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The AndOwningIt Campaign By Kaspersky Lab + The Mix!

Kaspersky Lab joined forces with digital youth charity The Mix to launch the AndOwningIt campaign for Generation Z! Here is everything you need to know about the #AndOwningIt campaign for youths!


Kaspersky Lab Reports Anxiety Among Generation Z!

Kaspersky Lab reports that the majority of Generation Z do not seek professional advice to help them cope with anxiety issues.

In line with its global commitment to turn insecurity into security, Kaspersky Lab has joined forces with digital youth charity The Mix to help young people from around the world embrace their own insecurities. The objective is to show them that anxiety issues are not barriers to achieving happiness.

The new campaign is called #AndOwningIt.


Who Are Generation Z?

Generation Z are young people aged between 13 to 23 years old. With their world dominated by online news and social media, nearly half of Generation Z said they feel more anxious about their appearance than about their career prospects, money, terrorism and being bullied.

The report revealed that these anxious feelings, or worries, can impact young people’s behavior including how they approach social media.

It is quite common for Generation Z to create a more manufactured perception of how they look. Most young people also spend up to half an hour editing their images or videos prior to posting them on social media platforms. The reason is to create a flawless image.


What Are The Findings Of The Report?

It was reported that girls are more insecure than boys. They feel much more anxious about their appearance than their male counterparts.

Nearly double the number of female Gen Z-ers compared to male Gen Z-ers admit to changing their eating habits (such as overeating or refraining from eating) because of appearance-related anxieties.

Body improvement and fitness content on social media makes young women feel worse than young men. Females have admitted to skipping a social event in the past year due to social anxiety.

What’s more worrying is that Generation Z does not seek help on what to do when they are feeling anxious. The majority young people do not visit a doctor for advice on how to cope with their anxieties.

This meant that many young people are struggling and they are unsure about how to deal with their feelings.


How are Kaspersky Lab And The Mix Helping The Generation Z?

Kaspersky Lab has joined forces with The Mix, a digital youth charity that supports people under the age of 25 to launch a new campaign to help turn Generation Z insecurities into securities. The campaign  #AndOwningIt aims to empower them to embrace the very things that make them feel insecure and allowing them to realize that insecurities are not barriers to happiness.

The first step to turn an insecurity into a strength is by admitting/owning it.

The campaign will be supported by custom t-shirts featuring the most common insecurities young people have, thus encouraging them to accept their insecurities and start a conversation. All of the profits from the sale of the t-shirts will go to The Mix.


How Can You Help The AndOwningIt Campaign?

Kaspersky Lab and The Mix are urging Generation Z to join the conversation across social media with the #AndOwningIt hashtag. They could also purchase a t-shirt to show their support.

Do Your Part Now!

Support the worthy cause by purchasing the AndOwningIt t-shirts here. For specific help in tackling anxiety or other mental health challenges, please reach out to The Mix.

The information and support offered is universal and can be accessed internationally.


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