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The New GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 Software Is Out!

GIGABYTE just released RGB Fusion 2.0 with single click lighting synchronization. Read all about it right here!

The New GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 Software Is Out!

GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 is an integrated user interface that now synchronises the LED effects across all supported products.

Sync With One Single Click

With a brand new UI design, RGB Fusion 2.0 provides a convenient way for RGB synchronization. There are various lighting modes you can select from, including :

  • Static mode
  • Single Flash
  • Double Flash
  • Random Flash
  • Color Cycle
  • Game mode
  • Music mode.

You can simply sync the RGB effects with just a single click.

Furthermore RGB Fusion 2.0 offers an advanced control mode for you to setup the RGB effects for each product individually and showcase your own personality.

Advanced Lighting Control

In the advance lighting control mode, you are given maximum capability to personalize your RGB lighting effects. By clicking the product icon on the homepage, you enter the advanced lighting control page.

In this page, you are able to customize the lighting effects of your product individually. For instance, you can change your mouse and keyboard to Static mode while the rest of the PC is in Color Cycle mode.

In some products, you can even change the settings of each segment of the product. All of this give you the power to change your PC lighting any way you want.


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The Signify LiFi Technology Explained with Demo!

Earlier this month, Ed Huibers, Head of Business Development for Signify LiFi Systems flew into town to brief us on their LiFi technology. Let’s take a look at his LiFi tech briefing and demo, as well as a close-up look at the Signify LiFi kit.


Who Is Signify?

Signify is the new name of Philips Lighting. The name change, announced in March 2018, represents their transformation from an analogue lighting company into a digital lighting and IoT company.


What Is LiFi?

LiFi is short for Light Fidelity. It is a wireless technology that works like WiFi but uses light waves instead of radio waves. It is therefore a line-of-sight technology, unlike WiFi.

On the other hand, LiFi can be used in places where radio interference is undesirable (e.g. in hospitals), or where WiFi signals is weak (e.g. underground). Its line-of-sight limitation is actually an advantage in high-security applications – it prevents interception of the data from outside the room.


The Signify LiFi Technology Explained

Signify is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled lights from their existing office lighting solutions. In this video, Ed Huibers briefs us on what LiFi technology is all about, as well as its pros and cons.

The Signify LiFi technology modulates the light from the LED luminaire at a very high frequency to transmit data. The light is detected by a LiFi USB dongle plugged not a laptop or tablet. The LiFi dongle transmits data back using an infra-red transmitter.

The Signify LiFi technology currently supports up to 50 users per luminaire, with transfer rates of 30 MB/s, over a range of about 3.5 meters or 10 feet.


The Signify LiFi Kit Up Close!

Here is a close-up look at the Signify LiFi kit, which converts their existing office luminaires into LiFi hotspots.


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Apacer BLADE FIRE DDR4 Launched

Apacer is pleased to announce its groundbreaking achievement in DDR history, BLADE FIRE DDR4 with heartbeat LED, perfectly for gaming, overclocking, and M.O.D enthusiasts. It is astonishing to see speed at 3200MHz with LED pulsing at 44 beats per minute yet it is still consuming low voltage at 1.35V.

It is compatible with Intel Z170 platforms, providing unprecedented performance and energy-saving efficiency. Backed by the world’s best technology in industrial memory module and storage, BLADE FIRE DDR4 makes users on fire in the gaming / overclocking star-war.



Respectable capacity of 32GB, frequency up to 3200MHz  – High stability & compatibility

The world-class BLADE FIRE DDR4 is an advanced generation of Blade DDR4 which was published in Feb 2015, featured a sensational armory design on heat spreader as well as LED lights heartbeat effect.

The meticulously screened ICs allow the optimized stability and compatibility while playing in the heavy workload games. BLADE FIRE is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities in dual-module package and comes equipped with total capacity of 32GB(16GB X 2).

The fastest memory kit available is clocked at 3200MHz, and BLADE FIRE kits are ranged in four different clock speeds from 2400MHz 1.2V to 3200MHz 1.35V with 16-16-18-38. The XMP 2.0 support for simple overclocking setup delivers instant top-level performance for motherboards with Intel’s 100 Series.

Not only low latency for outstanding DDR4 performance but also lower power consumption with less heat and higher reliability provides users the fastest speeds and the highest stability when it comes to gaming and overclocking.

LED heartbeat, Light saber on fire – Aggressive Look with stylish, asymmetrical armory design

The heartbeat LED on top edge of the module undoubtedly brings out the spirit of BLADE FIRE, to win and shine powerfully on battlefield as every beat embodies the enhancing HP(health point). The four modules altogether on motherboard show various LED light patterns, just like a battling saber on fire in the battleground. The design truly adds some serious bling which offers the users gimmicks to show off while meeting their needs with respect to exceptional functionality.

When speaking of the design of BLADE FIRE, the black heat spreader is made from quality aluminum material with matte finish. The metallic silver saber in the middle shows an aggressive look of a gaming memory module. On top edge the serration part of a saber as well as shank at the rear displays an asymmetrical design which presenting an extreme aesthetics.

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With distinguished speed and stability as well as a stylish design of LED light saber on motherboard, BLADE FIRE allows users to experience the most enjoyable and exciting game play ever. If you’re looking for the fastest and coolest memory module available, BLADE FIRE is the one and only you have to look at. Feel the supremacy and prominence of Apacer BLADE FIRE!


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