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Foxconn To Build New 12-Inch Wafer Fab In Malaysia!

Foxconn just announced that they will be building a 12-inch wafer fab in Malaysia!

Here is what you need to know…


Foxconn To Build New 12-Inch Wafer Fab In Malaysia!

On 17 May 2022, Foxconn announced that their wholly-owned subsidiary, Big Innovation Holdings Limited (BIH) will form a joint venture company with Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNeX), to build and operate a new 12-inch wafer fabrication plant in Malaysia.

Both DNeX and BIH have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on build and operate the new 12-inch wafer fab.

Under the MOU, DNeX and BIH will work together to “decide the location of the New Fab in Malaysia, financing structure of the project, and initial management structure and key personnel of the New Fab.

The new fab is expected to produce 40,000 wafers a month, using 28-nanometer and 40-nanometer process technologies developed in 2011 and 2008 respectively.

The 28nm and 40nm process technologies are not new, but they are still in high demand for less complex chips used in industrial, consumer electronics and automotive applications.


New 12-Inch Foxconn Wafer Fab In Malaysia : Not A Done Deal

While this is exciting news for Malaysia, it is not a done deal. Both companies only signed a Memorandum of Understanding, not a contract.

There are no concrete details of where the wafer fab will be located, or how much Foxconn will invest. It is also unknown how many jobs this project would create.

One would do well to remember the $10 billion project that Foxconn announced with the Trump Administration in July 2017.

Foxconn was supposed to build and operate a 20-million square foot manufacturing campus in Wisconsin, that would build flat panel displays, and create 13,000 jobs, in return for $3 billion in subsidies.

In the end, that massive flat panel project was abandoned and downsized into a network operations and storage centre worth about $672 million, creating only 1,454 new jobs.


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Fact Check : Heavy Gadget Use Killing Kids With Radiation?

A WhatsApp message about heavy gadget use KILLING kids with radiation has gone viral.

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are! 🤔


Claim : Heavy Gadget Use Is Killing Kids With Radiation!

This is the WhatsApp message that has gone viral, and is being furiously shared by alarmed parents.

A very IMPORTANT & SERIOUS message.
Please kindly read till the end with out skipping.

Most of your kids will be attending online classes and addicted to gadgets, please be very careful. I am writing about the current happening.
My very close, best friend’s younger sister son is studying
12th standard a very bright student from his childhood,and only son to my friend’s sister.

His online classes starts daily at 10am so laptop is on by 9am. Due to peer school pressure with the online classes going on, he used to either be on laptop or mobile atleast till 10pm daily, No physical activity at all, no one to play due to COVID-19 fear and being single child,in their family.

On Tuesday 27/10/2020, morning, he was saying he was not feeling well, 2 days prior to that he had mild pain on his left hand. No one took that seriously. On Tuesday, he was saying he doesn’t want to attend on line classes and wanted to be with parents’. Parents were surprised and asked him to take rest. He tried to sleep but was not able to, he asked his father not to go to office. His father asked if we should go to hospital, child said everywhere there is corona which hospital to go, I will be alright after a good sleep. He asked his father to go to work. He said he was very hungry and asked his mother to feed him dosa. He again tried to sleep but could not, then around afternoon, he called his father to come home immediately and take him to hospital. His father came home within 15 min and the son came and hugged him and said take me to hospital.

By the time he started the car, child collapsed. They rushed to a hospital 4 km away and doctor checked for pulse it was not there. They tried CPR and the heart started to function. They took all scans and found the child was brain dead.They tried all medication till Saturday31/10/2020 morning ,and finally decided to remove the ventilator.

He is now no more.
‼️A case of BRAIN DEAD‼️
Pathetic thing is that hospital has handed over the body to police since the child was unconscious when brought to hospital and in his teens. They will hand over the body only after postmortem and corona test. So not sure if they would get it today 31/10/2020, or tomorrow,01/11/2020.

Doctor said this is 05th such case during
The past 20days, Heavy usage of gadgets, radiation has affected the brain and stopped the supply of oxygen.

Use GADGETS sparingly, Avoid earphone/headset to the maximum extent possible.
🙏 Humble request to all parents, guardians, please take care of your kids, teenage boys, girls,Ask them to read only hard copy books and no gadgets except for attending classes
I felt this is very useful important message, so Iam forwarding to all my what’s app contacts, relations,well wishers,all near and dear.
🙏A very humble request to all, kindly forward this message to all your
Contacts and there by save Precious “LIFE”

Forwarded as Received


Heavy Gadget Use Killing Kids With Radiation : The FACTS!

NO, heavy gadget use is NOT, repeat… NOT killing kids with radiation!

Here are the reasons why this is yet another fake story being circulated on the Internet to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt).

Reason #1 : No Evidence The Case Even Exists

The story appears to originate in India, and is quite specific that the student died on 31 October 2020.

However, we could not find any reference to any Standard 12 student in India, being taken off the ventilator after being pronounced brain dead in October 2020.

While that does not mean that the case does not exist (India is a HUGE country), there is currently no evidence that this case actually exists.

Photo Credit : Idrees Abbas / SOPA Images / Sipa USA

Reason #2 : No Evidence Gadget Radiation Is Killing Kids

The claim that the doctor said that it was the 5th case during the past 20 cases is preposterous.

If that was true, it would have been major news, and would have been discussed in hospital mortality and morbidity conferences, and certainly covered by the mainstream media.

Yet, there is no mention of gadget radiation killing kids anywhere in the world.

Reason #3 : Radiation Cannot Stop Supply Of Oxygen

When brain death occurs as a result of ischaemia – the lack of oxygen supply to the brain, that is often due to :

  • bleeding in the brain from an AVM, or insult to the brain
  • blood clots blocking blood vessels in the brain
  • cardiac failure reducing blood flow to the brain

While high doses of radiation can cause brain damage, radiation per se cannot stop the supply of oxygen to the brain.

As the student was said to have no pulse on admission to the hospital, his brain death was likely due to a complete lack of blood supply to the brain after heart stopped beating.

Reason #4 : Electronics Have Low Radiation

All electrical devices produce small amounts of electromagnetic radiation. That means everything from your microwave oven to your television, not just laptops and mobile devices.

They all have to comply with the laws regarding electromagnetic radiation. Not because it’s dangerous to us, but because it would interfere with other electronics in your house.

Reason #5 : Electronics Have To Comply With SAR Limits

The US FCC limit for RF radiation from a mobile phone is 1.6 watts per kilogram, while the EU sets a higher limit of 2.0 watts per kilogram. Practically all smartphones have much lower SAR values (head) :

With smartphones emitting significantly lower RF radiation, it is unlikely for them to have any effect, much less kill kids or turn their brains into mush.

Reason #6 : RF Radiation Is Non-Ionising

The type of radiation emitted by electrical devices is radio frequency (RF) radiation, which is a type of non-ionising radiation.

Non-ionising radiation do not have enough energy to knock electrons from an atom, which means it cannot create free radicals that can damage our cells.

In fact, RF radiation has lower energy than visible light and infrared (heat) radiation!

So it would be quite impossible for RF radiation to kill anyone by destroying their brains.

Reason #7 : Earphones + Headphones Reduce Exposure

Earphones and headphones actually reduce your exposure to RF radiation from your smartphone.

That’s because they allow you to listen to calls and music, without putting the smartphone close to your head.

Those who are paranoid about exposing their brains to RF radiation from their smartphones should use earphones or headphones.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Cordless Jet Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner!

Samsung just launched their latest cordless vacuum cleaner – the Jet 70 Easy, which boasts a Jet Cyclone system and a 5-layer HEPA filtration system!

Find out what else the Samsung Jet 70 Easy has to offer, and how much it costs!


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Cordless Jet Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

The new Samsung Jet 70 Easy cordless vacuum cleaner boasts two key features – a Jet Cyclone system and a 5-layer HEPA filtration system.

Digital Inverter Motor

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy has a 410 watt Digital Inverter Motor that is paired with highly efficient impeller and ultrasonic-welded airfoil blades to generate up to 150 watts of suction.

Jet Cyclone System

It boasts the Jet Cyclone system which creates 9 cyclones with 27 air inlets to minimise loss of suction, while trapping fine dust.

Soft Action Brush

The Soft Action Brush is designed to pick up fine dust on hard floors, with a 180-degree swivel head to easily clean corners.

It is woven with anti-static silver threads to prevent dust from sticking, and is easily detached with one click for easy removal of tangles.

5-Layer HEPA Filtration System

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy extracts dust through a 5-layer HEPA filtration system :

  • Step 1 : a main cyclone diverts large dust particles
  • Step 2 : a metal mesh grille filter removes medium-sized particles.
  • Step 3 : the Jet cyclone removes fine dust particles.
  • Step 4 : a washable micro filter traps additional fine dust.
  • Step 5 : an ultra-fine dust filter prevents 99.999% of dust (0.3 ~ 10 µm in size)

Long Cleaning Time

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy comes with a 1,800 mAh battery that gives you up to 40 minutes of cleaning time. According to Samsung, the battery will retain 70% of its capacity after 500 cycles.

Easy Maintenance

Both the 0.8L dustbin and the multi-cyclone system is fully washable. And you can automatically empty the dustbin using the new Samsung Clean Station!


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Specifications

Specifications Samsung Jet 70 Easy
Model VS15T7033R1
Type Multi Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
Dust Capacity 0.8 litres (800 ml)
Motor Digital Inverter Motor
Maximum Power 410 watts
Suction Power 150 watts
Noise Level 86 dBA
Filter Pre-Motor : Yes
Exhaust : HEPA filter
Brush 250 mm soft action
Battery Li-Ion (1,800 mAh, 21.6 V)
Battery Life 40 minutes (maximum)
Charging Time 210 minutes
Dimensions 250 mm wide
1124 mm tall
215 mm deep
Weight 2.57 kg


Samsung Jet 70 Easy : Price + Availability

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy (VS15T7033R1) has a recommended retail price of RM 1,699 / ~US$389 / ~£315 / ~A$612 / ~S$555. Here are some online purchase options :


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Samsung Clean Station : Auto Dust Disposal with Air Pulse!

Samsung just launched the Clean Station which is designed to automatically empty the dustbins of their Jet cordless vacuum cleaners!

Find out what else the Samsung Clean Station has to offer, and how much it costs!


Samsung Clean Station : Auto Dust Disposal with Air Pulse!

The new Samsung Clean Station is the industry’s first disposal solution that automatically empties the dustbins of their Jet cordless vacuum cleaners, like the newly-launched Samsung Jet 70 Easy!

Automatic Dustbin Emptying

Simply detach and place the dustbin on top of the Clean Station, and it will automatically empty the dust. You don’t even have to separate the pipe or the cyclone!

Air Pulse Technology

The Air Pulse Technology repeatedly opens and closes the inlet of the suction motor, to create pulsating air currents that shake dust off the dustbin.

Prevents Dust From Spewing Out

The Samsung Jet dustbin has an airtight design, and will only open when it is inserted into the Clean Station. This prevents ultra fine dust from being dispersing back out.

5-Layer HEPA Filtration System

The Samsung Clean Station keeps air clean with its 5-layer HEPA filtration system.

  • Step 1 : a dust bag traps large dust particles
  • Step 2 : a Pre-Motor Filter traps small dust particles
  • Step 3 : an activated carbon filter deodorises the air
  • Step 4 : a noise absorption filter cuts down noise from the motor
  • Step 5 : an ultra-fine dust filter prevents 99.999% of dust (0.3 ~ 10 µm in size)


Samsung Clean Station : Specifications

Specifications Samsung Clean Station
Model VCA-SAE90B
Compatibility Samsung Jet Series
– VS90 / VS90E
– VS75 / VS70
Dustbin Support Up to 0.6 L
Dust Bag 3 EA
Dust Bag Capacity 2.0 L
Power Consumption 1600 watts
Dimensions 185 mm wide
180 mm deep
600 mm tall
Weight 5.5 kg


Samsung Clean Station : Price + Availability

The Samsung Clean Station (VCA-SAE90B) has a recommended retail price of RM 699 / ~US$160 / ~£130 / ~A$252 / ~S$228. Here are some online purchase options :


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Get Awesome Deals In New Samsung Portal In Lazada!

On 17 November 2016, Samsung Malaysia officially announced their partnership with Lazada Malaysia to offer Malaysians really awesome online deals on their products. Through the new Samsung portal-in-portal site on Lazada, consumers from every nook and cranny of Malaysia will be able to order any Samsung product that they desire.

You will no longer need to brave the tropical heat and massive jams inside and outside of shopping malls. You won’t even need to haggle for the best prices, because Samsung is offering a ton of great deals on the new Samsung portal in Lazada. Best of all, everything will delivered to you free of charge!


The Awesome Deals At The New Samsung Portal

Shoppers at the new Samsung portal in Lazada can enjoy up to 30% cashback, free gifts and 2-years Samsung warranty for all Samsung consumer electronics, as well as free delivery and 0% instalment plans (for purchases above RM 500).

Samsung is also extending their more irresistible deals as part of their Unbox the Wonders of Home promotion. This includes refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens; as well as their home theatre products like SUHD TVs, Blu-ray players and soundbars. You will enjoy bundled free gifts, purchase-with-purchase deals and extended warranties.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, go check out the new Samsung portal in Lazada!

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The New Samsung Portal In Lazada

The new Samsung portal in Lazada can be accessed directly on any web browser at http://www.lazada.com.my/samsung-malaysia/. It can also be access through the mySamsung app by clicking on the E-store link.

Lazada will geographically tag and catalogue all Samsung products offered by Samsung brand shops to ensure the best fit for your location, automatically entitling you to free and fast delivery of your purchases.


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LeEco Acquires VIZIO for 2 Billion Dollars

San Jose, CA and Irvine, 26 July 2016LeEco and VIZIO, Inc. announced today a definitive agreement under which LeEco would acquire VIZIO, Inc. for $2 billion USD. The VIZIO hardware and software businesses will be owned and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of LeEco, while the VIZIO data business, Inscape, will spin out and operate as a separate, privately owned company.



Recently named one of Fast Company’s 2016 “Most Innovative Companies,” LeEco is a leading global company that provides breakthrough experiences through an open, integrated ecosystem enabled by its Internet and cloud platform. LeEco develops intelligent hardware that serves as the interface to connect individuals, interact with them and to enrich their lives through premium content and applications.

“LeEco believes in breakthrough technologies, a complete ecosystem and disruptive pricing. Acquiring VIZIO is an important step in our globalization strategy and building our North American presence,” said Yueting Jia, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, LeEco. “From its inception, VIZIO introduced a disruptive business model that changed the industry and aligns with our vision of breaking boundaries to deliver consumer-focused products, software and services.”



Based in Irvine, CA and founded in 2002, VIZIO is a leading consumer electronics brand in North America, with #1 unit share in Smart TVs and #1 unit share in Sound Bars. The company is focused on delivering the ultimate home entertainment experience through its ecosystem of hardware, software and services.

The acquisition benefits both companies with VIZIO offering LeEco a steady install base of users and a brand that is both popular and successfully distributed throughout major North American retail channels. LeEco provides VIZIO immediate global scale to bring its innovations to consumers worldwide.

Like LeEco, VIZIO shares a similar vision of creating premium products with the latest innovations and making them accessible for everyone – from budget-minded students to custom home theater cinephiles – without sacrificing quality or performance.

The VIZIO executive management team will remain in place and will continue its operations as an independent subsidiary from its existing headquarters in Irvine, CA. The VIZIO brand and its portfolio of products will continue to be sold through its existing distribution channels and supported by the same North American-based, award-winning customer service. William Wang will transition to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inscape, with focus on the continued expansion and growth of the brand’s data business.

As part of the definitive agreement, LeEco will acquire all of the VIZIO hardware and software operations, technology and intellectual property. The transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2016, and is subject to customary closing conditions.

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