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Did Germany expel Ukrainian soldiers wearing Nazi symbols?!

Were seven Ukrainian soldiers expelled from exercises in Germany for wearing Nazi symbols?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Germany Expelled Ukrainian Soldiers Wearing Nazi Symbols!

The Russian media, and pro-Russia supporters, are claiming that Germany just admitted it expelled Ukrainian soldiers who were found wearing Nazi symbols.

RT : Germany admits to expelling Ukrainian soldiers over Nazi symbols

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Truth : Germany Expelled Only Seven Ukrainian Soldiers Wearing Nazi Symbols!

Here is what you need to know about Germany expelling Ukrainian soldiers wearing Nazi symbols!

Fact #1 : Germany Expelled Only 7 Ukrainian Soldiers For Wearing Nazi Symbols

First, let me point out that Germany did indeed expel Ukrainian soldiers after they wore “right-wing extremist symbols” while undergoing training by the Bundeswehr.

The German government revealed this in response (full PDF) to a question from the AfD (Aktion für Deutschland / Alternative for Germany) party, which is ironically a far-right populist party that was embroiled in a Neo-Nazi scandal in 2017!

AfD : Have right-wing extremist symbols (tattoos, items of clothing, etc.) been found on the Ukrainian soldiers trained in Germany, and if so, how many cases are there and what, if any, has the federal government done about it?

German Federal Government : Seven such cases were identified during training conducted by the Bundeswehr for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The training of the affected Ukrainian soldiers was immediately completed in coordination with the Ukrainian armed forces and the affected persons were returned to Ukraine. German soldiers who deal with members of the Ukrainian armed forces as part of the training support would be regularly taught and sensitized about right-wing extremist symbols. Ukrainian soldiers went through an instruction on Nazi symbolism after their arrival in Germany.

As you can see – Germany has a zero tolerance policy for Nazi symbols, immediately ending the training of those seven Ukrainian soldiers, and returning them to Ukraine.

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Ukrainian soldier throwing away the Donetsk Republic flag in Lyman.

Fact #2 : Only 7 Soldiers Expelled Since 2022

However, this does not appear to a recent development, but cumulative through the last 1.5 years.

The EUMAM UA (European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine) was established on 15 November 2022 to train Ukrainian soldiers in Germany.

The German federal government did not state when those soldiers were identified – whether it happened recently, or when EUMAM UA first started, or anytime in between.

Fact #3 : Over 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Were Trained In Germany

While it is “shocking” that seven Ukrainian soldiers were caught wearing “right-wing extremist symbols”, they are an extremely minuscule minority. After all, over 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers were trained in Germany since EUMAM UA was established!

In 2023 alone, 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers were trained in Germany in more than 260 training sessions.  Even if we only take into account the 2023 numbers alone, those seven soldiers account for only 0.07% of AFU forces training in Germany.

Fact #4 : Russia Itself Has Lots Of Neo-Nazis

What pro-Russia supporters won’t tell you is that Russia itself has lots of neo-Nazis, with a long history of neo-Nazism in Putin’s Russia. Unlike Germany, Russia does not appear to have any zero tolerance policy for neo-Nazis.

In fact, Russia has many neo-Nazis fighting in its invasion of Ukraine, as well as many soldiers wearing the same or similar right-wing extremist symbols or Nazi symbols!

If Russia wishes to rid the world of neo-Nazis, it should start in its own backyard…

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Fact #5 : Russia Colluded With Nazi Germany In World War 2

It is also important to remember that Russia colluded with Nazi Germany, until Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.

  • Multiple commercial agreements provided Nazi Germany with desperately needed raw materials, including oil.
  • The Soviet Union invaded Poland in partnership with Nazi Germany.
  • The Soviet Union invaded Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, just after Germany invaded France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The Soviet Union tried to join the Axis Pact, which consisted of Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy.

If Hitler did not make the mistake of invading the Soviet Union, it was likely that Europe would have been divided between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as per the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

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