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Why LG Dual Screen Devices Need To Use NAVER Whale!

LG just announced that they will be partnering with NAVER to introduce the Whale browser for use with LG Dual Screen devices.

However, their press release which many websites have posted is inaccurate. We will clarify and explain what this is all about, and what it means for LG Dual Screen devices.

LG Dual Screen

Foldable displays are a great way to differentiate smartphones from their rivals. But the HUAWEI Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold have shown, they are difficult to develop and manufacture.

LG chose to develop Dual Screen devices instead, which are much cheaper and easier to develop and manufacture.

The LG Dual Screen technology basically adds a second display to the LG smartphone using a special case.

Due to design limitations, they work as separate displays. It is therefore not possible to stretch an app across both displays, which greatly limits its use.

This is where LG’s partnership with Naver comes in…



Although LG claims to have developed the Whale browser with NAVER in their press release, that appears to be inaccurate.

As far as we can tell, Whale was developed completely by NAVER, a South Korean developer, without input from LG.

In fact, NAVER released Whale back in 2017, with the Android version released in April 2018.

Based on the open-source Google Chromium browser, NAVER Whale supports omnitasking – the ability to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously on one screen.

It also supports a split screen mode with an adjustable divider, that lets you browse two different websites in the same tab.


LG Dual Screen + NAVER Whale = A Logical Choice

LG Dual Screen technology is limited by the fact it uses two functionally and logically separate displays.

NAVER Whale allows you to use both displays at the same time. For example :

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  • If you are on a shopping website, you can scroll through its category menus on one display, while reading product descriptions on the other display
  • You can display the same news report or article in two different languages simultaneously – one on each display

This is why LG Dual Screen devices need to use the NAVER Whale browser. It is currently the only logical choice for Dual Screen displays.

The real story of the press release is that LG is pre-installing NAVER Whale into their new and upcoming Dual Screen devices, like the LG G8X announced at IFA 2019.


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