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Introducing The Jabra X Microphone By Jabra + Red Bull!

Jabra and Red Bull just partnered up to design and engineer the wireless Jabra X Microphone! Check out what this unique partnership produced!


The Jabra X Microphone

The Jabra X Microphone was created with one question in mind – how about sound quality under extreme racing conditions?

It’s designed to deliver superior audio quality under racing conditions, where there is high speed wind noise that creates disturbances that lead to poorer listening experience.

The Jabra X Microphone uses a mixture of physical elements and cutting-edge digital signal processing to remove unwanted audio from the recordings.

Where traditional microphones may pick up nothing but the wind, the X Microphone will allow you to hear the race car zooming down a wet track at hundreds of miles an hour.


Putting The Jabra X Microphone To The Test!

In July 2018, the microphone was pushed to the limit using a KTM X-BOW at Spielberg. Bernhard Auinger, a seasoned racer and Red Bull Ring’s Head of Driving Experience, took it up to 220 km/h!

This video looks at the audio testing carried out at the Spielberg Race Track, taking you right into the heart of its audio recording technology.

“Technically, superior sound in the most extreme conditions really means superior sound is at reach for all Jabra users – whether you need amazing audio for music, sports, calls on the go, or collaboration in the busiest (and noisiest) offices,” said KC Yap, Country Manager, Jabra Malaysia.


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