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Maxis TV Is Here, Offering OTT Streaming Bundles!

Maxis TV Is Here, But Is It Worth Subscribing?

Maxis TV promises to offer multiple OTT steaming services at a cheaper price.

Take a look at what Maxis TV actually offers, and find out if it’s really worth your money!


Maxis TV : Cheaper OTT Streaming Bundles?

What exactly is Maxis TV? Maxis calls it a “first of its kind video entertainment service”.

Let’s be clear – Maxis TV is not a video streaming service. In fact, Maxis doesn’t actually stream anything to anyone.

All Maxis TV really does is offer bundles of five existing OTT streaming services.

  • dimsum
  • iQIYI
  • MUBI
  • viu
  • WeTV iflix

While they call it “completely new in the market and cannot be found anywhere else”, that’s only true if you are too lazy to subscribe to those streaming services yourselves.

Their true value proposition is offering these OTT streaming services at cheaper prices, with a single payment point. That’s really it.


Maxis TV Bundles : Are They Worth It?

Maxis TV promises to offer flexible OTT bundle passes, which confusingly, are divided into three categories :

  • Single Pass (should really be called Limited Pass)
    – Daily with 3 GB data limit : RM 3
    – Weekly with 5 GB data limit : RM 5
    – Monthly with 10 GB data limit : RM 9.99
  • 2-OTT Bundle with Unlimited Data : RM 18 per month
  • Unlimited Bundle with Unlimited Data : RM 42 per month

We can quickly identify a few problems with the Maxis TV bundles…

Single Pass with Limited Data

Maxis should have kept things simple – charge by the day, week or month. But they had to complicate it by adding a data limit.

Their potential subscribers are going to have to figure out – how much data does this movie take up? Or that TV episode?

Why add this unnecessary limit? It seems intentionally designed to prevent binge-watching by people on a budget.

2-OTT Bundle

Maxis TV offers only five combinations for their 2-OTT Bundle.

You cannot, for example, choose dimsum and viu, or MUBI and dimsum, or MUBI and iQIYI.

This is partly because WeTV and iflix are much cheaper than viu.

Dimsum, WeTV, iflix Are FREE / Cheaper

You can actually watch dimsum, WeTV and iflix content for FREE.

You only need to pay for VIP access to certain “hot” content, or the ability to skip advertisements (WeTV and dimsum).

Only One Package Worth Considering

Unless you are looking to subscribe to multiple bundles, it is generally cheaper to subscribe directly :

  • dimsum VIP : RM 8.90 per month
  • MUBI : RM 15 per month, RM 120 per year
  • iQIYI Standard VIP : RM 8.90 per month
  • viu : RM 12.90 per month, RM 88 per year
  • WeTV VIP : RM 7.90 per month
  • iflix VIP : RM 3 per week

From our POV, the only Maxis TV bundle worth considering is the Unlimited Pass, which gives you access to all five OTT services. You will then save RM 13 per month.

Even that is assuming you plan to watch all five of them. If you only want to use 3-4 of those OTT services, it is cheaper to just subscribe directly.


Maxis TV : Free 1-Month Trial!

Maxis is now offering a free one-month trial for all new Maxis TV subscribers, even for non-Maxis customers.

So you can give it a try, or use it to get some free streaming for a month. Just make sure you discontinue it before the subscription kicks in automatically!


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The Battle Arena eSports Gaming Club Kicks Off!

On 3 February 2018, Gen Arena Sdn Bhd officially launched Battle Arena eSports gaming club. Located at the 5th floor of the Jaya Shopping Mall, it boasts 17,000 square feet of premium gaming experience.


The Battle Arena eSports Gaming Club

The Battle Arena is equipped with 114 gaming PCs, with most of them placed in private rooms. Larger rooms have sofas and large TVs for an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

They even have two Premium VIP rooms designed for competitive gaming in mind. These two rooms have large touch-screen TVs for in-depth game analysis and discussion. They can also be used as live coaching or sharing sessions.

In the center is a futuristic gaming arena, with a dedicated broadcasting area and production equipment. Everything you need to host world-class eSports events. There is even room for up to 400 spectators.

For gamers who love to stream their gameplay, Battle Arena offers 10 exclusive single-user streamers’ pods. They’re fully equipped with a high-end gaming PC and gaming peripherals, a streaming webcam, external microphone and dual monitors.


Key Takeaway Points About Battle Arena

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  • Every gaming PC in Battle Arena will feature at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card (with 6 GB of memory), or better.
  • The main arena stage has 2 soundproof capsules for 5 gamers each, a dedicated broadcasting area, and production equipment – everything you need to host eSports events.
  • The Streamers’ Pods are designed to deliver the ultimate streaming performance of your gameplay.
  • The two coaching rooms have 5 gaming PCs, and a touchscreen TV with Fingerworks software – perfect for planning and visualising strategies.

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The NVIDIA GeForce NOW Free Beta Details Revealed!

Thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW, your underpowered PC can now let you play games as if it is powered by a high-performance GeForce GTX graphics card! And best of all, NVIDIA is now offering GeForce NOW as a free beta for Windows and Mac desktops and laptops!


What Is NVIDIA GeForce NOW?

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a game-streaming service that connects your Windows or macOS computer to supercomputers in the cloud that stream 1080p graphics at up to 120 frames per second!

Since all of the graphics processing happens in NVIDIA’s data centers, you can now play the latest PC games even on PCs with low performance integrated graphics. All you have to do is connect to your game library on digital stores like Uplay PC and Steam, and start playing!


Always Updated, Always Expanding

NVIDIA GeForce NOW receives regular updates, including service enhancements, new games and additional data centers. In fact, the 10th NVIDIA GeForce NOW data center was recently opened in Amsterdam.

GeForce NOW also handles your system maintenance tasks, ensuring that patches and driver updates are installed automatically. It also enables cloud saves for cross-platform play.


The Free Public Beta Details

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW is currently available as a free public beta for Windows and Mac desktops and laptops in most of North America and Europe.

The app has been localized in French and German, with local language support for many top and diverse gaming experiences including PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Arma 3, Garry’s Mod, Fortnite, and more.

Due to the overwhelming demand, there is currently a waitlist to give the free public beta a try. You can get yourself on the waitlist!

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