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BIOSTAR GTX 1060 VR-Ready Graphics Card Launched

Taipeh, 24 October 2016 – BIOSTAR is proud to announce the availability of the newest addition to its VGA product series with the new BIOSTAR GTX 1060 graphics card, available in both 6GB and 3GB variety, the BIOSTAR GTX 1060 graphics card bring affordable VR and high-performance gaming closer to the masses making it an ideal choice to be your first VR gaming GPU.

The BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card features the GP106 GPU sporting 1280 CUDA cores and runs with a base core clock of 1506Mhz. Featuring GPU Boost 3.0, the BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 1060 6GB can run up to 1708Mhz and features 6GB of GDDR5 video memory connected a 192-bit bus interface. The BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 1060 3GB version features 1152 CUDA cores running at 1506Mhz and has a boost frequency of 1708Mhz also. The 3GB of GDDR5 memory also sports a 192-bit interface bandwidth. Both cards require only a single 6-pin power connector.

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Designed for the latest generation of games and gaming experiences, the GeForce GTX 1060 takes gaming to the next level with performance and efficiency that beats everything before it featuring the all-new Pascal GPU architecture fabricatedon the 16nm FinFET process technology.

The new BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 1060 is cooled by the unique BIOSTAR Tank Dual Fan cooler inspired and design in cooperation with World of Tanks to keep the card running at optimal temperatures while keeping noise levels to a minimum. The new dual-fan cooler features a gaming tank-shaped stylish design exuding an aggressive feel to the card while keeping it cool. The GTX 1060 6GB has a rated TDP of only 120W and the 3GB has 115w TDP while still delivering three times the performance of previous graphics card from earlier generation.

NVIDIA leverages new technologies for this generation of graphics card and allows players to fully immerse themselves while providing higher performance for existing games and serving as a launch pad for new ones. Technology like Simultaneous Multi-Projection, ANSEL and Fast Sync allow gamers to fully maximize their gaming experience but also enjoy a whole new level of realism with VR.



The BIOSTAR GeForce GTX 1060 6GB will have an MSRP of $289 and the 3GB version at $239.


BIOSTAR GTX 1060 6GB Specifications

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Taipei, 8 August 2016GIGABYTE today announced Radeon RX 460 WINDFORCE OC graphics cards based on the latest Polaris 11 GPU with two memory variants of 4GB and 2GB models.

Powered directly from the PCI Express slot, the power-efficient RX 460 graphics cards do not require auxiliary power yet come with a brilliant overclocking performance up to 1212MHz. Thanks to Polaris architecture with Ultra HD HEVC Encode and Decode, gamers could easily stream and record their favorite games with virtually no performance impact, making RX 460 an ideal upgrade solution for eSports gaming.



Featuring two semi-passive 80mm fans and unique blade fan design for enhancing airflow, the WINDFORCE 2X cooling system ensures the RX 460 WINDFORCE OC run cool and virtually inaudible while delivering smooth and low-latency gaming for the most popular eSports games. The fans are regulated as they remain turned off during lighter gaming, offering a completely silent, interruption-free experience to eSports gamers whose focus and concentration are vital to their victory.

The RX 460 WINDFORCE OC edition are built using Ultra Durable chokes and capacitors, making the MOSFET working at a lower temperature for more stable voltage output. Backed by a 4+1 power phase design, the cards ensure stable voltage output at a lower temperature, which translates to a better overclocking capability compared to the reference design. Via the intuitive interface of XTREME Engine utility, gamers can monitor and adjust clock speeds, voltage, and fan performance in real time according to their own preferences.

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NVIDIA TITAN X Graphic Card Unveiled

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang chose to light up a meetup of deep learning experts on a glorious mid-summer evening at Stanford University to unveil NVIDIA TITAN X, NVIDIA latest top-end GPU, by presenting it to Ng.

The audience of more than 500 academics, researchers, and students — gathered in an open, airy hall at Stanford’s faculty club — quickly dropped their canapes and picked up their smartphones to snap pictures of the moment.

“When I get excited, crazy stuff happens,” Jen-Hsun, clad in one of his trademark leather jackets, told the audience. “We wanted to bring supercomputing power into the GeForce channel, so everyone in academia can benefit.”



Jen-Hsun then presented the first TITAN X to Ng, reading an inscription on the TITAN X describing Ng as “a pioneer, an amazing scientist, and a hero to us all.”

GPUs — along with the torrents of data unleashed by the Internet — have played a key role in the deep learning boom led by researchers like Ng that is shaking the world to its foundations.

Back in 2012, Ng helped jumpstart the artificial intelligence field by using GPUs to help build a deep network of artificial neurons — then running 10 million YouTube videos through the system to train one of the first deep learning systems. Since then, the speed of deep learning systems has increased fifty times.

The results of breakthroughs made by researchers such as Ng are set to upend entire industries. So it’s fitting that Ng, who now leads Baidu’s efforts to put deep learning to work for everything from voice recognition to image search, will be among the first to receive a TITAN X.


A Transformative Moment

“Just as electricity 100 years ago transformed industry after industry after industry, I think AI powered by deep learning will now do the same,” said Ng , who is also an associate professor at Stanford, speaking to the standing room only crowd. “It’s hard to think of an industry that will not be transformed by AI in the next decade. ”

It’s a field where access to cutting-edge infrastructure is critical. “If you’re a machine learning researcher having access to a machine that is 2x as fast means that you are 2x as productive as a researcher,” Ng said.

Rarefied company indeed, one in which the TITAN X fits right in. The TITAN X is the ultimate graphics card. Whatever you’re doing, this groundbreaking NVIDIA Pascal-powered GPU gives you the power to accomplish things you never thought possible.

“One of the things I admire about NVIDIA is it’s breaking new ground, and not just chasing profits,” Ng said.

NVIDIA packed the most raw horsepower we possibly could into this GPU. Driven by 3,584 NVIDIA CUDA cores running at 1.5GHz, TITAN X packs 11 TFLOPs of brute force. Plus it’s armed with 12 GB of GDDR5X memory—one of the fastest memory technologies in the world.

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Researchers Gasp

Audience members at the gathering gasped and hooted as Jen-Hsun detailed the TITAN X’s capabilities. The excitement only built as Jen-Hsun read out seat numbers to give away TITAN Xs to people in the crowd.


“This is the first product launch I’ve ever done where I’m standing next to guys in t-shirts,” Jen-Hsun said.

“This is insane, I’m actually speechless, I didn’t expect something like that,” one of the event’s organizers stammered after the TITAN X was unveiled. “This is one of the craziest product launches ever in the history of technology.”


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Taipei, 19 July 2016GIGABYTE, the world’s leading gaming hardware brand, today announced the launch of Radeon RX 480 G1 GAMING graphics cards that come in variants of 4GB (RX480G1 GAMING-4GD) and 8GB (RX480G1 GAMING-8GD) of GDDR5 memory.

Based on the latest Polaris architecture with groundbreaking 14nm FinFET technology, the power-efficient GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING cards up the ante with the cherry-picked GPU core, WINDFORCE dual-fan cooler and RGB illumination, delivering exceptional performance and value with style to gamers looking for smooth gameplay at superior frame rates, as well as those wishing to enter the world of VR for the first time.



Taking advantage of the renowned WINDFORCE 2X cooling system, the GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING ensures cool and quietness when taking on the most graphics-intensive game titles. Two 90mm fans paired with three composite copper heat pipes which directly touch the GPU keep the card cool for extra overclocking headroom. The airflow is enhanced by the unique blade fan design to increase the cooling capacity by 23% while reducing turbulence to a minimum.

The cards also feature silent semi-passive cooling as the fans remain off at idle or low loads, offering a complete silent, interruption-free experience during light gaming. The Fan Stop indicator provides a user-friendly, instant display of the fan status.

Forged with top-notch GPU cores through the very own GPU Gauntlet Sorting technology, the GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING provide excellent power switching and thermal efficiency. The cards are further backed by a 6+2 power phase design for load balance that effectively extends the stability and longevity with lower component temperature. It ultimately allows greater overclocking capability, reinforcing higher, stable boost clocks at heavy load. In case of any power abnormality, the smart power indicator could immediately bring the issue to the gamer’s attention.

The outlook of the GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING follows the latest G1 GAMING aesthetics with the angular shroud design highlighted by orange accents. The cards bring life to PC builds with their full-spectrum RGB lighting. Gamers could enjoy maximum freedom to choose the right scheme for their gaming rigs with 16.8M customizable color options and numerous lighting effects with the software. The graphics cards also come with a metal back plate, keeping a clean look, whilst adding rigidity to the structure and protection of delicate PCB components.

Complementing the GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 GAMING series is XTREME Engine, the newly developed utility software. Via its redesigned, intuitive interface, clock speeds, voltage, fan profiles, power target, and RGB illumination could be easily managed and customized. With a simple click of the OC Mode button built in the XTREME Engine, gamers can easily overclock the card for an instant gaming performance boost.

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ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Now Available

28 June 2016ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced immediate availability of Strix GeForce GTX 1070 here in Malaysia, an all-new VR-ready gaming graphics card with ultra-fast gaming performance, advanced cooling and reliability, and personalized styling.

Powered by the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics processing unit (GPU), clocked at 1860MHz in OC mode, ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 delivers up to 7.1%-faster performance in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and 8.5%-faster gaming performance in Doom.

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 is packed with exclusive ASUS technologies, including DirectCU III with a patented triple wing-blade 0dB fan designed to deliver maximum airflow for 30%-cooler and three times (3X) quieter performance, and ASUS FanConnect, which features GPU-controlled fan headers to connect to system fans for targeted supplemental cooling. Industry-exclusive Auto-Extreme technology with Super Alloy Power II components ensures premium quality and reliability.

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 enables complete gaming system personalization with Aura RGB Lighting. A VR-friendly design with two HDMI ports lets gamers always keep a virtual reality device connected to their system for immersive gaming anytime. It also comes with GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster for intuitive performance tweaking and instant gameplay streaming.


ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1070

Ultimate cooling: DirectCU III technology with patented wing-blade fans and ASUS FanConnect

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 is equipped with ASUS DirectCU III cooling technology, which features direct-GPU-contact heatpipes that transport more heat away from the GPU, outperforming reference designs and achieving up to 30%-cooler gaming performance. DirectCU III technology includes triple 0dB fans, engineered with a patented wing-blade design that delivers maximum airflow and improves static pressure over the heatsink by 105%, while operating three times (3X) quieter than reference cards.

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 also comes with ASUS FanConnect technology. When gaming, the GPU often runs hotter than the CPU, but chassis fans usually only reference CPU temperatures, resulting in inefficient system cooling. ASUS FanConnect solves this issue with two 4-pin GPU-controlled headers that can be connected to system fans to provide targeted supplemental cooling for optimal thermal performance.

Premium quality and reliability: Auto-Extreme technology with Super Alloy Power II components

All ASUS graphics cards are now produced using Auto-Extreme technology, an industry-exclusive, 100%-automated production process that incorporates premium materials to set a new standard of quality. Auto-Extreme technology ensures consistent graphics card quality as well as improved performance and longevity. This new manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, eliminating harsh chemicals and reducing power consumption by 50%.

Super Alloy Power II components enhance efficiency, reduce power loss, reduce component buzzing by 50% while under full load, and achieve thermal levels that are approximately 50% cooler than previous designs for enhanced quality and reliability.

Game your way: Aura RGB Lighting and VR-friendly HDMI ports

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 includes ASUS Aura RGB Lighting on both the shroud and backplate. This stunning illumination technology is capable of displaying millions of colors and six different effects for a totally personalized gaming system.

ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1070 also has a VR-friendly design with two HDMI ports that let gamers connect a VR device and display at the same time, so they can enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences anytime without having to swap cables.

Tweakable and intuitive: GPU Tweak II with XSplit Gamecaster

Redesigned with an intuitive user interface, GPU Tweak II makes gaming and overclocking easier than ever, while retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers. With one click, the Gaming Booster function maximizes system performance by removing redundant processes and allocating all available resources automatically.

An included one-year XSplit Gamecaster premium license — a $99 value — lets gamers easily stream or record gameplay via a convenient, in-game overlay. The overlay also displays GPU clock speed, temperature, and VRM usage, and has GPU Tweak II controls, so gamers can choose a gaming profile and boost performance with just one click.

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Lenovo ideacentre Y900 With GeForce GTX 1080 Launched

COMPUTEX 2016 TAIPEILenovo has launched the ideacentre Y900 as the world’s first gaming desktop with optional NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 1080. This is their top-of-the-line gaming desktop, equipped with up to quad-core 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and easy upgradability for those of them who like to continually tweak their machines. Now the ideacentre Y900 gets even more powerful with the new GeForce GTX 1080, the first gaming GPU based on NVIDIA’s new Pascal architecture.

“We’re proud of creating the most advanced gaming graphics ever. We are equally excited to partner with Lenovo to launch the first ever gaming desktop with GeForce GTX 1080 on the ideacentre Y9001,” said Wei Li, Senior Sales Director, NVIDIA

Let’s take a look at the numbers to see just how much more powerful the ideacentre Y900 will be. The new GeForce GTX 1080 offers up to double the performance and up to triple the efficiency of GeForce GTX TITAN X.2 It can run at lightening fast clock speeds, more than 1700 MHz, while consuming just 180 watts of power. That translates into more memory bandwidth and greater power efficiency to handle the most demanding gaming technologies, like VR.


So what can they do on the ideacentre Y900 with GeForce GTX 1080?

Game with realistically detailed next gen characters that are crazy lifelike from clothing to armor. Experience more power to handle 4K gaming at virtually maximum quality (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets a performance boost of up to 82.8%3). Hook it up to multiple FHD VA curved gaming panels like the Lenovo Y27g Curved Gaming Monitors for panoramic, silky smooth gameplay without worrying about image distortions. Render games with massive computing demands in real time. Or immerse in virtual worlds where you see, hear and touch with the physical behavior of the environment. And the list goes on.

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It only made sense that their most premium gaming desktop would find its perfect match in one of the most powerful gaming GPUs on the market.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang called the new GeForce GTX 1080 “almost irresponsible amounts of performance.” Combine it with the ideacentre Y900 and we couldn’t agree more.


ideacentre Y900 Pricing & Availability

Lenovo ideacentre Y900 with optional NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 starts at $1899, available starting in June, 2016.4


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COLORFUL GeForce GTX 1080 Released

13 May 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – Colorful Technology Company Limited proudly debuts the world’s first GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. Announced May 6th, the new COLORFUL GeForce GTX 1080 will feature NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture codenamed Pascal boasting a 16nm FinFET fabrication process.

The COLORFUL GeForce GTX 1080 is based on the GP104 GPU armed with 2560 CUDA cores and will have a base engine clock of 1607 MHz and can boost up 1733 MHz. Complementing it will be 8 GB of GDDR5X video memory running at an effective clock rate of 10 Ghz on a 256-bit bus.

The COLORFUL GeForce GTX 1080 is designed to deliver 3x more performance than previous-generation graphics card and its breakthrough innovations in gaming give gamers new possibilities to enjoy via VR experiences.

Colorful looks forward to bring the COLORFUL GeForce GTX 1080 on May 27th in first spot during release day.

Custom design COLORFUL GTX 1080s will be presented at COMPUTEX 2016 this June.

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COLORFUL GTX 1080 Specifications


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