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Did CDC Admit PCR Test Can't Tell Apart COVID + Flu Virus?

Did CDC Admit PCR Test Can’t Tell Apart COVID + Flu Virus?

Did the CDC just withdraw the PCR test for COVID-19, because it could not differentiate between COVID-19 and the flu virus?

Take a look at this new “viral” claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Did CDC Admit PCR Test Can’t Tell Apart COVID + Flu Virus?

People are now sharing news that the CDC just “quietly” withdrew the PCR test for COVID-19, after they “quietly” admitted that it could not differentiate between COVID-19 and the flu virus.

It’s a long post, so just skip to the next section for the facts…

HUGE. CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate Between the Flu and COVID Virus

This is BIG NEWS.
On December 31, 2021, the CDC will withdraw the use of the PCR test for COVID testing. The CDC finally admitted the test does not differentiate between the flu and COVID virus.


Truth : CDC Did Not Admit PCR Test Can’t Tell Apart COVID + Flu Virus

This is actually a reboot of old fake news from July 2021, after CDC announced that they were withdrawing their EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) for the COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

The truth is – the CDC did not withdraw the PCR test because it couldn’t differentiate the COVID-19 virus from the flu virus.

It was fake news back then, and it’s still fake news today… and here are the reasons why.

Fact #1 : COVID-19 Only PCR Test Wastes Time + Resources

A patient’s sample is usually tested against a panel of multiple respiratory illnesses, allowing a single PCR test to detect and differentiate for multiple viruses.

Using PCR to test for a single pathogen like the SARS-CoV-2 virus is incredibly wasteful, because another PCR test would have to be performed to test for other pathogens, wasting time and laboratory resources.

However, to speed things up in the COVID-19 pandemic, the US CDC released a PCR test panel in February 2020, that only tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Fact #2 : CDC Only Withdrew EUA For COVID-19 Specific PCR Test

When the US CDC released their COVID-19 specific PCR test, they had to apply to the US FDA for an Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).

This EUA was necessary to allow patients to be tested for a single infectious agent (the SARS-CoV-2 virus) in a given emergency (the COVID-19 pandemic), because a single pathogen PCR assay wastes time and laboratory resources.

On 21 July 2021, the CDC announced that they would be withdrawing their UEA request for their old COVID-19 only PCR test after 31 December 2021.

To be clear – the CDC was not withdrawing other COVID-19 PCR tests, only their old test.

Fact #3 : Old CDC PCR Test Only Detects COVID-19

The old CDC PCR test for COVID-19 only looks for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It therefore cannot detect any influenza virus.

But that does not mean it can mistakenly identify the influenza (flu) virus as COVID-19, as COVID-19 deniers and antivaxxers are claiming.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a coronavirus – a completely different virus than the flu (influenza) virus. It is not possible for any PCR test to mix them up.

Fact #4 : Labs Asked To Switch To Multi-Analyte Panels

In their 21 July 2021 laboratory alert, the CDC asked laboratories to switch to the many FDA-approved multi-analyte PCR tests for COVID-19 and other viruses.

In other words, they are asking laboratories to switch from a single pathogen PCR test, to a PCR test that can detect and differentiate multiple viruses.

This saves time and laboratory resources, as a single patient sample can be used to test for multiple viruses in a single test.

Fact #5 : PCR Tests Can Differentiate COVID-19 From Flu Viruses

Let me be clear – PCR tests, then and now, can detect and differentiate the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) from the influenza (flu) viruses.

The only difference is whether they do it in a single PCR test, or two PCR tests.

If the old CDC panel is used, then the laboratory will have to run two PCR tests to do that. The newer multi-analyte panels allow laboratories to accomplish that in a single test.

Fact #6 : Multi-Analyte Panels Save Time + Resources

The CDC withdrew their EUA for the COVID-19 only test, because the newer multi-analyte panels save time and resources, by testing the patient’s sample for multiple pathogens

This is especially important during the flu season – doctors can quickly determine if the patient has COVID-19, or just influenza, or in rare cases – both of them at the same time!

Fact #7 : CDC Withdrawal Of Old PCR Test Was Covered Extensively

The claim that CDC quietly withdrew their old PCR test is false. The CDC issued a laboratory alert that is publicly available to everyone on the Internet.

The claim that this test withdrawal “received no attention from the media” is also false. The media covered the news back in July 2021, and I even wrote a fact check back then.

Fact #8 : Flu Cases Dropped Because Of COVID-19 Precautions

Flu cases did not drop because the PCR tests no longer detected the influenza virus. They were always detectable through PCR tests.

Influenza is a respiratory virus that spreads through droplets, just like SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, the same COVID-19 precautions – wearing a face mask, social distancing and maintaining good hand hygiene – protect us against the flu as well.

When many people started taking COVID-19 precautions, they were also protected from other respiratory viruses like the flu. Flu cases naturally dropped.


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Can You Take Flu + COVID-19 Vaccines At The Same Time?

Is it safe to take the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time? Or should you wait between each shot?

Find out what the LATEST health advisory is on getting the flu and COVID-19 vaccines.


Why Take Flu + COVID-19 Vaccines At The Same Time?

Flu viruses mutate very quickly, so an annual flu vaccine is necessary to protect against the latest variants.

As it so happens, the 2021-2022 seasonal flu vaccine is being administered at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine.

There are some advantages in getting both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time (co-administration) :

  • Convenience : It’s more convenient to get both shots in the same visit, saving you a trip to the hospital / clinic and waiting for your shot.
  • Saves Money : If you have to pay for the flu and/or COVID-19 vaccines, getting them together may save you money since the doctor can administer them in the same visit. Even if they are both free, you save the expense of another trip to the hospital / clinic.
  • Shorter Downtime : You will usually experience some side effects like fever, headache and muscle ache for a day or two with each vaccination. It would be better to undergo that once, instead of twice.

But people are naturally worried that the flu and COVID-19 vaccines should not be mixed, and taking them at the same time could be dangerous, or at least cause more severe side effects.

Let’s find out if that’s true…


Should You Take Flu + COVID-19 Vaccines At The Same Time?

At least two studies have shown that taking the flu and COVID-19 vaccines together is both safe and effective.

The ComFluCOV study, for example, showed that there was no significant difference in side effects or efficacy of both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

The Novavax study showed that there was no difference in side effects when both vaccines were taken at the same time, but there was a slight reduction in efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine (from 89.8% to 87.5%).

What those studies tell us is that it is safe to take both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time, and they remain effective.

But either choice is really fine. If you are more comfortable taking them separately, then take them separately. But if you prefer to take them together, go on right ahead.

The key thing is to protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated against both seasonal flu (influenza) and COVID-19.


What Experts Say About Taking Flu + COVID-19 Vaccines Together?

When the COVID-19 vaccines first came out, health authorities recommended taking them on their own, and taking the flu vaccine at least two weeks later.

This recommendation was out of abundance of caution, and not due to any known risks of taking them both at the same time.

After millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered, health authorities now know more about their safety profiles and have updated their guidance accordingly.


On 14 May 2021, the US CDC updated their guidance on the co-administration of COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines, which includes the flu vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines may be administered without regard to timing of other vaccines. This includes simultaneous administration of COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines on the same day.

If multiple vaccines are administered at a single visit, administer each injection in a different injection site.

Read more : Can You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine With Other Vaccines?

American Academic of Paediatrics

On 14 May 2021, the American Academic of Paediatrics said that it supports giving childhood vaccines (including the seasonal flu vaccine) together with the COVID-19 vaccine.


On 14 September 2021, the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced that :

[C]o-administration of the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines is generally well tolerated with no reduction in immune response to either vaccine. Therefore, the two vaccines may be co-administered where operationally practical.


On 21 October 2021, the WHO issued interim guidance on this issue, stating that :

WHO considers that coadministration of an inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine and any dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is acceptable, given that the known risk of serious illness for adults infected with influenza virus or SARS-CoV-2 is substantial.

Australian Department of Health

On 9 June 2021, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation issued updated advice on administering the flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Instead of a 14-day gap between the two doses, they are recommending a shorter 7-day gap. But they also stated that an even shorter gap, or administering them at the same time is also acceptable.

The preferred minimum interval between a dose of influenza vaccine and a dose of either Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) vaccine or Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is now 7 days (previously 14 days).

In some situations a shorter interval (including co-administration) is acceptable.


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Dr. Adrian Wong has been writing about tech and science since 1997, even publishing a book with Prentice Hall called Breaking Through The BIOS Barrier (ISBN 978-0131455368) while in medical school.

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Fact Check : Science Supports Pig As Haram With Proofs?

We fact-check an article by Mvslimfeed, claiming that science supports Islam’s declaration of pig as haram with proofs.

This is not a critique of any religion or dietary preference, but the TRUTH about pigs and pork.


Science Supports Pig As Haram With Proofs? : A TLDR Summary

Here is a quick summary of Mvslimfeed’s false claims about the pig and its meat, pork :

  • Eating pork infects you with tapeworm : FALSE
  • Pigs eat garbage and human shit : FALSE
  • Factory-farmed pigs are overdosed on antibiotics : MISLEADING
  • Pork infects 100,00 Americans a year with Yersinia enterocolitica : MISLEADING
  • Cooking won’t kill pig parasites : FALSE
  • Pork has twice the fat of beef : MISLEADING
  • Pork eaters have hundreds of diseases : FALSE
  • Pigs spread influenza to humans : MISLEADING
  • Pigs are toxic because they don’t perspire : FALSE
  • Pigs cannot be killed with poison : FALSE



Science Supports Pig As Haram With Proofs? A Detailed Debunking!

Here is our detailed examination of Mvslimfeed’s false claims about pigs and pork, and the real FACTS.

Claim #1 : Eating Pork Infects You With Tapeworm

Eating pork can cause over 70 different types of latent diseases as their body contains many toxins and deadly parasitic worms like tapeworm, roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, etc. These worms and diseases easily pass into human body and causes severe illness.

These worms can enter the human body through the mouth, anus, nose, or skin, with most species attaching themselves to the intestinal tract, damaging body. The most dangerous of these worms are tapeworms.

These tapeworms when enter brain cause memory loss, If it enters the heart it can cause heart attack, in the eye it can cause blindness, and in the liver it can cause liver damage. It can damage almost all the organs of the body.

Our Verdict : FALSE

Pork, like other kinds of animal meats, may harbour zoonotic diseases. That is why it is important to properly handle and cook them.

Parasitic worms like tapeworm, roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, etc. also exist in other animals that are halal for Muslims to consume – chicken, cows, buffalo, fish and so on.

Unless you consume raw meat (from any animal) infested with parasitic worms or their cysts / eggs, there is no danger. In fact, only certain parasitic worms can effectively infect a human.

The pig tapeworm (Taenia solium) can infect humans through undercooked pork, but generally does not cause any symptoms beyond abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation.

Taenia solium worms do not invade the brain, heart, eyes or liver. So claims that they can cause memory loss, heart attack, blindness or liver damage are categorically FALSE.

On the other hand, if one eats food contaminated with human or pig faeces containing tapeworm eggs, that can cause neurocysticercosis, leading to seizures or epilepsy.

We should point out that cattle have a similar tapeworm that can infect humans too – Taenia saginata.

Like pig tapeworms, the beef tapeworm infects humans through raw or undercooked meat, causing similar symptoms – abdominal pains, diarrhoea or constipation, etc.

If you wish to avoid parasitic worms – don’t just avoid pork. AVOID ALL MEAT.

Claim #2 : Pigs Eat Garbage And Human Shit

A pig is a filthy animal as it eats from garbage and human excreta. It will eat anything from urine, dirt, its own feces, decaying animal’s flesh, maggots or decaying vegetables. Eating so much of filth naturally makes them unfit for human consumption. They even eat the cancerous growths off other pigs or animals.

Some people may object that farm grown pigs aren’t dirty or filthy to which the response is that they are kept in a combined place where they live together and eat filth which a farmer fail to know.

Our Verdict : FALSE

Pigs are opportunistic omnivores. That means they will eat almost everything they’re fed.

In farms, that may range from corn- and soy-based animal feed to processed food waste. That’s no different from what cattle and poultry are fed.

Do pigs eat insects? Yes, in the wild, pigs will feed on insects, as well as small mammals. However, they mostly eat plants.

Do pigs feed on their own faeces, urine, decaying animal flesh or cancer growths on other pigs or animals? No. Those are just LIES.

Claim #3 : Factory-Farmed Pigs Are Overdosed On Antibiotics

It is estimated that 70 percent of factory-farmed pigs have pneumonia when they go to the slaughterhouse. When so many pigs stay together at a farm they are more prone to diseases and filth. They are given an overdose of anti-biotics and other vaccines to keep them disease free which in turn goes into human body.

Our Verdict : MISLEADING

In intensive farming, up to 30% of a herd may get infected (Taylor, D. J. (1995). Pig Diseases) with up to half the herd dying. So the claim of 70% of factory-farmed pigs getting pneumonia is likely to be fabricated.

It is true that antibiotics are used to prevent diseases in factory-farmed pigs. However, antibiotics are also used to prevent diseases in other factory-farmed animals like cattle, poultry and even fish.

So the statement, while partly true, is intentionally misleading.

We should point out that you can avoid antibiotics in your food by opting for meat harvested from free-range animals, whether they are pigs, chicken or cattle.

Claim #4 : Pork Infects 100,000 Americans A Year With Yersinia Enterocolitica

A 2013 Consumer Reports analysis of U.S. pork chops and ground pork samples found widespread (69 percent) presence of a bacteria called yersinia enterocolitica. This bacterium infects around 100,000 Americans a year, especially children, and can cause fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain in humans.

Our Verdict : MISLEADING

While the claim is accurately sourced from Consumer Reports, it is intentionally misleading.

Yersinia enterocolitica does not just affect pork, but other animal meats like beef and chicken. And it is prevented by adequately cooking the meat.

If we want to be intentionally misleading like Mvslimfeed, we would also point out that Consumer Reports also posted that ground beef and even romain lettuce contaminated with E. coli O1O3 or Salmonella have sickened and even killed people.

The fact of matter is – food safety is a concern whether you are eating pork, beef or vegetables. Stay safe by adequately cooking your food!

Next Page > Fake Scientific Claims About Pigs #5 to #10


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Claim #5 : Cooking Won’t Kill Pig Parasites

Pigs carry several parasites into their body which doesn’t go off even after proper cooking. One of the biggest concerns with eating pork meat is trichinosis or trichinellosis.

This is an infection that humans get from eating undercooked or uncooked pork that contains the larvae of the trichinella worm. There is a common misconception that these worms die when cooked properly, again it’s a false notion. One in six people in the US and Canada has trichinosis from eating trichina worms (roundworms), which are found in pork.

These worms are found in the flesh of pig and the diseases caused by eating pork are incurable once it reaches beyond a certain stage.

The disease of trichinosis causes typhoid, arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, meningitis, gall bladder trouble etc. The disease lodges itself in the brain, intestines, muscles and spinal cords.

Our Verdict : FALSE

Trichinella is a parasite that is prevalent in many mammals, not just pigs. Notably, it is a HUMAN parasite – you can be infected by Trichinella parasites even if you have never consumed pork in your entire life.

Trichinella infections in farmed pigs is actually rare. It is more commonly found in wild pigs, home-raised pigs, or free-range pigs because they are more likely to eat food contaminated with Trichinella.

Trichinella is also effectively eliminated by cooking pork properly – 63°C or higher for 3 minutes or longer. So the claim by Mvslimfeed is categorically FALSE.

Claim #6 : Pork Has Twice The Fat Of Beef

Pork contains fat. Almost more than twice as much as beef contains. It has very little muscle building material and contains excess of fat. This fat gets deposited in the vessels and can cause hypertension and heart attack. America is home to the most obese people in the world.

Our Verdict : MISLEADING

As any chef can tell you, the amount of fat in any animal meat is dependent on the cut. So it would be misleading to claim that pork has twice as much fat as beef.

For example, 100 grams of pork belly has 54 g of fat, yet 100 grams of pork tenderloin only has 3.5 g of fat, while 100 grams of beef tenderloin can contain as much as 25 g of fat.

We should point out that fat is prized in beef cuts, with the rib eye boasting up to 37.6 grams of fat. Connoisseurs pay top dollar for steaks that are well-marbled with fat.

Claim #7 : Pork Eaters Have Hundreds Of Diseases

Pork-eaters aren’t healthy at all rather they store only fat in their body which makes their body home to hundreds of diseases which we even can’t pronounce.

Our Verdict : FALSE

The human body stores excess calories that we consume as fat, irrespective of whether we obtained them by eating carbohydrates (bread, rice) or animal meats (pork, beef, chicken)… or beer.

And anyone who has hundreds of diseases in their body will likely be dead… except in the imagination of the Mvslimfeed writer.

Claim #8 : Pigs Spread Influenza To Humans

Influenza or flu is one of the most lethal illnesses that pigs share with humans. This illness is harboured in the lungs of pigs during summer and tends to effect pigs and humans in the cooler months.

Our Verdict : MISLEADING

Influenza is a very large family of viruses, infecting all kinds of mammals. They do not all transmit from animals to humans, although some do.

The 2009 swine flu pandemic was particularly severe, which was estimated to have killed about 284,000 people across the world.

Even so, it was not a very lethal disease, with a mortality rate of just 0.01-0.03%. It only killed so many people because it infected hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Recommended : H1N1 Pandemic : The Great American Cover-Up Debunked!

COVID-19, which has a bat origin, is far more lethal, with a mortality rate that is 100X higher – 1-2%. It has already killed over 471,000 people as of 22 June 2020.

The 2009 H1N1 swine flu also spread from human to human, and had nothing to do with whether you eat pork or not.

Claim #9 : Pigs Are Toxic Because They Don’t Perspire

One of the reasons why pork is haram in Islam is unlike other animals pigs don’t perspire. Since they don’t sweat all their toxic excretion is absorbed by their meat and these meats are consumed by humans. So, pal if you eat pork, you eat the toxic chemical excretion of pigs.

Our Verdict : FALSE

Pigs have sweat glands but they are not functional (eccrine) sweat glands. That means they are not used to regulate the pig’s body temperature.

Instead, they are apocrine glands that do not secrete sweat but an oily substance. They therefore function like scent glands.

Sweating in mammals is not the main way of excreting toxins. It is, by large, a way to regulate the body temperature. The same toxins excreted in sweat is disposed in far larger quantities in the urine and faeces.

What little minerals, lactate and urea that isn’t excreted in a pig’s (hypothetical) sweat is not absorbed by its flesh but excreted in its urine / faeces.

That is also why people who live in cold climates do not die from toxins building up in their bodies, just because they don’t sweat.

Claim #10 : Pigs Cannot Be Killed With Poison

Pig meats are also poisonous and they can’t be killed with normal poisons such as strychnine. Farmers often put  pigs at the nests of venomous snakes to eat them up while they won’t be affected by the sting of the snakes.

Our Verdict : FALSE

This is such a ridiculous lie. Strychnine is highly toxic to pigs.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the oral LD50 toxic dose is only 0.5-1 mg/kg for a pig. A cat, in comparison, has an oral LD50 dose of 2 mg/kg.

The book, Diseases of Swine, goes on to note that pigs poisoned by strychnine often die in less than 1 hour.

There is also no evidence of farmers using pigs to kill venomous snakes, and snakes are known to attack pigs…


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Free Influenza Vaccine Expiring Soon : Should You Take It?

Antivaxxers are criticising a hospital for offering free influenza vaccine, claiming that they are expiring soon and made from dog cells.

Find out what is going on, and whether the influenza vaccine is made from dog cells, and if you should take influenza vaccine that is expiring soon!


Free Influenza Vaccine?

The controversy started when Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara started offering free influenza vaccinations as a CSR initiative.

From 20 June to 27 June 2020, they would offer a free influenza vaccine for up to 200 patients a day.


Free Influenza Vaccine, But Expiring Soon?

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hadi posted excitedly about the CSR initiative in his Facebook post yesterday. As he pointed out – this is a rare opportunity to receive a free influenza vaccine.

But antivaxxers noticed that in the picture shared by Dr. Mohamed Al-Hadi, the syringes had an expiry date of 27 June 2020.

One person specifically posted this warning with the screenshots above, highlighting the expiry date (with our English translation below) :

Patut la free.
Seminggu lagi nak expired.
Marhaen kena tipu.
Dah la guna sel anjing..dan aku x rasa yg Islam2 gi cucuk tu diberitahu kandungan dia buat drpd apa.
Tadah je kan..free katakan…
Gila la pendokong WHO ni.
Dah la bangsat pi suntik org vaksin yg nak expired, haram utk org Islam dan nak out of season, pi tayang lak gambar expiry date…mmg kena bahan la…ya Allah..bila la nak cerdik bila buat jahat geng2 ni???!!!

No wonder it’s free
Just one week before it expires.
We commoners are getting cheated.
Bad enough it uses dog cells.. and I doubt Muslims who were given this injection were told what it was made of.
Just ignore it… free they say…
This WHO supporter is crazy.
Bad enough this bastard injects expiring vaccine, it is haram for Muslims and about to be out of season, go look at the picture of the expiry date
You really need to know the ingredients… Oh God… how to be smart against the evils of these gangs???!!!


Free Influenza Vaccine Expiring Soon : Should You Take It?

Now, let’s look into the claims above and see what the facts are regarding this free influenza vaccine CSR initiative by Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara…

Fact #1 : Those Are SKYCellflu Quadrivalent Vaccines

Assuming that the picture shared shows the exact vaccine Thomson Hospital is giving away for free, it is the SKYCellflu Quadrivalent influenza vaccine from South Korea.

As a quadrivalent vaccine, it offers protection against the four influenza viruses most likely to cause illness in the current season.

Fact #2 : SKYCellflu 2020 Vaccines In Malaysia All “Expire” On 27 June

According to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency of Malaysia, all 15,000 doses of SKYCellflu Quadrivalent vaccines imported into Malaysia in February 2020 will expire on 27 June 2020.

That expiry date is not based on when the vaccine was manufactured, but when the WHO predicts that a new formulation may be needed (see Fact #3).

Fact #3 : Expiration Date Has A Different Meaning In Influenza Vaccines

Influenza vaccines are not food products. Their expiration date is not an indication of when they are about to go “bad”.

Rather, their expiration date tells doctors when they should use a different vaccine formulation, for better protection against the constantly mutating viruses and changing virus circulation.

As long as the influenza vaccine administered has not reached its expiration date – it is the formulation that offers the best protection you can get for that flu season.

Fact #4 : Expired Influenza Vaccines Still Work

When influenza vaccines reach their expiration date, they don’t stop working. They are just presumed to be less effective, as the circulating viruses may have changed.

As the CDC notes, “Vaccination with an expired influenza vaccine might not protect against influenza infection because different influenza virus strains can be included in the vaccine each year; in addition, protection against viruses included in the vaccine could wane if vaccine potency decreases over time“.

The fact is – even an expired influenza vaccine will offer better protection than no influenza vaccine at all.

Fact #5 : Those Are Perfectly Good Influenza Vaccines

Those SKYCellflu Quadrivalent vaccines Thomson Hospital is giving away are perfectly good influenza vaccines as long as they are used by 26 June 2020.

Yes, they are giving away something that they can no longer administer or sell from 27 June 2020 onwards, but that doesn’t mean that they are cheating anyone.

They are giving away perfectly good vaccines that cost them money. Is there harm in letting them gain some publicity to cover those losses?

Fact #6 : SKYCellflu Quadrivalent Vaccines Are Not Made From Dog Cells

The SKYCellflu Quadrivalent influenza vaccine is not made from dog cells. Rather, the influenza viruses are GROWN in MDCK (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney) cells.

After they are grown, the viruses are then harvested and purified before being inactivated. No dog cells of any kind are present in the vaccine.

Using MDCK cells provides these advantages over using fertilised chicken eggs :

  • faster vaccine manufacturing
  • no egg allergy risk
  • no egg-adapted changes, allowing for better immune response by the body

Whether such a vaccine is acceptable for religious or moral reasons, we will leave it to every individual to decide.

Fact #6 : Thomson Hospital Staff + Doctors Received Them Too

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hadi also pointed out that Thomson Hospital gave their staff and doctors first priority, administering their flu vaccines on the very first day.

Do you think they would risk the health of their staff and doctors if they did not believe the flu vaccine was safe and effective?


COVID-19 : Please Keep Safe!

If you ask us, what we are more concerned about is the long queue. If you are planning to take up this free influenza vaccine offer, please make sure you :

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Surgical Mask : How To CORRECTLY Wear + Remove!

Wearing a surgical mask is CRITICAL in protecting yourself against influenza and the COVID-19 coronavirus, but many people do not actually know how to CORRECTLY wear and remove a surgical mask.

While most know better than to wear a surgical mask over their eyes, they still wear it incorrectly, and worse – take it off the wrong way, and infect themselves in the process!

In this guide, we will teach you how to WEAR and REMOVE a surgical mask, the right way… to avoid infecting yourself!

Please SHARE this with your family and friends, so they can stay protected!

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Make Sure You Use A 3-Ply Surgical Mask!

First, please make sure you buy and use 3-ply surgical masks, and not fashion masks, or 2-ply hygiene masks.

Fashion masks are reusable, made from washable cotton, and often lack a filter although some may boast activated charcoal filters – these are useless against viruses and bacteria.

A proper 3-ply surgical or medical mask, on the other hand, has three layers – each with very specific functions :

  • an outer hydrophobic layer, which repels water, blood and body fluids,
  • a middle filter layer that is designed to filter bacteria, and
  • an inner hydrophilic layer, which absorbs water, sweat and spit

The 3-ply surgical mask has been proven to be as effective as N95 respirators in preventing viral infections like influenza.

Finally, we have 2-ply hygiene face masks that are cheap and made from the same material – fabric or polypropylene or other kinds of non-woven material.

With NO FILTER layer, these hygiene masks are useless against haze, viruses and bacteria. They are commonly used in spas and restaurants.

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How To Wear A Surgical Mask Correctly

Here are some step-by-step instructions for wearing a surgical mask correctly :

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, before touching the mask
  2. Hold the mask with the stiff bendable strip on top, and the coloured side facing outwards.
  3. If the surgical mask has ear loops – hold the mask by the ear loops, and place a loop around each ear.
  4. If the surgical mask has ties – bring the mask to your nose and place the ties over the crown of your head, and secure by tying them in a bow.
  5. If the surgical mask has elastic bands – bring the mask to your nose and pull the top band over your head and let it rest on the crown of your head, and then pull the bottom strap over your head and let it rest on the nape of your neck.
  6. Mould or pinch the nose strip to conform to the shape of your nose.
  7. Pull the bottom of the surgical mask over your mouth and chin.

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How To Remove A Surgical Mask Correctly

After use, the mask will be dirty / contaminated and must be removed and disposed of properly.

So please follow these instructions, to avoid infecting yourself while removing your mask :

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, before touching the mask.
  2. AVOID touching the front of the mask, because it is contaminated. Only touch the ear loops / ear ties / ear bands.
  3. If the surgical mask has ear loops – hold and unhook both ear loops and gently lift the mask away from your face.
  4. If the surgical mask has ties – untie the bottom bow first, followed by the top bow, before pulling the mask away from your face
  5. If the surgical mask has elastic bands – lift the bottom strap over your head first, and then pull the top strap over your head
  6. Holding the mask only by the ear loops / ear ties / ear bands, dispose of the mask in the trash.
  7. Clean your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser again, before touching anything else.

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Where To Buy Surgical Masks

Please make sure you only purchase proper 3-layer surgical masks, and not 2-ply hygiene masks or fashion masks. Here are some online purchase options :

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H1N1 Pandemic : The Great American Cover-Up Debunked!

People are spreading the fake story that Western media covered up the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, while hypocritically criticising China over the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

We will debunk this nonsensical claim about the H1N1 American Pandemic Virus, and show you what really happened.


2009 H1N1 Pandemic : The Great American Cover-Up?

China is under great pressure fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, which has resulted in unfair racist attacks on Chinese and Asian-looking people in many countries, especially in the West.

Unfortunately, that situation has also encouraged Sinophiles and the Chinese propaganda arm to create false narratives to divert some of the blame.

This example about the H1N1 American Pandemic Virus was created by Gong Simi Singapore, which roughly translates as What Say You Singapore, based on Chinese propaganda.

H1N1 was started in the USA. Little efforts were made by the USA to stop the spread of the virus.

It killed 284,500 worldwide and affected 214 countries.

There was no mention by the western media that H1N1 is an American Pandemic Virus.

It did not help that even famous Chinese journalist Liu Xin from CGTN got into the act, claiming that Western media did not call America the Sick Man of North America for the H1N1 pandemic that she claimed began in the US.

Now, let us show you why this is yet another fake story…


H1N1 Pandemic : The Great American Cover-Up Debunked!

We created this video to explain in just over 3 minutes why this is a Chinese propaganda effort to hit back at perceived Western bias in their fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

While they may have their (arguably justifiable) reasons for doing so, it is still a lie, and must be debunked.

CDC Did NOT Admit It Originated In The US
They keep pointing out that the CDC admitted that the 2009 swine flu pandemic originated in the US. That’s actually not accurate.The CDC is a US agency, and was reporting on the 2009 flu pandemic from the US perspective. Their Q&A only mentioned that it was first detected in the US in April 2009.

In the first WHO report on the disease, it was pointed out that while the US reported seven confirmed cases on 24 April 2009, the Mexican government admitted that they already picked up cases from 18 March 2009 onwards.

In other words, the 2009 flu epidemic started in Mexico for more than a month, before spreading to the US and the rest of the world, creating a pandemic.

The 2009 Flu Pandemic Started In Mexico!

The claim that the 2009 swine flu pandemic started in the US is false.

That swine flu pandemic actually originated in Veracruz, Mexico. That is over 500 kilometres from the nearest US border town of Brownsville, Texas.

The Strain Is Called Pandemic Disease Mexico

After the 2009 pandemic strain was confirmed to have originated in Mexico, it was known as the A(H1N1)pdm09, which is short for Influenza A (H1N1 subtype) Pandemic Disease Mexico 2009.

It Was A National Emergency In The US

The claim that the US did nothing to stop the spread of the virus is also false.

President Barack Obama actually declared the 2009 flu pandemic a US National Emergency on 24 October 2009.

Two different vaccines were developed and introduced by November 2009. President Obama himself received the trivalent jab on 20 December 2009.

It Triggered The First Ever WHO PHEIC

The 2009 flu pandemic so alarmed the WHO that they declared their first ever PHEICPublic Health Emergency of International Concern – in April 2009.

So any claim that there was no effort by any party to stop the spread of the virus is nonsensical.


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