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Huntkey Tea Maker Launched

Shenzhen, 4 July 2016 Huntkey, a leading global power solution provider, is releasing its first tea maker. The advent of the Huntkey Tea Maker declares that Huntkey is making its inroad into the appliance industry.

China is the birthplace of tea, and tea is also a representative of Chinese culture. The origin of tea can be traced back to the ancient times, and it flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties, then it spread out to other countries. Now tea has become one of the most popular drinks in the world. In recent years, many researchers suggested that tea can offer protection against many diseases. For example, green tea has been proven to reduce heart disease and ginkgo biloba tea has a positive effect on cardiac cerebral disease.


Huntkey Tea Maker

The Huntkey Tea Maker is an auto tea station that is dedicated to making tea that tastes good and is packed with nutritious properties. Tea can be washed, cooked, brewed and poured automatically by the tea maker by one press.

And the brewing time and temperature can be set different according to different teas such as green tea, black tea and dragon well tea to keep the tea delicious and packed with nutrients. Once brewed, the tea can be kept at 80 degrees Celsius to keep the good taste.

Besides brewing tea, the tea maker can also be used for coffee making and milk brewing at the most appropriate temperature, and can keep boiled water at 55 degrees Celsius for convenient drinking.

“The most favorable characteristic of this product is that it is convenient and safe to use, it’s an ideal choice both for daily life and office use,” said Ferris Liao, the global sales director of Huntkey.

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New Huntkey Products @ Global Sources Electronics Show

Shenzhen, China, March 16th, 2016 – Huntkey Enterprise Group will showcase its latest technologies at the upcoming Global Sources Electronics, April 11-14, in Hong Kong.

Global Sources Electronics is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show and Huntkey will display a variety of new products including the SCA607 USB charging station which was first introduced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The highly convenient SCA607 can charge six devices at the same time, while the brush rack keeps devices in order to prevent desks or workspaces from becoming cluttered.

In addition to the SCA607, Huntkey will also bring its new power strips with different standards for different regions.

The new SMD series are American standard power strips, including SMD507, SMD807, SMD127 and SMD407. There are two versions of SMD507, SMD807 and SMD127, users can choose the power strips with two USB charging ports or with double network interfaces as needed. The SMD407 is a smart wall changer with two outlets and two USB charging ports.

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The SZN607 is the latest in the SZN series universal power strips, it is equipped with five sockets and two USB ports, a maximum of seven devices can be in use at the same time. It is the upgraded version of the Huntkey SZN507 power strip reviewed here.

It’s worth mentioning that the SZN607 is equipped with child protective shutters in each sockets. The shutters can be opened only when both the Live Wire hole and the Null Wire hole are inserted simultaneously. That is to say, when somebody accidentally inserts a finger into a pin hole, the socket will not be energized, therefore protecting users, especially children, from the danger of electric shock.

The new SZL series are universal standard power strips, composed of 2 models – SZL307 and SZL407, both with 2 USB charging ports, surge protection and child protection.

There are also three new members in SAC series Australian standard – SAC207, SAC607 and SAC807. The SAC607 power strip has six outlets and 2 USB charging ports, the SAC807 has eight outlets and four charging ports, while the SAC207 is a smart wall charger with two outlets and two USB charging ports.


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Huntkey SZN507 Smart Power Strip Review

Huntkey was established two decades ago as a manufacturer specialising in power supply products. Today, they have over 750,000 square meters of manufacturing space in Shenzhen, Heyuan and Hefei industrial parks in China.

They started as an OEM supplier to brands like Dell and Lenovo, but have recently started selling their own Huntkey-branded products.  Let’s take a look at one of their universal series power strips – the Huntkey SZN507 smart power strip.

The Huntkey SZN507 is part of the Huntkey universal series of power strips. They are called the universal series because the power sockets support major plug types in the United States, Europe and Asia.


The Huntkey SZN507 Power Strip

The Huntkey SZN507 comes in a clear plastic package with a cardboard back, so you can immediately see what you are buying. The power cord is hidden behind a cardboard printout showing the key features of the SZN507 power strip.

The cardboard back slides right off to reveal the power strip with the power cord inside a cardboard compartment. You will find nothing but the SNZ507 power strip inside.

The Huntkey SZN507 superficially looks like many power strips. It even comes with the same wall mount holes at the back. However, the SZN507 is no ordinary power strip. Let’s take a closer look!


Universal Power Sockets

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with four power sockets. These are universal power sockets that support 7 major plug types in America, Europe and Asia. Specifically, these power sockets will support the Type A, Type B, Type C, Type E, Type F, Type G and Type I plugs. However, it does not support the Type J, Type H, Type K and Type L plugs.

These power sockets are also feature “child protection”, in the form of collapsible plastic shutters over the two live pins of the socket. They prevent children from inserting the points of the scissors or a knife into the socket. The shutters will only collapse when an actual plug is inserted, and presses on them simultaneously. Smart!


USB Charging Ports

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with two USB charging ports. The two USB ports will deliver up to 10.5 W of power output – 2.1 A of current at the standard USB voltage of 5 V. Each port, however, can only deliver about 5 W of power – about 1 A of current at 5 V.

These USB ports allow you to recharge your smartphones, tablets and power banks without requiring a separate USB power adaptor. It may not recharge as quickly as newer power banks and fast chargers which can deliver higher currents, but its key advantage is its convenience..

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Double-Break Switch & Copper Bar

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with a double-break switch, which has breaks the electrical contact at two points, instead of a single contact. This not only offers twice the breaking capacity, it also provides a greater contact surface when the circuit is closed – allowing for better heat dissipation and a longer switch life.

Huntkey also plated the switch contacts with a silver-nickel alloy to reduce contact resistance, and protect them against corrosion and oxidation. Hence, the double-break switch is rated to last over 10,000 times.

To ensure maximum safety and lifespan, Huntkey used a solid copper bar internally to conduct electricity to the power sockets. As copper is a better conductor of both electricity and heat than aluminium or steel, the use of a copper bar would result in both a lower heat output as well as better dissipation of the heat.


Power Cord

The Huntkey SZN507 comes with a 3 meter (10 feet) long power cord. The length is important for many users, but many people ignore the quality of the cable – specifically the ability of the wires inside to conduct that much electricity. If the power cord does not use the proper wires, they will overheat and potentially start a fire.

The SZN507 use three insulated wires with a minimum conductor cross section of 0.75 mm². The power cord is therefore capable of handling a maximum current load of 12 A, or a maximum power output of 2,880 watts. In other words, the Huntkey SZN507 is more than capable of handling the rated power output of 2,500 watts.


Power Plug

Huntkey offers four different plug options for the SZN507, depending on which region it’s sold. Irrespective of the plug type the SZN507 comes with, the power plug is only fused for a maximum current of 10 A. And we checked – it actually uses a 10 A fuse. This is important because it guarantees that the SZN507 power strip is never overloaded.

Most power strips use the more common 13 A fuse. In most cases, you won’t face any issues, but there is a risk of overloading the power strip. Using a 13 A fuse would allow the power strip to receive up to 13 A of current, which would overload the (12 A) conduction capacity of the power cord, causing it to overheat and potentially melt and/or catch fire.


Our Verdict

[adrotate banner=”4″]The Huntkey SZN507 is a power strip designed for the discerning modern family. Superficially, it looks just like any other power strip, but inside – it conceals a ton of safety features. Everything, from its internal copper bar structure to its 10 A fused plug, is designed to ensure that the SZN507 will never exceed its specifications and overheat or worse, catch fire.

We are not talking just about its listed safety features or its certification by various safety authorities. It is also about their attention to detail. Everything we inspected checked out, meeting or exceeding their own specifications. That is not something we can be sure of if we purchase an ordinary power strip from Walmart or Tesco.

The Huntkey SZN507 isn’t a power strip designed just for the techie who wants to ensure that his/her devices will never get destroyed by a power surge. Anyone who wants a properly-designed and built power strip for peace of mind should consider the Huntkey SZN507.


Huntkey SZN507 Specifications

SpecificationsHuntkey SZN507
Maximum Power Output2500 W (250 V @ 10 A)
Power Sockets4 x power sockets (250 V @ 10 A)
2 x USB sockets (5 V @ 2.1 A)
Safety FeaturesDouble-break silver-nickel contact switch with service life of over 10,000X
One-piece copper bar structure
Child protection for power sockets
CertificationsBS, CSA, VDE, STQC
Power Cord Quality3 x 0.75 mm² wires (Germany / India)
3 x 1.0 / 0.75 mm² wires (UK)
3 x 0.824 mm² wires (US)
Plug OptionsGermany + France dual use / India / UK / US


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Huntkey GS500 & GS600 PSUs Now 80 PLUS Certified

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 1st , 2016 – Huntkey, a global leader in power supplies, surge protectors, adapters and chargers, today announced that its newly released Huntkey GS500 and GS600 power supplies have been certified by voluntary certification program 80 PLUS.

The Huntkey GS500 and GS600 are Huntkey’s latest power supplies and are specially designed for gaming. They support PCIE 6+2Pin cables which allows gamers to play games with two graphic cards, while the 80 PLUS certification pledges their energy saving and environmental protection capabilities.

The large 12cm fan can better cool down the power supply and lower noise, and the CB, CE certifications meet the demands of a greater number of countries.

“We always aim to provide products that adapt more to users’ needs,” said Ferris Liao, global sales director of Huntkey. “The Huntkey GS500 and GS600 do exactly that.”


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