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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Design Inspirations Explained!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design team share their inspirations for its design and colour, including the signature Mystic Bronze colour!


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Design Inspirations Explained!

Ever wondered how the Samsung design team came up with the design and colour choices for the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones?

Jung-taek Lee and Yunjin Kim, both Senior Designers who helped create the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, gives us an inside look into the team’s design decisions in this video.

Question : The Note20’s new signature colour, Mystic Bronze, is very impressive. What was the inspiration behind this colour?

Senior Designer Jung-taek Lee

The most important thing to consider when selecting the main colour is if a greater value can be given to consumers.

While the previous Note10 showed the energetic aspect with an aura colour containing the principles of light and prism, Note20 will focus on comfort and subtle luxury with calm and neutral colours

The theme of the Note20 design is premium and timeless, and in line with the theme, we wanted to choose a colour that is more comfortable and reliable; the more you look at it.

Through various colour research and trend analysis, we chose a special bronze colour that gives such a feeling, while adding some purple to complete a timeless yet sophisticated tone.

On the CMF aspect, we wanted to blend in the soft texture of Haze Finishing to create a comfortable and luxurious combination of touch and colour.

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Question : What’s the most important design aspect?

Senior Designer Yunjin Kim

Based on the overall theme of premium and timeless, we wanted to pursue a design that can sustain the value of the Note for a long time paired with a simple and well-defined core.

In terms of shape, we wanted to develop a form and shape that is unique to the Note while making sure it still resembles the Note – bold and robust details that show a clear identity of ‘Extrusion, Geometric’ while being minimal and increasing completeness.

In particular, we wanted to increase the degree of completeness in the camera detail in the belief that revealing the high-performance aspect with confidence would be the “most camera-like”.

We developed this as a key element in the Note’s design, by improving the completeness with the depth and refinement of finely-machined details like optical instruments.

The most attractive feature of the Note20 design is that it has the most premium features with bold design, but also gives the new and timeless value with neutral colours that transcend fashion and trend.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series : Price + Availability

n Malaysia and Singapore, Samsung will bring in these models with these specifications :

  • Note20 4G (256 GB) : RM 3,899 | S$1,398 (about US$929 / £708 / A$1,295)
  • Note20 5G (256 GB) : RM 4,299 | S$1,548 (about US$1,205 / £780 / A$1,427)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (256 GB) : RM 5,199 | S$1,898 (about US$1,240 / £944 / A$1,727)

In the United States, Samsung is introducing one model :

  • Note20 5G (128 GB) : US$ 999 (about RM 4,189 / £763 / A$1,398)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (128 GB) : US$ 1,299 (about RM 5,450 / £992 / A$1,813)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (512 GB) : US$ 1,449 (about RM 6,080 / £1,107 / A$2,022)

In the United Kingdom, Samsung is introducing two models :

  • Note20 4G (256 GB) : £849 (about RM 4,665 / US$1,112 / A$1,556)
  • Note20 5G (256 GB) : £949 (about RM 5,214 / US$1,243 / A$1,740)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (256 GB) : £1,179 (about RM 6,478 / US$1,544 / A$2,155)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (512 GB) : £1,279 (about RM 7,027 / US$1,675 / A$2,337)

In Australia, Samsung is introducing two models :

  • Note20 4G (256 GB) : A$1,499 (about RM 4,492 / US$1,071 / £818)
  • Note20 5G (256 GB) : A$1,649 (about RM 4,942 / US$1,178 / £899)
  • Note20 Ultra 4G (256 GB) : A$1,849 (about RM 5,560 / US$1,325 / £1,012)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (256 GB) : A$1,999 (about RM 6,011 / US$1,432 / £1,094)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (512 GB) : A$2,199 (about RM 6,612 / US$1,576 / £1,203)


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AMD GPUOpen Initiative – 3 New Developments

The AMD Radeon Technologies Group has just announced the AMD GPUOpen initiative at their Technology Summit today. This is part of their effort to improve performance from the software side, as well as access to open source drivers and tools. Let’s take a look at the Radeon Technologies Group’s presentation below.


AMD GPUOpen For Gaming

As a continuation of the strategy we started with Mantle, we are giving even more control of the GPU to developers. As console developers have benefited from low-level access to the GPU, AMD wants to continue to bring this level of access to the PC space.

1 / 10

AMD GPUOpen for gaming is giving developers the ability to harness the investments they’ve made on console development, including feature-rich, close-to-the-metal programming, and bring that to life on PC game development. Game developers will now have direct access to GPU hardware, access to a large collection of open source effects, tools, libraries and SDKs.

As such, in early 2016, libraries and samples i.e. source access to the library directly will be made available from AMD. GPUOpen is the primary vehicle to allow low-level access to the GPU.


New Compiler For Heterogenous Computing

One of the primary goals of Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) is easing the development of parallel applications through the use of higher level languages. The new AMD “Boltzmann Initiative” suite includes an HCC compiler for C++ development, greatly expanding the field of programmers who can leverage HSA.

2 / 6

The new HCC C++ compiler is a key tool in enabling developers to easily and efficiently apply discrete GPU hardware resources in heterogeneous systems. A Heterogeneous Compute Compiler that compiles an Open Source C++ Compiler for GPUs, and HIP allows developers to convert CUDA code to portable C++. AMD testing shows that in many cases 90 percent or more of CUDA code can be automatically converted into C++ by HIP with the final 10 percent converted manually in the widely popular C++ language.


Linux Driver & Runtime For HPC Cluster Computing

Demonstrating its commitment to Linux, AMD developed a new HPC-focused open source driver and system runtime.

This new headless Linux driver brings key capabilities to address core high-performance computing needs, including low latency compute dispatch and PCIe® data transfers; peer-to-peer GPU support; Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) from InfiniBand™ that interconnects directly to GPU memory; and Large Single Memory Allocation support.



An early access program for the “Boltzmann Initiative” tools is planned for Q1 2016.