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Swimming, Golf, Badminton Allowed For Fully-Vaccinated!

Swimming, Golf, Badminton Allowed For Fully-Vaccinated!

Fully-vaccinated people in Malaysia can now go swimming, play golf and badminton, amongst other things!

Here is what you need to know!


Swimming, Golf, Badminton Allowed For Fully-Vaccinated!

From 20 August 2021 onwards, fully-vaccinated people in Malaysia are given more sports and recreational privileges.

Who Qualifies For These Privileges?

Only those who are fully-vaccinated according to these requirements can participate in these sports and recreational privileges :

  • More than 14 days after receiving both doses of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Sinovac vaccine.
  • More than 28 days after receiving a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson or Cansino vaccine.

Children are currently not being vaccinated. So parents who are fully-vaccinated are ALLOWED to bring their children who are 17 years or younger to participate in these activities as well.

Sports + Recreational Privileges

Sports and recreational premises and facilities are ALLOWED to open, subject to these restrictions :

  • only open from 6 AM until 8 PM,
  • RESTRICTED to only fully-vaccinated individuals, and their children who are 17 years or younger,
  • 60% capacity limit, under supervision,
  • workforce limited to 60%, including management and operations staff, and
  • subject to any rules and restrictions stipulated by local authorities.

New sports and recreational activities that are now open to fully-vaccinated people include :

  • all individual sports or recreational activities that do not require physical touch, with physical distance of 2-3 metres
  • swimming,
  • equestrian sports,
  • shooting,
  • tennis / badminton (single),
  • golf,
  • motorsports and so on.

In addition, fully-vaccinated people are ALLOWED to dine-in at the club house restaurant or cafe.

Sports + Recreational Restrictions

There are a few restrictions though :

  • It is FORBIDDEN to use the changing room, or shower room, at these sports and recreational facilities.
  • You are RESTRICTED to the same district.


Should You Go Swimming Or Play Golf / Badminton?

Frankly speaking, this isn’t a good time to be going out for a swim, or to play golf or badminton, as community spread of COVID-19 is rampant with over 20K new cases reported every day!

However, if you really must, here are some steps to mitigate your risks :

  • if possible, condos should not allow strangers to share the pool at the same time.
  • if possible, book the entire swimming pool for your family so there are no strangers present at the same time
  • try not to bring your unvaccinated children for a swim, unless you can book the entire pool
  • try to play golf alone or with family members who are already living with you, instead of with friends
  • try to play golf without a caddy to help you
  • try to play tennis or badminton with a family member who is already living with you, rather than a friend
  • never use the shower room or changing room

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Fact Check: Police Fine For Playing Badminton Outdoors?

Is it true that the police issued a fine to people playing badminton outside their house in Subang Jaya?

Take a look at the viral picture, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Police Fine For Playing Badminton Outdoors?

A picture of a police car outside a home has gone viral, together with these messages claiming that the police issued this family a fine for playing badminton outside their house.

在梳邦再也不戴口罩 kena Saman 在屋外打羽毛球…

Play badminton outside the house without mask kena Saman at Subang Jaya…

Saman, Playing badminton without mask in USJ3 😇😇😇


Truth : No Fine, Just WARNING For Playing Badminton Outdoors!

The viral messages are all FALSE.

The police did not issue a fine to this family for playing badminton outside their house. Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : This Incident Happened In USJ 2

At least one viral message claimed that this incident happened in USJ 3.

This incident actually happened in USJ 2 – at Jalan USJ 2/6A, to be precise.

Fact #2 : They Were Playing Badminton Outside Their Home

The residents of that home were indeed caught playing badminton outside their home.

Residents of Subang Jaya, which is under EMCO restrictions, are FORBIDDEN to exercise outside their homes.

Fact #3 : The Police Has The Right To Fine Them

For not complying with the EMCO SOP, the police has the right to issue them a fine of up to RM 10,000 per person.

Fact #4 : The Police Only Gave Them A Warning

The Subang Jaya district police issued a statement on 13 July 2021, clarifying the incident.

The police officers who caught the two Chinese men playing outside their home only gave them a warning about the SOP, explaining to them that no outdoor exercise is permitted during EMCO.

The residents were advised not to play badminton outside their house again, and to comply with the EMCO SOP.


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#stopatnothing For Dato’ Lee Chong Wei

At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, our very own Dato’ Lee Chong Wei will play for the gold medal.



You’ve won our hearts many a time, and in this faith we will support you in your Olympic dream. From here in Kuala Lumpur to Rio de Janeiro, we will echo your strength and determination to bring home the gold.

Together with Malaysians across the globe, Samsung Malaysia Electronics will stand firm with you in full support.

Pledge your support for Dato’ Lee Chong Wei on your social feeds via the hashtag #stopatnothing.

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