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Lenovo Tech World 2016 Digest

9 June 2016Lenovo concluded a successful Tech World 2016, where more than 1,300 people, including fans, media, industry influencers and analysts gathered in Silicon Valley. Kick-starting the event was Lenovo’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yang Yuanqing, who shared a future that’s shaped by 5 developing themes that will change the way people interact with technology. Lenovo went on to demonstrate just such a future with the launch of several breakthrough products and concepts.

Elaborating more on the Moto announcements, Tango, and the future of data centres were the following distinguished guests:

  • Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer, Intel
  • Johnny Lee, Engineering Director, Google
  • Seang Chau, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, Motorola
  • Pradeep Sindhu, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Juniper


Latest Innovations

Lenovo announced the PHAB2 Pro, the world’s first Tango-enabled smartphone to enable augmented reality experiences – plus the dual-camera PHAB2 Plus and full-sized PHAB2 smartphones.

The devices are powered by Tango technology – a set of sensors and software from Google that senses and maps its surroundings – a host of cutting-edge smartphone augmented reality (AR) experiences is now possible.


Transforming Smartphones with a Snap

The new Moto Z Family with Moto Mods

Combination of the new Moto Z – the world’s thinnest premium smartphone made from military aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and Moto Mods – the next era of mobile technology.

Transform your Moto Z into exactly what you need it to be with:

  • JBL SoundBoost
  • Moto Insta-Share
  • The Power Pack
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Keynotes and Announcements

In Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing’s keynote, he addressed five developing themes that will continue to change the way people use technology by connecting:

  1. 1. People to devices through natural interfaces – like using voice interaction, iris scanning, or writing with a pen on real paper, to communicate with your device.
  2. Devices to each other so that they can seamlessly work together on the same cloud service platform, to create a holistic experience, such as connecting household appliances together to intelligently manage the right home environment.
  3. Devices to the network, to ensure customers can always be seamlessly connected anywhere, anytime, at either the lowest fees or the highest speed – at your choice. In fact, this is what Lenovo’s MVNO business wants to achieve.
  4. Your device to your personal data, so you can not only easily retrieve your data, but the devices will also know your preferences to serve you better.
  5. Devices with apps and services to create one-stop experience for all your needs.


New Software Defined Storage Solutions and Next-Generation SAN

  • StorSelect, a new and innovative Software Defined Storage (SDS) appliance programme with the Lenovo StorageDX8200N and DX8200C offerings.
  • Lenovo-branded mid-range storage systems – new V-Series family of 12GB SANs. The V3700 V2 and V5030 are flexible hybrid and all-flash SAN solutions that help clients confidently and affordably scale their IT operations to improve storage economics in their organizations. The Lenovo V Series family will begin shipping worldwide in June 2016.


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