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The ASUS ZenFone AR Price & Key Features Revealed!

ASUS just launched the ASUS ZenFone AR – a new-generation smartphone optimised for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. In fact, it is the first ASUS smartphone to be Tango-enabled and Daydream-ready. Find out what the fuss is all about, and how much the ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) will cost, and more!


The ASUS ZenFone AR Presentation

Introducing the new ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) is Li Huai Pin, ASUS Malaysia Consumer Product Lead. He shares with us the key features of the ZenFone AR smartphone, as well as its local price and availability.

Here is a clearer version of the product video that was shown before the ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) presentation began.


What Is Tango & Daydream?

The ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) AR is Tango-enabled and Daydream-ready smartphone. But what does that mean?

Tango is a set of sensors and computer vision software Google developed to enable augmented reality in smartphones. It adds motion tracking, depth perception and area learning capabilities, to enable the creation of augmented reality experiences.

Daydream, on the other hand, is the Google mobile virtual reality platform. The ASUS ZenFone AR can be paired with the Daydream View headset and controller to allow the user to enjoy virtual reality movies, games and apps.


How Useful / Fun Is Augmented Reality?

You may be wondering – how useful or fun is Augmented Reality (AR)? What exactly can you do with the ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) that you cannot do with any other smartphone? This ASUS video demonstrates three augmented reality examples that the ZenFone AR enables.


Special Warranty

ASUS is offering the ZenFone AR (Price Check) with a special 1-to-1 Exchange Warranty. Here are the details :

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  • 1-to-1 Exchange In-Warranty is only applicable to ZenFone AR (ZS571KL) only.
  • Exchange is valid only within 12 months from the date of purchase receipt.
  • 1-to-1 Exchange In-Warranty is also applicable to customers of Pick Up & Return service by contacting 1300-88-3495.
  • 1-to-1 Exchange can be done within the same day (only applicable to Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Puchong, Cheras, Ampang, Kajang and Serdang). If the exchange request is made after 3:00pm, the exchange can only be done on the next business day.


ASUS ZenFone AR Price & Availability

The ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) will retail for RM 3,799 (inclusive of 6% GST) / ~US$ 899 from 7th July 2017 onwards, bundled with Google Cardboard, a Screen Protector and a Silicone Case. You can order it from Lazada here!

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The ASUS ZenFone AR Key Features 

ASUS TriCam system for Tango experiences

ZenFone AR (Price Check) uses an ASUS TriCam system consisting of three rear cameras — a motion-tracking camera, depth-sensing camera and high-resolution 23MP PixelMaster 3.0 camera — which provide input to Tango, enabling smartphone augmented reality experiences for users.

The motion-tracking camera lets ZenFone AR (Price Check) keep track of its location as it moves through three-dimensional space. The depth-sensing camera lets ZenFone AR determine its distance from objects by projecting an infrared (IR) laser and measuring the amount of time it takes for IR light to bounce off objects and return to the phone. The 23MP PixelMaster 3.0 camera features a Sony IMX318 image sensor to vividly capture the environment as a backdrop for AR experiences.

AR is a rapidly growing area of mobile technology, and one that consumers are extremely excited about. ASUS and Google have partnered with well-known brands, such as iStaging, to bring the smartphone AR experience to customers. Tango also provides developers with the ability to deliver consistent AR experiences across devices and helps users easily discover a wide range of new apps, such as exciting games, home decor utilities, and apps that provide new ways to explore. To date, the ecosystem has grown quickly and there are plenty of apps on Google Play that are Tango enabled.

Daydream by Google

The expansive 5.7-inch display of ZenFone AR (Price Check) makes it ideal for VR apps and games when used with Daydream View, immersing users in incredible VR worlds that appear detailed and lifelike in WQHD (1440 x 2560) resolution. Super AMOLED technology enables deep blacks and high contrast, further enhancing image quality and 3D effects.

With ZenFone AR and Daydream View, users can explore new and fictional worlds with apps like Street View and Fantastic Beasts, kick back in a personal VR cinema with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and HBO, and get in the game with Gunjack 2, LEGO BrickHeadz, Need for Speed, and more.

Impressive audio, inside and out

In addition to video, high-quality audio is an important component of immersive AR and VR experiences. To fulfill this demand, ZenFone AR comes with ASUS SonicMaster 3.0 technology. A five-magnet speaker driven by a powerful NXP smart amplifier delivers clear, expansive sound that can be played at high volumes without distortion. ZenFone AR (Price Check) can also output certified High-Resolution Audio (HRA) to compatible devices at 24-bit/192kHz — or 4X CD-quality. DTS Headphone:X provides virtual 7.1-channel surround sound for immersive entertainment experiences.

Cutting-edge hardware for unrivaled AR and VR performance

ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) is designed with the latest, top-of-the-line components to provide high-quality AR and VR experiences. This cutting-edge hardware also makes ZenFone AR one of the most powerful smartphones available. ZenFone AR features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor that has been specially optimized for AR operations.

ASUS worked closely with Qualcomm Technologies and Google engineers to help develop methods for efficiently distributing computer-vision workloads, as well as rapidly processing movement and positioning instructions with Tango to deliver smooth, immersive, and compelling AR experiences.

It also features the desktop-class Qualcomm Adreno 530 graphics-processing unit (GPU) to deliver supercharged graphics performance and handle the graphical demands of Tango and Daydream applications with ease. ZenFone AR has a sophisticated vapor-cooling system that allows the CPU and GPU to work more efficiently and delivers enhanced performance to prevent overheating.

World’s first smartphone with 8GB of RAM

ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) is the world’s first smartphone with 8GB of RAM, enabling it to handle the demands of AR and VR with ease. It also helps with heavy multitasking, allowing users to keep dozens of apps open simultaneous and instantly switch among them. ZenFone AR also includes 128 GB of fast UFS 2.0 storage, enabling users to store a large library of apps, games, videos, photos, and music, and open them quickly

Thin and light metallic design

ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) packages its advanced technology in a beautifully minimalist, light, and compact design. A precision-milled metal frame and slim, 4.8mm edge provides a luxurious look that is further enhanced by stainless-steel accents around the camera. These accents also help protect the camera lens from scratches. ZenFone AR has an ergonomic curved shape with a 4.8mm edge and a tactile, leather-patterned rear surface that feels great in the hand.

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ASUS PixelMaster 3.0 — Capture reality, fast and steady

ASUS ZenFone AR (Price Check) also features an advanced camera that takes beautiful, high-resolution photos and videos in almost any lighting condition. It has an ASUS PixelMaster 3.0 camera that uses the world’s highest resolution camera sensor (Sony IMX318) and the ASUS TriTech autofocus system. Other key camera features include:

  • Four-axis optical image stabilization (OIS) photo and three-axis electronic image stabilization (EIS) video stabilization — Enables sharp photos and shake-free videos.
  • 03-second ASUS TriTech System — Exclusive TriTech autofocus technology is the ultimate integration of phase-detection autofocus, laser autofocus and subject-tracking autofocus, the result is a perfectly focused and sharp image every time – day or night, indoor or out.
  • Super Resolution mode — Creates ultra-high resolution, 92MP photos by capturing and combining four native 23MP photos to create a single image with exceptional clarity, greater detail, and less noise.
  • RAW file support — ZenFone AR offers photographers the freedom to shoot and store compositions in RAW format. RAW files save the full data of the photo captured by the camera’s sensor and are ideal for enhancement with editing software, where users are able to uncover fine details in areas of shadow, or recover overexposed areas in the highlights, with much lower loss of image quality when compared to editing JPEG image files.
  • High-resolution 4K UHD video recording — Captures ultra-detailed and sharp videos.
  • Professional manual creative controls — Gives keen photographers control over advanced camera settings, like white balance, exposure value (EV), ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and focus. This makes ZenFone AR a powerful tool for learning the fundamental skills of photography and allows users to shoot scenes with many different creative interpretations.

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