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Bursa Malaysia Stock Investment Scam Alert!

Warning – both Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift and Bursa Malaysia are NOT giving out free stock investment advice or books!

Find out what’s going on, and warn your family and friends!


Bursa Malaysia Stock Investment Scam Alert!

Scammers are running Facebook advertisements that claim that Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift and/or Bursa Malaysia are giving free investment advice, or free books on stock investing!

Hi everyone, I am Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift
The Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia Bhd.
Since 2023, the Malaysian stock market has been relatively sluggish🤕🤕🤕
This may be because many stock market investors do not understand stock market trading
I have been blindly following the investment, resulting in a lot of losses
I have also received many letters from investors recently:
Ask if I have improved my trading skills?
Here I recommend a few stock books to everyone!
This can effectively improve your trading skills 💖💖💖
I also prepared 2,000 stock books for everyone📖📖📖
Free gift to Malaysian stock market investors, yes, it’s free!
Please add my assistant’s wapp, she will mail you books for free👇👇👇

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Bursa Malaysia Investment Scam : What You Need To Know!

These Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift and/or Bursa Malaysia free book / investment group scams are being promoted heavily on Facebook in 2023, so please alert your family and friends!

Fact #1 : Bursa Malaysia Reported These Ads As Fake

Bursa Malaysia is aware of these fake advertisements on Facebook, posting this scam alert on May 17, 2023:

[SCAM ALERT] Don’t be fooled by Facebook ads or pages that offer stock advice. Scammers are known to impersonate Bursa Malaysia representatives to lure you into their fake investment schemes. If you have come across ads or pages like this, be sure to report it to Bursa2U along with a screenshot and source link at bursa2u@bursamalaysia.com or call Bursa Malaysia’s Help Centre at +603-2732 0067. Remember to check the Securities Commission Investor Alert List at http://sc.com.my/investor-alert before investing. Contact the National Scam Response Centre hotline 997 if you have been a victim of scam.

[AMARAN SCAM] Jangan terpedaya dengan iklan atau halaman Facebook yang menawarkan nasihat saham. “Scammer” seringkali menyamar sebagai wakil Bursa Malaysia untuk memujuk anda ke dalam skim pelaburan palsu mereka. Jika anda menjumpai iklan atau halaman seperti ini, pastikan anda melaporkannya kepada Bursa2U berserta tangkapan skrin dan sumber pautan ke bursa2u@bursamalaysia.com atau hubungi Pusat Khidmat Bursa Malaysia di talian +603-2732 0067 . Semak Senarai Amaran Pelabur Suruhanjaya Sekuriti di http://sc.com.my/investor-alert sebelum melabur. Hubungi talian hotline Pusat Respons Scam Kebangsaan 997 jika anda menjadi mangsa penipuan.

#StayAlert #ScamAlert #TakNakScam #JanganKenaScam

Fact #2 : Bursa Malaysia Is Not A Charity

Please do NOT be naive. Bursa Malaysia is not only the stock exchange of Malaysia, it is also a public listed company, whose focus is to make money, not a charity to give you free books or advice!

Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift is not only the CEO of Bursa Malaysia Berhad, he is also the director of its subsidiary companies. He certainly has more important (and profitable) things to do than to create a WhatsApp group to answer YOUR questions or advice YOU on what stocks to buy!

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Fact #3 : Bursa Malaysia Does Not Use WhatsApp To Communicate

Bursa Malaysia offers a multitude of contact options by snail mail, online forms on their Bursa2U portal, email or telephone.

What it does not have is a WhatsApp account. So when scammers message you to collect your “free books” using WhatsApp, or ask you to join the Bursa Malaysia WhatsApp group, be warned!

Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift (fake) : I’m sorry because too many people have privately messaged me, please click to add administrator 👇whatsapp👇, send “PM” to join our company’s free communication group! https://wa.me/6019527xxxx

The real Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift, and Bursa Malaysia, will never ask you to join a WhatsApp group for any reason, whether it’s for investment advice, stock tips, or to buy and sell stocks, etc.

Fact #4 : One Victim Lost RM480K To Investment Scam!

In November 2022, a 60 year-old housewife from Port Dickson fell for a similar “free book” scam, and lost almost RM480,000.

After being offered the free book on Facebook, she was asked to join a WhatsApp group called Family Discussion, where she was asked to convinced to “invest”.

The WhatsApp group administrator instructed her to download an application called Forza, and open a savings account. She was then asked to deposit money into certain bank accounts, and upload the slips using that Forza app as proof.

The lady withdrew her savings and borrowed from her children and friends to invest RM476,100. However, when she wanted to withdraw the interest paid by the company, her account was blocked. The group administrator told her that she would need to deposit an additional RM427,200 to withdraw the interest.

That was when the lady realised she had been scammed, and lodged a police report.

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SL Info Berhad IPO On Bursa Malaysia’s LEAP Market

SL Information Berhad (SL Info) was officially listed on the LEAP Market of Bursa Malaysia on 21 May 2018. With this IPO, SL Info aims to expand its range of products and services to capitalise on the growing enterprise IT market in Malaysia.


SL Info Berhad IPO

Helmed b y Managing Director, Soon Seng Teck, and assisted by Group General Manager, Jimmy Lim Chin Kiew and Executive Director, Sim Boon Ker, SL Info is a leading Malaysian end-to-end enterprise business solution provider.

They are involved in the provision of a wide range of enterprise IT solutions including IT infrastructure solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, and value-added enterprise software solutions. They spearheaded the market development for the following enterprise IT solutions :

  • IBM’s enterprise IT infrastructure solution for more than two decades
  • PRONTO’s integrated enterprise management solution for 23 years
  • Infor’s integrated enterprise management solution for 15 years
  • IBM’s enterprise business performance management solution since 2000
  • OpenText StreamSense’s business document management solution since 2011

Pursuant to this listing, SL Info issued 10.5 million shares, representing 8.3% of its enlarged issued share capital at RM 0.18 per share to investors. The new IPO on Bursa Malaysia’s LEAP Market aims to :

  • Enhanced the corporate profile of the company;
  • Enable the company to tap the capital markets to fund the future expansion of its operations;
  • Provide investors, including employees, business associates and those who have contributed to the success of the company, an opportunity to participate in the equity of the company; and
  • Establish liquidity for its shares.

“Our track record, therefore, speaks volume of our technical expertise and degree of professionalism,” said Executive Director, Sim Boom Ker. He added that SL Info’s customers include established names such as Astino Berhad, Tokio Marine Lie Insurance Malaysia Berhad and UMW Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

For its financial year ending December 2017, SL Info posted RM 5.54 million in profit before taxation on the back of RM 35.74 million in revenue. This is an increase of 17.75%, compared to its 2016 performance of RM 3.12 million of profit before taxation on the back of RM 31.34 million in revenue.

SL Info Berhad is now listed on Bursa Malaysia’s LEAP Market, with a stock code of 03008 and a stock short name of SLIC. The initial offering was RM 0.18 per share, with 10,000 shares exchanging hands at the opening bell.

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