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Did Shebby Singh Die From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose?

Did Shebby Singh Die From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose?

Did former national footballer Shebby Singh die from the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose?

Take a look at the new “viral” claim, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2022-01-16 : Added details of his post-mortem results..

Originally posted @ 2022-01-13


Claim : Shebby Singh Died From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose!

Right after news spread of former Malaysian national footballer Shebby Singh’s death, out comes the claim that he died from the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.

Serbegeth Singh (Shebby) had his booster vaccine jab on 7th Jan. The next day he felt unwell but recovered in 2 days.

However on the 12th Jan he decidede [sic] to go cycling and suffered a heart attack while cyclrng [sic] and passed away. So guys after you receive your booster please do not exert yourselves for at least 10 days.


No Evidence Shebby Singh Died From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose!

Whenever a celebrity dies, it is astounding how quickly people are claiming that his/her death is due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Look at how people recently claimed that Betty White and Bob Saget both died from their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose!

Yet the evidence shows that neither celebrities died from the COVID-19 vaccines, and the claims were just anti-vaccination FAKE NEWS.

Here is what we know so far about Shebby Singh, and whether he died from the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.

Fact #1 : Shebby Singh Died From Heart Attack

Serbegeth Singh, popularly known as Shebby Singh, collapsed while cycling in Sunway Iskandar, in Iskandar Puteri in Johor Bahru, at around 7 PM on 12 January 2022.

According to Iskandar Puteri district police chief, Assistant Commissioner Dzulkhairi Mukhtar, Shebby was believed to have died from a heart attack.

This was later confirmed by his autopsy.

Fact #2 : Shebby Singh Autopsy Completed

On 13 January 2022, Serbegeth’s son, Sonuljit Singh stated that his father’s autopsy had been completed, after which his remains were taken to the Nirvana Memorial Centre at Jalan Skudai, for the public to pay their last respects.

His remains would later be taken to the Loke Yew Crematorium in Kuala Lumpur on 14 January 2022, where the public there can pay their respects from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Sonuljit Singh and relatives outside the Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Photo credit : Ben Tan, Malay Mail

Fact #3 : Autopsy Confirmed He Died From Heart Attack

On 16 January 2022, Sonuljit spoke up against the fake news claiming that his father died from the COVID-19 booster shot.

He said that the post mortem indicated that his father died from a heart attack due to existing blockage. He also said that his father had cardiac fibrosis and likely had a silent attack in the past.

“The doctors told us the cause of his death was 99 percent related to a heart attack as his post mortem showed three of his coronary arteries having blockages.

All his vital organs were in perfect working condition, and there were also no signs of any allergic reaction.

His heart was ready to go at any time, and it had nothing to do with the booster shot.”

Sonuljit also shared that his father, siblings and many relatives had a history of similar heart-related ailments.

Fact #4 : Side Effects Are Evidence Of Vaccines Working

Vaccines work by triggering our body’s immune system to identify the pathogen, and make antibodies against it.

Whenever we get vaccinated, we should expect to get some side effects – muscle ache, fever, etc. These side effects generally dissipate quickly, usually within 1-3 days.

That’s our body’s reaction to what it thinks is a real infection. It’s really no different than how our body would behave if we actually got infected.

So, it would not be surprising if Serbegeth felt unwell for 2 days after getting his COVID-19 vaccination.

Fact #5 : No Post-Vaccination Exercise Restriction

Health authorities generally advise against strenuous exercise after getting vaccinated, but there is no actual restriction on exercising after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The advice is generally meant to avoid accidents if people are exercising while having a headache or fever, and to avoid people conflating post-exercise pain or injury with the vaccine.

Only adolescents and young adults (below 30 years of age) who received the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine need to avoid strenuous exercise and watch out for symptoms of myocarditis / pericarditis :

Even if we assume that he received the Pfizer booster dose, Serbegeth was 61 years old, and very, very unlikely to suffer from the rare adverse effect of myocarditis / pericarditis.

Fact #6 : Pericarditis / Myocarditis Is NOT Heart Attack

Now, we do not know if Serbegeth even received the Pfizer vaccine, but I have to point out that pericarditis and myocarditis are not the same thing as a heart attack (myocardial infarction).

Myocarditis / pericarditis is the INFLAMMATION of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or outer lining of the heart (pericarditis), causing chest pain, shortness of breath or feelings of a pounding or fast-beating heart.

It is generally mild, and most will respond well to medicine and rest, and recover completely. They can usually return to normal daily activities once their symptoms improve / resolve.

Myocardial infarction is the IRREVERSIBLE DEATH of the heart muscle due to a PROLONGED LACK of oxygen supply. This is a medical emergency which will result in death if not treated quickly.

Individuals who survive a myocardial infarction will not recover completely, because you cannot restore the dead heart muscle.

Fact #7 : Pericarditis / Myocarditis Is Treatable

Again, we do NOT know if Serbegeth even received the Pfizer vaccine, but I have to point out that even if he did – it would not result in a heart attack.

Myocarditis and pericarditis from vaccines is “often mild, and cases usually resolve after a few days with treatment and rest“.

They also result in noticeable symptoms, so people generally seek treatment before anything serious happens :

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • heart palpitations / pounding heart

As an avid sportsman, Serbegeth would have noted those symptoms, and sought medical attention. It is doubtful that he would have gone cycling while experiencing such symptoms.


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Did Christian Eriksen Collapse After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine?

Did Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapse on the field after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?

Find out what’s going viral, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Christian Eriksen Collapsed After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine!

After Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed during a Euro 2020 match, antivaxxers started claiming that it happened after he received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Tweets from Luboš Motl, a Czech theoretical physicist, and GeraYaYo2 – a Canadian citizen, went viral recently.

They have since deleted two of their tweets, but the Internet never forgets…

Luboš Motl : Christian Eriksen, the Danish player who suddenly collapsed on the pitch, plays for Inter Milan. The chief medic and cardiologist of that Italian team confirmed on an Italian radio station that Eriksen has received the Pfizer vaccine on May 31st.

GeraYaYo2 : Inter Milan Chief Medic and Cardiologist confirmed that he received the Pfizer vaccine 12 days ago. he spoke an hour ago on Radio Sportiva from Italy.

GeraYaYo2 : Christian Eriksen, a perfectly fit soccer player who plays for one of the top soccer teams in the world and has the best medical attention, collapsed on the field today due to heart failure. Thanks [sic] God they were able to bring him back to life.

He was given Pfizer a few days ago


No, Christian Eriksen Did Not Collapse Because Of Pfizer Vaccine!

Like the vast majority of negative news about COVID-19 vaccines, this is yet more FAKE NEWS created by antivaxxers.

They did not even hesitate to LIE about someone’s medical emergency to push their agenda. Absolutely disgraceful and shameless!

Fact #1 : Christian Eriksen Was Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The truth is Christian Eriksen was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Inter Milan CEO Giuseppe Marotta confirmed this on 13 June 2021, stating, “He did not have Covid and was not vaccinated either.

Luboš Motl refused to accept that, claiming “my source could have been untrue, I am just unsure enough” and “It is not settled for me at this moment.

Is Luboš a cardiologist? Does he have evidence to the contrary? No. So ignore his ignorant blather.

Fact #2 : Radio Sportiva Denied The Claim

Radio Sportiva denied that the claim, stating,

The information reported in the tweet mentioned is false. We have never reported any opinion from the Inter medical staff regarding Christian Eriksen’s condition. Please remove the content from the tweet author, otherwise we will be forced to take action.

Fact #3 : Most Euro 2020 Players Not Vaccinated

There was no requirement for soccer players to vaccinate against COVID-19 before playing in Euro 2020.

That’s because they are all healthy young adults, most of whom do not yet qualify for COVID-19 vaccinations (which are being prioritised for older people with co-morbidities).

The Spanish squad, for instance, received emergency COVID-19 vaccination on 11 June 2021 – the first day of Euro 2020, and just 3 days before their first game.

Why? Because their team captain Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente tested positive for COVID-19!

Ironically, even GeraYaYo2 acknowledged that on 15 June 2021, stating that 870 Euro 2020 soccer players were not vaccinated.

Fact #4 : Christian Eriksen Had Cardiac Arrest, Not Cardiac Failure

GeraYaYo2 claimed that Christian Eriksen collapsed due to cardiac failure. That is FALSE.

Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest, and we know this to be true because he was successfully resuscitated by CPR and a defibrillator.

Cardiac failure happens gradually and over a long period of time. It doesn’t result in a sudden collapse like that. Rather, your heart has trouble pumping blood to the rest of your body, so you feel weak and breathless.

Cardiac arrest happens suddenly – your heart stops pumping and you collapse immediately – unconscious and (usually) not breathing, which was exactly what happened to Christian Eriksen.

A person with heart failure will not look healthy, whereas cardiac arrest can happen even to people who are young and ultra-fit like soccer players.

Heart failure can be treated with medication, but a cardiac arrest is a medical emergency – you will die if you are not immediately resuscitated.

Fact #5 : Christian Eriksen To Be Fitted With A Heart Starter

On 17 June 2021, Denmark’s team doctor, Morten Boesen, said that Christian Eriksen will be fitted with an ICD due to heart “rhythm disturbances”.

“Christian has accepted the solution and the plan has moreover been confirmed by specialists nationally and internationally who all recommend the same treatment.”

Known colloquially as a heart starter, the ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) is designed to automatically correct most life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms).


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Captain Tsubasa : How To Get FREE Bandai Namco DLC!

The exclusive Bandai Namco DLC for Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions is FREE for a Limited Time!

Find out how to get it FREE, and make sure you tell your friends!

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Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is an arcade football game bringing a refreshing look to the football genre with the exhilarating action and over the top shots.

Developed by Tamsoft, it features both offline and online multiplayer modes, and a single-player story mode split into two modes :

  • Episode Tsubasa : Players get to experience the original storyline
  • Episode New Hero : Players can create their own character and level up; and choose to represent Furano Middle School, Toho Academy or Musashi Middle School.

Create your own characters with new skills and abilities, and build your dream team to play offline and online!

Decide who’s the football legend amongst your friends with offline versus up to 4 players!

Compete across several online modes to claim trophies and rewards.

Experience the events from the anime or become a part of the world of Captain Tsubasa!


FREE Bandai Namco DLC for Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions

The Bandai Namco Uniform Set is an exclusive DLC that is available for FREE for a limited time on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms.

It gives you both the special yellow and red Bandai Namco uniform, and the Bandai Namco branded ball.

Just follow these steps to get it FREE from now until 1 January 2021.

  1. Go to the official Bandai Namco Uniform Set DLC page.
  2. Scroll down to the Claim Your Free DLC section.
  3. Select your preferred platform – PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch of Steam.
  4. Key in your email address, and click Submit.

Bandai Namco will add you to their mailing list, and email you the code to redeem the free DLC.

Note : This DLC requires the base game – Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions to work.


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Scott Morrison : Did He Mistake Maradona For Madonna?

Like Donald Trump, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being laughed at for mistaking Maradona for Madonna!

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


Scott Morrison : Did He Mistake Maradona For Madonna?

A screenshot of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s tweet about Madonna’s death is tickling people all over the Internet.

Sad to wake up to the news of Madonna passing away overnight.

Material Girl is one of my all time favourite albums. RIP


Scott Morrison Madonna Death Tweet : Just A Parody Account

The truth is Scott Morrison never posted that tweet. It was posted by a parody account, and people just assumed it was genuine.

Fact #1 : It Was Posted By The Scott Morrison Parody Account

We traced the origin of the viral screenshot to this tweet by the Scott Morrison PM of Australia (parody) account.

Fact #2 : Donald Trump Tweet On Madonna Was Also False

US President Donald Trump was also said to have mistaken Diego Maradona for Madonna. However, it looks like the tweet was edited, and not an actual tweet.

Fact #3 : Many People Are Mistaking Maradona For Madonna

That said, many people have been posting messages of condolences about Madonna’s premature death… so let us be very clear.

The Argentinian footballer, Diego Maradona (left) was the one who died. Not the American singer-songwriter, Madonna (right).


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Maradona : Donald Trump Mistook Him For Madonna?

The Internet is laughing at US President Donald Trump who apparently mistook Maradona for Madonna!

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


Maradona : Did Donald Trump Mistake Him For Madonna?

A screenshot of US President Donald Trump’s tweet about Diego Maradona’s death has set the Internet ablaze.

It showed him mistaking the Argentinian footballer for Madonna, the American singer-songwriter.

Very sad to hear about the death of Maradona. A great person. Her music was wonderful. I remember listening to her albums in the early 1980’s. Rest In Peace!


Did Donald Trump Mistaken Maradona For Madonna? Possible, But Not Likely

While the tweet sounds very much like something Donald Trump would write, there is no evidence it was actually posted by the outgoing US President.

Here is what we know so far…

Fact #1 : He Has Been Focused On The Elections And Michael Flynn

From the time Diego Maradona’s death was announced, it appears that Donald Trump was focused on posting fake news about the US Presidential elections, and pardoning Michael Flynn.

Fact #2 : The Tweet Appears To Be Edited

The Donald Trump tweet about Maradona appears to be edited. If you compare that viral tweet with the other two samples above, you will note that :

  • his Twitter handle appears to be truncated, instead of under his name
  • the tweet lacks a time and date stamp
  • it lacks the Twitter for iPhone label
  • it seems to have A LOT more retweets, comments and likes than older and more controversial tweets

All of which point to an edited tweet…

With about half a million retweets and comments, you would have expected more screenshots. Yet, that is the only screenshot being shared on the Internet…

Fact #3 : No Media Confirmed The Tweet

Donald Trump has many followers, many of them members of the media who follow him to cover his many ridiculous statements.

Yet no one has actually seen and confirmed that Donald Trump actually posted the tweet. We certainly did not see it.

Fact #4 : Scott Morrison Was Also Victim Of Similar Hoax

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was also a victim of a similar hoax, with a fake tweet on Madonna’s death going viral.

Fact #5 : Many People Are Mistaking Maradona For Madonna

That said, it is definitely not inconceivable for Donald Turmp to mistaken Maradona for Madonna.

After all, many people are posting messages of condolences about Madonna’s premature death…

Yes, many people are mistaking Diego Maradona for Madonna.

So let us be very clear. The Argentinian footballer, Diego Maradona (left) is the one who died. Not the American singer-songwriter, Madonna (right).


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You Can Now Catch Premium Malaysian Football On iflix!

January 29, 2018 – iflix and Football Malaysia LLP are thrilled to announce their game-changing exclusive joint venture, in the most significant collaboration in Malaysian sports history. The unprecedented landmark partnership between Football Malaysia LLP and iflix aims to bring premier Malaysian football back to its millions of fans throughout the country.


Catch Premium Malaysian Football On iflix!

For the first time since the league was founded, football fans everywhere in Malaysia and beyond will be able to live stream every Liga Super, Piala Malaysia, and marquee Piala FA matches exclusively on the all new ‘Football Malaysia on iflix’ channel.

From February 3rd, football fans around the region will have virtual front row seats to the entire professional football season, including 22 rounds with six matches weekly for Liga Super, 74 Piala FA and Piala Malaysia tournament matches as well as select Liga Premier matches and the Piala Sumbangsih match. In addition to live streamed matches, users will also be able to access new features including match highlights and player interviews.

As a part of the companies’ joint mission to bring football back to the people, anyone with access to the internet will be able to live stream four Liga Super matches every week along with 46 tournament matches and select Liga Premier matches for free, regardless of their subscription status. New users and those with an active iflix subscription will further be able to live stream, catch up and enjoy all matches and features.


The Future Of Malaysian Football

Football is widely recognised as Malaysia’s most popular sport. With only seven million total households with televisions, only a small percentage of the population was able to enjoy the competition without physically attending matches. Football has been largely inaccessible to the majority of Malaysians.

This first-of its-kind joint venture between Football Malaysia LLP and iflix represents the future of sporting entertainment, putting fans first, bringing Malaysian football back to the people. Now, all 20 million smartphone owners and their friends and families in Malaysia, will have unlimited live access to premier Malaysian football for the first time ever.

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Football Association of Malaysia President and Football Malaysia LLP Chairman, the Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim commented: “I am a firm believer and supporter of unity and moderation in our diverse nation. Football is the people’s game. It brings us together and can help to unite us. Malaysians everywhere should be able to enjoy it without restriction. With iflix, we have found likeminded partners and a key common goal; to return football to the people and restore its former glory.”

iflix Group Co-founder and Chairman, Patrick Grove said: “Over the last twenty years, I have founded several businesses here with the ambition of making the things Malaysians most want, more accessible and easier to find, from homes and cars, to news, culture and entertainment, and now Malaysians’ greatest love, football. This country has given me so much both on a personal and professional level. It’s our turn to give back.”

iflix and Football Malaysia will additionally create exciting new competitions and content expressly for football fans, including a series of entertainment and lifestyle original productions about and around the world of football for both broader audiences and hard-core fans alike.

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OPPO FC Barcelona Edition On Charity Auction

Kuala Lumpur, 15 July 2016 – The newest electrifying coalition of OPPO-FC Barcelona now comes with an even thrilling kick: on top of the newly announced OPPO F1 Plus (OPPO FC Barcelona Edition) that has stirred powerful excitements among the fans, the special edition is now coming with Player’s Signature Edition.

Available in Malaysia in only a single unit, the F1 Plus (OPPO FC Barcelona Player’s Signature) Edition will go on charity auction exclusively on GemFive, one of the renowned online marketplace in Malaysia.


OPPO FC Barcelona Edition

The F1 Plus (OPPO FC Barcelona Player’s Signature) Edition that autographed by top players including Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Luis Suárez will be available for charity auction on Gemfive, from the period between 18th July 2016 until 20th July 2016, with all proceeds to be fully donated to 30-Hour Famine World Vision Malaysia.

Featuring a head-turning blue-and- red color scheme, an 18K gold-plated club insignia, an FCB-themed UI and an exclusive case sporting laser-printed signatures from five top Barça players, the special customized F1 Plus looks stunning in all angles and signifying the loyal spirit of football club.


How to Bid

The charity auction on Gemfive.com goes live on 18th July 2016 until 20 th July 2016. Buyers are welcome to throw in their bids in the bidding period, and the exclusive autographed unit of OPPO F1 Plus FC Barcelona edition will go to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

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Kaspersky Tips On Beating Hackers During Euro 2016

June 13, 2016 – On Friday, 10 June, thousands of companies across Europe and the rest of the world are likely to discover they have more remote workers than they did the day before, as the Euro 2016 football tournament gets underway. Fans trying to keep on top of work using mobile devices while surrounded by crowds of strangers, insecure public Wi-Fi networks and the distraction of a match will be immensely vulnerable to cyberthreats. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that they and their employers can take to stay safe.

The Euro 2016 football tournament, hosted by France, brings together 24 teams for 51 matches. Millions of fans will be watching the games in stadiums, bars and at public screenings. Employers have been urged to let staff work more flexibly or from home so they can watch key national games, but some employees may take matters into their own hands, working from mobile devices while watching a game with fellow supporters. The IT security risks of such behaviour are immense. Neither employers nor employees may be fully aware of or prepared for just how vulnerable they are about to become.

To help everyone keep important business data safe, regardless of where they are, Kaspersky Lab has drawn up a short essential guide:


10 Things Remote-Working Fans Can Learn From The Players On The Pitch

1. Take responsibility for your own performance

A recent Kaspersky Lab study into ransomware found that less than 4% of adults in the US[i] would mind if work documents on their device were lost through cybercrime, while 77% would panic if they lost financial info. Indifference doesn’t lead to secure behaviour. If you are planning to work on the move, you need to feel responsible for the safety of the business information you handle.

2. Everyone is watching you

Logging into a device where anyone can look over your shoulder and make a note of your passwordor the work you’re doing – so-called ‘visual hacking’ – makes it easy for others to break into your device or steal information. Keep your data to yourself.

3. Keep your eye on the ball

Phishing and ransomware emails look increasingly convincing and can even appear to come from a colleague. If the message is unexpected, contact the sender directly, and never click on an attachment or a link in an email from someone you don’t know.

4. Don’t reveal your game plan

Don’t transmit anything unless you know it’s encrypted. With WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage service now encrypting communications end-to-end as standard, email is rapidly becoming the most vulnerable form of business communications[ii]. Use the most secure channel you have access to.

5. Beware Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Using a free, public Wi-Fi network to stay in touch with work is extremely high-risk. An attacker can easily insert themselves into the network and spy on or intercept all your communications. They can do the same between an email and your business server[iii]. End-to-end encryption prevents this – so if you don’t have it, don’t email till you’re somewhere secure or use a VPN (virtual private network).

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6. Prepare for the worst

Employers unprepared for the sudden increase in remote working may not have the most appropriate security installed on work devices, let alone employees’ personal devices. If it’s too late to get this installed, then at the very least don’t leave home without the most up-to-date version of device software installed. Mobile devices are not immune to cyberattack: in 2015, Kaspersky Lab prevented nearly three million attempts to infect mobile devices[iv] with a Trojan.

7. The referee can make mistakes

Websites, network service providers, operating systems etc. do their best to provide protection or alerts: such as the new malware and phishing website warnings introduced by Bing[v]. However, the baddies are increasingly cunning and if there’s a point of weakness, they’ll find it. Confine your remote work to things that are not business critical or sensitive.

8. But don’t blame the referee for all mistakes

Sometimes things go wrong; devices get broken, lost or stolen, or affected by malware or ransomware. The best thing to do is to come clean and let your IT department know immediately so they can take appropriate steps, such as blocking or remote-wiping the device, or isolating the malware before the infection takes hold.

9. Don’t make victory easy for the other side

Cybercriminals generally prefer the path of least resistance. Solid security, security updates, a hard-to-crack password, the use of the latest software, a business VPN and encrypted communications all make it harder for an outsider to gain access to your device and business information.

10. But don’t expect to win without trying

Kaspersky Lab has found that only around half (53%) of consumers make use of the security features that come with their device[vi]. To stay ahead of the hackers, you need to get to grips with these security essentials. It’s about focus and commitment, supported by the right equipment. Just like football.

“Euro 2016 should be a celebration of football for fans the world over to enjoy. Sadly, occasions where people are more relaxed about device and data security can quickly become a happy hunting ground for hackers. Cybercriminals won’t hesitate to pounce on an under-protected football supporter trying to work remotely. A few basic precautions before, during and after the match will help employers and their workforce to stay safe – leaving them free to enjoy the glorious spectacle of sport,” said David Emm, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab.

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SAP Gives Deutscher Fussball-Bund Tactical Edge In Euro 2016

Technology and sports, while not altogether a new thing has so far remained a relatively small trend. However, during the World Cup 2014, SAP and the German team made a big bang and took football to the next level.

The SAP Match Insights solution for football that ran on the HANA platform facilitated the analysis of training, preparation and tournaments. It also gave coaches the unprecedented ability to process vast amounts of data to find and assess key situations in each match to improve player and team performance.

Now come 2016, SAP and DFB are looking to take it to the next level at the European Championship with new technology from SAP. For the upcoming European Championship, SAP has helped DFB create a game plan which includes the development of two new prototype technologies exclusively for DFB and powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

“Digitalization affects our entire economy and society, and is also entering the world of sports. SAP and DFB teamed up to spearhead this digital transformation and to take football to the next level,” said Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board, SAP. “With SAP Challenger Insights and the penalty insights function for SAP Sports One, we are putting the power of real-time data and information directly into the hands of coaches and players.”

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HANA Cloud to provide unique tactical insight

The first, SAP Challenger Insights, helps the team prepare for each of their European Championship matches by providing data driven insights surrounding an opponent’s offensive and defensive tendencies, formations, and more. Accessed through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, coaches can review the opposing team’s tactical characteristics and create an assumed match plan. The data is available through iPads that DFB players have in their lockers prior to a match or during halftime and delivers the assumed game plan of the opposing team so the team can familiarize themselves with opponent tendencies and reference past video replays.

Secondly, the Penalty Insights Function in SAP Sports One, a new functionality, powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, provides goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches with insights into the tactical behavior related to penalty kicks of all teams and players competing in the tournament. The team can search the top five or more players most likely to take penalty kicks, the areas of the goal they usually aim at, specific shot characteristics such as the player’s run, and also watch corresponding video clips in real time.

“Together with SAP, we have created a match plan that puts the power of real-time data and information into our hands and helps us gain a competitive edge,” said Oliver Bierhoff, Manager of the German National Football team and SAP ambassador.

Additionally, building off the success of the Football World Championships in 2014, SAP made extensive enhancements to previously released technologies that played a significant role in the German National Team’s success resulting in their 4th Championship.
Given the stunning success of their prior co-operative efforts, there is no doubt that many will be eager to see how much farther technology can raise the bar in this sport that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.


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