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Join The Netflix Bird Box Challenge At Berjaya Times Square!

Excited about the upcoming triller, Bird Box? Did you know you can test your skills in the Netflix Bird Box Challenge? Find out just how to do that!


What Is Bird Box All About?

Bird Box is a compelling new thriller that will be launched globally on Netflix on Friday, December 21 2018. The show features a stellar cast led by Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock with Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich, and directed by Academy Award winner Susanne Bier.

A pregnant Malorie Shannon hears the news that a wave of hysteria and suicide is spreading across America. Something very evil is taking root and a sinister “problem” is gripping the nation.

When her older sister, Jessica, was taken the “Problem”, Malorie learns about the “Problem” from a group of survivors. It is a supernatural evil entity that has the ability to become a victim’s worst fears and then drives them to the point of insanity. Eventually, it will force them to the brink of suicide.

When she loses contact with the group, Malorie must guide her young children through a forest and down a river in order to make it to a windowless safe haven. Because the Problem can only take a form if its seen, the journey must be done blindfolded.


Join The Netflix Bird Box Challenge!

Based on the upcoming thriller Bird Box by Netflix, a series of challenges have been set up at the Central Boulevard in Berjaya Time Square.

Participants will test their survival skills in a post-apocalyptic challenge that mimics a world where survival depends on one’s ability to navigate real-life challenges by listening and not by using one’s sense of sight.

“Listening” is vital for any participants brave enough to take on the challenge.

As participants advances through the levels, survival instincts kicks in but no matter what happens, participants’ eyes should remain shut to make it to safety.

Date : 21st- 23rd December, 2018
Time : 12pm – 10pm on 21st December; 10am – 10pm on 22nd & 23rd December
Venue : Central Boulevard, Berjaya Times Square

So join the world premiere of this Netflix original movie by taking part in the Bird Box Challenge!


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