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The 5 Features We REALLY Want In Our Next Smartphone

Every year, we are told that the smartphone market is saturated, and that it’s harder for the next smartphone model to offer consumers any real reason to upgrade. After all, how much more innovation can you pack into a device the size of a notepad?

Yet, the prognosticators of doom are proven wrong every single year. Not only are established brands like Apple and Samsung still churning out new smartphone models year after year, new smartphones brands like Neffos and Infinix are being established all the time.

That does not mean that consumers are just lapping up whatever they produce though. Many smartphones do poorly, selling only at great discounts.


What We Want In Our Next Smartphone

Now, we don’t know the secret formula to a successful smartphone, but we can tell you the 5 features we want in our next smartphone. Let’s see if they are also what you want in your next smartphone.


Water Resistance

This may seem like a frivolous feature, but water resistance is a must-have for us. If you ever lost a smartphone to water damage, that is a lesson you will never, ever forget.

Our first water-resistant smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and we never looked back after that. Even our secondary smartphone, the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7, is IP68-rated.

Water-resistant smartphones also allow for greater creativity and flexibility. You can’t use them underwater, but you can use them near water without fear. Check out this video I took with the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 during a recent trip to Krabi.


A Better Front Camera

Top-of-the-line smartphones like the HTC 10, the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge boast truly excellent main cameras, but their front cameras have long been neglected. They are only adequate for Instagram and Facebook selfies. They really need a much better front camera that can take higher resolution photos and better videos.

A better front camera is also important if you are using a gimbal like the DJI Osmo Mobile. Such gimbals use the smartphone’s front camera to record selfie videos. So it is important to use a smartphone with a good front camera.

OPPO identified and targeted that unfulfilled need in the market with their Selfie Expert smartphones. Their OPPO F1s smartphone, for example, has 16 MP front and rear cameras. Perhaps their success was the reason why the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 also has 16 MP front and rear cameras!

We don’t think you need a 16 MP front camera for videos. Even the 5 MP sensor on the Galaxy S7 edge is already capable of recording 4K videos. But a higher resolution sensor paired with a bright, fast lens would allow for better selfies and selfie videos.


Better Audio Recording & Playback

One thing we really liked about the HTC 10 was its Hi-Res Audio recording and playback capability. Audio fidelity is an oft-overlooked feature, which is a shame because it makes a HUGE difference to the videos you record.

Once you have tried recording videos in Hi-Res Audio, you will wonder how you ever made do with the flat audio  recording of other smartphones. The Hi-Res Audio recording and playback capability is definitely something we are looking for in our next smartphone.


No Limit Video Recording

Many smartphones are so good at recording videos that they have virtually decimated the consumer camcorder market. The only thing holding them back are the 30-minute recording limit and the 4 GB file size limit.

The 30-minute limit is used to avoid duties imposed on video cameras, while the 4 GB file size limit is due to the use of, or support for, the FAT32 file system.

The 4 GB limit is particularly problematic for smartphones that can record in 4K (like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and the HTC 10), because it limits them to just 10-11 minutes of footage.

We record a lot of long videos, and sometimes in 4K. So it is important that our next smartphone removes those limits by supporting the exFAT file system.


Longer Battery Life

This seems like a very obvious feature to demand, but it needs some clarification.

Smartphone manufacturers are well-aware that we want smartphones with long battery lives. That’s why some smartphones boast very large capacity batteries.

But a larger battery is not just the only way to achieve a longer battery life. What’s ultimately important to us is battery life, not battery capacity.

If they can deliver a longer battery life using more power-efficient components, even better! What matters to us is battery life, not battery capacity.


What Smartphone Are We Looking Forward To?

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As big fans of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, we are very psyched up about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 launch on 29 March 2017. Rumours and leaks are rife on the Internet, but as we all know – nothing is true, until the big reveal!

We have no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be IP68-rated like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A Series.

But will it have a better front camera? Support for Hi-Res Audio? How about the removal of video recording limits? Can Samsung improve its battery life?

We await with bated breath… 😀


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Eddie Putera Shares DJI Drone Photography Experience

On October 13, 2016, DSC World announced that they were appointed by DJI to import and distribute the entire range of DJI drone and photographic products. To celebrate the occasion, they invited Miss World Malaysia 2010, Nadia Heng, to emcee the event; and veteran photographer Eddie Putera, to share his DJI drone photography experience and tips with us. Check it out!

Later, Eddie would actually take out an operational DJI Matrice 600 out for a spin! Check it out here!


DSC World Is Now An Official DJI Distributor In Malaysia

DSC World Managing Director, Jeffrey Ng, kicked off the event with a short speech about DSC World and their appointment as an official DJI distributor in Malaysia.

DSC World will initially import and distribute the DJI Phantom 3, the DJI Phantom 4, the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 and the DJI Matrice 600 drones. The recently announced DJI Mavic Pro drone is being shipped in, and should be available by the end of October, 2016.

They will also offer the DJI Osmo and Osmo Mobile stabilised camera systems. The DJI Osmo+ with zoom lens will come in later, sometime in November.


Eddie Putera’s DJI Drone Photography Experience

Eddie Putera is famous, not just for his photography, but also his frank opinions. He gladly shared his personal experience with drone photography, especially with the DJI drones he has been using for his professional work. This is a very engaging and enlightening talk.

Eddie has extensive experience of using drones in his videos, and he regularly conducts workshops on drone photography and videography techniques. So this is a must watch for drone photography hobbyists and professionals… or those who plan to be one!

Don’t forget to check out his flight demonstration of the DJI Matrice 600!

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