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Who Erected This NSFW Slide At A Children's Playground?!

Who Erected This NSFW Slide At A Children’s Playground?!

Who erected a NSFW slide at a children’s playground in Vancouver, Canada?

Take a look at that cheeky slide, and find out what’s really going on!


Who Erected This NSFW Slide At A Children’s Playground?!

The Internet is abuzz with a picture of a NSFW slide apparently being installed at a children’s playground in Vancouver, Canada!

People are either outraged or amused because the red slide, which resembles a penis entering a vagina, was erected in a children’s playground!

Can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something strange about this new slide at a local park 

I have questions for the designer 

If this is a public park, questions as well as the public officials who approved the design.

Does the kid get a cigarette afterwards? asking for a friend

Ok, this WOKE stuff is go too far. There is a Supervisor in this town that needs to be fired, right now. That design was approved by upper management.

What perv authorized this?

..what is wrong with you people…if this is legit get a parents committee together and have it removed


Apparently, NSFW Slide Is A Seth Rogen Movie Prop!

After a quick bit of sleuthing, we found out that this NSFW slide is apparently a prop for an R-rated comedy that’s being filmed in Vancouver!

Here is what we know so far….

Fact #1 : It Was Erected In Maple Ridge, British Columbia

The red slide was erected in a children’s playground in Fletcher Park, Maple Ridge, which is just outside of Vancouver.

Fact #2 : It Was A Prop For The Movie, JFC

The slide is apparently a prop for an unnamed R-rated comedy movie called JFC, which is short for Joy F*ck Club.

Fact #3 : It Is A Real Slide

Some Internet sleuths “claim” that the photo was edited, so it has to be said – this slide is REAL. It was NOT Photoshopped.

Fact #4 : It Has Already Been Removed

This prop was (obviously) erected temporarily for filming and would be removed by the 5 November 2021, which is when the British Columbia shooting is scheduled to end.

However, it appears that someone (tremby) went to check it out, and found it gone. So it was likely placed over the original metal slide for the day of the shooting and then removed.

Fact #5 : JFC Is A Seth Rogen Produced Movie

JFC is about four Asian-American women who are travelling across Asia in search of their birth mothers, and features Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu and Sabrina Wu in those roles.

The movie is being produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and directed by Adele Lim (who co-wrote Crazy Rich Asians) in her directorial debut.

We’re fully leaning into a side of Asian-ness the world doesn’t usually get to see… the messy, R-rated, thirsty AF side. – Adele Lim


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Six Short Films Shot Entirely On Panasonic LUMIX GH5

To commemorate Malaysia’s 60th National Day, Panasonic Malaysia partnered with the HATCH YouTube channel to present HACTION! Shot on Lumix GH5” – a short film competition that brings together six Malaysian filmmakers to relive the journey of Malaysia’s achievements and national pride over the last six decades.


6 Decades, 6 Stories, 6 Filmmakers

With over 60 years of achievements, Malaysia has grown to be a worldwide example that showcases ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, and home to varied cuisines, culture and languages. To celebrate Malaysia’s 60thIndependence, HACTION! brings together six Malaysian filmmakers to capture Malaysia’s best moments through the lenses of their cameras.

Mr. Muto shared, “The digital camera has revolutionized photography, making it accessible to more people and creating more talents. As the industry reinvents progressively, mirrorless cameras is now a growing trend in Malaysia, with video production gaining its popularity and the standard for cinematography is getting higher as well. We saw this partnership as a good platform to nurture our local filmmakers in creating visually and engaging stories, while showcasing the capabilities of the LUMIX GH5 (Lowest Price).”

HACTION! shortlisted filmmakers representing different styles and genres where most of the works produced have been recognised from local and international industry leaders.

The panel of judges were made up of well-known industry thought leaders, like Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of Primeworks Studios, Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, and Low Ngai Yuen, renowned film director and actress as the guest judge.

Each short film was judged based on 70% of judges’ vote including storytelling, editing and post production, and cinematography. The remaining 30% were contributed by public voting which was opened from 1-21 August 2017.

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Shot Entirely On LUMIX GH5

Each filmmaker were tasked to produce a maximum of 5-minutes video that highlights the beauty of Malaysia and the six decades of unity, peace and harmony. All six filmmakers were equipped with a Panasonic LUMIX GH5 (Lowest Price) for audio and visual recording, a fund of RM4,000 for production and 30-days to complete the filming and submission of their short film.

Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia said, “With over 40 years of local presence in Malaysia, Panasonic is committed to the development of innovative digital cameras to provide a new photo culture in the digital era. Our partnership with Media Prima is a significant platform to be part of the journey in celebrating Malaysia’s 60th National Day by helping to develop local filmmakers and content creators, providing them with the opportunity to showcase the quality of Malaysian original content, powered by LUMIX GH5”.

Through this partnership, Panasonic is confident it will help to strengthen the brand’s presence in the digital single lens mirrorless cameras (DSLM) market and appeal to the wider millennial audiences.

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