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Malaysian DCA Permits Galaxy Note7 Onboard Aircraft

On the 17 October 2016, the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) issued a general directive on the carriage of the Galaxy Note7 onboard aircraft flying in or out of Malaysia. Titled “Carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Device“, the directive explicitly permitted the carriage of the Galaxy Note7 onboard aircraft under the DCA’s jurisdiction.

This will surely come as a relief for foreigners here in Malaysia. A number who are here on holidays or temporary work assignments are “trapped” because they have not been allowed to bring their Galaxy Note7 phablets onboard any aircraft. This prevents them from returning their Galaxy Note7 phablets to Samsung, as this can only happen in the country of purchase.


DCA Directive Permitting The Galaxy Note7 Onboard Aircraft

Here are the screenshots of the DCA directive permitting the carriage of the Galaxy Note7 onboard aircraft in Malaysia.

The directive actually calls for the Galaxy Note7 from being checked into any luggage or carried into the cabin. But if you carry the Galaxy Note7 onboard, it sets out clear rules on what you should do :

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  1. You must power off the Galaxy Note7
  2. You cannot use or charge the Galaxy Note7
  3. You must prevent the Galaxy Note7 from accidental activation
  4. You must keep the Galaxy Note7 on your person
  5. You are not allowed to keep the Galaxy Note7 in the overhead compartment, the seat’s back pocket or the cabin baggage.

Even though the directive includes language that calls for the airports and airlines to ban the Galaxy Note7 from all aircraft, the explicit inclusion of Clause 3.3 means you won’t get booted out of your flight for carrying the Galaxy Note7. You just have to turn it off before you board the aircraft until you exit it at your destination.


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