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Get ookyo Unlimited High-Speed Internet For Just RM1!

From now until 5 December, customers who sign up to ookyo can enjoy truly unlimited high-speed Internet at only RM1 for the first month. Yes, it’s only for the first month, but it’s still a great opportunity to try out the ookyo unlimited high-speed Internet!



ookyo, which is powered by Maxis 4G, is a 100% digital Internet plan that offers unlimited high-speed Internet – no capping, throttling or weird hours – for various apps. In short, there are no special terms and conditions for this 4G offering.

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet for just RM1
    – During this promotion period, customers can enjoy ookyo for RM1 for the first month (usually RM30 a month).
    – They can pick either the Social or Entertainment pack and get unlimited Internet for all the apps in their packs, both of which include popular chat apps such as WhatsApp, Line and WeChat.
    – This also applies to all in-app video and live streaming, as long as the app falls into a pack or has an Unlimited Internet Pass. The plan includes 3GB for other apps that are not included in the packs.
  • Free Google Play credit
    – Enjoy 20% Google Play credit back every time they spend in the ookyo store during the promotion period and 10% back when they renew their plan from the 2nd month onward.[adrotate group=”2″] – The credit can be used for app subscriptions, in-app purchases as well as movies, books and magazine purchases in the Play Store.
  • Unlimited passes for over 100 apps
    – For as low as RM3 a month, customers can enjoy unlimited Internet on popular apps, from games, to movies, to music, and so much more.
    – The list of apps will be added to and improved over time with feedback from users.
  • Reliable connectivity
    – ookyo is powered by Maxis 4G, which means customers can enjoy a fast and seamless Internet experience.

Additionally, the entire service and experience is made to be self-managed from the ookyo app, including bill payment, account management and customer service with a chatbot. To get started, just download the ookyo app from the Google Play Store.

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New Digi Internet Sharing + Unlimited Calls Plans Explained

Today, Digi unveiled the new Digi Internet Sharing feature for all Digi Postpaid plans. They also announced two new Unlimited Calls plans as well as a Gadget Sharing plan. We will summarise the details for you below.


Digi Internet Sharing

From today onwards, Digi will allow any Digi Postpaid customer to share the principal line’s Internet quota with up to 6 supplementary lines for a fee of just RM 10 per month. You can control how much Internet quota each supplementary line receives. And if you run out of Internet quota, you can just top up instantly using one of these 3 top-up options.

Here is the Digi Internet Sharing summary with some additional details :

  • Any Digi Postpaid customer (principal line) can enable Digi Internet Sharing.
  • Digi Internet Sharing adds RM 10 per month to the principal line’s monthly fee.
  • The principal line and supplementary lines will share the principal line’s Internet quota.
  • Any excess Internet quota at the end of the month will not roll-over to the next month.
  • You can top-up the Internet quota multiple times, but each top-up lasts for 30 days after activation.
  • The principal line owner can set Internet quota on-the-fly for each supplementary line.


New Unlimited Calls & Gadget Sharing Plans

Digi also announced two new Unlimited Calls plans, as well as a Gadget Sharing plan.

The new Digi RM 48 Principal Line not only has unlimited calls to all networks, it also has Internet Sharing enabled. However, it only comes with 0.5 GB of Internet quota. SMS messages will be charged at regular rates, but messaging on WhatsApp and WeChat are free and do not count towards the Internet quota.

New Digi RM 48 Principal Line subscriptions also come with unlimited access to Digi’s Music Freedom streaming service and a year’s subscription to iflix. It will also come with 100 GB of Digi Capture cloud storage.

The new Digi RM 38 Supplementary Line offers unlimited calls to all networks, as well as unlimited SMS messages to 3 Digi friends and 30 GB of Digi Capture cloud storage. New subscriptions will come with 120 days of Music Freedom streaming service and 60 days of iflix access.

Finally, the Gadget Sharing plan allows you to share your mobile phone’s Internet quota with your other digital devices. For RM 10 per month for each additional line, your devices can get access to mobile Internet and share the principal line’s Internet quota.

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Still Confused?

If you are still confused, we will let Praveen Rajan Nadarajan, Digi’s Head of Digital Services, explain the new plans to you.

Here are some examples of how you can share your Internet quota on Digi with your gadgets or family members :

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