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The 2019 LG TVs Will Feature Alpha 9 Gen 2 + ThinkQ AI!

LG is taking the home entertainment experience to new heights with its new 2019 TVs that will feature ThinQ AI and Alpha 9 Gen 2. Find out what the new LG ThinQ AI and Alpha 9 Gen 2 technologies are all about!

LG Alpha 9 Gen 2 Processor

The new 2019 LG Z9, W9, E9 and C9 TV models are powered by their new Alpha 9 Gen 2 (α9 Gen 2) intelligent processor. Using deep learning algorithms, the new processor delivers a higher level of AI picture and sound experience quality.

The new machine learning algorithms in the 2019 LG TVs offer enhanced picture and sound by analysing the content source in order to recognize the ambient conditions around the TV to deliver more optimized content.

The new processor finely adjusts the tone mapping curve in accordance with ambient conditions to offer optimized screen brightness, leveraging its ability to understand how the human eye perceives images in different lighting. The processor uses the TV’s ambient light sensor to measure light levels, automatically adjusting brightness to compensate as needed.

The α9 Gen 2 AI can further refine HDR content by adjusting the brightness to transform even the darkest scenes into ones with incredible contrast, detail and depth of color, even in brightly-lit rooms. And by leveraging Dolby’s latest imaging innovation which intelligently adjusts Dolby Vision content, LG TVs deliver a better HDR experience under varying ambient light.

Amazon Alexa + Google Assistant Support

The 2019 LG TV range will support Amazon Alexa in addition to the built-in Google Assistant. This allows you to enjoy the ease of conversational voice recognition and an intuitive Home Dashboard to control a wide variety of smart home devices directly from the TV.

By pressing the Amazon Prime Video button on the Magic Remote, users can manage smart home devices, ask questions and access tens of thousands of skills and even set up their ideal Alexa Routine complete with wake-up call, traffic information and favorite TV channel switching all with their voice.

Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound

Sound quality is augmented by an intelligent algorithm that can up-mix two-channel audio to deliver convincing virtual 5.1 surround sound.

The α9 Gen 2 optimizes output based on content type, making voices clearer in movies, dramas and news broadcasts, among others.

Users can adjust sound settings to suit room conditions or let their LG TV intelligently set the perfect levels based on its positioning.

2019 LG NanoCell TV

The 2019 LG premium LCD TVs lineup – SM9X and SM8X series – will be rolled out with a new name: NanoCell TV, to better highlight the features provided by NanoCell technology :

  • NanoColor : picture enhancement
  • NanoAccuracy : color accuracy in wide viewing angle
  • NanoBezel : ultra-narrow thin bezel with sleek design

And through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports, all 2019 OLED TVs and selected NanoCell TVs with ThinQ AI will support high frame rate (HFR). The result is smoother and clearer motion at 120 frames per second for better rendering of fast-action content such as sports and action movies.

Support for enhanced audio return channel (eARC) will enable home theatre enthusiasts to seamlessly utilise HDMI connectivity and enjoy the highest quality audio formats available with superb detail and depth.

The new TVs are compatible with variable refresh rate (VRR) as well as automatic low latency mode (ALLM) which helps deliver a clean image, without stutter or tearing.

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The 2018 LG Electronics Home Technology Showcase

LG Electronics today showcased their new line-up of home technology products. With the theme, “Create a better life“, the 2018 LG Electronics home technology showcase includes their new OLED and Super UHD TVs, InstaView Refrigerators, and TWINWash washing machines.


The 2018 LG Electronics Home Technology Showcase

The 2018 LG Electronics home technology showcase kicked off with a performance by the VIVAS LED water drummers – an all-female ensemble. LG Electronics specifically featured them to showcase “pitch perfect black” quality of their new OLED TVs.


Pitch Perfect Black With 2018 LG OLED TVs

The new 2018 LG OLED TVs redefines the viewing experience with its ability to deliver pitch perfect black. They also feature Cinema HDR capability, projected through Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolour, HDR10 Pro and HLD Pro.

The 2018 LG OLED TVs also feature the α9 Intelligent Processor that deliver better picture quality through these improvements :

  • Noise Reduction – the processor cleans away grainy imaging and expresses smoother contouring of colours.
  • Image Enhancement – the processor analyses the image frequency, allowing it to increase depth and image quality.
  • True Colour Accuracy – the processor supports the 33x33x33 colour space, which is 7.3x larger than the conventional 17x17x17 colour space, allowing more accurate colour reproduction, and a wider colour spectrum.
  • 4K High Frame Rate (HFR) : HFR reduces eye fatigue with a smoother motion, and a more life-life picture quality.

The new LG ThinQ AI technology is also embedded in the 2018 LG OLED TVs, enabling users to command the televisions to perform instructions. They also support the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.


2018 LG Super UHD TVs With Nano Cell Display

The 2018 LG Super UHD TVs boast Cinema HDR capability, as well as Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) for deeper blacks, a wider colour gamut and a greatly improved contrast ratio. These new LED TVs also have a wide viewing angle of 60 degrees, with a wide colour gamut, thanks to its Nano Cell Display with IPS Nano Dots.

For a more immersive viewing experience, the 2018 LG Super UHD TVs also support Dolby Atmos, which realistically renders a 360-degree soundscape for a true home cinema experience.


2018 LG InstaView Refrigerators

The 2018 LG InstaView refrigerators provide improved accessibility with the Knock-On feature. With just two knocks on the screen, the user can check on items inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss by up to 41%.

This year, the Knock-On feature will be available in side-by-side models, as well as the multi-door models. To further improve energy efficiency, they will feature the LG Inverter Linear Compressor. By , using a linear piston drive, it is possible to reduce power by up to 32%, with up to 25% less noise.

The Inverter Linear Compressor also offers these other benefits :

  • LINEARCooling – allows even cooling, with granular temperature regulation in steps of 0.5 degrees Celsius
  • NatureFRESH – precise temperature control keeps produce in the refrigerator fresh for longer
  • DoorCooling – allows for even and fast cooling in any part of the refrigerator


2018 LG TWINWash Washing Machines

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The 2018 LG TWINWash incorporates TurboWash, with multi-spray capability for faster and better cleaning performance. These LG washers with TurboWash and TWINWash capabilities allow customers to wash two loads of laundry of different wash cycles at the same time.


2018 LG DUALCOOL Air Conditioners

The 2018 LG DUALCOOL air conditioners is now filled with R32 refrigerant, which delivers faster cooling performance while being environmentally-friendly. Its Dual Inverter Compressor saves up to 70% of energy used, while deliver 40% faster cooling performance.

These new air conditioners are also enhanced by Smart ThinQ, allowing you to access and control their functions using an app. The app can also alert you about low levels of refrigerant, helping you maintain the air conditioner’s performance and lifespan.

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The Ultra-Thin LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV Revealed!

LG Malaysia just launched the award-winning LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV, and it was easy to see why – it is incredibly thin! Let’s take a look at the new LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV, and find out what else is great about it… and how much it costs!



The LG SIGNATURE OLED W-series won more than 20 awards at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Touting a Picture-on-Wall design, the 77″ SIGNATURE OLED W7 won the CES Best of Innovation Award. Due to limited supplies and the understandably astronomical price point, LG Malaysia will only be bringing in the 65″ SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV.

Thanks to the LG OLED display technology, the 65″ SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV boasts an ultra-thin profile of just 3.8 mm. This allows it to be directly mounted onto any wall or glass panel using only four magnetic brackets. To demonstrate this, we placed a Malaysian 50 sen coin (new type) on top of the panel, so you can better see how thin it really is.

Here is a quick video tour of the 65″ LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV. Check out the six magnetic brackets and the ultra-thin cable at the back.

It’s not just about looks. The LG OLED display technology not only do away with backlights, it produces perfect black, thanks to its self-lighting pixels that can be turned on and off. The SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, and HDR formats like Dolby Vision, for the ultimate cinematic experience.

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The LG SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV Price & Availability

LG Malaysia is only bringing in the 65″ SIGNATURE OLED W7 TV. It has an official MSRP of RM 44,999 / ~US$ 10,699.

However, you can pre-order one at a very special price of RM 39,999 / ~US$ 9,499. The offers end on 6 August 2017.

In addition, the first ten customers will receive a free travel voucher worth RM 2,000 / ~US$ 470.


Vegetable Orchestra Live Performance

In conjunction with the LG 2017 Roadshow in Pavilion, they hosted the first-of-its-kind Malaysian Vegetable Orchestra performance by the Malaysian Buskers Club. Yes, they actually used vegetables as musical instruments. Check it out!

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