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SUFECS – Imagine Cup Asia 2019 People’s Choice Winner!

Team Caeli from India may have won the 2019 Imagine Cup Asia, but another team stood out from the crowd of truly excellent teamsTeam SUFECS from Malaysia. In fact, they impressed Microsoft Ignite Sydney participants so much, they gave the team an award!

Find out what the SUFECS project is all about, and why the team won the Microsoft Ignite People’s Choice Award!

Updated @ 2019-02-25 : Added a new video of Team SUFECS’s pitch at the Imagine Cup Asia 2019, with additional details on the SUFECS system.

Originally posted @ 2019-02-20


Team SUFECS From UTHM, Malaysia

The SUFECS team was formed by four students from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM).

  • Seah Choon Sen : Team Leader & Data Scientist
  • Tan Wei Yang : Technology Developer
  • Mek Zi Cong : Operations
  • Muhammad Adam bin Mazlan : Web Developer


What Is SUFECS All About?

Short for Smart Urban Farming with Automated Environmental Controlled System, SUFECS was developed to make urban farming easier and more accessible to both entrepreneurs and the common people.

Built to automate hydroponic vertical farming, it will continuously monitor and automatically adjust critical environmental parameters to ensure optimal growth. To do that, this enterprising team leveraged IoT devices, cloud computing and machine learning.

  • Multiple electronic sensors monitor conditions within the hydroponic system
  • A control module sends the environmental parameters to Microsoft Azure for processing and logging
  • Deviations from optimal conditions are automatically detected and corrected

The team has demonstrated that SUFECS does not only make it easy for anyone to grow their own crops in an urban, indoor environment, they are able to significantly speed up growth, reducing the time between planting and harvest.

They also showed that SUFECS has successfully increased the size of the plant, and the yield of the crops. This means their system will not only make it easier to setup and maintain an urban hydroponic farm of any size, it will create bigger and better crops.


What Can SUFECS Monitor & Control?

SUFECS is currently able to monitor and control six environmental parameters :

  • ambient temperature,
  • water temperature,
  • humidity level,
  • water level,
  • pH value, and
  • ambient light.

It will also monitor plant height, and alert you when it is ready for harvest.

The team is working to add the ability to monitor and control two additional environmental parameters 

  • electrical conductivity
  • dissolved oxygen level

The team has, so far, developed datasets for five different plant types using machine learning.


SUFECS Wins People’s Choice Award @ Microsoft Ignite Sydney

Microsoft held the Microsoft Ignite Sydney a day after Imagine Cup Asia, where they showcased the projects of the top 12 Asian teams.

At the end of Ignite, Team SUFECS received the most vote, and won the People’s Choice Award! Congratulations!


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Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney – A Quick Tour!

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is here in Sydney! It was sold out, of course, but we managed to get a ticket.

So here is our quick tour for everyone else who could not make it, but wanted to see what it’s all about!


Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney

The Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney is a Microsoft tech conference for developers and tech professionals. For two days, it offers skill-building workshops, networking opportunities and access to top Microsoft engineers. No wonder tickets were quickly sold out!

For developers and tech professionals who want to learn how to better leverage Microsoft’s cloud services, the 2019 Microsoft Ignite is a rare opportunity to learn directly from those who build Power BI, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

  • Building your Applications for the Cloud – Learn how to architect and build your applications to take advantage of the scale that the cloud offers.
  • Deploying your Desktop & Infrastructure – Discover how to begin your journey to the cloud and what steps you need to both move your infrastructure and deploy your desktop.
  • ‘Getting the most of your Data – Learn how to use AI and Machine Learning to gain new understanding using existing data within your organisation.
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud – Learn what it takes to modernise your applications and prepare them for successful migration to the cloud.
  • Optimise Teamwork in your Organisation – Reveal the collaborative workforce within your business and learn how to build effective teams.
  • Securing your Organisation – Build a secure organisation without compromising the productivity of your business.


Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney : A Quick Tour!

Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney was held in the International Convention Center Sydney (ICC Sydney) over two days – 13th and 14th February 2019. Yes, even on Valentine’s Day. These are truly dedicated professionals!

The Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney covered two halls, as well as several lecture halls. In our quick tour, we take a look at the Hub, where participants get to interact directly with Microsoft professionals and their partners.

Note : We intentionally recorded our tour while most participants were inside the lecture halls for the workshops. Otherwise, the halls would be swarmed with people, making it difficult for us to record our tour.


The 2019 Imagine Cup Asia Showcase

As the 2019 Imagine Cup Asia concluded a day earlier, Microsoft also took the opportunity to showcase the projects of the 12 top Asian teams.

We highly recommend you check out what these young entrepreneurs came up with this year. Be inspired by their creativity!


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