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Apple Education Discount Now Requires UNiDAYS Verification!

Apple Education Discount Now Requires UNiDAYS Verification!

The little loophole is now closed – Apple education discount now requires UNiDAYS verification!

Here is what you need to know…


Apple Education Discount : Formerly Based On Trust + Audit

For many years now, savvy parents and techies have counted on the Apple education discount to get some financial relief on Mac computers and iPad tablets.

Ostensibly limited to teachers and staff of educational facilities, as well as college and university students, the Apple education discount programme was based on trust.

Anyone can go to the Apple Education page, and order a Mac computer or iPad tablet with (usually) a 10% discount. Apple doesn’t even ask you to prove your qualification for the education discount.

Instead, Apple performs random audits. If you cannot prove that you are an educator, or a college/university student, then they have the right to charge your credit card for the education discount you (illegally) received earlier.


Apple Education Discount Now Requires UNiDAYS Verification!

Sadly, it appears that Apple is moving away from the trust system, and is requiring verification through UNiDAYS in certain countries.

  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Malaysia : Started on 15 December 2021
  • United Kingdom

Unlike the earlier Apple education discount programme, UNiDAYS verification greatly limits those who qualify for discounted Apple Mac computers and iPad tablets :

  • Students who are 16 years and above
  • Must be currently enrolled in the Sixth Form, a college or a university
  • Must have a personal institution email address (.edu email, for example), or a credit card-style student ID, issued by the school / college / university

The Good

Signing up for UNiDAYS has some advantages. It gives you access to discount programmes for other companies.

And students who sign up for UNiDAYS will get a free Apple Music student subscription in certain countries, which may even include Apple TV+ access!

The Bad

Parents cannot sign up and purchase for their children. Each student must sign up for their own UNiDAYS account.

If UNiDAYS cannot automatically verify your student credentials, it has a manual process but that could mean several days of delay to verify your account.

The Ugly

The UNiDAYS verification process blocks parents of younger students from getting the education discount.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are forced to purchase tablets and laptops for their children’s online classes. While not entirely legit, the Apple education discount has helped many parents alleviate the high cost of providing each child with a tablet or computer.

While this verification process will help Apple cut down on fraud, I wish they would take the opportunity to open up the education discount programme to younger students.

That would really be a win-win situation – parents get a small but much appreciated discount, and Apple gets a head start on developing the next-generation of Apple users.

Until then, parents of younger children can “work around” this limitation, by asking a college / university student to help them make the purchase.


Countries Where Apple Education Discount Do Not Require UNiDAYS!

This switch to UNiDAYS verification for the Apple Education Discount programme appears to be a gradual process.

For now, these countries still do not require UNiDAYS verification :

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United States

So parents of younger children in those countries can still get the Apple Education discount, without jumping through the UNiDAYS hoop.

Pro Tip : When purchasing any Mac computer or iPad with the Apple Education discount, make sure you grab all the accessories you need at the same time, to get the discount as well.


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macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Safari CVE-2021-1844 Bug : Fix It Now!

Apple just rushed out macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, iOS 14.4.1, iPadOS 14.4.1 and Safari 14.0.3 to patch a critical security bug.

Find out what they fix, and why you need to update your MacBook, iPhone and iPad right away!


Apple Rushes Out macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Safari Critical Bug Fixes!

Released on 8 March 2021, macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 patches only one bug, which may mislead users into thinking that it’s not very important.


Available for: macOS Big Sur

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation.

CVE-2021-1844: Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Alison Huffman of Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research

On the same day, Apple also released iOS 14.4.1 and iPadOS 14.4.1 – both patching the same CVE-2021-1844 vulnerability.


Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation)

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation.

CVE-2021-1844: Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Alison Huffman of Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research

Apple also released Safari 14.0.3, which patches the same vulnerability for macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave :


Available for: macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation.

CVE-2021-1844: Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Alison Huffman of Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research


Why Install These macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Safari Bug Fixes ASAP?

While they appear to only patch WebKit in macOS Big Sur, iOS, iPadOS and Safari, they are CRITICAL bug fixes that you need to install right away.

They patch the new CVE-2021-1844 vulnerability, which was discovered by Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group and Alison Huffman of Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research.

This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to trigger a buffer overflow when the victim opens a specially-crafted web page, allowing the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target system.

It is not known if this vulnerability has been exploited yet, but it is critical to install the new updates to prevent that from happening.


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FREE Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Coming Soon!

Apple fans will soon be able to download the iOS version of Dell Mobile Connect for FREE!

This will give Apple users the same capabilities that Android users have enjoyed since 2018!


FREE Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Coming Soon!

Dell Mobile Connect was introduced in CES 2018 for Android devices, giving them the ability to make calls, send texts, get notifications and even mirror their displays on their Dell laptops and PCs!

Since it was released two years ago, Dell reported that over a million Mobile Connect users have sent or received over 150 MILLION phone calls and texts sing their free app.

Stay Focused

Dell Mobile Connect allows you to avoid splitting your attention between your PC and smartphone. You will be notified about phone calls, texts, instant messages and other app notifications right on your PC.

You can then decide to respond, or ignore. You can also decide which apps you would like to receive notifications from.

Stay Connected

You will never miss a single call or notification from SMS, WhatsApp, Uber, PayPal, Instagram, and other mobile apps.

Your larger PC keyboard, display and speakers will also allow for more enjoyable communications via text or calls.

Bring Your Mobile Apps To The Big Screen!

Dell Mobile Connect lets you have direct access to your mobile apps through its advanced mirroring feature.

You can directly view and access your mobile apps on your PC display, and control them with your keyboard, mouse and touch display!

Secure Wireless Connectivity

Dell Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct technologies to keep your PC connected to your phone, so feel free to leave your phone in your bag or pocket!

The wireless connection is also secured and does not go through the Internet. All your phone’s data can only be accessed by the paired PC, and only when you are in wireless range.


Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Availability

It has taken Dell two years to do this, but finally, the iOS version of Mobile Connect is coming in March 2020!

  • Starting mid-March 2020, it will be available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.
  • Starting end-March 2020, it will come pre-installed in all Dell consumer PC systems.

Dell Mobile Connect, and all updates, are available for free on all Dell consumer PC systems that run on Windows 10 – XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware – as long as they come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and were purchased after January 2018.


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The KEF LSX Wireless Music System Is Now Out!

KEF just launched LSX wireless music system with all the convenience of connectivity and true high-resolution stereo. How will the KEF LSX wireless music system improve your music? Read on to find out more!


What is KEF LSX?

The KEF LSX is fully wireless from both source and between the speakers. It features Apple AirPlay 2 technology that enables multi-room streaming from an iPhone, iPad or Mac (in early 2019).

After the success of the LS50 Wireless, the KEF LSX features their Uni-Q driver array, that radically improves stereo imaging across a much wider listening area allowing more people toexperience better sound.

The KEF LSX combines with KEF’s highly advanced trademark-pending Music Integrity Engine, a cutting-edge collection of bespoke Digital Signal Processing algorithms, ensuring accurate time alignment and phase coherence.


What Can  The KEF LSX Do?

The KEF LSX is fully wireless both from source and between the speakers, using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to stream music from Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL. LSX is also DLNA compliant and boasts TOSLINK Optical and Auxiliary connections, making it ideal for use with TV. It can be set-up in minutes using the KEF’s Control app, which also manages firmware updates as they become available.

The KEF LSX sports four Class-D amplifiers, one for each of the drive units alongside dedicated twin DACs that provide pristine signal path of up to 96kHz/24bit (using the optional wired connection between the two speakers) or 48kHz/24bit in completely wireless operation.

>LSX’s gently curved cabinet was designed with extensive use of Finite Element Analysis as well as  constrained layer damping as found in KEF’s high-end audiophile products.LSX was designed by designer Michael Young who has created a masterpiece of understated elegance and comes in a choice of five colours – Black, Blue, Maroon, and Olive. They are clad in a luxury fabric by Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat – and a striking Gloss White.

With Spotify Connect (available in November 2018) built in, music lovers can stream Spotify’s entire library directly from the cloud. Uninterrupted streaming lets users watch videos, play games, answer phone calls without pauses to the music even as the listener leaves the room or goes out of range.

LSX goes on sale on 12 November 2018 at selected retailers with a recommended retail price (RRP) of RM 5,999 / ~US$ 1,429.


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Clock Share Bug In iOS Allows Access To Data

While proving the SoFlo iPhone unlocking hoax, we stumbled upon a security bug in iOS 9.2.1. This security bug can be used to bypass the iOS device’s passcode or Touch ID. But it has to be done in a very specific way.


How To Exploit This Bug In iOS

Here is how you can exploit the bug in iOS 9.2.1 to gain access to every photo, video and contact stored in the iOS device, whether it is an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch.

  1. Log into the iOS device using the passcode / Touch ID.
  2. Open the Clock app and go to World Clock, and add a new Clock.
  3. Type a random word in the Search bar.
  4. Select the random word and tap to Share as a Message.

  1. Once the New Message screen opens, turn off the iOS device.
  2. Call Siri (without logging in using Touch ID / passcode) and ask for the time
  3. Click on the Clock after Siri tells you the time.
  4. Siri will not open up the World Clock, but will take you straight into New Message.
  5. Now add a random word to “To:” bar, and press Return.
  6. Double tap on the random word (now green in colour). It will bring you to the Info screen.
  7. Tap on Create New Contact.
  8. Tap on Add Photo. This will allow you to access the Photos app and EVERY photo and video in the iOS device.
  9. You can also tap on Add to Existing Contact to access the entire Contact List.
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Don’t Worry… Too Much

As you can tell by now, this security bug is very hard for a hacker to exploit. It requires prior access to the iOS device to “set up” the exploit.

The hacker will have to trick the owner into granting access to the iOS device. Then the hacker can follow the steps above up to no. 5. This will allow the hacker to exploit the bug (at a later time) to gain access to the iOS device’s photos, videos and contacts.

While this is a remote possibility, we nevertheless reported the security bug to Apple :

We then tested to see if the exploit would work on iOS 9.3 beta, and discovered something interesting.

It appears that Apple finally decided that it was superfluous to offer a Share option in the Clock app. How is that functionality useful to the user? It’s practically useless. So they removed the Share option completely.

In other words, even if you are logged into the iOS device, you can no longer go to the Clock app, key in a random word and Share it. The option is gone. As far as we can tell, it was gone as early as iOS 9.3 beta 5. We confirmed this in iOS 9.3 beta 6 as well (naturally).

So don’t worry too much. The coming iOS 9.3 update will fix this security bug in iOS 9.2.1 once and for all. In the meantime, just be careful who you lend your iOS device to!


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Transcend JetDrive Go 300 Flash Drive For Apple Devices Launched

March 15, 2016 – Transcend Information, Inc. today announced the release of the JetDrive Go 300 Flash Drive specifically designed for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

With Lightning connector and USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector on each end of the drive, Transcend JetDrive Go 300 allows transferring data among Apple handheld devices and computers with ease, whether it’s for audio entertainment, instant photo sharing or business document preview.

Powered by Transcend exclusive JetDrive Go App featuring efficient file management, easy backup and all-in-one browser, the JetDrive Go 300 provides ultimate convenience when freeing up iPhone/iPad/iPod storage space without neither cables nor Internet connections.


Extended Lightning Connector for Easy Insertion

Transcend JetDrive Go 300 is available in black and silver colors with an aluminum body to ensure light weight and durability, and two caps to protect both connectors from being accidentally broken. The extended Lightning connector is a considerate design for iPhone, iPad and iPod with oversized protective bumper cases that could block the JetDrive Go 300 from being perfectly inserted. Additionally, Transcend JetDrive Go 300 features lower power consumption, draining a very little battery power on users’ iOS devices.


Lightning/USB 3.1 Interface for Unparalleled Transfer Speeds

The JetDrive Go 300 combines a Lightning connector and a regular USB 3.1 (Gen 1) into a flash drive. The Lightning connector can reach up to 20MB/s transfer speeds, whilst the USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector offers incredible transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s, allowing users to transfer an entire 4GB HD movie in only 28 seconds.

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Exclusive JetDrive Go App for Quick Backup

Transcend exclusive JetDrive Go App that is free to download from App Store features intuitive user interface for quick backup and synchronization with the Camera Roll without cables, Internet connections or bandwidth limitations. JetDrive Go App has all the browsers needed to view images, audio files and documents including Microsoft Office, Apple iWork and Adobe PDF. The app will automatically classify files into folders, photos, videos and documents, making it easier for users to manage their files and promptly locate the one they want.


Apple MFi Certified to Guarantee Compatibility

MFi (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) is a licensing program of Apple to encompass third-party hardware accessories that are intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Transcend JetDrive Go 300 has gone through a rigorous approval process to be Apple MFi certified to not only present a sleek and stylish exterior design, but also packed with full practical features.

Transcend JetDrive Go 300 series are available in black and silver colors with each color providing 32GB and 64GB capacities, and are backed by Transcend’s Two-year Limited Warranty.


JetDrive Go 300 Supported Apple devices

iPhone– iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
iPad– iPad (4th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini
iPod– iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (6th generation)


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MoStash Flash Drive For iPhone Launched

Team Group Inc., today announced the launch of MoStash – the world’s first flash drive for iPhone that can also transform into a mobile viewing stand. Team MoStash is using Lightning/USB 3.0 dual connector and has the world’s first patented smart stand as cover structure.

MoStash is able to transform into a phone stand through interlocking its smart cover. It is an external storage device for iPhone/iPad, and it can improve user’s multimedia entertainment experience as well. With careful and thoughtful design, it’s not only a flash drive, but also a must-have mobile accessory that helps users to enjoy multimedia entertainment.

Team MoStash is made from combination of metal and rubber material. It not only brings out the perfect visual art, but also improves its protection. The “Double Arc” design of the body and the cap is making MoStash easier for mobile storage usage and also symbolize that your wonderful memories are perfectly well stored.


The MoStash Transforms Into A Stand

If you interlock the body and the cap of MoStash, it can transform into an iPhone stand, which saves you the trouble of holding the phone and allow you to fully enjoy your multimedia collection without experiencing the hand soreness even after you finish a whole movie. Instead of an unrealistic creation, the elegant design is also highly functional.

The all new App for MoStash is able to break loose from Apple’s system restriction, and offers a more intuitive and convenient way to transfer or share your files. Not only instantly expand the storage capacity of your iPhone/iPad, but also promptly free your storage space so that more precious memories can be stored.

[adrotate banner=”4″]Moreover, it offers over 40 different file formats for users to directly access with, so plug and play is no longer limited from unsupported file formats. Meanwhile, MoStash App also offers one click backup and restore for phone contacts. If you have files that you don’t want them to be seen, MoStash App has built in file encryption function that can easily protect your privacy even if you lose your device.

In addition to the exterior design and the easy to use App, we think in all aspects to bring you an even better user experience. Therefore, MoStash is using high speed USB3.0 interface to free you from lag and delay while you enjoy a HD quality movie regardless it is connecting to a computer or to an iPhone through Lightning.

Whether you are commuting to work, school or traveling, you can always watch the video you stored at anytime, anywhere. Treasure your wonderful memories by freeing your iPhone’ storage space, so you can store more precious photos and videos you take on your journey.

As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services.


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