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Malaysia MCO : MICE, Meetings + Busking Now Allowed!

Malaysia MCO : MICE + Busking Now Allowed!

Malaysia just lifted restrictions on MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and Busking!

Find out how this affects your risk of getting infected by COVID-19 in Malaysia!


Malaysia MCO : MICE + Busking Now Allowed!

Even as Malaysia comes close to breaching 300,000 COVID-19 cases, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) continues to liberalise the economy.

On 25 February 2021, Defence Minister Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob announced that MKN decided to lift restrictions on MICE and busking activities in MCO / PKP areas.

Starting 26 February 2021, street musicians and buskers are allowed to perform in MCO / PKP areas, as long as they comply with existing SOP.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) activities, on the other hand, can start from 5 March 2021 onwards, with these restrictions :

  • up to 25% of maximum venue capacity, or
  • up to 250 people at the venue, whichever is fewer
  • physical distancing must be maintained


MICE + Busking Activities : Are We At Greater Risk?

This new change would make MCO (PKP) even more similar to RMCO (PKPP) and CMCO (PKPB), which begs the question – why bother with the three different classifications?

But more importantly – how does this affect our risk of getting COVID-19?

MICE Risks

The risks of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) activities greatly varies.

Meetings, talks and training sessions, for example, are small and can be conducted with minimal risks, as long as both organisers and participants comply with the SOP.

Conferences and exhibitions, on the other hand, are more challenging because they generally involve personal interactions. Physical distancing and face masks can help to reduce the risk, but only if everyone remembers to use them.

Busking Risks

This is generally quite safe, as long as the performer(s) is static, like the example above. This would allow for proper physical distancing of at least 2-3 metres (if not further).

However, all spectators MUST wear face masks at all times, as it would not be reasonable for buskers to perform with face masks.

Walking buskers should be discouraged, as it would difficult for them to maintain physical distance from the public. And there should be no physical interaction.


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Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney – A Quick Tour!

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is here in Sydney! It was sold out, of course, but we managed to get a ticket.

So here is our quick tour for everyone else who could not make it, but wanted to see what it’s all about!


Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney

The Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney is a Microsoft tech conference for developers and tech professionals. For two days, it offers skill-building workshops, networking opportunities and access to top Microsoft engineers. No wonder tickets were quickly sold out!

For developers and tech professionals who want to learn how to better leverage Microsoft’s cloud services, the 2019 Microsoft Ignite is a rare opportunity to learn directly from those who build Power BI, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

  • Building your Applications for the Cloud – Learn how to architect and build your applications to take advantage of the scale that the cloud offers.
  • Deploying your Desktop & Infrastructure – Discover how to begin your journey to the cloud and what steps you need to both move your infrastructure and deploy your desktop.
  • ‘Getting the most of your Data – Learn how to use AI and Machine Learning to gain new understanding using existing data within your organisation.
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud – Learn what it takes to modernise your applications and prepare them for successful migration to the cloud.
  • Optimise Teamwork in your Organisation – Reveal the collaborative workforce within your business and learn how to build effective teams.
  • Securing your Organisation – Build a secure organisation without compromising the productivity of your business.


Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney : A Quick Tour!

Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney was held in the International Convention Center Sydney (ICC Sydney) over two days – 13th and 14th February 2019. Yes, even on Valentine’s Day. These are truly dedicated professionals!

The Microsoft Ignite 2019 @ Sydney covered two halls, as well as several lecture halls. In our quick tour, we take a look at the Hub, where participants get to interact directly with Microsoft professionals and their partners.

Note : We intentionally recorded our tour while most participants were inside the lecture halls for the workshops. Otherwise, the halls would be swarmed with people, making it difficult for us to record our tour.


The 2019 Imagine Cup Asia Showcase

As the 2019 Imagine Cup Asia concluded a day earlier, Microsoft also took the opportunity to showcase the projects of the 12 top Asian teams.

We highly recommend you check out what these young entrepreneurs came up with this year. Be inspired by their creativity!


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The Trend Micro Red Code 2017 Key Takeaway Points

At the side of Trend Micro Red Code 2017, Trend Micro and Cyber Security Malaysia gave us a briefing on the key takeaway points from the cybersecurity conference.

The Trend Micro team comprised of Goh Chee Hoh (Trend Micro Malaysia Managing Director). Ryan Flores (Senior Manager, Future Threat Research, Trend Micro AP) and Law Chee Wan (Technical Sales, Trend Micro Malaysia). Cyber Security Malaysia was represented by Dr. Aswami Ariffin (Senior VP, CyberDEF@CSRS).


The Trend Micro Red Code 2017 Key Takeaway Points

Cybersecurity Best Practices

  • Keep legacy systems and current secure: There are organizations still using Windows XP, Vista, or 7, for all of which Microsoft has ended support. This means there will no longer be security patches or updates anymore, leaving these systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. The recommendation is to quickly move to a new system or keep the current ones secure with third-party security software.
  • Protect data storage systems: Wherever data is – on-premise, cloud, or in virtualized or hybrid environments – it has to be protected.
  • Detect/prevent breaches: Targeted attacks can breach your organization without ever alerting traditional early warning and defense systems. Fail to spot an incursion, and you could be hit with industry fines, reputation damage and legal costs.
  • Protect information on endpoints: Your organization could have information residing on mobile devices, laptops, and multiple virtual and physical endpoints. The more endpoints, the greater the risk surface.
  • Data encryption: Encrypted data are “useless” to a hacker without the decryption key. It is imperative to encrypt sensitive data for both those in transit and those at rest.
  • Backup of data: It is extremely important to have backups of consumer data. In an event where a breach happens and all information is stolen or encrypted by the hacker, at the very least an organization would still have the backups to carry on daily service, while trying to resolve the issue.
  • Frequent assessments: Regular “checkups” on the capabilities of the system as well as the knowledge and education of employees is important. Trend Micro offers server assessments and also recommends that the people within the organization also be assessed via methods such as sending out test “phishing” emails.


Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Cybersecurity awareness programs help get employees up to speed with the latest attacks, safe internet practices, security policies, and how to spot a security threat.
  • Within an organization, there must be security policies governing the use of data and access to certain systems and programs.


Multi-Layered Security

To mitigate the risk of infection as effectively as possible, organizations to take a layered approach to security – from the gateway to the network, server and endpoint.

  1. Email and Web Gateway Protection
    This will give a good chance of preventing most ransomware from reaching your users – whether that’s via a phishing email or a malicious website.[adrotate group=”2″]
  1. Endpoint Security
    For a small percentage of ransomware threats that might make it through the web/email gateway protection, endpoint security will monitor for suspicious behavior, enforces application whitelists and features vulnerability shielding to protect against unpatched vulnerabilities that ransomware often takes advantage of.
  1. Network Defense
    This layer guards against ransomware that spreads into the organization via network protocols.
  1. Server Protection
    This is where most of the organization’s critical enterprise data will reside. It is essential to ensure any unpatched vulnerabilities are protected from ransomware via virtual patching, through a security solution which can monitor for lateral movement and file integrity.

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Gain Secure Goes Global With Konfx Conference Solution

Kuala Lumpur, 10th July 2017 — Following closely on its success in the Malaysia market, Gain Secure Sdn. Bhd. (Gain Secure) has now taken their Konfx mobile conference management service global.



Konfx is a state-of-the-art conferencing solution that offers the perfect tools to help better manage industry-leading events. It became widely accepted among event managers and conference organisers since it went live. Gain Secure, with these achievements and on-going growth surge it is experiencing has upped the ante, entering multiple overseas markets simultaneously.

“The management of conferences is something almost every company will face at one point or another so it’s logical that Konfx can gain traction overseas as well. We are at this point reaping the rewards of success in the local market as representatives of companies from around the globe encounter Konfx. They’ve tried it, they’ve liked it and they spread the news in their home countries,” said Walter Wong, Founder and CEO, Gain Secure.


Worldwide Recognition

Since it began rolling out, Gain Secure witnessed Konfx being accepted wholeheartedly among many event organisers and conference attendees. The app quickly became instantly recognisable as it empowered no less than 16 conferences since its inception.

Having worked with global conference brands and having a keen understanding of what they require, Gain Secure started planning for global deployment of Konfx.

To-date, Konfx has been deployed at five events around the world; Global Azure Bootcamp CDMX in Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico; Global Azure Bootcamp – RS at Porto Alegre, Brazil; ExpertsLive Australia 2017; United Kingdom based UC and Cloud Day 2017; Global Azure Bootcamp conference in Melbourne, Australia; and Colombo Global Azure Bootcamp in Sri Lanka.

Konfx is also being deployed at the upcoming United Kingdom-based UC and Cloud Day 2017.


Bigger Footprint

Since Konfx has deployed on multiple continents, Gain Secure is now looking towards expand effort and outreach in these regions. This also includes gaining a foothold in North America, branching out into the European continent, and establishing a presence in Russia, Africa, as well as East and West Asia.

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The strategic move to go global is timely for Gain Secure as it worked with partners at these conferences and has the right frame of understanding of what they require at these events. Paired with its Cloud-based capabilities, mobile services, and data collection and analysis offerings, Konfx is certainly suitable for any type of conference.

Thanks to expansive research into and feedback from the conference management community, Gain Secure can provide full customisation for the Konfx platform. By doing so the company streamlines the entire user experience for both management and attendees quickly and seamlessly. It can also be scaled to fit various event capacities and volume of content.

Moving forward, the Konfx platform will be expanding its features to include in-depth data analytics, more immersive user engagement and and better social media integration. This is in line with the global rollout plan that Gain Secure has in mind as the move will raise the functional value of the mobile app and management services.

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Konfx Selected To Power Telekom Malaysia Conference

25th April 2017 — Gain Secure Sdn. Bhd. (Gain Secure) today announced that its premier mobile app Konfx has been selected by Telekom Malaysia Berhad to power its internal sales kick-off conference. Konfx is a state-of-the-art solution that offer dedicated conference organizers the perfect tools to help them manage industry-leading events.


Uptake of Konfx

Since introducing Konfx in October last year, Gain Secure has seen Konfx accepted wholeheartedly by event organizers and conference attendees both. The app has empowered no less than 16 conferences since its inception, including MAX Reload 2017 by Telekom Malaysia, EO Taipan Masterclass by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Experts Live Asia 2017 by Infront Consulting and Malaysia Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 from Azure User Group Malaysia.


New features in the latest version of Konfx

Konfx works by offering conference organizers direct input on conference parameters onto a single system. This includes information on speakers, agendas, locations and other information.

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That information is then made available to attendees directly through the app. Attendees are also able to register for sessions and rate speakers or sessions. All data will be automatically compiled and made available in reports to the organizer.

The updated Konfx app now offers even more benefits to conference organizers in the form of Traffic Management, Exhibitor QR code scanning, Enhanced Reporting, Real-Time Dashboard as well as sends automated emails to users reminding them to download the app.

Each of these features brings organizers and delegates closer to one another through the event as well as adds unprecedented interactivity facilities via a common platform. As part of its standard policies towards better services, Gain Secure continually works towards app improvements and strives to offer the market the best available products that technology can offer.


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