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Grab Delivery Rider Flew To Singapore To Buy Chicken Rice?!

Did a Grab delivery rider really fly from Thailand to buy chicken rice in Singapore?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Grab Delivery Rider Flew To Singapore To Buy Chicken Rice!

A TikTok video, which allegedly shows a Grab delivery rider flying from Thailand to Singapore, simply to buy chicken rice, has racked up millions of views.

The 27-second video was recorded and posted by a Thai TikToker called Thita Vy, with these comments:

อยากกินขนมโตเกียว พี่เขาจะไปซื้อที่ญี่ปุ่นให้มั้ย 🤓 #วาสนาผู้ใด๋น้อ #grab #grabth

I want to eat Tokyo snacks. Will he go buy it in Japan for me? #grab #grabth

She apparently encountered this Grab delivery rider, while flying from Bangkok to Singapore. At first, she thought someone had ordered food delivery at the airport. But the man allegedly told her that he had been asked by a customer in Thailand to buy chicken rice in Singapore!

The viral video shows the man queuing up for the flight with the signature green Grab thermal bag, while holding a passport with his flight ticket. He is then shown stowing the thermal bag in the plane’s overhead compartment.

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Truth : That’s Not (Really) A Grab Delivery Rider!

Now, we all know that chicken rice in Malaysia is tastier (and much cheaper!) than chicken rice in Singapore, Heck, everything is tastier and cheaper in Malaysia! 😉

In fact, Malaysian food is so delicious, someone actually sent a helicopter to collect 36 packets of Nasi Ganja from a famous nasi kandar outlet Ipoh in July 2021! But I digress…

Here is what we know so far about this viral story about chicken rice…

Fact #1 : Video Was Allegedly Recorded At DMK

According to the media outlet, 8world, the TikToker alleged that the incident occurred on 12 October 2023, at the Don Mueang International Airport.

That is plausible because the video shows people boarding an AirAsia flight, and AirAsia flies from the Bangkok Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Changi International Airport (SIN) several times a day.

Fact #2 : The Man Flew From Bangkok To Singapore

The video shows the man holding a Thai passport, as he is waiting to board the AirAsia flight. It then cuts to the Changi International Airport, where the man is seen checking the green Grab thermal bag.

So the video does appear to show the man taking an AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Singapore. It, however, does not show him actually purchasing any chicken rice.

Fact #3 : Grab Labelled Video As Fictional

After the video went viral, Grab came out to refute the video, calling it “fictional”:

We understand that the fictional video was created by a member of the public independently.

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Fact #4 : Man Was Not A Registered Grab Delivery Rider

In addition, a Grab spokesperson said that it does not offer cross-border food delivery services, and the man in the video was not registered with them as “a delivery partner”:

We do not offer such a service, and the person starring as a delivery partner in the video is not registered with Grab.

It is certainly plausible for rich folks to go to extreme measures to get their favourite foods. For example, Macau tycoon Stanley Ho famously sent 88 Musang King (Mao Shan Wang) durians on a private plane from Singapore to Hong Kong. Note – the durians were from Malaysia. 😉

That said, it doesn’t make sense for the man to put on a Grab uniform, or bring the Grab thermal bag… especially if he isn’t actually a Grab delivery rider!

Fact #5 : Grab Does Not Offer Cross-Border Food Deliveries

Grab said that it does not offer cross-border food deliveries. The only cross-border delivery service Grab offers is its 100+ Cities Delivery service, which is in beta testing.

Even that option only allows users to “order and send food and physical gifts from GrabFood and GrabMart merchant-partners that are available in the recipient’s city within an hour”.

In other words – the food and physical gifts must already be present in the recipient’s city. The only thing that is “cross-border” is the ability to order from another country.

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TTDI Ramadan Bazaar Offers Full Digital Payments!

Tech Hunter just launched a a massive Ramadan Bazaar in TTDI called #TechMeToBazaar, where every vendor is fully equipped for digital payments!


TTDI Ramadan Bazaar Offers Full Digital Payments!

Tech Hunter just launched a Ramadan Bazaar in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) called #TechMeToBazaar. The massive bazaar boasts over 150 stalls offering local delicacies, and expects to welcome over 200,000 visitors this year.

Thanks to Tech Hunter Global Sdn Bhd (“Tech Hunter”), visitors to the TTDI Ramadan Bazaar can make payments using a variety of digital modes, including debit or credit cards and e-wallets.

All stalls at the TTDI Ramadan Bazaar are fully equipped with payment terminals set up by PayHunter, a Tech Hunter subsidiary, so visitors can simply “wave” their debit or credit cards, or scan the QR codes to digitally transfer money using any e-wallet. Visitors no longer have to worry about bringing enough cash to pay for their buka puasa meals!

TTDI Ramadan Bazaar is also powered by SHOPLINE, a global Smart Commerce Enabler offering omnichannel commerce solutions. SHOPLINE recently integrated its POS system with Tech Hunter’s Smart Mobile Payment Terminal to allow retailers to easily place and checkout a customer’s order via a compact, wireless device – perfect for space-saving and mobile use at the bazaar!

Lastly, YTL Communications’ Yes is the telecommunications provider that powers the 5G connectivity throughout the entire bazaar.

“This Ramadan, we are proud to launch the first ever 5G Ramadan Bazaar, powered by Yes 5G as part of the Tech Me To Bazaar campaign,” said Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer at YTL Communications. “In line with our ongoing mission to enable 5G for All, we are bringing 5G connectivity to one of the most engaged activities of the festive season. Through the Ramadan bazaar at TTDI, we are making 5G accessible for both vendors and customers alike to experience seamless connectivity, fast internet speeds and ultra-low latency through Yes 5G. We welcome all to our Yes booths located within the bazaar, to kickstart their 5G experience powered by Yes”.


Promotions @ TTDI Ramadan Bazaar!

Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), SHOPLINE, GrabPay Malaysia and YTL Communications came together as sponsors to offer these promotions at the TTDI Ramadan Bazaar :

  • Visitors who use their BSN credit or debit card to make an accumulated spend of RM50 with a maximum combination of three (3) receipts, will stand a chance to win a one-time RM5 cashback during the campaign period from 23 March until 21 April 2023. A total of 4,000 winners will be selected randomly.
  • Visitors can also enjoy RM30 off, with a minimum purchase of RM200 using Grab’s PayLater function in the Grab app. Visitors will need to scan the GrabPay QR code at the stalls, key in the payment amount and “Pay Next Month” or “Pay in 4 Instalments” to enjoy the discount.

The TTDI Ramadan Bazaar is open from 3 PM every day from 23 March until 21 April 2023.


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GrabUnlimited : Is It Worth Becoming A Member?

GrabUnlimited offers a large number of discount vouchers, and the opportunity to earn rebates!

Find out what GrabUnlimited really is all about, and whether it’s worth becoming a member!


GrabUnlimited : What Is It?

GrabUnlimited is a subscription plan that offers discount vouchers, and special promotions for Grab services.

Here are some of the benefits that the GrabUnlimited subscription offers :

Special June Promotions

  • 4 x GrabFood discount vouchers (up to 50%) + free delivery (cannot be used at peak hours or in Penang)
  • 6 x GrabFood discount vouchers (up to 38%) + free delivery (cannot be used in Penang)
  • Only in Penang : 10 x GrabFood discount vouchers (up to 50%) + free delivery

Standard Subscription Vouchers

  • 50 x GrabFood free delivery vouchers (up to RM3 off)
  • 10 x GrabMart free delivery vouchers (up to RM3 off)
  • 10 x GrabFood discount vouchers (15% off, only for self pick-up)
  • 1 x RM5 Grab Ride discount (Malaysian airport rides only)

Unlimited Benefits

  • RM1 GrabFood premium delivery discount
  • JustGrab (Top-Rated Drivers) in selected cities (from 9 June 2022 onwards)
  • Earn up to 1.5% in GrabRewards (instead of just 0.5% for non-members)
    You will get 1.5 GrabRewards for every RM1 spent, instead of just RM0.75.
  • Monthly Grab Hot Deals are now limited to GrabUnlimited members.


GrabUnlimited : My Humble Opinion

GrabUnlimited is being pitched to the media as a great way to save and earn money (paradoxical, I know!).

At first glance, it does look attractive, offering you 38% or 50% discount vouchers, as well as free delivery vouchers worth RM180. And who doesn’t want to “earn” 1.5%?

The real purpose though is to lock you into their platform, to discourage you from using their rivals / alternatives.

And if you look at the fine print, you will realise that those benefits and vouchers come with caveats that make them much less attractive.

  • You get 1.5 GrabRewards for every RM1 you spend – twice that of non-members, which you can use to redeem discounted Grab vouchers for a rebate “up to 1.5%”.
  • The 50% discount voucher is really a RM8.50 discount voucher with a minimum spend of RM20. The additional discount comes from Grab automatically applying one of the GrabUnlimited RM3 free delivery vouchers. It is also limited to “selected restaurants”.
  • The 38% discount voucher is really a RM7.50 discount voucher with a minimum spend of RM25. The additional discount comes from Grab automatically applying one of the GrabUnlimited RM3 free delivery vouchers. It is also limited to “selected restaurants”.
  • The 15% off Self Pick-Up discount is capped at RM12, which works out to a maximum order value of RM80.
  • The RM3 GrabFood free delivery voucher requires a minimum spend of RM20, and is not valid for Mix & Match orders.
  • The RM3 GrabMart free delivery voucher requires a minimum spend of RM40, and is not valid for Mix & Match orders.

That is why Grab limited their monthly Hot Deals and Top-Rated Drivers to GrabUnlimited members. They used to be available to everyone.

That does not mean it’s a bad idea to subscribe. If you use Grab regularly to order food or grocery deliveries, you can save quite a lot. You just have to make sure you meet the voucher requirements.

And you should definitely not fall into the trap of only using Grab. Always check alternative delivery services to see if they offer a better deal.

Finally, if you do not use Grab regularly (like me), you should obviously not subscribe at all. It would only be a waste of your money.


GrabUnlimited : What You Must Know…

GrabUnlimited Membership Cost

GrabUnlimited is a subscription-based membership programme that costs RM4.90 per month, which works out to RM58.80 per year.

New subscribers will be charged 1 sen for the first month, but will have to pay the full subscription price thereafter.

Existing GrabUnlimited members outside of Penang, Kuching and Johor Bahru who subscribed in April and May will be charged only 1 sen in June, but will have to pay the full subscription price from July onwards.

How To Subscribe To GrabUnlimited

Here is what you need to do to subscribe to this plan :

  1. Open the Grab app
  2. Go to Account > Subscriptions
  3. Tap on GrabUnlimited
  4. Review the plan details, and tap on Get this plan
  5. Pay for the subscription using your GrabPay Wallet

GrabUnlimited Automatically Renews Monthly

You may be interested to try out GrabUnlimited due to the 1 sen promotional price for the first month.

But please be warned that once you subscribe, it will automatically renew every month, and you will be charged the full price.

if you don’t want to pay the full price after trying it out, make sure you cancel the plan before the next billing date.

Cancelling GrabUnlimited

This is the official way to cancel your GrabUnlimited subscription :

  1. Open the Grab app
  2. Go to Account > Subscriptions
  3. Tap on GrabUnlimited
  4. Tap on View Details
  5. Tap on Cancel Plan

If you accidentally cancelled your subscription, you can resubscribe anytime before the next billing date at no additional cost.


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GrabFood : Restaurant Availability Not Based On Commission!

GrabFood has responded officially to the allegations that they are turning off restaurant availability according to commission rates.

We also asked them some questions of our own, and will update the article with their replies when we get them!


GrabFood Restaurant Availability Controversy : What Happened?

In case you missed the recent kerfuffle, Burgertory – a gourmet burger restaurant – recently accused GrabFood of quietly switching off their restaurant’s availability because of their lower commission rate and sales bucket.

You can read more about their allegations in our earlier story – GrabFood : How Burgertory Exposed Potential Discrimination!


GrabFood Clarifies Restaurant Availability Controversy!

Sean Goh, the Managing Director of Grab Malaysia, issued this press release to address those allegations.

First and foremost, we would like to address the misconception: we do not turn off any of our stores / restaurants based on commissions.

Secondly, during rainy days, or when there is a lack of delivery riders in a specific area, we automatically reduce the service distance to ensure that we can maintain our service levels. Once the availability of delivery riders has recovered, our service distance would resume to normal levels. Occasionally, this may result in stores being unavailable in a nearby location, but available in a further location. For example, Customer A may reside in Bangsar but only see restaurants available in PJ, because we have insufficient delivery partners within the Bangsar area at that specific time.

Thirdly, during festive seasons where some of our restaurant partners may be closed, we practice a precautionary ‘temporary pause’ based on feedback from delivery riders who cite that a restaurant is closed despite being available in our app. This is done to ensure we do not disappoint customers who may continue to order from restaurants who have not updated their operating hours especially during the festive season. Such was the case experienced by this specific restaurant partner.

Prior to Raya holiday period, we sent out multiple communications (emails and SMS) to remind our restaurant partners to update operating hours and how to easily reactivate their restaurants in case of a ‘temporary pause’. In this case, we apologise that we were not attentive enough to ensure our partner received and acknowledged our communications.

We also note that information that was provided by our support staff was inaccurate, and apologise for the heartache and impact to our restaurant partner.

In view of the pandemic, we empathise with our merchant partners whose income has been affected due to the lockdown and restricted operating hours, and have had to rely only on delivery services to generate income. We are continuously looking at different initiatives to help drive demand for them, such as our Local Heroes and Grab Small-Biz Relief fund which this specific partner was also a part of, but will strive to balance this with the need to ensure we continue to uphold our highest service level.

We welcome any partner who has any queries on this to reach out to us directly so we can address your concerns.


Our Questions To GrabFood On This Controversy

We took the opportunity to ask GrabFood to clarify some points not covered in their press release. We will update this article with their answers when we get them.

  1. If bad weather or a lack of riders is an issue for a particular area, why was XXX restaurant marked as Unavailable, while other restaurants in the same vicinity are still Available?
  2. Is there a verification protocol for your rider reports? Does GrabFood call the merchant to verify that they are closed, after a rider reports it?
  3. The press release mentioned that GrabFood requested that restaurant partners update their operating hours. Did Burgertory or the other affected partners change their operating hours? If not, wouldn’t the operating hours remain the same?
  4. What is this Temporary Pause you refer to? Why is there a need for it, and what exactly was the procedure to reactivate their restaurant?
  5. The Raya holidays ended on 26 May 2020, but why are they still experiencing these issues?
  6. Is there any reason why GrabFood support staff would claim that availability of a restaurant is based on the commission level, if that was never the case?
  7. If the percentage of commission does not determine availability of the restaurant, does it affect prioritisation or visibility on GrabFood?
  8. Can GrabFood explain to our readers the difference in commission paid by the various restaurants, and what advantage they would have for paying GrabFood more commission, as opposed to less?
  9. Does sales bucket affect store availability? Does it also affect prioritisation or visibility on GrabFood?
  10. There are concerns that the commission levels are too high – some 25% to 35%? Can you tell us the exact commissions, and breakdown of what goes to the riders, and what goes to GrabFood?


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GrabFood : How Burgertory Exposed Potential Discrimination!

Burgertory recently complained about how GrabFood was discriminating against them, in favour of larger businesses, or those who can pay them higher commissions.

Find out what happened to Burgertory, and why GrabFood could be manipulating what you can or cannot order, to make more money!


Burgertory vs GrabFood : A Quick Primer

Burgertory – a small gourmet burger restaurant – had been using GrabFood for food deliveries for more than a year.

However, they recently noticed that GrabFood kept listing their business as unavailable, even though they were open for business.

Oddly, other restaurants in the vicinity were listed as available, just not Burgertory. When they complained to GrabFood, they were told that restaurant availability was turned on or off based on :

  • differences in commission rate – commission per order (25% to 35%)
  • differences in sales bucket – the value of each order

In other words, what you see on GrabFood is not what’s really available, but rather – which restaurant is more willing to pay them more commission, or can generate them more money.

If you want to know more about what Burgertory posted, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

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Burgertory vs GrabFood : Some Updates!

First of all, Grab issued an official press release, stressing they do not turn restaurants off based on commission rate, but there was no mention of the sales bucket.

In a Facebook comment, they said that Burgertory was switched off the first time, because a GrabFood rider arrived and found them closed.

However, Burgertory pointed out that they kept Grab updated on their operating hours, and the rider arrived late – after they closed at 8 PM, and they were not alerted to the rider’s report, or that they were being switched off.

Burgertory also posted a separate update, sharing that Grab told them other merchants “has paid campaigns with them, and the difference in the discoverability radius is to help with the campaign ROI“.


GrabFood Discrimination : Bad For Almost Everyone

If what they were told is true, then GrabFood is intentionally turning off visibility to potential customers, in favour of higher profits from their merchants.

They are no longer acting as a neutral platform, but becoming a gatekeeper of sorts, giving those who can pay more, greater access to customers.

This is naturally bad for merchants, who already have to pay rather exorbitant commission – 25% to 35%. With such a discriminatory system, they will be forced to pay more just to stay visible on their platform.

This is also bad for customers, because our choices will be limited to what GrabFood decides makes them more money, not what’s actually available.

They would be essentially deciding who you should order your food from. And limiting you, not to those with better food ratings, but those who can pay them more.

Eventually, food prices will go way up, because merchants have to increase their GrabFood commissions to “stay visible”, and the additional cost will be added to your meals.

It’s not bad for everyone though. As long as customers remain ignorant, restaurants will be “encouraged” to pay GrabFood more money. It will work out great for GrabFood.


Burgertory vs GrabFood : What Happened?

Here are the details of the Burgertory vs GrabFood scandal. It started with a Facebook post by Burgertory on 4 June 2020 :

We are really disappointed and upset with the partnership with GrabFood.

We have been on-boarded to GrabFood for more than a year now, and we have been a cooperating partner.
Not until recently that we found out GrabFood has been very non-transparent in their assignation for restaurants availability in terms of radius.

We have been receiving a lot of complaints from our customers about GrabFood not showing the availability to deliver within reasonable distance, and we thought this is due to GrabFood system that is set to be within a specific distance in each area.

However what triggered the following case was on 26 May 2020, when we were alerted by our staff that GrabFood was unavailable for that day (imagine the sales that we lost, especially during this COVID period whereby businesses are struggling). Our sales from GrabFood on that day is ZERO. Upon checking, we realized other restaurants in same area is available but not us.

Hence we reached out to GrabFood merchant support via live chat and given the response that they off our restaurant availability from the back-end due to differences in commission rate by different restaurants, which means the restaurants which signed higher commission rate with them will get the priority and ‘be available in more places’. And they switched on our availability back after our call.

We were very upset and escalated to the manager. He then gave us another explanation that GrabFood will allow restaurants with larger ‘sales bucket’ to appear in more places. If that’s the case, it’s discrimination against small businesses, or any businesses that have menu selling items with lower price.

We gave feedback to them that this is not acceptable. And the manager promised to get back to us again after discussing with the team. It’s been a week and we hear nothing from them.

Yet it happened again today..! We realized they ‘turned off’ our restaurant again after checking from the app. Hence we wrote a complaint again, and same cycle happened… (same canned response, and they switched back on)

We are deeply disappointed with such partnership relationship. Does this mean that we have to always check if our restaurant has been hidden from the platform? These occurrences have broken the trust, we don’t know when their system will discriminate against us again and only switch back on after we found out and reach out to them each time. This is totally unfair to small and medium businesses.

After the public uproar, GrabFood quickly reached out to them the very next day to “discuss the issue”.

They clarified that Burgertory did not get “switched off” because of their lower commission, but did not explain why some restaurants get “switched off”, while others don’t.

We are truly humbled by the support from many of you and empathy shown by some of the business owners as well. Just want to give a quick update for those who has asked us about any update from GrabFood after the post yesterday:

They have reached out to us this afternoon to further discuss the issue, and clarified that the switch-off wasn’t due to commission factor, though we still don’t know the reason behind why certain restaurants in the same area are switched off unknowingly. We will continue to discuss and provide feedback to their team and hope that this will not happen again.

The reason why we decided to share the experience is to clarify what it might have impacted many of us as small & medium businesses. This is a year like no other and we empathise with all local businesses that are struggling to survive. We’re touched by some the responses we received yesterday, this is the time we strongly feel what brings Malaysians together. 🇲🇾

Apart from this, all of us from Burgertory team is really thankful for all the support to our business shown by our community, especially everyone of you, in what are the toughest of times. We always strive to sustain and provide a better F&B experience to all our customers. Hope all of us can stand strong together in unity through this tough times. Stay safe! 💪

Grab has since issued an official press release, which you can read @ GrabFood Clarifies Restaurant Availability Controversy! We also asked them some additional questions on this controversy.


Burgertory vs GrabFood : What Are Other Merchants Saying?

Here is a selection of what other merchants posted on their own experiences :

Renee Tan : Happens to my restaurants all the time especially “crunch time”. Suddenly customers calls & dm come flooding our inbox’s asking why does our restaurant appear “offline”?!

Juan Lyn : I’m currently handling a chain of restaurant online delivery support and we are also facing the very same issue with you. The same reasons given above “sales bucket” size. And our ticket size on average is already around RM50.

Voxism Lim : Happens to our outlet as well.. Exactly what happen.. The store beside is always open, where as mine is turned off (unavailable)

Alief Nurudin : My shop Meteora Cafe paid 28% commission to Grab. We NEVER appeared on the app unless you searched for us manually. We have experienced the SAME thing. Suddenly, NOT AVAILABLE.


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GrabPay Scam : Don’t Link Your Debit Card / Bank Account!

Beware of a new GrabPay scam that can quickly suck your debit cards and bank account dry!

Don’t link your debit card or bank account with GrabPay, and SHARE this warning with your family and friends!


GrabPay Scam Alert : Don’t Link Your Bank Account!

On 16 May 2020, Muhammad Syahir recounted how he was cheated of almost RM 900 through a GrayPay scam. Here is a brief summary of what happened :

  • The scammer created a new Instagram account, pretending to be the victim’s friend.
  • He messaged the victim asking for his phone number.
  • After receiving the victim’s phone number, he messaged him through Instagram to tell him about the GrabPay 8th Anniversary Campaign.
  • The victim was asked to look out for a GrabPay code, which would reveal what he won.

  • After sending the GrabPay code (not a TAC code) to the scammer, the victim saw RM 425 being debited into his GrabPay account. Unbeknownst to him, that money was from his own bank account!
  • A few minutes later, the victim received a notification that the RM 425 was paid to UNIPIN (M) SDN. BHD.
  • The scammer messaged him again on Instagram, asking for a second code that was sent to the victim.
  • The victim then received another notification from GrabPay stating that another RM 425 was paid to UNIPIN (M) SDN. BHD.
  • After that, the scammer blocked the victim on Instagram. That was when the victim got suspicious.
  • When the victim checked his bank account, he discovered that he lost RM 896.30 to the scammer.
  • In total, the scammer made 5 withdrawals through GrabPay – four from his debit card, and one from his bank account.

Another person – Patrick Saw – also fell for the same GrabPay scam, losing RM 405.


GrabPay Scam Alert : GrabPay Flaws?

Muhammad Syahir highlighted what he felt were major flaws with GrabPay :

  1. GrabPay allows credit / debit card transactions without CVV verification or OTP from the bank.
  2. GrabPay will not notify you about any first-time login attempt of a different gadget in a different location.
  3. GrabPay does not require users to set-up a secured PIN for any big transactions – e.g. more than RM100.
  4. If your bank account is linked to your GrabPay e-wallet, there won’t be any SMS notification for bank transfers to your e-wallet.

According to his experience, the scammer only needed to use the Grab Activation Code to withdraw money from all bank accounts / debit cards linked to your GrabPay app.


GrabPay Scam Alert : How To Avoid It?

To avoid falling prey to such a scam, here is what you should do :

  • NEVER accept a friendship request from a new social media account, until you have verified with your friend (through a phone call or face-to-face) that he/she created that new account.
  • NEVER send any code you receive to anyone. Even if it is a friend, why does he/she need the code that was sent to YOU?
  • Businesses will never give away free money for anniversaries. Don’t fall for such an old trick!
  • NEVER link your debit card or bank account to an e-wallet. Only link a credit card, because they are insured and protected against fraud. If you get scammed, you can call the bank to ask for a refund.


GrabPay Scam Alert : Original Post + Police Report

Here was what Muhammad Syahir posted earlier, together with his police report :

It happened to me last night and I have lost almost RM1K in a few minutes via Grab Pay.

The incident happened when one of my close friends re-created a new Instagram account and requested to follow me. He messaged me and asked for my phone number via Instagram message. Without any doubt, I gave him my phone number, knowing that he probably has lost my phone number.

He posted a few photos to his newly-created Instagram account so it does not look like a phishing account.

After that, he sent another message to me about GrabPay 8th year special campaign. He was telling me that I will send a message with a code to your phone and please let me know the code and I will see what you have won.

Grab Activation Code was sent to my phone number. It was an activation code not TAC code. I gave the activation code to him without any doubt because I know that he is my friend. Also, I was thinking of this is just an activation code, it has nothing to do with my bank accounts.

The tricks started here. I saw RM425 was debited to my GrabPay account and I did not know that it was from my bank account which was linked to the GrabPay account. After a few minutes, I received a new notification from the GrabPay that RM425 was paid to UNIPIN (M) SDN BHD.

The scammer then messaged me again on Instagram. Another activation code was sent to your phone, please let me know the code. Then, I have received another notification from GrabPay that another RM425 was paid to UNIPIN (M) SDN BHD.

When I was about to reply him a message, he blocked me up. That was the time that I know something fishy has happened. When I checked my Maybank2u, I have lost a total amount of RM896.30 from my bank account. The scammer has cleared all the money in my bank account and left RM60 balance to my GrabPay.

The scammer did a total of 5 transactions as you can see from my GrabPay activity picture below. 4 transactions were made directly via debit card which is linked to my GrabPay account and 1 transaction was made via Maybank2u. The scammer even managed to access my Maybank2u account from the GrabPay account.

It happened to me in a blink of an eye where you were blinded by this scammer who cat fished your close friend to do this scam.

On top of that, let me highlight the flaws of the GrabPay app:

1) Grab allows credit/debit card transaction without the bank’s authorization OTP and also the CVV verification.
2) Grab does not notify the user via email for any first-time login attempts of different gadgets in different location.
3) Upon registering this app for the past few years, Grab did not put a clause for the users to mandatorily set up their secured pin for any big transactions that are more than RM100.
4) Your bank account that is linked to your GrabPay will not notify you via sms for any debit transaction from the bank to the GrabPay.

*The scammer just need the Grab Activation Code and he can take all the money from your linked bank accounts on the Grab app. Such a flaw app!

Please be aware of this scam and help me to share this news. I have also tag a person who has faced the same case last week. You may also check on his Facebook profile. Patrick Saw has lost RM405 from the scammer who has approached him the same way as mine.


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Grab Passenger Verification With Face Recognition Explained!

Grab just announced a unique Passenger Verification feature to improve safety for Grab drivers. Here are the full details of the Grab Passenger Verification feature, and how it will roll out!


Grab Passenger Verification With Face Recognition Explained!

The new Grab Passenger Verification feature was developed to enhance safety for Grab drivers. Since its trial introduction earlier this year, Grab reported that passenger-related crime dropped by 30%.

Beginning today, all new Grab passengers will be required to take a selfie of themselves.  Eventually, even existing Grab passengers will need to verify their identities using a selfie.

The new Grab app will use facial recognition technology to ensure that the picture taken is of an actual “live” human face. Grab claims it is able to detect if you are wearing dark glasses or a mask, and reject the selfie.

Privacy Protection

The selfie will only be used for one-time verification, and protected under the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). It will not be displayed as a profile picture, or shared with external parties. Not even drivers and merchants will have access to the Passenger Verification selfies.

Deterrence Through Passenger Verification

The very fact that Grab passengers now have their selfies verified and stored with Grab will act as a deterrent for them to commit crimes against Grab drivers.

Part Of Grab Safety Initiatives

The Grab Passenger Verification feature is part of their safety initiative, developed in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Transport.

They hope to achieve zero preventable incidents through a slew of safety features like Share My Ride, Emergency SOS button, number masking, telematics, Personal Accident Insurance and driver background checks.


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Exclusive Tour Of New Grab Regional Centre of Excellence!

Grab just launched their new Regional Centre off Excellence in Malaysia! With it came the rare opportunity to check out the new office space, so join us for our exclusive tour of the new Grab Regional Centre of Excellence!


The New Grab Regional Centre of Excellence

Officiated by YB Datuk Ignatius Darell Leiking, the Minister of International Trade and Industry, the 54,000 square feet Grab Regional Centre of Excellence will house their core business strategy and operational functions, including legal, customer experience, financial services as well as creative services.

This Grab Regional Centre of Excellence follows the launch of Grab’s 7th R&D Centre, which would jointly create at least 400 new high-value jobs. This would bring their total employee count to 1,000.

The Grab Regional Centre of Excellence Team

The legal team will provide advice on regulatory, policy and legal issues that impact the entire region; while the customer experience team will provide quality customer support for several countries.

The creative and design team will develop  creative assets for regional marketing campaigns and projects; and the financial services team will implement financial, procurement and risk management policies across all countries where Grab operate in the region.

The Grab R&D Team

The tech and engineering team in Malaysia’s R&D Centre will focus on building trust and safety solutions and capabilities that not only solve safety issues for citizens in Malaysia, but also across the whole of Southeast Asia.


Exclusive Tour Of The Grab Regional Centre of Excellence

The Grab Regional Centre of Excellence spans two floors, with a combined floor space of 54,000 square feet. Let’s check out what it looks like on the main floor.


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The Future Of Grab – An Everyday App For Consumers

Grab today unveiled The Future of Grab – their vision of a future of seamless mobility, on-demand food delivery, logistics, cashless payments and financial services – all within their mobile app. Here are the full details!


The Future Of Grab – An Everyday App For Consumers

After hitting their 1 billion ride milestone across Southeast Asia, they surveyed 500 of their customers. A majority responded that they wanted an everyday app that would complement their daily lives. Six months later, Grab is ready to share their vision of the future in this video :

Here is a summary of the services that will be forthcoming :


Grab will focus on serving the first- and last-mile needs of a multi-modal transportation system in the future. Consumers will be able to mix and match different transportation option, based on their travel preferences and budget.

With better integration of public and private transportation options in one platform, consumers can ride and pay for multiple modes of transportation through the Grab app. For example, they will be able to take an on-demand shuttle bus to the MRT, and finally take a JustGrab taxi to their final destination – arranged and paid through the app.


GrabPay will see expanded use as a mobile wallet, with consumers enjoying the benefits of going cashless, while accumulating benefits through GrabRewards. GrabPay and GrabRewards will also become revenue drivers for micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Financial Services

Their fintech offerings will create new economic opportunities for unbanked and underbanked consumers, drivers and small businesses across Southeast Asia. Grab plans to add another 100 million micro-entrepreneurs by 2020.


The future will see most of a consumer’s daily needs for on-demand transportation, food and delivery fulfilled by a single app.


The Future Of Grab Starts Soon

Consumers in Malaysia will soon be able to start seeing the Future of Grab materialise with GrabFood and GrabPay.

GrabFood is currently being beta-tested, and will be formally launched at the end of May 2018. It will allow consumers to order and pay for their food to be delivered to their doorsteps, while enjoying GrabRewards points for every order.

Grab will also expand the use of GrabPay beyond transportation and food, turning it into a mobile wallet for use with traditional, cash-based merchants in coming months.

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Get More Value From Each Grab Ride With GrabRewards

April 27, 2017 – Today, Grab Malaysia’s Country Head, Sean Goh officially launched GrabRewards, the region’s first-ever ride-hailing passenger loyalty programme as part of the Southeast Asia’s leading ride hailing and multiservice platform’s commitment to offer a holistic, seamless and rewarding Grab ride experience to its passengers.

The official launched came after the beta version of the programme which was introduced in December 2016 received very positive and encouraging feedback from select users across the region.


What Is GrabRewards?

GrabRewards is designed to be a passenger-centric rewards programme which offers tiered benefits based on points accumulated by the passenger. The more frequent passengers book a ride with Grab, the more they will be rewarded with exciting varieties of deals ranging from discounted rides from Grab to exclusive promotions from Rewards Partners.


How Does GrabRewards Work?

GrabRewards enables all passengers across the region to start earning points on all Grab rides, with specifically GrabCar, GrabTaxi and GrabShare rides in Malaysia. Grab users will be placed in tiers based on their accumulated fare amount spent on all their rides with RM 1 spent equivaling to 1 point. Therefore, based on the total spent in the last six months, users will either be placed in Silver, Gold or Platinum, whilst new users will start at the Member tier.

For rides paid by cash, members can earn five times the points, while those opting to pay via GrabPay, Grab’s cashless payment method, will earn 10 times more. Therefore, by taking more GrabPay rides, passengers can move upwards easily and conveniently in the tier ladder to Silver, Gold and eventually Platinum, which is for Grab’s most loyal users. This is in correlation with Grab’s effort to transform Southeast Asia from a cash-based economy to a cashless one.

All members will be able to use their points to instantly redeem RM5, RM10 and RM15 off Grab rides (the redemption value from GrabRewards is up to 8.8% from a passenger’s total spent on Grab). In addition, they can also enjoy exclusive F&B, hospitality, lifestyle and retail brands, travel, and service-related apps deals offered by GrabRewards Partners such as Tesco, Happy Fresh, myBurgerLab, Forever 21, Flower Chimp, Zalora and dahmakan.

However, for those in the Platinum tier will also be entitled to the following exclusive privileges:

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  • Priority booking – Preference will be given to them when booking a ride during peak hours
  • Platinum Support Line – A dedicated hotline number built within the app to provide them immediate assistance.
  • Exclusive Access – They will be able to get first-hand experience of any new features Grab introduces.

To start earning GrabRewards points:

  1. Download the Grab App* from either Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.
  2. Key-in the respective pick-up and drop-off locations.
  3. Click Book.
  4. Upon completion of ride, you can check your GrabRewards points collected.

Tip: Register your debit*/credit card as a payment option in GrabPay to level up 10X faster!

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Grab Delivering Happyness To Underprivileged Kids

6 December 2016Grab wants to make December a little merrier for everyone through its latest regional donation campaign. Called Grab Delivering Happyness, the campaign is calling for members of public to get into the spirit of year-end giving.

All they have to do is to round up and pack pre-loved (or new!) books, stationery and toys – and then simply book a Grab to collect them from 12 to 24 December. Grab aims to collect 20,000 items across Southeast Asia, which will be delivered to 7,000 underprivileged kids in Southeast Asia.

“While people may wish to help the less fortunate, they often don’t know how, or where to start. As part of Grab’s commitment to improving lives in Southeast Asia, we’re using the Grab app to make giving as easy as possible – and in the process, deliver happiness to the children in our communities who need it most,” said Cheryl Goh, VP of Marketing, Grab.

Cheryl Goh added, “I grew up reading the adventures of Nancy Drew. She was a real problem-solver! I always try to find solutions and attribute my never-say-die spirit to my hours of reading. Today we read of young wizards bravely fighting the dark lord, instilling in kids a sense of justice and morals. Grab wants to call out to those who have the means to donate books, stationery and toys. Let’s bring the joy of reading stories to thousands of kids in Southeast Asia – and give them a great foundation for learning life skills.”

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Grab has partnered with non-profit organisations – in all six countries that Grab operates in: Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam – that focus on helping children in need. Each tackle issues unique to each country, such as helping to re-equip schools in the Philippines that were affected by a recent storm, or giving books, stationery and toys to kids in rural villages in Vietnam.

In Malaysia, Grab is partnering with NGOHub, an online platform that assists the non-profit sector in Malaysia through the power of volunteering, networking, grant opportunities and events.

NGOHub runs NGO Academy, which is a series of events to impart skills, build capacity and encourage collaboration among NGOs. As such, they form partnerships with different stakeholders including government agencies, the private sector and volunteers to support the work of NGOs in Malaysia to make better and more lasting impact.

NGOHub was founded by SOLS 24/7 in partnership with 7-Eleven Malaysia through its Community Cares Fund.


Join Grab Delivering Happyness Campaign

Delivering Happyness from 12 to 24 December

It’s easy for time-strapped people to donate their books, stationery and toys.

  • Start packing your pre-loved books, stationery and toys today.
  • From 12 to 24 December, donors can use the Grab app to request a Grab driver who will pick up the items. Select the ‘Delivering Happyness’ fleet icon. Just like booking a regular ride, donors need only indicate their pick-up location and time. Grab will sponsor the cost of the collection.
  • Pack your items and pass them to the Grab driver on the agreed date and time.

Delivering Happyness is part of Grab’s commitment to improve lives in Southeast Asia. It is an extension of a similar campaign that was rolled out in 2013 in Malaysia to deliver 2,000 pre-loved books and toys to rural libraries. The campaign was a simple and honest effort to match donors to drivers.


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Grab 100% Ride Guarantee At Selected Locations

Starting today, 17 November 2016, Grab is offering a 100% ride guarantee at selected locations in the Klang Valley. In addition, they also announced a new coupon code that gives all passengers in the Klang Valley RM5 off their rides!


How Does The 100% Ride Guarantee Work?

Basically, if you don’t get your ride after booking one, Grab will offer the next GrabCar ride (up to RM 8) free, or an RM 8 discount on your next GrabCar ride. Here is the step-by-step guide :

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Step 1 : Turn on the Grab app and select GrabCar (Economy).

Step 2 : Key in your pick-up and drop-off points.

Step 3 : Click Book.

Step 4 : Wait for your driver.

If the “Sorry, we couldn’t find you a driver” message pops up twice in a row, you will receive an SMS with a promo code which will make your next ride free (up to RM 8), or give you an RM 8 discount.


Which Areas Does The 100% Ride Guarantee Cover?

At the moment, Grab is offering the 100% Ride Guarantee at selected busy locations in the Klang Valley :

  • Bangsar
  • KL Sentral
  • Mont Kiara
  • Sri Hartamas
  • Bandar Utama
  • Taman Tun Doktor Ismail
  • Damansara Uptown
  • Popular malls like Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens, Publika and 1 Utama Shopping Centre


A New Coupon Code

To encourage trials of this new 100% Ride Guarantee in the Klang Valley, Grab is offering a new coupon code – SURERIDE, which will give you RM 5 off 2 rides!

So take this opportunity to give Grab a go. Use the coupon code SURERIDE for a RM 5 discount, and if your ride doesn’t turn up – you get your next GrabCar ride free (up to RM 8), or a RM 8 discount on your next GrabCar ride!

Please note that the SURERIDE coupon code is only valid from 17-23 November 2016.


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GrabPokemon Offer For Pokemon Go Trainer

Petaling Jaya, 8 Aug 2016 – Following the hype of the much anticipated game in Malaysia, Grab Malaysia is now offering a special promotion exclusively for Pokémon Go Trainers in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.

Beginning from August 9 to August 15, Grab is offering an exclusive RM5 off for 2 rides TO or FROM any PokeArea when passengers pay via cash or debit/credit card for their GrabCar (economy) ride.

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To book a ride, passengers only need to:

Step 1: Download “Grab” via Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2: Key in the pick-up point

Step 3: Type in “POKEAREA” as the drop-off point to see a list of Grab’s selected “PokeAreas” (Locations recommended for high Pokémon hunt activity)

Step 4: Key in promo code GRABPOKEMON

Step 5: Go GRAB em’ all safely and comfortably!


Grabpokemon Promotion

The GRABPOKEMON promotion is the continuation of the successful PokeMobiles, a joint partnership between Grab Malaysia and Hotlink which offered free rides to Pokémon Trainers for two days (Aug 7-8, 2016) in Klang Valley.

“Our cars have been on the road for two days and our drivers had so much fun transporting many excited passengers and also attracted members of the public who just wanted a photo of the car. Hence, we wanted to offer something extra to Pokémon fans outside Klang Valley as well!” said Jaygan Fu, Country Head of Grab Malaysia.

Fu added that the GRABPOKEMON promotion which is applicable to all GrabCar (Economy) rides nationwide is part of the brand’s on-going efforts to surprise and delight their customers. “We realise there are many Pokémon fans out there and we wanted to join in the fun and offer safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable rides to Pokémon Trainers to catch and train their Pokémons,” said Fu.

He added that the four limited edition PokeMobiles has certainly made hunting Pokémons these last two days so much safer and faster! “We wanted to help Pokémon Trainers who were hunting for Pokémons travel safely from one PokeStop to another. Lucky players who booked the car, also upped their ante as each car was equipped with a special Grab goodie bag, water and a car handphone charger for uninterrupted gaming pleasure,” added Fu.

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Catch ‘Em All Faster With The PokeMobile!

Update @ 2016-08-07 : Pokémon GO was officially launched in Malaysia yesterday, so the PokeMobiles will be roaming the streets of the Klang Valley, ferrying Pokémon GO players to nearby PokeStops. Go book one right now!


Catch ‘Em All Faster With The PokeMobile!

Malaysians have heard that the Pokémon GO launch is imminent. Everyone’s raring to go out and catch ’em all! In their eagerness, some will probably get hurt… especially if they are thinking of driving out to hunt for Pokémons.

To help Malaysians hunt Pokémons safely, Grab and Hotlink just launched the limited-edition PokeMobile! Let’s see what the fuss is all about!


Grab & Hotlink Launches The PokeMobile

In this video, Maybel Chan (Maxis’ Head of Content & Engagement), and Jaygan Fu (Grab Malaysia’s Country Manager), officially launch the PokeMobile promotion.

Followed by a Q&A session…

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The PokeMobile Revealed!

These are special Grab cars that have been decked out in Pokémon livery. Each PokeMobile also comes with refreshments, Grab goodie bags, Hotlink PokeChargers and even a PokeMonitor, with Hotlink 4G connectivity.

A total of four PokeMobiles will ply the Klang Valley, shuttling Pokémon GO players to nearby PokeStops, over the first two days. Best of all – IT’S ALL FREE!

To book a PokeMobile for a free ride to the nearest PokeStop, Pokémon GO players have to do is :
  • Install / upgrade the Grab app (available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Select the PokeMobile button in the Grab app, and wait for your pickup!

If that’s not enough, PokeMobile riders who are also Hotlink customers will receive US$100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online. This is equivalent to 14,500 PokeCoins! Of course, you can also use those PokeCoins to purchase 145 Pokémon lures, 145 Pokéballs or 96 egg incubators.

In addition, Hotlink customers will get 10% off their PokeCoins purchased through Hotlink Cash Online. They will also get 10% off in-app purchases on other games and apps like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Smule, Loong Craft, Crisis Action, Candy Crush Saga, etc. on Google Play Store. [adrotate banner=”5″]


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