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A New Flash On The Horizon?

When Flash kicked off their “Life with Metal” competition last month, the theme was curiously about metal. It seemed incongruent with the fact that the Flash 2 smartphone did not have a metal build.

Interestingly, the contest prize was listed simply as “the latest Flash smartphone“, instead of the Flash 2 smartphone, which is currently the latest Flash smartphone…

A New Flash Is On The Horizon

That got us thinking… and remembering what we heard at the exclusive Flash briefing back in January. At the event, they hinted that the next Flash smartphone (which we will imaginatively call Flash 3!) will have a metal chassis.

You don’t need us to help you put two and two together. It was obvious that Alcatel, or as they are now known – Flash, left two Easter eggs in that contest :

  • that the new Flash 3 smartphone is going to have a metal body,
  • and it is going to be revealed VERY SOON!

After all, the contest is over, and it’s time to reward the winners with “the latest Flash smartphone”!

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When Is The Flash 3 Coming?

The contest details only hints that the Flash 3 is coming soon. It doesn’t really tell us when. But we can draw a clue from past Flash launch cycles.

The original Flash smartphone was launched in September 2014, followed by the Flash Plus in May 2015. The Flash 2 was released in September 2015.

If we follow their 8 month + 4 month trend, it looks like they will likely release the Flash 3 in May 2016. But hey, don’t quote us on that! 😀

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‘Life With Metal’ Competition To Win Flash Smartphone

Kuala Lumpur, March 11, 2016 – Flash launched its flagship smartphone, the Flash 2 late last year and started a global trend for ‘mobiography’ thanks to its best-in-class camera.

To celebrate the success of Flash being named as the Champion in the USD100 to USD150 price range, the brand held a fan gathering, today. More than 30 members of the Flash Malaysia’s Facebook page that doubles as a users’ forum, enjoyed a night out and mobile photography tips from an expert, as well as getting to meet the people behind Flash, one-on-one.

According to Mr. Yogi Babria, Flash Business Development Director, “Flash 2 has exceeded expectation becoming a runaway success in South East Asia. Our users enjoy Flash 2 tremendously and are eager to experiment with all its features and to learn from experts. This is why we are working on building the Flash community across the region and engaging directly with users. With this as the first event and there will be many more in the coming months.”

‘Life With Metal’

  • [adrotate banner=”4″]Contest mini-site
  • Start from March 10, 2016 to March 20, 2016


  • Include any metal element and creatively fuse it together with work and life. Entries must be in EXIF format and 2MB or greater in size for submissions on the website, and can be captured using any device. No purchase of Flash products is required.
  • The use of desktop photo-editing tools are strictly prohibited. Only original, non-reproduced photos will qualify for this competition.
  • Submit their entries by posting on Facebook, Instagram or Flash’s online community on their website. Remember to use the hashtag #lifewithmetalmy and include the title of the photograph as well as the link to the Flash website (flash3c.com/life-with-metal). Don’t forget to make your post public.

“Flash will be selecting the 10 most creative photographs from each country to be displayed at a Flash product conference. The most creative photograph from these 10 will receive the latest Flash smartphone. All those whose photographs are exhibited will receive a customized gift from the organizer as well. So start clicking and posting your version of #lifewithmetalmy” explained Mr. Yogi Babria. Start snapping your version of Life with Metal to be one of the first owners of the next generation of Flash.

Don’t forget to join our own giveaway contest – the 2TB Western Digital Black Giveaway Contest!


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Alcatel Flash 2 Discounted For Chinese New Year!

We have been quite effusive about the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone‘s performance and value for money. Our review of the Flash 2 pointed out why we called it a “hidden gem” in the sub-RM 700 (US$150) segment. To top it off, Alcatel isn’t resting on their laurels, recently announcing a slew of hardware and software upgrades for the Flash 2.

If that’s not enough, Alcatel just announced a joint promotion with Lazada Malaysia to offer the Flash 2 at just RM 499 (~US$ 119)! Check out the details.


No Excuse To Miss Flash 2 Promotion

During the Chinese New Year of 2016, Flash 2 will join hands with Lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, to launch a promotion event under the theme of “No Excuse to Miss Flash 2”, which offers to buyers at only RM499!

“Through this attractive price promotion, we want to express thanks to our customers and hope that Flash 2 will help them capture and share wonderful moments they spend with their dearest ones during the Chinese New Year,” said Yogi Babria, E-commerce Operations Director, Mobile Internet Group, TCL Communication. “Meanwhile, in order to meet consumers’ need to color up their phones, we will soon release two covers, one in Rose Gold and the other in Mica White, for Flash 2 to bring new joy to users.”

Flash 2 has become a hot-selling star product in Southeast Asia markets by virtue of its powerful camera features, much loved stock Android UI, and superior cost performance which cherished by local consumers, and has set a number of sales records. The first batch of Flash 2 was sold out in ten minutes after launch.

It became the bestselling smartphone at the USD150 price level in the entire Southeast Asia. In the just-ended Double 12 shopping festival at Lazada, Flash 2 became the bestselling smartphone at the USD150 price level and ranked second among products in all categories in terms of sales volume. “I believe that this big promotion for the Chinese New Year will push the popularity of Flash 2 to a new height in Southeast Asia,” added Yogi Babria.

[adrotate banner=”4″]Flash 2 is the third product of the Flash series, with the other two being Flash and Flash Plus. So far, the three products have shipped nearly 200,000 units in combined sales. Flash entered the Southeast Asia markets in 2013 and built a considerable user base within a short time. For a time in 2014, Flash Plus made a phenomenal success in the e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, setting the record of selling 1,000 units in one minute for four consecutive times in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Flash 2, launched less than half a year ago, has become one of the most popular smartphones in Southeast Asia. Recently TCL Communication announced that it sold 83.55 million mobile phones and other products in 2015, noting that 90% of the sales were contributed by overseas markets. And among the overseas sales, the strong sales performance of the Flash series in the Southeast Asia markets was one of the major drivers of TCL Communication’s overseas expansion.

How has Flash made its rise in the Southeast Asia in a short two years and became one of the most popular brands? In addition to its advantages in mobile photography and performance, one important reason is that Flash has successfully capitalized on the golden age of smartphones in Southeast Asia. According to statistics, since smartphones in Southeast Asia have already outnumbered the local population with many people owning more than one phone, there is a significant demand for smartphones.


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