe that this incident just happened, the video is almost three months old.

The video was recorded by the Associated Press on Saturday, October 29, 2022, during early voting for the 2022 US midterm elections at a polling center in Delaware.

Fact #2 : Joe Biden Was Placing A Sticker On His Granddaughter

The original video shows President Joe Biden and his 18 year-old granddaughter, Natalie Biden – Beau Biden’s daughter, who was voting for the first time.

After they both cast their votes, they received “I voted stickers”. After Natalie Biden placed hers on her grandfather’s jacket lapel, the President asked her, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, which side do you want on?”

Natalie Biden then indicated she wanted the sticker on the left side of her dress, and President Joe Biden placed it there before giving her a quick kiss on her cheek.

The original video shows President Joe Biden placing the sticker and giving Natalie a kiss in about 2-3 seconds.

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Fact #3 : Joe Biden Kissed Natalie Biden On Her Cheek

While some people are claiming that Joe Biden kissed the girl on her lips, that’s not true.

For one thing, reporters mentioned back in October 2022 that President Biden kissed Natalie Biden on her cheek.

The president and Natalie Biden placed “I voted” stickers on one another after casting their votes and the elder Biden kissed his granddaughter on the cheek.

But even if you don’t believe them, take a CLOSER LOOK at the video clip. You can see Natalie Biden turn her head as President Biden leaned in to kiss her… on her left cheek.

Fact #4 : Video Was Edited

The viral photo was edited from a very short clip of the original video, to a much which shows President Joe Biden placing a sticker on his granddaughter’s dress, and giving her a quick kiss on her cheek

It appears to be edited with a segment that loops back and forth to make it look like Joe Biden was fondling the girl’s left breast.

If you look at the white bearded man in the background, you can see him move from left to right and back to the left again. In the original video, he only moves to the left once.

The viral video also used a short clip of the song Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch, which suggestively goes, “Girls, rub on your titties (yeahhhh). Fuck it I said, rub on your titties

Fact #5 : Video Was Apparently Created By Machiavelli Memez

If you look carefully, the video has the watermark of Machiavelli Memez, who posts right wing material on Twitter. The same watermark also adorned the fake photo of President Joe Biden molesting a little girl.

Believe it or not, President Joe Biden was falsely accused of molesting a little girl at a kindergarten just last month, based on a photo with a Machiavelli Memez watermark.

So watch out for any photos or videos with a Machiavelli Memez watermark.

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Ultimately – the viral video was edited to make it look like President Joe Biden was groping the girl’s left breast.

In reality – he only placed a sticker on his granddaughter’s dress, before giving her a quick peck on her cheek. His fingers were on the sticker the entire time, and did not linger for more than 2-3 seconds.

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