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Microsoft + IDC : APAC Higher Education Can Double Innovation With AI!

Microsoft Asia and IDC Asia Pacific just released findings of a study which suggests that higher education institutions in APAC can double their rate of innovation with AI (artificial intelligence)!


APAC Higher Education Can Double Innovation With AI!

The Microsoft-IDC study – Future Ready Skills : Assessing APAC Education Sector’s Use of AI – found that AI (artificial intelligence) will help double the rate of innovation for higher education institutions.

This involves using AI to better manage student performance and enhance student engagements, while optimising operations to reduce work amongst the faculty and administrative staff.

Based on the study, the top business drivers to adopt AI in higher education include better student engagement, higher funding, and accelerated innovation.

Institutions that have already adopted AI say that they are seeing improvements in the rate of 11% to 28% in those areas.

By 2021, Microsoft and IDC predict that institutions using AI will experience the biggest jump in funding – 3.7X, which is higher than most industry sectors in Asia Pacific.


AI In Higher Education Case Study

Developing a globally engaged citizenry is one of Japan’s key priorities. However, many students avoid studying or going abroad, as doing so can delay them from taking classes they need to graduate.

The Faculty of Engineering at Hokkaido University, for example, has chosen to implement AI as part of its mission to encourage students to study abroad.

They developed a Microsoft Azure-based e-learning system that leverages AI and automation capabilities. This system lets students keep up with coursework back home, with course preparation streamlined from days to mere hours.


AI Skills Required For The Future Of Higher Education

Both education leaders and their staff are equally positive about the impact of AI on higher education jobs.

A large majority (61%) of both segments believe that AI will either help them do their jobs better, or reduce repetitive tasks.

21% of education leaders, and 13% of their staff also agree that AI will help create new jobs in higher education.

However, the requisite skills for an AI future are currently in shortage. The top three skills that education leaders believe will face a shortage in the next three years include :

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  • IT skills and programming
  • Digital skills
  • Quantitative, analytical and statistical skills

The Study also noted a disconnect with the perception of education leaders of their staff’s willingness to reskill to adapt to an AI future.

26% of education leaders believe that their staff have no interest to reskill, but in reality, only 11% of their staff had no interest to reskill.


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SAP Experience 2019 – An Intelligent Enterprise Conference

Held in the Land of Smiles, SAP Experience 2019 was an exclusive look at how key Southeast Asian companies are digitally transforming themselves into intelligent enterprises, with a focus on the experience economy.

Join us for an inside look at what went on at SAP Experience 2019, and hear from SAP and leading business leaders on how businesses can win in the experience economy!


What Is SAP Experience 2019 All About?

SAP 2019 is an SAP-sponsored conference on the digital transformation of intelligent enterprises to take on the challenges of the experience economy.

They invited business leaders from across the APJ region, from leading companies like Zuellig Pharma, Standard Chartered Bank and Troo.

It also served as SAP’s springboard to announce the selection of Qualtrics EmployeeXM by Ananda Development, a leading Thai real estate developer.

They also announced that SingEx Holdings selected S/4HANA Cloud to power their Global Finance System.


SAP Experience Talk #1 : Leading The Experience Economy

Scott Russell, President of SAP APJ, spoke on the future of Asia, specifically on how companies here are leading in the experience economy.


SAP Experience Talk #2 : The Future of the Enterprise

Claus Andresen (President and Managing Director of SAP SEA) spoke on The Future of the Enterprise, specifically when it comes to the Experience Economy.

Then Rudy Abrahams (Vice President of Digital Transformation Office, SAP SEA) demonstrated the power of Qualtrics’ experience management capabilities, and how they can help companies improve the experience of their customers.


SAP Experience Talk #3 : The Future of Supply Chain Finance

Hear from Lisa Robbins, the Global Head of Transaction Banking of Standard Chartered Bank, on the future of supply chain finance.


SAP Experience Talk #4 : The Future of Digital Insurance

Speaking on the future of digital insurance was Hans van Wuijckhuijse, the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Troo, a life insurance joint venture of Ageas – Belgium’s largest insurer and the East West Bank, one of the largest banks in the Philippines.


SAP Experience Talk #5 : The Future of Retail

Ronald Lee, the Project Director of City Mart Holding – an icon of Myanmar’s retail industry with over 200 stores and 8500 employees – speak on the future of retail, in a world that’s increasingly moving towards online purchases.


SAP Experience Talk #6 : Futureproofing The Pharma Supply Chain

Daniel Laverick, Head of SAP and IT Solutions at Zuellig Pharma, addresses a critical problem affecting the pharmaceutical industry – counterfeit medicine – with a blockchain solution.

The same solution can also address their other issues, like cross-border trading and product recalls, with greater efficiency and more importantly, transparency.


SAP Roundtable : The Future of Work

The main event ended with a roundtable on The Future of Work. Hosted by Cynthia Quah, Vice President of SAP SuccessFactors SEA, it featured :

  • Catherine Ee Ling, Head of Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, National University of Singapore
  • Ho Seng Chee, Chief Work & Culture Officer, JustCo
  • Vanee Bijayendrayodhin, Chief People Officer, Ananda Development


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SingEx Selects SAP S/4HANA Cloud For Global Finance System!

SAP today announced that SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd (SingEx) has selected S/4HANA Cloud to power their Global Finance System. Here are the details…


SingEx Digital Transformation With SAP

The global Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) market is projected to reach US$1,439.3 billion in 2025.

In the Asia Pacific region alone, the MICE industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% to reach US$441.1 billion by 2025.

SingEx aims to capitalise on their expertise in trade conferences and exhibitions by building a Global Finance System to support its expansion into China, the United Kingdom, India and Southeast Asia.

As part of that digital transformation journey, SingEx is working with SAP to build a scalable Global Finance System that can adapt to support the diverse requirements of the different markets.


SingEx Selects SAP S/4HANA Cloud For Global Finance System!

Powered by SAP’s S/4HANA solution with SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud and Opentext Cloud, it will offer swift development on more comprehensive planning models, with better insights that can improve decision making.

The SAP solution for SingEx will also include feature planning, business intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. They will help SingEx transform into an intelligent enterprise.


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Lenovo + IDC : Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation

Lenovo sponsored an IDC research on the questions that are foremost on the minds of corporate IT decision makers when it comes to digital transformation. Find out what they found out in the Lenovo + IDC info brief on Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation!


Lenovo + IDC on Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation

IDC ASEAN Research Director, Jun Fwu Chin, gave us a summary of their findings, which we recorded for your viewing pleasure!

Here is a snapshot of the IDC report on Powering Intelligent Enterprise Transformation :

  1. Automation: In 2019, 25 per cent of IT development and operation processes will be automated, resulting in a 15 per cent gain in IT productivity and requiring IT to redefine skills and manage digital workers.
  2. XaaS: By 2020, 90 per cent of large enterprises will generate revenue from data as a service—from the sale of raw data, derived metrics, insights, and recommendations—up from nearly 50 per cent in 2017 (Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions)
  3. Employee experience: By 2021, demand for top talent will result in 65 per cent of G2000 companies offering co-working and remote-work options that leverage pervasive access to enterprise and collaboration applications.
  4. New revenue sources: By 2023, 30 per cent of G2000 companies will generate at least 20 per cent of their revenue outside their core industries, using crowdsourcing and agile aggregation models to source talent and business capabilities.


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Exclusive Tour Of SAP Leonardo Center Singapore

On 8 May 2018, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced the establishment of the SAP Leonardo Center Singapore, to help their customers, partners, and foster faster innovation throughout the broader ecosystem of universities and start-ups across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.

Join us for an exclusive look at the new SAP Leonardo Center Singapore, including a tour of the digital innovations that SAP Leonardo offers enterprises and businesses.


SAP Leonardo Center Singapore

SAP Leonardo Centers are interconnected hubs that serve as points of contact for companies and startups interested in SAP Leonardo. They are part showcase, and part collaborative centers. Their real-world examples of digital innovation using SAP Leonardo serve as inspiration for SAP customers and partners. They also offer a place for businesses and startups to experiment and innovate, jointly or in collaborative efforts.

Leonardo Center Singapore expands SAP’s presence in the APJ region, which already boasts three SAP Innovation Centers and four SAP Labs. It will be the fifth in the global network of SAP Leonardo Centers, serving a “front-end” to assist SAP customers in transforming their businesses with SAP Leonardo and Design Thinking.

SAP Leonardo brings together the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, Big Data Analytics and Data Intelligence on the SAP Cloud Platform. It also applies SAP’s technological capabilities and deep knowledge of 25 industries to deliver the promise of Intelligent Enterprise.

“The SAP Leonardo Center in Singapore will showcase the art of the possible in digital innovation and help our customers scale quickly, easily and effectively,” said Scott Russell, President, SAP APJ. “Together with our customers and partners, we aim to leverage the SAP Leonardo Center Singapore as a think tank to drive purpose-led innovation that will ultimately improve the lives of one billion people and deliver the Intelligent Enterprise for over 70,000 customers in APJ by 2022. The SAP Leonardo Center in Singapore will play a key role in realizing our growth strategy and drive customer success in the new Intelligence era.”


Collaborative Hub

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The SAP Leonardo Center Singapore aims to foster a collaborative environment for businesses, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to experiment and innovate.

It will also serve as a hub for SAP’s broader digital technology ecosystem including universities, startups, tech communities and accelerators.

Through the SAP University Alliances program, SAP APJ helps to educate 1.7 million students in educational institutions across the region. SAP APJ has also established 13 labs in APJ with plans to open more in the future.


Tour Of SAP Leonardo Center Singapore

Thorsten Vieth, Director of Industry Innovation at SAP South East Asia, took us on a tour of SAP Leonardo Center Singapore. SAP created various booths to showcase real world examples of SAP Leonardo at work.

They include traffic management of an entire city, how a smart stadium manages crowds, predictive maintenance of smart trains, and ensuring safety of drivers and passengers in smart buses.

They also showed how machine learning can be used to simplify the maintenance of home appliances with IoT capability, while providing a transparent and secure service record using blockchain technology. Such capabilities not only improve the customer experience, they also reduce costs for businesses.

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