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The Mid-2019 HUAWEI Price Cut Details + Analysis

On top of the HUAWEI Carnival 2019 promotions, and the HUAWEI No Worries promotion, HUAWEI Malaysia just announced their mid-2019 price cut on selected smartphones!

Here are the full HUAWEI price cut details, and our analysis… HUAWEI fans are in for some real nice deals!


The HUAWEI No Worries Promotion + Price Cut

HUAWEI ended June with a slew of great news – they sold 100 million smartphones by 30 May, 10 million P30 smartphones by 20 June, and the release of their EMUI 9.1 – a major upgrade of their mobile OS.

To kick off the second half of 2019, they are announcing a new HUAWEI No Worries promotion, with an extended warranty promotion, and a price cut on their three bestsellers!

  • HUAWEI P30 (8 GB + 128 GB) : Now only RM 2,299 – a RM 400 (15%) discount!
  • HUAWEI P30 Pro (8 GB + 256 GB) : Now only RM 3,399 – a RM 400 (10.5%) discount!
  • HUAWEI Nova 3i : Now only RM 799 – a RM 100 (11.1%) discount!


HUAWEI Carnival 2019 Promotions!

HUAWEI Malaysia also announced HUAWEI Carnival 2019, where you will have the chance to win prizes worth RM 1 million!

  • Mercedes-Benz GLA200 Night Edition
  • 100 units of E-bike Orbit
  • 400 units of Starlight Electric Scooters
  • Other gifts like tripod stands, USB-C to HDMI converters, HUAWEI body fat scale, and more!

For the full details, read our HUAWEI Carnival 2019 article!


The Mid-2019 HUAWEI Price Cut Details + Analysis

In conjunction with the HUAWEI Carnival 2019, HUAWEI Malaysia also announced a slew of price cuts, so everyone can now own a HUAWEI smartphone!

To make it easier for you, we summarised them and calculated the discount for you in this nifty table!

HUAWEI Smartphones Original Price New Price! Discount
HUAWEI Mate20 Pro RM 2,999 RM 2,599 – RM 400 (13.3%)
HUAWEI Mate20 RM 2,399 RM 2,099 – RM 300 (12.5%)
HUAWEI Mate20 X RM 2,899 RM 2,599 – RM 300 (10.3%)
HUAWEI P30 Pro (512 GB) RM 4,399 RM 3,899 – RM 500 (11.4%)
HUAWEI nova 4e RM 1,199 RM 999 – RM 200 (16.7%)
HUAWEI Y7 Pro 2019 RM 649 RM 599 – RM 50 (7.7%)

Percentage-wise, the HUAWEI nova 4e gets the best discount, followed by the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro and HUAWEI Mate20 smartphones.

However, the HUAWEI P30 Pro (512 GB) received the biggest discount in value – a whopping RM 500 off its launch price! That’s a very good deal!

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EMUI 9.1 Upgrade For HUAWEI Mate 20 Series Coming Up!

HUAWEI just announced that the new EMUI 9.1 will be available for four HUAWEI Mate 20 models very soon! Here are the full details!


EMUI 9.1 Upgrade For HUAWEI Mate 20 Series Coming Up!

HUAWEI will make EMUI 9.1 available on 27 June 2019 for four HUAWEI Mate 20 models – the Mate 20, the Mate 20 Pro, the Mate 20 X and the Mate RS Porsche Design.

Here are the new features you can expect in EMUI 9.1 to all models :

  • EROFS, a new file system that will deliver improved file compression and 20% higher random read performance.
  • GPU Turbo Version 3.0, with support for 25 games. For those games, it will improve performance further while reducing device power consumption.
  • A new Incoming Call Video Show replaces the traditional monotonous system ring tone and interface.
    You’ll be able to set different self-made or third-party videos as the incoming call display for different contacts.

Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 X users can further benefit from this new EMUI 9.1 feature :

  • a new Moon Mode, to help you take better moon shots using the Super Zoom capability of the Leica triple cameras.


EMUI 9.1 Mate 20 Upgrade Precautions

Before signing up for the EMUI 9.1 upgrade, you should be aware of the following precautions:

  1. Some third-party apps are incompatible with Android 9.0 and may not work properly after the upgrade. Specifically, crashing, freezing, and faster battery draining may occur. To avoid these issues, ensure that all of your apps are updated on Google Play Store.
  2. Ensure that your phone is not rooted.
  3. Ensure that your phone has more than 6GB of internal storage space. Otherwise, the upgrade may fail. To check the remaining storage space on your phone, go to Settings > Storage.
  4. Ensure that the current mobile phone version is the baseline version (original software version).
  5. Check the EMUI version your phone is using, go to Settings >System> About phone.
  6. If the EMUI version is not the baseline version, update it by going to Settings >System> Software update> CHECK FOR UPDATES.) Details of the software version (only for Malaysia) is listed as below.
Model Original Software Version Target Software Version
Mate 20 HMA-L29C HMA-L29C
CUDA Cores LYA-l29C LYA-L29C


Sign Up For The EMUI 9.1 Mate 20 Upgrade Now!

If your phone meets the above-mentioned criteria, open the HiCare app, and click on ‘Apply’ to sign up for the new EMUI 9.1 experience!

Once the update is available from 27 June 2019 onwards, you can open the HiCare app, click on Update and then Download.


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HUAWEI Outsmarts SD + microSD Ban With NM Card! 2.0

HUAWEI has just been removed as a member of the SD Association, because of the Trump ban. But they got an ace up their sleeves this time – their NM Card format!

Find out how the HUAWEI NM Card format lets them bypass the SD and microSD ban, and what else HUAWEI can do moving forward!

Updated @ 2019-05-31 : The SD Association quietly restored HUAWEI as a member. Seriously.

Originally posted @ 2019-05-25


What SD + microSD Ban?

The HUAWEI Trump ban keeps expanding its reach. Even the international SD Association has been forced to remove HUAWEI as a member.

This prevents HUAWEI and HONOR from making and selling any products that use the SD standards. Effectively, all future HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones can no longer be manufactured with microSD support.


What About Current Smartphones?

Don’t worry! Your HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones will continue to work normally with microSD cards.

These actions by the US Department of Commerce and the SD Association only apply to HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones that have not been released by 15 May 2019 onwards.

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NM Card To The Rescue!

HUAWEI now seem absolutely prescient when they released their own NM Card format together with the HUAWEI Mate20 smartphones last year.

The NM Card, or the HUAWEI Nano Memory Card in full, is 45% smaller than the microSD card. Precisely designed to mimic the shape and size of a nano SIM card, it allows for a more compact hybrid SIM tray design.

But more importantly, in the context of the Trump ban, the NM Card is a HUAWEI standard, and not a SD Association standard.


What Are Their Options?

Option A : Switch To NM Card

Thanks to their foresight in creating the NM Card standard, HUAWEI can easily replace microSD card slots with NM Card slots in their future smartphones.

Now, to be certain, the NM Card is neither cheap nor ubiquitous. The only company making and selling them is HUAWEI.

Hence, they have so far been introduced only in their flagship smartphones, like the HUAWEI Mate20, HUAWEI Mate20 ProHUAWEI Mate20 X, HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphones.

We expect HUAWEI to continue this trend, perhaps introducing NM Card into their higher mid-range devices; while simultaneously cutting prices on NM Cards.

Option B : Skip microSD Card

Switching to NM Card will not work well for their mid-range and entry-level smartphones, because the greatest appeal of microSD cards is their low cost and ubiquity.

If the Trump ban does not get resolved soon, the best option would be to skip the microSD card slot entirely and just increase the internal storage of their mid-range and entry-level smartphones.

We have already seen this trend with some Android smartphones like the OPPO R17 Pro, the Xiaomi Mi A2, and the HONOR 10. Apple iPhones never had the option in the first place, and they are still selling well!

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Why Did The SD Association Remove HUAWEI?

[adrotate group=”2″]

The problem isn’t really the SD Association per se. It is the fact that the SD licence is owned and enforced by a US company, SD-3C LLC.

When the Trump Administration added HUAWEI to the Entity List, SD-3C LLC is forced to stop their licensing arrangements with HUAWEI.

Because Micron is a part owner of SD-3C LLC, technology of US origin is also involved – the same issue that forced ARM to sever business ties with HUAWEI.

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And HUAWEI Is Back In Again

Almost as quickly and quietly as the SD Association removed HUAWEI as a member, they restored HUAWEI’s membership around 29 May 2019.

There was no official explanation for both removing HUAWEI or restoring them, all in a matter of days.


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The HUAWEI Mate 20 X Gets A 10% Price Cut!

Launched back in October 2018, the super-large HUAWEI Mate 20 X just got a 10% price cut! Here are the full details!


The HUAWEI Mate 20 X Smartphone

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (US | UK | MY) comes with many features and functions to delight smartphone users who are looking to upgrade to a better and smarter phone.

Bigger Display

Where the HUAWEI Mate 20 had a 6.1 inch screen, the HUAWEI Mate 20 X comes with a massive 7.2-inch display! This panoramic bigger screen displays the fine content such as PPT and the desktop web much clearer than its predecessors.

With a bigger screen, the HUWAEI Mate 20 X (US | UK | MY) also has an expanded internal space within the phone that enables it to carry large-capacity batteries, multi-camera modules. This would in turn create better cooling conditions.

Refined Accessories

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (US | UK | MY) turns into a portable drawing sketchpad with the new addition of the M-Pen stylus accessory. Its 4096-levels of pressure sensitivity produces a feeling of natural penmanship, as if the user were drawing on a paper itself!

For sound quality and interaction, it boasts a “Real·Stereo” symmetrical dual speaker design, which gives you a more immersive sound experience when playing games.

Longer Battery Lifespan

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (US | UK | MY) is equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery which supports Super-Fast Charge (4.5 V @ 5 A).

According to HUAWEI, it can last for 6.67 hours which is 3-9 hours longer than other major brand smartphones.

Wide-Angle Triple Camera

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X (US | UK | MY) features the same matrix multifocal imaging system as the Mate 20 Pro and is equipped with LEICA VARIO-SUMMILUX-H 1:1.8-2.4/16-80 ASPH.

The lens system comes with an ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses that offers pixels of 8 MP, 20 MP and 40 MP.  Its “all-in-one phone” camera features :

  • Equivalent 16mm (Ultra-Wide Angle)
  • Equivalent 80mm (3x optical zoom)
  • Equivalent 135mm (5 times mixed zoom)
  • Equivalent to 270mm (10x digital zoom).

The phone can also focus to a 2.5 cm focusing distance and is a tool for exploring the micro and bringing creative macro effects.


New HUAWEI Mate 20 X Price!

The HUAWEI Mate 20 has an official launch price of RM 3,199 / ~US$ 765 / ~£ 599.

But HUAWEI has now announced a 10% price cut, so you can now buy it for RM 2,899 / ~US$ 711 / ~£ 535. On top of that, they are bundling it with a free set of :

[adrotate group=”2″]

  • Band A2
  • flip case
  • HUAWEI M-Pen, and
  • a luxury gift box!

Here are some purchase links for your convenience :


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