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The Digi iFleet Fleet Management System Revealed!

On 8 June 2017, Digi Telecommunications revealed to us the first IoT solution to debut from their Connected Vehicle project – the Digi iFleet fleet management system. This is a B2B solution targeted at commercial vehicles, offering an all-in-one solution for businesses to track their vehicle fleet in real-time.


Digi Connected Vehicles

Digi is transforming from its beginnings as a telecommunications provider into a digital company. To diversify their revenue streams, they are leveraging their 4G+ network to offer IoT solutions. Their Connected Vehicles project is the first of many IoT verticals that Digi is venturing into.

Digi is particularly interested in the commercial vehicle market, which boasts more than 27.6 million registered vehicles. The market is also projected to grow at 60,000 additional vehicles per year. With SPAD ICOP safety guidelines requiring these vehicles to have real-time tracking systems, this is a huge market for a fleet management system. This is where the new Digi iFleet service comes in.


Digi iFleet Fleet Management System

Digi iFleet is a B2B solution targeted at commercial vehicles. This is the first IoT solution Digi is introducing from its range of Connected Vehicle offerings. This fleet management service enables businesses to track their fleet in real-time. Digi believes it’s the most robust all-in-one solution in the market, with the following advantages over its competitor :

  • All inclusive solution that takes care of hardware, software and connectivity at one go
  • Advanced tracking technology providing greater fleet insights to improve business productivity
  • Driver behaviour insights and scoring to instil safe driving culture
  • A continuously evolving value-added solution introducing features beyond tracking, such as smart fuel management and usage-based insurance (UBI) ready to name a few

While Digi is rather late to the fleet management market, they believe that Digi iFleet will disrupt the market with its end-to-end system, and affordable fee with no major cost outlay. How does Digi iFleet do that? For that, we have Selina Wong, the Digi iFleet Product Manager, who explains it all in this video.

The Digi iFleet solution consists of both hardware and a cloud-based service. When a business signs up for iFleet, a tracking module will be attached to the battery of their vehicles. The tracking module has independent sensors and a built-in modem that transmits data to the Digi iFleet system every 10 seconds. It also has an internal battery that last 4 hours, and 8 MB of flash storage.

If necessary, Digi can enable roaming for vehicles that need to cross national borders during their deliveries. Otherwise, the internal flash storage is sufficient to store about a month’s worth of data. The module is designed to transmit the data whenever it is within range of the Digi network.

According to Digi, iFleet is already being used by logistic providers like SnT Global, and piloted across diverse industries like FMCG, automobile and infrastructure with brands such as Peugeot, Kia, Gamuda and Citylink.


Digi iFleet Price & Availability

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Digi iFleet is available to all Malaysian enterprises at just RM 90 per vehicle per month.

Companies that are Digi Enterprise Business customers will be entitled to a special offer. If they sign up by 30 June 2017, they only need to pay RM 75 per vehicle per month – a 16.67% discount.


Coming Soon In 2H 2017 : B2C & UBI Solutions For Private Vehicles

Digi will introduce a B2C connected vehicle solution in 2H 2017 that will offer private vehicle owners a solution that encompasses tracking, driver safety, vehicle security and smart in-vehicle services for an affordable price.

In addition, Digi is also preparing to introduce usage-based insurance solutions when the insurance tariff is liberalised in July 2017. They will allow private vehicle insurers the capability to price motor insurance premiums according to actual individual vehicle or fleet performance. This will reward good drivers with lower premium payments.

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The 2017 LG Information Display Solutions Revealed!

Last week, we were invited to check out the 2017 LG information display solutions at their Business Innovation Centre in sunny Singapore. The LG Business Innovation Centre was recently launched as a regional showcase of their latest B2B products. It was the perfect venue to reveal their 2017 information display solutions.


The 2017 LG Information Display Solutions

LG started off the event with a video on their new 2017 business display solutions, which was followed by an overview of the 2017 LG information display products by Mr. DP Kim, Head of the Information Display Division, LG Asia.

Then Neo Cheng Yi, from the same LG Asia Information Display Division, gave us more details on the new 2017 LG information display products.

Here is a summary of the key 2017 LG information display solutions. We took many videos of these amazing new LG displays and will share them with you (with links below) when we can. So be sure to check back!

OLED Displays – The Future of Digital Signage

With self-lighting pixels that switch off completely to produce absolute blacks with no light bleed, and thus infinite contrast, OLED displays are the ultimate digital signage displays. With just two layers and no backlight, the OLED displays are also incredibly lightweight and thin.

Dual-View OLED Signage For Seamless Playback

Featuring a slim profile and versatile configurations, the one-by-four 65″ LG Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED signage consists of eight connected, double-sided flexible OLED panels. Each panel has a built-in SoC and 128 GB of internal memory that allows it to deliver images and videos at the 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160.

The LG Dual-View Flat OLED Signage (LG 55EH5C) offers a full HD display resolution on both sides of a super-slim profile, with a brightness level of 400 cd/m2 and a bezel of just 2 mm. It can be suspended from a ceiling, deployed as a floor stand or mounted in a window frame.

Scalable Video Walls for Creative Installations

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The 65″ LG OLED Video Wall allows businesses and organisations to create new spellbinding and interactive experiences. The one-by-three OLED Video Wall, which was showcased at the LG Business Innovation Centre, can be easily connected with other units to create signs of various configurations.

Ultra Stretch Digital Signage To Enhance ROI

The 86″ LG Ultra Stretch display is an ultra-wide 58:9 bar-type signage with an extraordinary resolution of 3840 x 600. Thanks to its Picture-by-Picture feature, it can be divided into four sections that can display different content simultaneously.

Unique Transparent LED Display

LG also has a unique LED transparent film display that incorporates LED diodes with a transparent film display to create stunning digital signages. They showcased an LG refrigerator with this impressive transparent LED display at the LG Business Innovation Centre.


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