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FREE Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Coming Soon!

Apple fans will soon be able to download the iOS version of Dell Mobile Connect for FREE!

This will give Apple users the same capabilities that Android users have enjoyed since 2018!


FREE Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Coming Soon!

Dell Mobile Connect was introduced in CES 2018 for Android devices, giving them the ability to make calls, send texts, get notifications and even mirror their displays on their Dell laptops and PCs!

Since it was released two years ago, Dell reported that over a million Mobile Connect users have sent or received over 150 MILLION phone calls and texts sing their free app.

Stay Focused

Dell Mobile Connect allows you to avoid splitting your attention between your PC and smartphone. You will be notified about phone calls, texts, instant messages and other app notifications right on your PC.

You can then decide to respond, or ignore. You can also decide which apps you would like to receive notifications from.

Stay Connected

You will never miss a single call or notification from SMS, WhatsApp, Uber, PayPal, Instagram, and other mobile apps.

Your larger PC keyboard, display and speakers will also allow for more enjoyable communications via text or calls.

Bring Your Mobile Apps To The Big Screen!

Dell Mobile Connect lets you have direct access to your mobile apps through its advanced mirroring feature.

You can directly view and access your mobile apps on your PC display, and control them with your keyboard, mouse and touch display!

Secure Wireless Connectivity

Dell Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct technologies to keep your PC connected to your phone, so feel free to leave your phone in your bag or pocket!

The wireless connection is also secured and does not go through the Internet. All your phone’s data can only be accessed by the paired PC, and only when you are in wireless range.


Dell Mobile Connect for iOS Availability

It has taken Dell two years to do this, but finally, the iOS version of Mobile Connect is coming in March 2020!

  • Starting mid-March 2020, it will be available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.
  • Starting end-March 2020, it will come pre-installed in all Dell consumer PC systems.

Dell Mobile Connect, and all updates, are available for free on all Dell consumer PC systems that run on Windows 10 – XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware – as long as they come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and were purchased after January 2018.


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