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Samsung Mobbed With Demand For The Galaxy S8 Ultimate!

Ever since it was leaked that Samsung is giving away limited number of the exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition smartphones, people have been frantically trying to find out how to get one. Samsung stores are being mobbed all over the world. Find out what the heck is going on!


Hunt For The Galaxy S8 Ultimate!

Former Galaxy Note7 users have been questioned whether they still have their devices. One wife reportedly ransacked her husband’s belongings, only to find a second smartphone he used to keep in touch with his mistress. But no Galaxy Note7. #SoDead

Others resort to sharing the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition‘s picture on social media in hope of snagging one.

1 like = 1 chance to win the Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition
1 share = 10 chances to win the Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition
1 like + 1 share = You do the math! 

#S8Ultimate #iCantWait #h3h3


Samsung Mobbed!

But as our international correspondent, C. Lee Yu, reports from a particularly badly-mobbed Samsung Experience Store in New York City, some people are refusing to rely on their luck or social media skills. Instead, they are mobbing some Samsung stores, demanding to BUY the Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition.

When told that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultimate Edition is not for sale, they literally turned into ravaging zombies… No shit.

C. Lee Yu only barely made it to safety, thanks to the kungfu skills that all Asian people are born with. He advises everyone else to pack guns, or just stay at home and pre-order the regular Galaxy S8Seriously.

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