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Fake CIMB Bank Payment Call + SMS Scam!

THREE Fake CIMB Bank Call + SMS Scams!

Scammers are now targeting Malaysians with THREE fake CIMB Bank scams regarding online or credit card payments.

Please SHARE this scam alert with your family and friends, so they won’t get cheated!


THREE Fake CIMB Bank Call + SMS Scams!

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many Malaysians are now purchasing more online, and paying for those purchases with their credit cards.

This has attracted scammers who are now targeting both online purchasers and credit card users. In these new scams, they are pretending to be CIMB Bank.

Scam #1 : Credit Card Payment Authorisation

In this scam, the scammers used an automated call system with the number +113818415.

After you accept the call, a pre-recorded message will ask you to verify that you have just charged RM XXXX to your credit card, with these options :

  • Press 1 to accept the charge to your credit card
  • Press 2 to speak to a CIMB bank officer

Needless to say, when you opt to speak to a bank officer (fearing that you are a victim of a hacking attempt), the scammer will now convince you to transfer your money from your bank account to the bank’s account for “safe keeping”.

There is no such thing. Banks will NEVER ask you to transfer money out of your account. If they suspect fraud, they can simply disable your credit card, and deny payment to the merchant.

Scam #2 : Outstanding Credit Card Debt

In a different version of the first scam, the automated call system used a mobile number – +6012-22452090.

This time, the pre-recorded message will inform you that you owe RM XXXX on your CIMB Bank credit card.

Again, you will be offered the opportunity to speak with a CIMB Bank officer – the scammer – who will try to convince you to pay the money into a different account, or give him / her your login details.

A real bank officer will NEVER ask you to transfer money to a different bank account, or request for your login details. If you have outstanding credit card debt, the bank will just charge you interest on it.

Scam #3 : Online Purchase Warning

Happening concurrently with the scam calls is this CIMB Bank SMS scam campaign.

You may receive something like this, which looks like a genuine SMS from CIMB Bank informing you about a charge to your credit card.


Of course, the mobile number – +6013-688-1813 is a dead giveaway for those who are alert. But at a glance, it looks genuine enough.

If you call the scam number – 1800-81-9767, you will be connected to the scammer, who will then try to convince you to transfer money from your bank account to a CIMB Bank account for “safe keeping”.

Just like in the first scam example, no bank will ever ask you to transfer money out of your own bank account. Even if they suspect fraud, they can simply lock your account.

And again, if they suspect your credit card has been misused, they can simply disable your credit card, and deny payment to the merchant.


Warn Everyone About Bank Scams!

Such scams, whether they are from CIMB Bank or any other bank, has the potential to cost the victim A LOT OF MONEY.

So please warn your family and friends about these scams. Share this article as widely as possible.

And if you receive a similar call, please report it to Maybank, Bank Negara and the police.

Here are different bank scams that you may want to be alert about :


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GoBear For The Bear Essentials On Insurance & Credit Cards

Bear Essentials On GoBear

On May 5, 2016, GoBear launched their website to help Malaysians tackle the confusing morass of insurance and credit card offerings in Malaysia. The GoBear website aims to summarise the confusing features and limitations of all those offerings to give you nothing but the “bear essentials”. This will allow you to easily compare their features and limitations, so you can make the best financial decisions for your family.

In this video, GoBear CEO Andre Hesselink explains the motivation behind GoBear and how they avoid being biased in their recommendations.

 Then it’s time for GoBear to break out of its prison!

 Now, Iskandar Ezzahuddin, GoBear Country Director (Malaysia), explains how the GoBear website works its magic.

Their aim is, ultimately, to clarify the confusing insurance and credit card market for the consumer. Their partners, on the other hand, benefit by receiving customers that are already aware about what they are buying. [adrotate banner=”5″]


GoBear Press Release

MALAYSIA (6 MAY 2016) – Have you ever been in a situation where you are completely lost and have to bear the hassle of comparing various travel insurance policies and credit cards? Starting today, break free from the hair pulling confusion of trying to select the best financial products to suit your needs. GoBear, the easy-to-navigate site provides unbiased side-by-side comparison between different financial products for users.

GoBear believes in being an internet company that specialises as an information platform and not as a seller or representative of products. This allows unbiased search results that are fair, simple, and complete to match the needs and preference of any individual or family. Consider it the go-to place when you need only the bare necessities to help you pick the perfect financial product. GoBear currently lists over 1,000 financial products on its website and will be adding more in the months to come.

“GoBear originated from the idea that people today want easy access to service information, and that customers should be able to compare various financial products easily before making a decision. This is where GoBear steps in, to provide a new experience that makes searching for financial products quickly, easily and transparently,” said Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Country Director Malaysia, GoBear.

He continued, “Today’s insurance buyers are mobile-first, multi-screen and social media savvy. To reach them, insurance companies will need to employ an increasing emphasis on simplicity in search.”

GoBear recorded a 50 percent month on month growth in usage with over 1.2 million users since it first established itself in Singapore and Thailand.

On the expansion to Malaysia, Andre Hesselink, Chief Executive Officer of GoBear explained, “GoBear is a global brand in the making and we are very focused on being local to serve customers in each of our key markets in the best way. Together with a team of Malaysian specialists, we continue to enhance the seamless user experience, with search, filter and insurance quotes.”

GoBear Malaysia currently features travel insurance and credits cards. The site will be expanding into the car insurance and personal loan category in the third quarter of this year.

With GoBear, all the crucial information you need is as ‘bear’ as it comes.


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