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Is FIFA Giving Free 50GB Data For World Cup 2022?!

Is FIFA offering 50 GB of free mobile data to stream World Cup 2022 matches with no interruptions?!

Take a look at the viral offers, and find out why they are just scams!

Claim : FIFA Is Giving Free 50GB Data For World Cup 2022!

People are sharing viral offers for 50 GB of free mobile data to stream World Cup 2022 matches without interruption. Here are some examples :

* FIFA is giving people around the world 50GB of data for free to watch the 2022 Cartel [Qatar] World Cup.*
* I Have Received Mine.*

* FIFA memberi orang di seluruh dunia 50GB data secara percuma untuk menonton Piala Dunia Kartel [Qatar] 2022.*
* Saya Telah Menerima Milik Saya.*




Truth : FIFA Is Not Giving 50GB Free Data For World Cup 2022!

This is yet another SCAM circulating on WhatsApp and social media, and here are the reasons why you must avoid it!

Fact #1 : FIFA Is Not Offering Free Mobile Data

First, let me just say it out loud and clear – FIFA is not offering free mobile data anywhere in the world, just to watch World Cup 2022 matches.

FIFA makes its money through sale of television, marketing and licensing rights for World Cup 2022, so there is simply no reason for it to provide free mobile data to stream the matches.

Fact #2 : FIFA Would Never Give You Anything Free

Please do NOT be naive. No one is going to give you free data just to participate in a survey!

FIFA is a corporation whose business is to make money, not a charity to give you free data.

Fact #3 : They Do Not Use Official FIFA Domains

Genuine FIFA promotions would be announced on the official website at www.fifa.com, or their official social media accounts:

  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fifaworldcup/
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/fifacom
  • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fifaworldcup/

They would never run contests or promotions via dodgy domains like “subsidy.buzz”, “50g.kxoe1.xyz”, “50gb450.xyz”, or “zlqxt.top”.

Once you see those random domains, click delete. Or just ignore. DO NOT CLICK.

Fact #4 : They Are Advertisement Scams

After you click on the link, you will be redirected through a series of hidden advertisements before you arrive at the “offer page”.

The offer page will ask you a series of simple questions. Regardless of your answers, you will be congratulated and told you won the 50 GB free data plan for three months.

You will be asked to key in your mobile number to receive the free mobile data, but you will never receive anything. In one variant, you are even redirected to more advertisements, including a video advertisement.

Fact #5 : Brands Won’t Ask You To Forward The Contest

To get that free 50 GB data for three months, you are asked to share the “contest” with 12 friends or groups on WhatsApp.

That’s a clear sign of a scam. No brand will insist that you must share their contest or free offer with WhatsApp friends of groups.

Please do not click to forward their offer to your family and friends. They will not appreciate being scammed with your help!

Fact #6 : They Can Potentially Be Dangerous

Similar scams in the past have more dangerous variants, where you are asked to :
a) install an app, which is really a malware to keep sending you advertisements
b) enter your banking or credit card details, ostensibly to prove your identity or some other excuse

Needless to say – proceeding with this step will open you up to great risk of monetary loss. DO NOT PROCEED!

If you install their malware, you will start receiving promotions, some of which will ask you to send an SMS to receive expensive free gifts like laptops and smartphones.

If you proceed to send the confirmation SMS messages, you will be subscribed and billed for international premium SMS services.

This is VERY DANGEROUS. Never agree to download and register for any unknown app from a website.

Always download your apps from an official App Store like Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) and Apple App Store (for iPhones).

Fact #7 : They Are Just Another Example Of Online Scams

These are just more examples of online scams offering freebies.

Now that you know the facts, please WARN your family and friends!


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Khabar Baik! Here Are The Unifi Chinese New Year Offers!

Khabar baik! Here are the Unifi Chinese New Year offers for 2019! This is the first of several Unifi promotions under the #khabarbaik initiative by new Unifi Acting Executive Vice President, Moharmustaqeem Mohammed (Mohar for short!)


Apa Khabar? #KhabarBaik!

The #khabarbaik movement represents a shift in attitude and approach that seeks to spread positivity, and this has been implemented internally since the beginning of 2019. #khabarbaik is the attitude that will be embraced by every Unifi employee that will translate into positive changes for the company and its customers.

According to Mohar: “As we kick start the year 2019, this has been a very exciting juncture for unifi. We will keep listening and then, come back to market with more #khabarbaik. That is why the #khabarbaik movement is our way forward to serve Malaysia through our product offerings and design a better customer experience.


The Unifi Chinese New Year Offers!

During Chinese New Year, Unifi will be giving away angpows! You can collect them from your local TMpoint, Unifi roadshows, as well as in newspapers and the Unifi website.

Here are some of the freebies you will receive in your Unifi Chinese New Year angpows :

  • 8 GB of mobile data for Unifi Mobile users
  • 90-day Dimsum subscription

On top of that, from 1-8 February, Unifi users will be able to enjoy 8 new Chinese channels in the Unifi TV and Play TV services.


Updates On Unifi Turbo + Streamyx

Unifi will upgrade both Unifi and Streamyx speeds. In areas with Unifi coverage, existing Streamyx users will be upgraded to Unifi packages. In areas without Unifi coverage, Streamyx users will receive double their usual broadband speeds at the same price.

About 1 million Unifi customers will receive 10X turbo speed upgrades – from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, from 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps, from 50 Mbps to 500 Mbps, and from 100 Mbps to 800 Mbps. Unifi plans to complete this Unifi Turbo upgrade exercise by March 2019.


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The Yoodo Fully-Digital, Fully-Customisable 4G Service Revealed!

Celcom just launched Yoodo – their new fully-digital, fully-customisable 4G service! Here’s everything you need to know about Yoodo, and what it means for Malaysian consumers.


The Yoodo Digital 4G Service

Yoodo is a fully-digital, fully-customisable mobile service that runs exclusively on the Celcom 4G network. It is essentially what Yes has been since June 2016 – a 4G-only network with fast mobile Internet and VoLTE capability.

Some people are calling Yoodo a new telco, or a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Neither are accurate, because Yoodo is a Celcom service. To explain what Yoodo is, and what it offers, there is no one better than Farid Yunus, Head of Yoodo.

Now, watch how easy it is to sign-up and customise a Yoodo plan!


Free! Free! Free!

Yoodo offers a bunch of freebies right out of the door :

  • Free SIM card – you can order a Yoodo SIM card for free, even without customising or paying for your plan!
  • Free delivery – the SIM card is delivered to you in 1-3 days for free!
  • Free tethering – you don’t have to pay to share your data with your laptop and other mobile devices!
  • Free changes and cancellation – you can change your plan, or leave Yoodo at anytime, without any fees!

For those who cannot wait 1-3 days for the free standard delivery, Yoodo offers an Express Delivery option in the Klang Valley – for RM 15, you will receive the SIM card in just 2 hours!


The Yoodo Price List

Not only is Yoodo fully digital, it is fully customisable. You only select the services you want to pay for.

Data Per Month $ Calls Per Month $ SMS Per Month $
0 GB RM 0 0 Mins RM 0 0 SMS RM 0
2 GB RM 20 50 Mins RM 5 50 SMS RM 3
5 GB RM 30 100 Mins RM 7 100 SMS RM 5
10 GB RM 50 200 Mins RM 9 200 SMS RM 8
15 GB RM 60 2000 Mins RM 12 2000 SMS RM 20
20 GB RM 70 [adrotate group=”2″]
30 GB RM 85
40 GB RM 95
50 GB RM 110
75 GB RM 140
100 GB RM 150
5 GB for Facebook +RM 10
10 GB for YouTube +RM 20

If you don’t need mobile Internet, you can actually get away with just paying RM 5 for 50 minutes of voice calls, or just RM 3 for 50 SMS messages. The cheapest mobile Internet option is 2 GB of data for RM 20.

The maximum cost (without add-ons) is RM 182 per month, with 100 GB of data, 2000 minutes of calls and 2000 SMS messages.


Roam Like Home

If you are travelling overseas, you can purchase a Roam Like Home pass for RM 10 per day, to make use of your domestic data quota at no additional charge. The Roam Like Home pass is currently available only for these 12 countries :

  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand


Why Is Celcom Launching Yoodo?

With the exception of Yes, which uses a pure 4G LTE network, all other mobile networks in Malaysia employ a hybrid analog-digital network. This allows them to continue using their existing 2G and 3G networks, while supplementing them with the faster digital-only 4G LTE network.

They will all need to migrate their users to a fully-digital network to free up spectrum, and eventually upgrade their network to 5G. Creating these digital-only services allow them to do that, without disrupting their existing hybrid network.

They also need to catch up with Yes, which has been touting the speed and availability of their 4G LTE network.

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U Mobile WeChat Go SIM – Unlimited Data For Chinese Tourists!

KUALA LUMPUR, 5th December 2017 – U Mobile today announced a partnership with WeChat to launch the U Mobile WeChat Go SIM. This new prepaid SIM will offer Chinese tourists unlimited data to enjoy social messaging on the WeChat app and free Lingcod TV subscription whilst having unlimited data to stream over 100,000 hours of high-definition movies, documentaries, and educational content out of China.


The U Mobile WeChat Go SIM

The new U Mobile WeChat Go SIM will be the only WeChat Go cobranded prepaid SIM in the country and it is packed with other value-added services including 1GB of free roaming data for Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia and 60 minutes’ worth of IDD calls to China or calls made in Malaysia.

The launch of U Mobile WeChat Go SIM is very timely as the Malaysian Tourism and Culture Ministry is targeting to attract eight million Chinese tourists by 2020. With more and more tourists from China visiting Malaysia, the U Mobile prepaid WeChat Go SIM is well positioned to meet all their connectivity demands.


“U Mobile is constantly coming up with unlimited ideas for our customers. With the new U Mobile WeChat Go SIM, possibilities are endless as the whole WeChat ecosystem goes beyond just social messaging. Together with WeChat, we will work on packing even more benefits like mobile commerce into the WeChat Go SIM not just for Chinese tourists but for anyone who is a user of WeChat,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, U Mobile.

“We are delighted to begin our partnership with U Mobile to offer Chinese travellers an enhanced mobile experience in Malaysia,” said WeChat. “Through our network of partners like U Mobile, we would like to introduce WeChat’s ecosystem to the market and give WeChat users more value-added services.”

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The U Mobile WeChat Go SIM Price & Availability

U Mobile WeChat Go SIM will be available from 6 December 2017, and Chinese tourists may opt to purchase the prepaid SIM pack from Sunway Media retailers in China prior to travelling. The SIM card will also be available at 138 U Mobile outlets in Malaysia as well as the various international airports in the country such as KLIA and KLIA 2.

PriceRM 36.40 (China Pack)
RM 38 (Malaysia Pack)
Validity15 days
Unlimited local data access to WeChat and Lingcod TVYes
Local data limit5 GB
Roaming usage in 4 countries1 GB
Local SMSFree
Local Talktime60 minutes
IDD Calls to China60 minutes

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Get ookyo Unlimited High-Speed Internet For Just RM1!

From now until 5 December, customers who sign up to ookyo can enjoy truly unlimited high-speed Internet at only RM1 for the first month. Yes, it’s only for the first month, but it’s still a great opportunity to try out the ookyo unlimited high-speed Internet!



ookyo, which is powered by Maxis 4G, is a 100% digital Internet plan that offers unlimited high-speed Internet – no capping, throttling or weird hours – for various apps. In short, there are no special terms and conditions for this 4G offering.

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet for just RM1
    – During this promotion period, customers can enjoy ookyo for RM1 for the first month (usually RM30 a month).
    – They can pick either the Social or Entertainment pack and get unlimited Internet for all the apps in their packs, both of which include popular chat apps such as WhatsApp, Line and WeChat.
    – This also applies to all in-app video and live streaming, as long as the app falls into a pack or has an Unlimited Internet Pass. The plan includes 3GB for other apps that are not included in the packs.
  • Free Google Play credit
    – Enjoy 20% Google Play credit back every time they spend in the ookyo store during the promotion period and 10% back when they renew their plan from the 2nd month onward.[adrotate group=”2″]
    – The credit can be used for app subscriptions, in-app purchases as well as movies, books and magazine purchases in the Play Store.
  • Unlimited passes for over 100 apps
    – For as low as RM3 a month, customers can enjoy unlimited Internet on popular apps, from games, to movies, to music, and so much more.
    – The list of apps will be added to and improved over time with feedback from users.
  • Reliable connectivity
    – ookyo is powered by Maxis 4G, which means customers can enjoy a fast and seamless Internet experience.

Additionally, the entire service and experience is made to be self-managed from the ookyo app, including bill payment, account management and customer service with a chatbot. To get started, just download the ookyo app from the Google Play Store.

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Maxis 4G LTE tops YouTube Video Checkup Test in all states

Kuala Lumpur, 27 March 2017 – Maxis has emerged as the telco that consistently delivers smooth high-definition (HD) video streaming, according to YouTube’s Video Checkup tool. This web tool, which was officially launched last week in Malaysia only, provides YouTube users with a score of different telcos in a specific area based on YouTube playback quality.


The Maxis 4G LTE Video Checkup Test Results

The results for Maxis’ network performance showed clear leadership across the country :

“Malaysians love the Internet and we believe in delighting our customers with a great mobile Internet experience. This is why Maxis continues to make significant investments to strengthen our network infrastructure so customers can enjoy a differentiated 4G experience on their phones, These results show that HD video streaming is better with Maxis No. 1 4G,” said Morten Bangsgaard, Maxis’ Chief Technology Officer.

He added, “We are glad that such a diagnostic tool has been launched. It provides transparency of different network experiences, and gives users a clear and reliable measure that comes from the aggregation of YouTube data that is gathered from actual user experience.”

The top ratings for buffer speeds on Maxis 4G LTE across 14 states is unequivocal:

According to YouTube, a rating of 4.0 stars is the highest possible rating at this time, as 4.5+ stars are reserved for future technology that support higher bandwidth video such as Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree videos.

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The increased use of video has driven a growing demand for Maxis mobile data, which doubled from 1.5GB last year to 4.0GB per month in 2016. There was also a tremendous growth in the penetration of 4G-enabled devices, which increased to 43% of total Maxis subscribers in 2016. Maxis 4G traffic grew 7 times in 2016 mainly used for good quality video streaming.

According to a statement released by Google, “Today, most viewers of YouTube in Malaysia primarily watch videos from their smartphones, with two thirds of Malaysia’s YouTube watchtime coming from mobile devices. Much of this on-the-go watchtime comes from consumers using mobile data plans. The growth momentum for this trend looks strong, as mobile watchtime in Malaysia grew by 84% over this past year.”


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Digi Prepaid Live & Prepaid Best Internet Packs Launched

Kuala Lumpur, 1 August 2016Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today introduced two new Digi Prepaid packs that promises to enhance customers’ mobile internet experience by enabling them to stay connected at all times and enjoy more digital streaming content online. The new product offerings are in line with the company’s ambition to become customers’ favourite partner for their digital lifestyles.


Digi Prepaid Live

The first of the new packs, Digi Prepaid Live, is the telco’s ultimate streaming pack that offers free 8GB video and music streaming quota every month on top of the quota purchased through top-ups. Add that to the generous quota that comes with Digi’s new top-ups, customers will have ample internet access to enjoy the streaming content that inspires them.

The free monthly 8GB of streaming quota is applicable for customers to use on Digi’s 4G network that offers a consistent internet speed of at least 10Mbps 80% of the time. For a smoother experience, particularly when streaming high-definition (HD) content, customers with LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) capable devices can enjoy Digi’s 4G Plus experience which promises consistent speeds of at least 20Mbps 80% of the time. Digi’s 4G network now covers 76% of Malaysians while 4G Plus reaches 34% of populated areas.

Digi Prepaid Live customers can stream popular video and music content from a host of partners including YouTube, iflix, Spotify, and Apple Music, among others. Additionally, customers also receive free 100GB Capture cloud storage, unlimited calls and SMS to three Buddyz as well as exciting rewards from online retail and service partners such as Zalora, Lazada, Agoda and Grab.


Digi Prepaid Best

[adrotate banner=”4″]

The second newly introduced pack, Digi Prepaid Best, is the answer to customers’ call for the ideal internet starter pack. With free basic internet and social messaging, subscribers can constantly stay connected with their family and friends on messaging apps with no additional internet charges.

A key highlight for Digi Prepaid Best is the free 200MB of daily internet quota given for all customers who use a minimum of RM1.00 each day to make international direct dial (IDD) calls to either Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam or China.

Furthermore, Digi Prepaid Best offers customers the freedom to call up to 20 ‘Kawan’ for low call and SMS rates while also featuring very competitive IDD rates.


Digi Prepaid Internet Packages


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Malaysians Are Digital Frontrunners In Telenor Survey

Kuala Lumpur, 20 June 2016Digi today announced a study released by Telenor Group’s research arm, Telenor Research, which shows Malaysians being overall digital frontrunners, leading internet communication within Telenor’s global footprint when paralleled to other nation’s young internet-users. While digital services gain strong popularity around the world, Malaysians are also influential in the daily use of mobile devices for a wide range of internet activities, from browsing to playing online games.


Digital Frontrunners

The Telenor Group study was carried out in Q4 2015 on a sample of 5,600 people in Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden and Norway, aged 16-35 years old, who use internet on their mobile phones – a demographic Telenor identifies as ‘Digital Frontrunners.’ The way these users apply internet on their mobiles, gives indications as to how the wider demographic in the respective countries will adopt mobile internet in the years ahead.

“It is crucial to have surveys like this one looking at ‘Digital Frontrunners’ who can help forecast future industry trends,” said Bjørn Taale, Head of Research, Telenor Research. “Not only is this information beneficial in planning our digital services, it is also interesting to see the resemblance between nations as diverse as Thailand, Hungary, Pakistan or Norway. Just when we think that two nations may be following the same evolution, local nuances show that we are as unique as we are similar.”


Messaging Apps Most Important in Malaysia

The survey found that a resounding 62% of respondents in Malaysia consider mobile apps the most ‘important’ communication service available to them on a mobile phone. This was in stark contrast to all other surveyed markets which consider mobile voice services to be the most important. Only 19% of Malaysian agreed voice calls to be the most essential.

Supporting this finding is Malaysian’s high daily use of internet communications at approximately 85%, and low daily use of telecommunications services at roughly 65%— the highest and lowest indicators respectively across all surveyed markets. Messaging apps are noted as the preferred internet communication service for being in touch with others, with 80% using this on a daily basis.

The rising popularity of messaging apps in Malaysia is equally reflected in most of the surveyed countries, although there are variances. More than half of the respondents in all surveyed countries said they use messaging apps several times a day. Only two nations noted less than 50% usage, including Sweden at 44% and Pakistan at a notable 29%.

For one-to-one communications on mobiles via the internet, Malaysians can’t get enough of WhatsApp with only a small 3% of those surveyed saying they use it less than once a month. However, other countries vary, with Thais opting for LINE, Pakistanis equally choosing WhatsApp, Serbians employing Viber and Swedes preferring email. Overall, Facebook remained uniformly strong across all the surveyed countries in addition to their cited top preferences.

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Malaysia Embraces New and Traditional Uses of Mobile Internet

Second to messaging apps, Malaysian frontrunners use daily to several times per day traditional mobile voice (56%) and SMS services (49%) on their phones, trailed by newer internet voice communications (34%) and video calls (28%).

Notwithstanding the ‘daily’ use of SMS communications services for Malaysians has dramatically declined from 88% in 2012 to 73% in 2014 and finally 49% in 2015, among those surveyed for this study. Reflecting the same pattern is the daily social media posting in Malaysia, which went from 48% in 2012, peaked at 58% in 2014 and then dropped in 2015 to 42%. Malaysians’ use of internet voice and video calls followed similar peaks in 2014, indicating the country’s frontrunners use may be linked to early adoption when new technologies first launch.

Overall, Asia leads in adoption of new mobile internet services. This is underscored by Malaysian respondents who cited some of the highest percentage of weekly usage across the surveyed markets in map services (50%) and playing games (68%).

“Given our presence across diverse regions in Asia and Europe, we need to listen to our customers and evolve alongside them. If we find that that millennial Malaysian’s cherish their messaging applications or online shopping is a passion for young Thais, then it’s our job as the leading regional digital service provider to track that and meet their needs,” concluded Taale.


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New Digi Internet Sharing + Unlimited Calls Plans Explained

Today, Digi unveiled the new Digi Internet Sharing feature for all Digi Postpaid plans. They also announced two new Unlimited Calls plans as well as a Gadget Sharing plan. We will summarise the details for you below.


Digi Internet Sharing

From today onwards, Digi will allow any Digi Postpaid customer to share the principal line’s Internet quota with up to 6 supplementary lines for a fee of just RM 10 per month. You can control how much Internet quota each supplementary line receives. And if you run out of Internet quota, you can just top up instantly using one of these 3 top-up options.

Here is the Digi Internet Sharing summary with some additional details :

  • Any Digi Postpaid customer (principal line) can enable Digi Internet Sharing.
  • Digi Internet Sharing adds RM 10 per month to the principal line’s monthly fee.
  • The principal line and supplementary lines will share the principal line’s Internet quota.
  • Any excess Internet quota at the end of the month will not roll-over to the next month.
  • You can top-up the Internet quota multiple times, but each top-up lasts for 30 days after activation.
  • The principal line owner can set Internet quota on-the-fly for each supplementary line.


New Unlimited Calls & Gadget Sharing Plans

Digi also announced two new Unlimited Calls plans, as well as a Gadget Sharing plan.

The new Digi RM 48 Principal Line not only has unlimited calls to all networks, it also has Internet Sharing enabled. However, it only comes with 0.5 GB of Internet quota. SMS messages will be charged at regular rates, but messaging on WhatsApp and WeChat are free and do not count towards the Internet quota.

New Digi RM 48 Principal Line subscriptions also come with unlimited access to Digi’s Music Freedom streaming service and a year’s subscription to iflix. It will also come with 100 GB of Digi Capture cloud storage.

The new Digi RM 38 Supplementary Line offers unlimited calls to all networks, as well as unlimited SMS messages to 3 Digi friends and 30 GB of Digi Capture cloud storage. New subscriptions will come with 120 days of Music Freedom streaming service and 60 days of iflix access.

Finally, the Gadget Sharing plan allows you to share your mobile phone’s Internet quota with your other digital devices. For RM 10 per month for each additional line, your devices can get access to mobile Internet and share the principal line’s Internet quota.

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Still Confused?

If you are still confused, we will let Praveen Rajan Nadarajan, Digi’s Head of Digital Services, explain the new plans to you.

Here are some examples of how you can share your Internet quota on Digi with your gadgets or family members :

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