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Did Germany Put All COVID-19 Vaccines On Hold?

Did Germany Put All COVID-19 Vaccines On Hold?

Did Germany just put all COVID-19 vaccines on hold, because they are dangerous and no longer recommended?

Take a look at the new viral claim, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Germany Just Put All COVID-19 Vaccines On Hold!

This message has been circulating on WhatsApp, claiming that Germany just put all COVID-19 vaccines on hold b because they are dangerous and no longer recommended.



There has been a 2 week pause so they can reflect on the damages being caused to their people, NO ONE CAN GET IT and the vaxxine license has been put on pause!!


The message includes a link to a video of Stephan Kohn (Director of RKI), which claims :


There has been a 2 week pause so they can reflect on the damages being caused to their people, NO ONE CAN GET IT and the vaxxine license has been put on pause!!

GO GERMANY!! – But the chessboards still at play… Germany has been rioting ALLOT PAST FEW MONTHS THIS WILL TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF UNTIL MORE ENFORCEMENTS COME.. To then put mandatory vaccines in place – WAKE UP


Truth : Germany Did NOT Put COVID-19 Vaccines On Hold!

Both the message and the video have gone viral on social media, and even WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

However, the truth is – Germany did NOT put COVID-19 vaccines on hold because they are dangerous or no longer recommended.

This is just a new example of COVID-19 fake news, and here are the FACTS…

Fact #1 : Germany Did Not Put COVID-19 Vaccines On Hold

The German government did not put COVID-19 vaccines on hold. Germany continues to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

In fact, Germany just achieved a new milestone – administering over 100 million doses, which Jens Spahn, the German Federal Minister of Health, announced on 25 August 2021 :

Another milestone : More than 100 million corona-vaccinations in in 6 months, that is one of the largest logistical achievements in our country’s history. This means that 64.4% (53.3 million) have been vaccinated at least once. 59.4% (49.4 million) have full protection. Thanks to everyone who helped!

I should point out that he announced this 3 days AFTER the Stephan Kohn video was released on Instagram.

So there is no doubt – Germany has not stopped vaccinating its citizens.

Fact #2 : Stephan Kohn Is Not Interim President Of Koch Institute

In this video, Stephan Kohn said that he was appointed as the Interim President of the Robert Koch Institute. That is not true.

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Lothar H. Wieler remains President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), since he was appointed in 2015.

Fact #3 : Stephan Kohn Was Civil Servant In German Interior Ministry

Stephan Kohn was a senior civil servant in the KM4 section of the German Ministry of the Interior.

He came to prominence in May 2020, after penning an 86-page paper critical of Germany’s anti-pandemic measures.

After it was “leaked”, Stephan Kohn was suspended from his position. It is unknown if he remains in the German Ministry of the Interior.

Fact #4 : Video Is Not Real, Just Theatrics

The video was posted to the BasisCamp.live Instagram account on 22 August 2021, but it was not a genuine news broadcast.

It was theatrics – a “simulation” video created as part of the multi-day BasisCamp.live online event called “A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise“.

In that simulation, BasisCamp participants play-acted what they “would do” if they take over the German government. It’s even stated in the Instagram post (which I highlighted below) :

Breaking: New government changes course radically!

Stephan Kohn, the new RKI boss *, announces a moratorium against the vaccination and I states that there is no longer an epidemic situation. The vaccination should be suspended. Not possible? No, say experts from #science and #economy.

In the simulation game #BasisCamp, members of the #Corona Committee around lawyer Dr. Reiner #Fuellmich with scientists and members of the party #dieBasis for an alternative corona policy.

Here is my copy of the simulation video, featuring Stephan Kohn as the fake RKI Director (Robert Koch Institute President).

Fact #5 : die Basis Is A New German Political Party

die Basis – the informal name for Basisdemokratische Partei Deutschland (Basic Democratic Party of Germany) – is a new fringe German political party.

It features people like lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, conspiracy theorist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, and naturopath Diana Osterhage, and of course, Stephan Kohn.

Established in June 2020 as an anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination party, die Basis only gained prominence after German actor Volker Bruch join the party.

Even so, it only has about 22,800 members (as of July 2021) and only one district seat. So it is simply impossible for die Basis to take over the German government.

Fact #6 : COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe + Effective

More than 5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have already been administered worldwide, as of 26 August 2021.

They have all been proven to be safe and effective in preventing hospitalisations and deaths in COVID-19 patients.

In countries where vaccination rates are high, hospitalisations and mortality rates have fallen even if the number of new cases has increased.

However, we are nowhere close to achieving herd immunity globally. Even the Germans have only fully-vaccinated less than 60% of their adult population.

So please stop believing in such fake news. Get vaccinated ASAP to protect yourself and your family against COVID-19!

And SHARE this article to WARN your family and friends, so they won’t get fooled too!


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Did China Contribute 60% Of COVAX Vaccine Supply?

Did China really contribute 60% of the vaccine supply to COVAX – the worldwide initiative for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines?

Take a look at this shocking claim by CGTN Europe, and find out what the FACTS really are!


CGTN Europe : China Contributed 60% Of COVAX Vaccine Supply!

Patrick Rhys Atack from CGTN Europe took umbrage at UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s claim that “the effort to vaccinate the world would only be completed very largely thanks to the efforts of [G7] countries“.

He wrote an article in response called, Who is vaccinating the world?, claiming that China contributed 60% of the COVAX vaccine supply so far.

In his article, he shared this pie chart, showing UNICEF data for the “total doses delivered to [COVAX] by donor country”.

As you can see, he clearly showed that China delivered just over 60% of the COVAX vaccine supply so far.

Or did he?


Truth : China Did NOT Contribute 60% Of COVAX Vaccine Supply

The short and simple truth is – China did NOT contribute 60% of COVAX vaccine supply, and is unlikely to do so even in the future.

Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Chinese Vaccines Not In UNICEF Data On COVAX

The pie chart was created by CGTN Europe based on UNICEF data, but the truth is – the UNICEF vaccine dashboard actually showed a different story altogether…

The UNICEF data showed that no Chinese vaccines are (currently) part of the vaccine purchases that COVAX made.

315 million doses of vaccines were also donated to COVAX, but UNICEF does not show the breakdown.

But even if all 315 million of those vaccine doses are from China, it would only account for 9.5% of the total COVAX vaccine supply of 3.325 million secured doses.

Fact #2 : COVAX Facility Currently Has No Chinese Vaccine

In the latest COVAX Supply Forecast, released on 28 June 2021, there are eight vaccines in the COVAX portfolio, and none of them are from Chinese manufacturers.

It would be quite impossible for China to contribute 60% of COVAX vaccine supply if there are no Chinese vaccine in the COVAX vaccine portfolio…

Fact #3 : China Only Committed 10 Million Doses To COVAX

On 3 February 2021, China announced that they would contribute 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the COVAX Facility.

Those 10 million vaccine doses finally rolled off the Sinopharm production line on 31 May 2021, as China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced on 1 June 2021.

The 10 million doses would only account for 0.3% of the 3,315 million doses secured by the COVAX Facility – a far cry from the 60% claimed by CGTN Europe.

Fact #4 : China Has Not Contributed Financially To COVAX

The COVAX Facility does not just rely on donated vaccines. It relies primarily on financial aid, which allows it to directly purchase vaccines to distribute.

Currently, COVAX is funded in large part by Western countries and Japan. You can verify this through the latest COVAX donor list.

Even the tiny country of Bhutan contributed to the COVAX Facility, as have many foundations. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in particular, contributed US$206 million to COVAX.

However, China has not contributed a single dollar to the COVAX Facility. So it would be impossible that the 60% vaccine supply claim was partly due to monetary contribution.

COVAX Donors Contribution
(US Dollars)
United States 3,500 million
Germany 1,097 million
Japan 1,000 million
United Kingdom 733 million
European Commission 489 million
Italy 470 million
Canada 384 million
Sweden 296 million
France 244 million
Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation
206 million


Why Would CGTN Lie About COVAX Contribution By China?

CGTN is part of Chinese state media, and is directly controlled by the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

With China’s aggressive foreign stance in recent years, it is not uncommon to see such fake stories being created by Chinese state media.

Some believe it is part of a concerted attempt to burnish China’s image overseas – a form of vaccine diplomacy.

Others believe the many fake stories are being created to drown out the negative coverage of China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, and their aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is our duty as global citizens to stop the proliferation of such fake stories.

Please share this fact check with your friends, so they know the truth!


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Health Advocates Against Pfizer mRNA Vaccine : A Fact Check

According to health advocates backed by PPIM, PATRIOT, AHM Group and GNI, we need to stop using the Pfizer vaccine right away!

Let’s take a look at their claims, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Health Advocates Against Pfizer mRNA Vaccine : A Fact Check

Writers calling themselves Health Advocates penned a letter that appears to be gaining traction on WhatsApp, after being posted on two websites.

Let’s go through the various claims on the Pfizer vaccine, and see what the facts really are!

PFIZER is probably the worst serial corporate criminal in the world, considering the several published news reports on Pfizer’s involvement in fraud, bribery, corruption and illegal tests on children.

Can we trust such a corrupt company on the safety of their experimental mRNA chemical vaccine when their own top management have refused to take it so far?

We will not comment on legal claims, which are the purview of the courts.

But it is categorically false that Pfizer’s top management refused to take their mRNA vaccine so far.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla received his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in mid February 2021, and his second shot on 10 March 2021.

Yet, we are the only hot-weather developing country in the world to have ordered this very temperature sensitive chemical vaccine.

Seriously? Never heard of the country called Singapore, just south of Johor Bahru? Yes, Singapore is still considered as a developing country (according to WTO).

How about Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE and even Saudi Arabia in the Middle East?

The ultra-low temperature storage requirement is troublesome all over the world. It requires special ultra-low temperature freezers like these.

But if you have them, it really doesn’t matter if you are in the tropics or the North Pole.

Total order so far of 32 million doses (for half the population) of highly risky (as stated by the US Govt NIH website), ineffective (in preventing COVID-19 infection and transmission as it has been proven now) & possibly very harmful chemical vaccine.

The US NIH did NOT call the Pfizer vaccine as “highly risky” or “ineffective” or “possibly very harmful”.

In his 9 March 2021 post on the Pfizer vaccine, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins noted that the real world study showed that “the vaccine works remarkably well” and offered “essentially the same very high level of protection that was seen in the data gathered in the earlier U.S. clinical trial“.

Why does the US Govt National Institutes of Health (NIH), after stating that synthetic mRNA is gene therapy, said that this approach can have “very serious health risks such as toxicity, inflammation, and cancer”?

The US National Institutes of Health did NOT label the mRNA vaccine as “gene therapy”.

It would not be possible to modify our genes using mRNA technology because mRNA cannot enter the cell nucleus, and therefore cannot modify our DNA.

In his 16 March 2021 post on the CRISPR-based anti-viral therapy for HIV and COVID-19, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins wrote about a team that used mRNA technology to create a bacterial enzyme called Cas13a that is capable of “cutting up” the viral RNA, stopping the infection.

In that article, he also pointed out that “Because mRNA doesn’t enter the cell’s nucleus, it doesn’t interact with DNA and raise potential concerns about causing unwanted genetic changes.

Our procurement for vaccines should not be political but based on merit, especially safety. But we should be mindful about the principles of justice, ethics and human rights.

Indeed, it should be based on merit and safety. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was the first out with its Phase 3 trial results.

Based on its excellent safety and efficacy results, it was the first COVID-19 vaccine to receive an Emergency Utilisation Authority from the US FDA.

Our procurement must also not go against our policies to oppose Zionism (we do not recognize the state of Israel) and the oppression of the Palestinian people in Israel and the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

Didn’t you just say that vaccine procurement should not be political?

Even so, how is buying the Pfizer vaccine related to Zionism, or the oppression of the Palestinian people?

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is a prominent Greek Jew and there is nothing wrong in being a Jew.

On Jan 15, 2021, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, announced that it would award an honorary doctorate to Albert Bourla. No problem with that.

But instead of rejecting the offer, Albert Bourla immediately responded that “I am moved by the news and honored to receive a degree from such an important and historical institution as the Technion. In my youth, I considered studying at Technion; this is an emotional closure for me”.

Wow, such passionate support for Technion.

So you have no problem with Albert Bourla being a Jew or receiving an honorary doctorate, but you have a problem with the fact he didn’t reject the honorary doctorate that you just said you had no problem with?

Wow.. such logic. Such impeccable logic.

How can the government justify such a huge order (largest order for our country so far, for any vaccine) for such a risky experimental vaccine from such a corrupt corporation (Pfizer)?

The same reasons why Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE and even Saudi Arabia had no issue purchasing the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

  1. The Pfizer COMIRNATY vaccine has been proven to be very safe and efficacious.
  2. They were able to handle its ultra-low temperature storage issues.
  3. Pfizer is a public-listed American company, not an Israeli company.

Incidentally, Pfizer is merely the US manufacturing partner for BioNTech – the German company that actually created the vaccine. In China, BioNTech is working  with Fosun Pharma to make the vaccine.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the mRNA technology it’s based on were actually created by Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci – Germans of Turkish descent!


To Health Advocates Against Pfizer Vaccine : Put People’s Lives First

I agree with you completely that vaccine procurement should not be political, but based on merit and safety.

Scientifically, the Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY vaccine has been proven to be both safe and effective. Period.

LET US PUT PEOPLE’S LIVES FIRST. We need to vaccinate everyone as quickly as possible – the COVID-19 pandemic has already killed more than 3 million people globally!


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Was Pfizer Vaccine Designed To Make COVID-19 Endemic?

Did Pfizer design their vaccine to turn the COVID-19 pandemic into an endemic, so they can make A LOT MORE money?

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


Was Pfizer Vaccine Designed To Make COVID-19 Endemic?

A WhatsApp message linking to a Kim Iversen video posted on 17 March 2021 has gone viral on WhatsApp, with this alarming warning :

The truth is out. Pfizer Executive admits that they their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic so that the demand of their vaccines will continue forever and give them the opportunity to make a lot of money selling their vaccine. Once the pandemic becomes an endemic, just like the flu, all those who have already been vaccinated will need to continue to receive a booster every year or so.

Now that you are up to speed, let’s see what the facts really are!


Pfizer Vaccine Designed To Make COVID-19 Endemic? Bullshit!

We watched the Kim Iversen episode where she made those claims, so you wouldn’t have to.

Now, let’s address the claims in the viral message and her video one by one, so you have the FACTS.

Claim #1 : Pfizer Caught Saying COVID-19 Will Turn Endemic

Verdict : FALSE

Caught? Pfizer CFO and Executive VP of Global Supply, Frank A. D’Amelio openly said this in a virtual global healthcare conference, and it was reported publicly.

The company anticipates a “significant opportunity” for its vaccine “from a demand perspective” and “from a pricing perspective” as it shifts “from pandemic to endemic”.

How is that the definition of “caught” when he publicly made those comments?

That’s just Kim Iversen trying to hoodwink you into thinking that there is something nefarious afoot.

The truth is scientists across the world believe that SARS-CoV-2 will likely become an endemic virus, as this Nature survey from February 2021 shows.

Claim #2 : Pfizer Excited COVID-19 Will Turn Endemic

Verdict : FALSE

Kim Iversen also claimed that Pfizer is excited that COVID-19 will turn endemic.

Nowhere in the article (which you can read here) was it mentioned that Pfizer executives were excited about the pandemic becoming an endemic situation.

The truth is he was merely telling an analyst that there is an opportunity for Pfizer to increase their vaccine prices as demand drops when COVID-19 pandemic shifts into an endemic situation.

And while Kim Iversen makes it sound like an endemic situation is what Pfizer is aiming for, it is not something any pharmaceutical company is capable of.

The truth is our refusal to quickly vaccinate ourselves will be the reason why COVID-19 could end up becoming endemic.

Claim #3 : Pfizer COMIRNATY Was Developed At The Behest Of The US Government

Verdict : FALSE

Kim Iversen claimed that the Pfizer COMIRNATY (BNT162b2) vaccine was developed at the behest of the US government.

The truth is the BNT162b2 vaccine was developed by BioNTech SE – a German company, long before the Trump Administration came up with Operation Warp Speed.

And here is the zinger – Pfizer and BioNTech declined to join Operation Warp Speed, and BioNTech was funded by the German government to a tune of $445 million.

The BionTech COMIRNATY vaccine was really created in Germany by Germans of Turkish descent, and funded by German money. The US government had ZERO involvement.

BioNTech founders – Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci

Claim #4 : Big Pharma Makes MORE Money In COVID-19 Endemic

Verdict : FALSE

At around the 5:53 mark, Kim claimed that Big Pharma hopes that COVID-19 doesn’t end, so that they can make money off these vaccines.

By preventing COVID-19 using vaccines, Big Pharma actually loses out on a lot of money that could be made treating patients with COVID-19.

Think of how much money we already spent on ventilators, and expensive drugs with very limited effect like baricitinib and remdesivir.

Big Pharma stands to make MORE MONEY if vaccines did not exist, or were delayed.

She also does not understand that there are far fewer infections in an endemic.

So yes, Big Pharma may make more money from their vaccines, but they will lose a lot more money that could have been made from treating COVID-19.

Claim #5 : Big Pharma Has No Desire To Cure COVID-19

Verdict : FALSE

In a rambling monologue, that goes off-the-rail at certain points, Kim claimed at around the 5:55 mark that Big Pharma has no desire to cure COVID-19, AIDS, and cancer.

She should stop talking about medicine since she knows so little about it.

Vaccines are NEVER designed to cure a disease. They are designed to PREVENT the disease from occurring in the first place.

That is why we take the COVID-19 vaccine before we get it, instead of after – so we have a better chance of preventing it!

Claim #6 : Big Pharma Didn’t Even Try To End COVID-19

Verdict : FALSE

In her rambling monologue, Kim then asked, did Big Pharma even try to end COVID-19?

Seriously? Did she not read the news, and see how many vaccine candidates were developed? Or how many potential therapeutics were investigated?

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed and certified for use in less than a year after the pandemic began, and they offered 94%~95% protection against COVID-19.

Why don’t Kim tell us what SHE did to end COVID-19? What did ANYONE ELSE do to end COVID-19? Who else does she believe would be better at ending COVID-19?

Claim #7 : You Can Still Spread COVID-19 After Vaccination


Kim then claimed that those who were vaccinated must continue to wear face masks and socially distance themselves because they can still spread COVID-19.

That’s misleading because the advice was based on 3 reasons :

  • it was partly precautionary in nature *,
  • it takes weeks to build up your immunity after vaccination,
  • the vaccine is not 100% efficacious, so a small number of people can still get COVID-19.

* The studies had not looked into whether the vaccines can prevent transmission, so they are advising vaccinated people to maintain the same precautions, JUST IN CASE.

It makes sense to tell people to continue taking precautions until herd immunity is achieved when the vast majority (80% or higher) of the population is vaccinated.

Claim #8 : Vaccinated People Have To Double Down On Precautions

Verdict : FALSE

At around the 8:50 mark, Kim surmised that the vaccines cannot protect others, and that people have to “double down” on precautions.

That is simply NOT TRUE. Those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 do NOT have to double down on their precautions.

I think it would be instructive at this point to share this picture of Jude Law in the movie, Contagion.

Claim #9 : Falling COVID-19 Cases Not Related To Vaccine

Verdict : FALSE

At 9:25, Kim claimed that no matter what the COVID-19 vaccination rate is like, the cases are falling.

She used the example of Israel with almost 100% vaccination rate, but has the same number of cases as Portugal, which only vaccinated 10% of their population.

She conveniently neglected to mention that Portugal has been under a nationwide lockdown since 15 January 2021! Probably because she earlier mocked lockdowns as useless…

On the other hand, Israel eased lockdown restrictions THREE TIMES since 7 February 2021, and the third stage easing even opened up tourist attractions and gatherings of up to 50 people!

Claim #10 : Test Vaccine Effectiveness By Jabbing People In Southern Hemisphere

Verdict : FALSE

At the 10:20 mark, Kim Iversen tells us that the only way to test the effectiveness of these vaccines is to start jabbing people in the Southern Hemisphere.

No, Kim. You perform what’s called a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, which was what ALL certified vaccines have undergone!

CoronaVac was tested in Brazil, and Novovax NVX-CoV2373 was tested in Australia.

There are also ongoing trials of those vaccines and even Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines as they are deployed in other Southern Hemisphere countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

So Kim was either being extremely ignorant, or intentionally deceptive, about what’s being done to determine vaccine effectiveness.

Claim #11 : Australia + New Zealand Have Few / No Cases Because It’s Summer!

Verdict : FALSE

Kim Iversen apparently thinks that COVID-19 spread in Australia and New Zealand is super low or zero because it’s summer over there right now!

OMFG, the stupidity of her monologue on COVID-19 in summer and winter. Many tropical countries – where it’s hot and sunny most of the year – have been hit hard by COVID-19.

New Zealand has actually secured enough Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to fully vaccinate their population.

Australia, on the other hand, is vaccinating its population with the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines at the moment.

Claim #12 : New Zealand Stop Vaccinating Due To South African Variant

Verdict : FALSE

At 11:20, Kim claimed that New Zealand stopped vaccinating their population, because the vaccines won’t work on the South African variant.

That’s simply FALSE, because New Zealand continues to vaccinate its population using the Pfizer vaccine.

While the Pfizer vaccine appears to be less effective against the South African variant (B.1.351), it still offered “robust” protection against that variant.

She probably conflated New Zealand with South Africa, which halted their use of the AstraZeneca vaccine after a study showed “disappointing” results against the South African variant.

Claim #13 : Kim Iversen Is Not An Antivaxxer

Verdict : FALSE

Sorry, Kim, but you are an antivaxxer. You are actively telling people LIES about the COVID-19 vaccines!

You tell people that they should “know the data, know the research, know the reality“, when you yourself are either extremely IGNORANT about the data, research and reality, or are intentionally MISLEADING people about them.

Even when you talked people about your 94 year old grandmother, you point out that at her age, she isn’t concerned about “long term side effects”, suggesting that there are any.

Tell us, Kim – WHAT LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS do these vaccines have???

Claim #14 : You Have To Keep Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Verdict : FALSE

At 13:30, she claimed that they are saying that you have to keep getting it again and again, like the flu shot.

That is a POSSIBILITY that health officials have said, due to the fact that COVID-19 has spread so far and wide, and the fact that it’s mutating to form new variants.

However, we call it false, because that was NOT what the Pfizer executives are saying. Nowhere in that article did any Pfizer executive say that the vaccine must be “taken again and again and again”.

The truth is the SARS-CoV-2 virus has the opportunity to mutate to form new variants every time it infects someone.

So the best way to prevent mutations and an endemic situation is to VACCINATE EVERYONE as quickly as possible!

Claim #15 : COVID-19 Is Not Dangerous For Many People

Verdict : FALSE

At around the 13:50 point, she claims that like the flu, COVID-19 is not dangerous for many people. So perhaps that’s why most people feel like they don’t need the vaccine.

We should point out that as of 20 March 2021, 2.71 million people have died from COVID-19, and that number will not abate for many more months to come.

In comparison, influenza – the flu – kills between 290~650,000 people per year.

Based on those numbers, COVID-19 is, on average, at least 4.8X more likely to KILL you than the flu.


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