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The Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB Case Released!

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – Cooler Master today announced the release of the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB, a high performance ATX mid-tower case with three pre-installed RGB fans behind a DarkMirror front panel which gives an amazing lighting effect.


The Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB Case

With the three interchangeable trim colour options (black, white and red) included in the box, and three pre-installed RGB fans, this case offers a great variety of casual user customization options. This case has a lot to offer for more experienced PC builders as well. Users can download the schematics from Cooler Master’s website and 3D print trims in any colour they choose. The RGB fans can then be synced with this trim colour to make your own one of a kind case.

The case comes standard with the 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cable and four 4-pin male to male adapters. These are certified compatible with ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock motherboards. To have full control of the RGB fans, the RGB LED Controller or compatible motherboard is required.

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With the three pre-installed RGB fans and customizable colour trims there are many options to change the case’s outside appearance. The interior, with black coating and a PSU cover, allows you to make very clean builds with supreme cable management. Show off your perfect build and powerful components through the 4mm thick, edge-to-edge, tempered glass side panel.

Room for up to four 120mm fans, three in the front and one in the back, or front/rear liquid cooling support ensures that you don’t have to compromise on performance with this case. The spacious interior will also allow you to install graphics cards up to a length of 400mm and CPU coolers up to a height of 160mm.


The MasterBox Lite 5 RGB Pricing & Availability

The MasterBox Lite 5 RGB is now available for purchase locally, priced at RM 299 / ~US$ 71.

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ASUS Z170-WS ATX Workstation Motherboard Announced

1 September 2016ASUS today announced the Z170-WS, a new ATX workstation motherboard packed with multiple exclusive technologies to maximize performance, stability, ease-of-use and upgradability, enabling organizations and professional users to unleash the full potential of the latest 6th-generation Intel Core processors.



Based on the new Intel Z170 Express chipset, the ASUS Z170-WS features ultimate graphics power with four full-length PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 x16 slots, ultimate transfer speeds with the latest USB 3.1, U.2 and dual M.2 connectivity, and ultimate server design with flexible support for a diverse range of graphics, networking and RAID hardware.

Z170-WS also boasts the ultimate exclusive extras with 5-Way Optimization for one-click performance boosts and Q-Code Logger for quick diagnosis and maintenance.


Four full-length PCI Express 3.0 slots with multi-GPU support

Z170-WS is equipped with four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots for up to 4-way/quad-GPU NVIDIA GeForce SLI and AMD CrossFireX dual-width configurations, setting it apart as an excellent workstation choice for graphics professionals who depend on powerful graphics in areas such as design and modeling, medical research, plus processing-intensive simulation and rendering applications.

Z170-WS also has ample room for the latest PCIe-based storage devices, RAID cards, video-capture solutions and many other devices — offering extensive expandability for the workplace.


Latest USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C, U.2 and dual M.2 connectivity

With the latest USB 3.1 connectivity built in and both Type-A and reversible Type-C ports for the fastest USB data transfers, Z170-WS delivers data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbit/s — or twice (2X) as fast as USB 3.0. The next-generation Type-A standard is completely backward-compatible with existing USB devices, while Type-C offers any-way-up convenience, so users of Z170-WS are all set for USB 3.1’s breakneck speeds. ASUS-exclusive USB 3.1 Boost technology automatically accelerates USB 3.1 performance even further, for an added edge.

NVM Express (NVMe) is the revolutionary specification that unlocks the full potential of the latest SSDs, and Z170-WS has a U.2 connector on board. This enables plug-and-play ease for data-transfer speeds of up to 32Gbit/s, and frees up a PCIe slot for another expansion card.

Z170-WS also has onboard dual M.2 sockets with x4 PCI Express 3.0 bandwidth for up to 32Gbit/s speeds — enabling data transfers that are up to 3.5X faster than traditional SSDs. Z170-WS’s dual M.2 sockets also enable RAID 0 configurations for maximum performance, with tested read and write speeds that are respectively up to 90% and 30% faster than single-drive configurations, or RAID 1 setups for redundancy and reliability.


12K solid capacitors, ProCool power connectors and extensive testing

ASUS Z170-WS couples innovative thinking with ultra-high reliability and longevity, representing the ultimate server design. With 12K solid capacitors and exclusive ProCool power connectors, Z170-WS is built to stay cool under pressure — and boosts performance, power efficiency and product longevity to extreme levels.

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Z170-WS’s Japanese-made 12K solid capacitors are ultra-resilient, able to withstand temperatures as high as 105°C for up to 12,000 hours, far exceeding everyday demands. At a typical operating temperature of 65°C, ASUS 12K capacitors have an expected lifespan of 1.2m hours — or well over a century of real-world use.

ProCool is Z170-WS’s ASUS-exclusive reinvented power connector. ProCool connectors ensure an exceptionally close and secure connection with the motherboard. The design is much stronger than traditional connectors, and ProCool also benefits power efficiency: the flush connection enables lower impedance and better heat dissipation, allowing cooler operating temperatures.

In addition, Z170-WS is designed for and tested with a vast array of professional-grade graphics, networking and RAID equipment, ensuring the best speeds, compatibility and upgrade flexibility.

Q-Code Logger is Z170-WS’s quick-diagnosis tool that lets users easily check system status at any time. Plug a flash drive into the adjacent USB port, press the motherboard’s dedicated Q-Code Logger button and all ASUS Q-Code event logs are copied to the drive — even when the system is switched off.


Dynamic auto-tuning with one-click 5-Way Optimization

Z170-WS includes ASUS-exclusive 5-Way Optimization technology to take care of complex tuning with a single click. 5-Way Optimization dynamically optimizes essential aspects of Z170-WS systems based on real-time use – delivering superb CPU performance, everyday energy savings, ultra-stable digital power, plus cooler operation and quieter fans. The one-click technology even ensures that networking and audio settings are optimized for the apps currently in use.


ASUS Z170-WS Availability & Pricing

Launch Price : RM 1899 / ~US$475
Warranty : 3 Years
Availability : Now


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