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Can You Hack It : Hong Leong Bank Hackathon Details!

If you are a programmer looking to join the FinTech and banking sectors, here is your chance! Hong Leong Bank just announced the second Can You Hack It hackathon! Here are the full details!


Can You Hack It : A Hong Leong Bank Hackathon!

Can You Hack It is Hong Leong Bank’s way of discovering and seeking out fit-for-hire participants with a knack for solving problems and digital innovation. During this 24-hour hackathon, participants will have the chance to explore the limits of their imagination in the field of financial products and banking services.

In addition to RM 15,000 in cash prizes, participants will get the chance to get hired by Hong Leong Bank, or even receive funding and support for their projects!

Held in collaboration with JomHack Malaysia, Google Cloud and Rakuten RapidAPI, Can You Hack It seeks to reward individuals and teams who demonstrate innovation and ideas for better banking through the use of shared APIs.

At the end of the 24-hour hackathon, individuals and teams participating in Can You Hack It will demonstrate their working prototypes to a panel of key HLB executives and observers from the local digital industry and VC scene.


Can You Hack It Details

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Date : To be held on 27 and 28 April 2019

Venue : Menara Hong Leong in Damansara City, Selangor

Prizes : RM15,000 in cash, potential employment opportunities and even further funding and support for incubator or accelerator programmes for promising projects

Judges : Key Hong Leong executives, and observers from the local digital industry and VC scene       


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Hong Leong Bank To Use IBM Watson’s Cognitive Banking

These days, organisations have to disrupt themselves before they get disrupted by the various startups. The financial institutions are not shielded from the threat of the various disruptors in the market today. FinTech is one area which the financial institutions are beginning to embrace.

In Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank started the ball rolling today by partnering with IBM Watson to introduce cognitive banking. Specifically, they are leveraging on IBM Watson’s cognitive technology which would function as an online customer self-service advisor with 24/7 support for cardholder enquiries, as well as an internal service supporting the Bank’s call center service advisors.

(From Left to Right) Dominic Mascrinas, Chief Operating Officer, Group Strategic Support of Hong Leong Bank, Edward Pinto, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Experience & Analytics of Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Chong Chye Neo, Managing Director of IBM Malaysia and Hong Kok Cheong, Country General Manager, IBM Software Group exchanging agreements during the Signing and Document Exchange Ceremony.

Think of it as your banking ‘Siri’. IBM Watson cognitive learning system is not based on a database of predefined questions and answers but a database which will constantly learn from the various engagements with the customers to improve on its future interactions with the customers.

[adrotate banner=”4″]IBM Watson claim that the system can even interpret the tone of voice of its customers which will be crucial in managing the customer’s queries. This technology has already proven itself in the healthcare industry through the IBM Watson Health program and is set to make its mark in the banking industry.

If all goes well, IBM Watson will be integrated into Hong Leong Bank’s customer engagement model within the next 4-6 months. Customers should be able to expect an improved customer service experience including a shorter call waiting time.

Such is the prowess of IBM Watson processing capabilities that Chong Chye Neo, IBM Malaysia Managing Director claimed that it could process 500 GB of data in a second which is equivalent to 1 million books.

Meanwhile, Edward Pinto, the Chief Operating Officer for Customer Experience & Analytics said that the initiative forms an important part of Hong Leong Bank’s overall digitization blueprint.

Through IBM Watson, Hong Leong Bank customers will have round-the-clock access via online live chat to information about general credit card terms, policies, and procedures, as well as to find the most suitable card to match their lifestyle needs.