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Does COVID Vaccinated Blood Clot In Just 3 Minutes?!

Does the blood of COVID vaccinated people clot in just 3 minutes, instead of 30 minutes?! Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : COVID Vaccinated Blood Clots In Just 3 Minutes!

People are sharing a video, claiming or suggesting that it shows that the blood of COVID vaccinated people will clot in just 3 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes!

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This blood was taken from a vaccinated patient. After three minutes, she became like this.

It usually takes 30 minutes for blood to clot in an SST tube, not 3 minutes.

In the video, a lady can be heard speaking while presumably shaking a test tube containing clotted blood. She appears to claim that the test tube contained blood drawn from a patient that was clotting in just 3 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes. She claimed it was not normal.

This patient’s blood was drawn 3 minutes ago. Already clotting in the tube. Not normal. Takes a half hour usually.

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Truth : COVID Vaccinated Blood Does Not Clot In Just 3 Minutes!

This is yet another example of fake news created or promoted by anti-vaccine activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Blood Typically Clots In 2-8 Minutes

Let me start by pointing out that human blood does not take 30 minutes to clot. Our blood typically takes only 2-8 minutes to clot (coagulate) using the capillary test tube method at 37°C.

Think about it for a second – if it really takes 30 minutes for our blood to clot, even a small cut would result in considerable blood loss!

Fact #2 : Serum-Separating Tube Is Designed To Speed Up Clotting

If you look at the test tube in the video, you will notice that it has a yellow- or gold-coloured stopper. You can also see a white-coloured gel at the bottom. That’s a serum-separating tube (SST).

These SSTs have micronised silica particles that help to quickly coagulate the blood through contact activation of coagulation factor XII. After the blood sample is drawn, the bottle is inverted several times to mix the blood with the silica particles and gel.

While the blood quickly starts to coagulate (clot) and separate, full coagulation of a large sample may take several minutes, depending on the SST used. Typically, lab technicians leave the blood sample to stand for 20-30 minutes (source), but thrombin-accelerated quick clotting serum test tubes (example) only need 2 minutes.

After the blood has clotted, the sample is centrifuged to separate whole blood cells from the serum. The gel at the bottom forms a barrier between the clot and the serum after centrifugation.

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Fact #3 : SST Clotting Time Can Vary Considerably

While laboratories generally allow blood samples in SST tubes to clot for 20-30 minutes on a rack, the true clotting time varies considerably (source), depending on whether the patient:

  • is on anticoagulant therapy – a longer clotting time is required
  • has liver disease of multiple myeloma – a longer clotting time is also required

In fact, if the patient is no high doses of heparin – the blood does not even coagulate!

Fact #4 : No Evidence Blood Sample Was Taken From Vaccinated Patient

If you listen carefully, the lady in the video did not actually claim that the blood sample was drawn from a vaccinated patient. There is no way to ascertain if the blood sample really came from a patient who was vaccinated against COVID-19.

Unless she was the patient’s doctor who elicited a comprehensive medical history, she would not know the patient’s COVID-19 vaccination status. A nurse or lab technician assigned to take blood, for example, would not be aware of the patient’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

But more importantly, even though the lady on the video did not claim that the blood came from a vaccinated patient, people are claiming that it shows blood from a vaccinated person. How did they know? There is simply no evidence the blood came from a vaccinated person.

Fact #5 : No Evidence Blood Sample Was Taken 3 Minutes Earlier

I should also point out that there is really no evidence that the video shows blood that was taken 3 minutes ago. We only have the anonymous lady’s word for that.

Now, if the video actually showed the blood being drawn, and the blood clotting in 3 minutes, that might have been something. But the short video does not tell us how long the blood has been inside that SST tube. It could have been a full 30 minutes.

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